Amanda 2d
Let the moon blanket body in bliss
Gently guide your goals away
It tries to remind us that nothing
Will render you wise like dismay

Real regrets and spinning woes
Are aquired every steely morning
They come closer to thrashing our comfort
Without a single dashing warning

You must hold onto happiness
There is no force that can kill true peace
If you really want it for yourself
A shifting of mood will not cause it to decrease
True happiness is created
Cyrene 5d
Breathe through these words,
than only man can show
life's unspoken wisdom,
unfolds .

Through these letters of
to lost souls
to find their way
pouring out your feelings through words give it life to live as your unforgettable memory. It never dies but it continues to breathe. Writing poetry helps to pour unknown emotions.
Jack P 5d
for the plenty that proffer
"write what you know"
i'll have you know
i don't know much

pursuantly, here is my poem:

Listen, as you may miss.
And later unable to reminisce.
For a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom
May be lost in your personal abyss.
listen to your surroundings and observe what you can while soaking in all the knowledge in front of you.
SoZaka 7d
we grow like patience and wisdom
waiting for the rain to lend us sway
every petal greedy for its solar savior
we know we are getting our share
on back order a late blooming pair.
shade blossoms
we shall  cast shade everywhere
when the clouds finally part,
and our time has come
these two blossoms
will bloom as one
Eleanor Apr 13
When will I learn to love myself?
Do I have to decide to start loving myself?

Because if that is true it means that,
The only thing stopping my happiness, is me.

Do I not want to love myself?
Do I love hating myself?

I think maybe I do love hating myself.
Or maybe I'm afraid of loving myself.
For reasons that I cannot fathom.

A quote from Confucius:
Respect yourself,
and others will respect you.

Maybe that is an ancient version of today's
No one will love you,
until you love yourself.

So when will I learn to love myself?
When I stop being afraid of it.
I'm tired of wanting acceptance,
just for them to abandon me,
leave me in the darkened streets,
nothing in sight, nothing to see

Perhaps I should forget them,
and start to work on me,
leave them in the flood of doubts,
no matter how much they plea

They never cared anyway,
no one cares about me,
I'll push them out and lock the door,
swallowing the key

You were supposed to be the one,
the one who saved me,
but you ran away crying,
you always seemed to flee

And now I am alone,
no one but me,
maybe I can take my mask off,
and finally be me
Stumbling through the rocky unclear path,
he tries to interpret his destiny.
Being used to a lot of tunnels,
hoping for a ray of light,
he is tired of fixing things
and giving up seems liberating!
Is this all a part of his path?
All poems are written by me
Niki Apr 7
the sky stares at me
begging me to take a picture
i shake my head
"no," i say
"i must wait from dusk till dawn"

the sky frowns in pain
"i'm sorry" i say
"but i must wait from dusk till dawn"

the sky asks why, and i reply:
"i have to see him. i have to see him before i take my last picture and leave this world"
the sky turns cloudy, and tears fall from it's eyes

the sky suddenly says:
"if you must wait from dusk till dawn, i'll be here for you. but i ask for one thing in return"

"what is it?" i ask simply

"don't leave him. i'm not ready to see you up here.
its too soon"
Micaiah W Apr 6
With all your wisdom you guide me
Strong as oak, you stand beside me
Roots deep in the ancestral plain
Battle tested bark sworn to take the pain
You great oak, you my mother
You've withstood the test of time
To make sure that I could have mine
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