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clipped wings
open cage door
deafening stillness
learned obedience

and so it goes...
we do not say

what we mean, because

what we mean is so heavy

and gravity is so real

we are not strong

we cannot utter the words

that press so heavily on our tongues

until they gag us

instead, we savor those

artificial sweeteners

every day we grow thinner

and make no progress

toward lifting the weight of truth

it bides its time in that dark corner

listening to the tales we spin

laughing at our efforts to clothe ourselves

with lies

once in a while it pokes out its head


but we are too prone

to smacking its **** head

back into submission

and talking louder, louder, louder
I searched for you
High and low
Looked up at the heavens
And beneath the Earth
And when I think I’m completely lost
You guide me to nirvana
For all of my pain is lost
And I am one with my shadows

I want to let go of the past
But the scars remind me
Of the consequences
For existing in this life
A mere mortal am I
I’m nobody to tell you
How to live your life

If love is what you seek
Then look no further
Love yourself, and reach your peak
At the end of the day
I can’t take your pain
Though I wish I could
But you would never learn the lesson
That life is formidable
But not cruel
we do not watch

the sunrise because

we wonder if that beautiful, burning star

will ever reach its pinnacle

we watch the sunrise

for the ever-shifting hues

we dare not watch the sun itself

a futile pursuit, as our eyes

could not follow it

and our minds are familiar

with its well-traveled path

and fate has lifted the sun

up to its peak

every day, since the dawn of time

and destiny will bring it back down

below the horizon

every day

until the dusk of eternity
fear was all we knew

before we had the displeasure

of making ourselves known

to this perpetually unfamiliar world

(and it to us)

but here we are

always chasing satisfaction -


always two steps ahead of



teasing us with


now fear is not

all we know

but we cannot say

that it is any less present

for fear is the unknown –

and each day we know more and more

that we know nothing at all
how indignantly

human hearts have hammered

pounding our fists

in the air

against the wall

across the years

raising our voices

until we rasp,

struggling valiantly,

to carry out our each and every end.

alas, we shift a balance

that will never weigh entirely in our favor

we castigate the society

that we comprise

waiting, demanding, crying

for our fellow citizens

to liberate themselves from their terrible ignorance

how dare they look on with such apathy!

yet latent affections lie dormant

under our doormats

where we sweep them

to be trampled underfoot, day after day

for we have found, choice issues

are better handled by the foot

than by the mouth.

yet still our mouths continue to shout

over the protests of their counterparts

their fuel, our hasty hearts.

we exist in a state of hypocrisy, as it is

none of us above the other

we ride our flighty opinions

into clouds of superiority, perhaps some of us

above reason.

here we cannot be touched

by opposition or criticism

and from our lofty elevation

we aim to shape the earth.
i have scorned vulnerability

yet it was with heavy heart

and guilty conscience

that i learned

it is much easier

to laugh at tears

than to wipe them away
jecky 5d
Hope for thunderstorms 'cause after they've passed,
you'll see the sun shine brighter than ever.
There's gonna be more sunshine than rain if you're optimistic.
Do we write to remember?
Or do we write to forget?

If I ever lost something that
cost an ounce of pain

Whatever had been lost was
worth the life I gained.
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