Amanda 17h
When over, turmoil will help me learn,
It can teach a lesson of some sort,
I'm listening to the message distress sends,
There is so much to learn from losing, life is short.

On tips of my fingers rests wisdom,
Can only grab it when times get hard,
Storms come and pass, leave destruction,
Causing peace to crumble shard by shard.

As wreckage is cleared, rubble sifted,
Clouds float smugly, continuing on their way,
Tears finally dry but leave residual strength,
For spirit to carry into the next day.
Ormond 23h
Novice, heed my diction—
The learned, the schooled, the politic,
Are but fools with conviction.
Regan 2d
A skipping child approached by an older woman,
This child was aware the woman had approached,
and ignored her.

“Now come here, honey”
The lady said shakingly.
The girl approached, kind of worried.

“I’m going to give you all of my knowledge”
The woman started,
“Of what I’ve learned in this world”

The girl sat down,
legs crossed, eyes wide and alert.

The woman began
“Sweetheart, cherish everything you have now,
And don’t forget to live”

The girl thought about what the woman had said, as she walked home that day.
“Live?” She thought,
“But I already am!”

As the girl grew older,
had her own experiences,
And children, she still kept thinking about what that woman said.

Now she’s the same age as the woman,
who she spoke to at such a young age.
She began to wonder “Have I lived?”
She thought about a deeper meaning
To in which living is.

“I have everything I’ve ever wanted” she stated,
“And nothing that I don’t”.

The next morning, the kids who lived in the home across the street, were out playing tag.
She approached them, and kindly stated
“Now I’m going to teach you everything I know” and she then said,
“Cherish everything you have now, and don’t forget to live”
just like the woman who she met many years ago.
Narrative poems are so fun to write, I really hope you enjoyed this!!
The man who lived in the woods,
A man who would seem evil to the passerby,
Someone who was shunned by society,
For nothing more than loss of funding,
A man in the woods,
With the wisdom of the trees,
Wind whispering sweet nothings to him in the night,
Dreams drowned by cans of cheap beer,
A treasure tucked away,
Beneath a half buried barrel,
A mans life laid bare, with possessions and treasures,
Forced by the world,
To abandon this mortal coil, and his post
And I the only one left,
To remember he was once there.

The future is now
But some think the future is a big event looming ahead
Not knowing she comes when we're gone dead
When you get to her, she morphs while u sleep
Then you see her no more
And the now swiftly overtakes you
As you keep planning to meet her,
But she will never come
Because she is now
That’s what she will always be
So my advice is
Take one day at a time
To observe is to be wise
Fixing your eyes on now,
She is the future you can manipulate
The rest is wishful thinking
And wishes are horses for beggars riding to
Tomorrow, the biggest future swiftly overtaken
By today, the only real persistent moment
For us poets to live and leave a statement
The future, she is sand grains away.
Seconds make minutes
Minutes make hours
Hours make days
Days make weeks
Weeks make months
And months make years
The list is endless
But your human life is finite
So make every split-second worth while
Because you can die
In the blink of an eye
Before you truly and fully live your life
Many realities are inside the mind
Let them out now cuz
Every second lost
Will never be regained
And every hour gone
Should be replaced with a new design
If there is anything new down here.
Don’t forget
If you can’t do small things
You can’t do big things
And if you can’t be trusted with few
You can’t definitely be trusted with much
And our capped human life is just a demo
The author of life is testing his pieces
Before giving them the premium version of life.
Share, comment and love it.
Aa Harvey Jul 6
Maturity will set you free

Where I once was blind, I now can see
And maybe you should pity me.
For a youth I am no longer,
For a man I have become.

Now I am much wiser and stronger than you could realize;
For I am now deafened,
To the distractions which keep you blind.
For my eyes have been opened
And fulfillment I can now find.

I was once like you, at the end of my childhood,
But now I have matured into adulthood
And no longer like a child, can I act.
I must act my age and become a wise man.

For the things a child craves,
Are merely trinkets dangled before us.
Now I see your gold and diamonds,
Are simply copper underneath.

And the things you lust after,
Are merely the first stepping stone;
Whilst I seek the waters edge and a release I have chosen.
For the choices I have made, have lead me to the other side,
Whilst you’re splashing in the water,
Desperately clinging onto your stone.

But there I have been and through time found my feet;
Now I walk through the darkness, with no need of light to see.
I no longer fear slipping and falling into the water;
For I have been here before, so seek a new path to follow.

I seek a better tomorrow to truly begin to live free.
For now I have escaped these childhood manacles,
That have entrapped me
And blinded me, but now I can see,
That I am now free,
To disagree
And maybe to teach.

In an effort to give you enlightenment;
So one day you too will be set free.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Stella Jul 2
The wise woman bends a broken knee
Her ewer goes deep into the clear river
A shiver
From the cold fingertips to the snow of her hair
All tangled with voices and
  swallowed bits of oceans and
   muffled out cracks and
    internal bruising and
     the light that they give off
      the dreadlocks she will never part with.

She approaches the crowd that watches
Someone bathe in the cold waters.
She fills which cups are still upright
Nods at a ‘thank you’ or two
And wipes a tired eye
  as she fills her own with wine.
   Water’s to drink
     And youth is to behold.
Her pure thoughts "Ever Smiling" he spiritual

feathered me down

I was on the other side of Spiritual

Bird-like town

I saw the Robin Renewal her tail

through different time

So Subline like the Eight Folds my path

His hands met my heart vine

Birds were singing
Goddess telegraph

How he mapped my tweets
of the graph

Such immortality eyes feather

whispers Imagery

White Peacock of Nirvana
hearing Awwi

Another bam Kaboom and a thumb

All of a sudden in Peacock race

Forestal Gump a box to preach

Then a hoot and scream what a screech

Like some spiritual God came to her

Peacock of heaven her speech flew her

Her Roaring waters feather our soul

Her miles of vision mystical playful

Madonna his love danced to a fling

Oh! Donna changed dark bird took her

Ballerina wings Belladonna brought her wing

like marine of Godly water

The lady perked up like a Primadonna

The Peacocks became her gift his

feathers move to her heart

she was vibrant feathered and note

I love you to the end of the sea part

Ladybird garlands like a Holiday gift

He smiled at her held her wings

what a decadent moment both smiles

to lift
Peacocks are so festive we live for things so precious I feel we need more time in a spiritual sense the Nirvana was a God of beauty touching her feathers the soul it's in many forms the heaven saves us lives inside of us for eternity
D Jun 29
The Sun whispered to the Moon, “My love, have you lost again?” The Moon cried, but from his pain he has become wise. “I’m fighting a losing war.”

The Sun stays silent and motionless, staring at the Moon who is in tears, “It does not matter who wins or lose. For in this moment there is no winning nor losing, there is no wrong nor right, no fool and no clever, no black nor white. There are only two things: the truth and the lie. Tell me, Love, would you rather weep in the truth or laugh in the lie?”

The Moon is resentful, mad but beautiful. He outcry. “You are the Sun. You are luminous, always manifested among solemnity, you are loved and unmistakable. The universe praise you for your light. How come you talk to me in such modesty? I am the Moon. I am wonted to live in the night and I know the darkness as if it was my own blood.”

The Sun speak, “In all conscience, it is the entity that has been through the darkness, that can truly know of light.”
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