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Ormond 17h
Grasping to the sky
With ever reaching
Branches, leaves spirit
Themselves to sacred airs.  

Old tree, a star set
Truncated with sprite earth,
Stolid, touchstone spark,
Place, feeling all waves
Dripping by like clouds.

In some underworld,
Bathing with Gods,
Are immortal roots
Divining water, laid
In ceremonious soil,
Digging out golden,
Unfallowed tombs.

Old tree in the sun,
Great soul barking
Skywards each day,
Joyous arms clench,
Lansing, higher out,
Embracing heavens.
Wisdom is the serene acceptance of four mis-labelled teeth
Evolutionary vestigials now offering nothing but long-term grief
The third molars are also called 'Wisdom Teeth' - they are an evolutionary leftover from a time when we had larger jaws and diets based on tough roots, vegetables and raw meat. As our jaws reduced in size (making way for larger brains) these teeth remained and often cause pain and overcrowding of the mouth in modern humans, resulting in regular extractions being required. It's possible they may eventually disappear in the fullness of time.
When they see you and guy a-walking,
They call it courtship;
When they see you and a guy a-talking,
They pass knowing smiles and well-meaning quips.

When both of you are a-quarrelling,
They say that the rough must come with the smooth;
Before long, one is a-sorrowing –
Not for the row (as they think) but over a lost tooth.

And then both of you stop seeing each other,
They think it such an unpardonable crime;
All that time trying to bring you together…
‘Tis a shame the wedding bells are ne’er to chime.
MaxiM Jun 11
To grow old is not to grow wise, but to grow wise one must grow old.
MaxiM14: Wisdom
The bees don't care what you say,
The bees go their own way.
Don't be like a monkey,
Rather be like a bee,
You can't tell them what to do,
the bees just defy you.

You can hold down the seas,
but you can't hold down the bees,
Who are you to tell them what to do,
We are the many run by the few.

Newton is my god,
god is good,
god is great.
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
I am sorry,
for questioning thee.
Bless upon the fruit that fell and freed us!
Bless upon the monkeys that gave birth to us!
Bless upon the pictures that they painted for us!
Bless upon the cosmic scaled fart that made us!

You are my eyes,
my prophet,
my seer,
my revelator,
put thoughts in my head,
and I will repeat what you have said
Our thoughts are not our own,
We are not safe, even in our home.

Monkey see, monkey do,
we are the many run by the few.
Don't be like a monkey,
rather be like a bee,
don't do what they say,
forget what you have learnt and levitate away.
WTF did I just write.
Prithvi 6d
When the world failed to Console,
A Reflection revealed my Soul.
I was Oblivious of where I'd been,
Until I finally looked WITHIN.
Divine Dao3 Sep 14
Always be sincere and truthful to your deepest core.
Thats what will fulfill your life with goodness, living consciously, honorably and without regrets.

- Yeah, right!  That's not a really good advise!!! If I might say the truth:
I think he'll end up poor and miserable, deeply regreting one day he was not able to lie when he should and grab his material goods when there was still Time.
Ron Gavalik Sep 14
You don't hate me
because I fucked you.
That's far too simple, baby.
I communed with you,
and I devoured your spirit.
From the husk that remains,
you must find wisdom
to regrow that which you were,
and know life will never be
quite the same.

-Ron Gavalik
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AditiBoo Sep 12
1: The Search

From across a world, they breezed each other
One spotted by youth, the other crumpled by experience
They seemed to move along the same circumference
Staring in the distance, searching for the other
Never had they met, never had they spoken
But death was what they had in common

2: The Old One

The old one was child-like in form as in mind
Sometimes scared, sometimes selfish but at most times kind
The old one knew of the hardships awaiting those treading his path
His wary heart understood as his own burdens weighed down on his staff
Compassion flickered through his eyes as he watched children become men
"We go through life seeing a moment of sorrow as equal one of joy times ten
A hurt stings a thousand times more than a laugh
Heartbreaks cannot be washed away with a long hot bath"
But the old one had nothing to regret, no complaints to file
Throughout his life, he had always found pleasure in a smile

3: The Young One

The young one was the very image of a greek statue
Sturdy on the outside, impossible to see through
But if you got too close, you could see the cracks
Its mind an abandoned city protected by ruined barracks
A rigid exterior, naive, eager to learn and please
A cocky attitude, arrogant, always on the ready to tease
"We live to experience, a step forward disassembles the shadows
Let go, be that leaf dancing in whichever way the wind blows"
Because the young one yearns for adventure, that legendary rush of adrenaline
Afraid to accept that the blurred lines of his future might never be determined

4: The Lesson

At the centre of that world, old and young met
The wiser urged the restless not to fret
"A long life is not a matter of years
It's the amount of laughter, strife and tears
Once in a while, take the time to be outrageous and wild
And now and again, take a breather and be mild
Intend your actions but beware the consequences
Be judicious in your blames and man up at some instances
Hurt none and none shall hurt you
It is karma and not religion that you need to stay true to"
Lightheart Sep 12
Whenever I doubt myself
I think about what you said
(I saved the screenshot)
and I tell myself
that those people don’t miss me
they miss Angel Tess
and it’s kind of sad
and it still hurts
(to be loved for being fake)
but it also
gives me strength
to not look back
and to keep trying
to be real
You often say things that stick with me for a long, long time. Thank you
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