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Push past the curtain,
at the edge of the world
Into midnight; moon and stars
the chaos, the void that peaks across my eyes.
I am nothing,
becoming a part of everything
by slowly dying.
Renhui 5d
Dust off
ancient wisdom
from your shelf
and let it walk into your life
and restore it
in your genes
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
Isaac 3d
Wisdom is a tree of life.
Grab it with both hands.
Ask *** for it every day
Until you understand.
There is always more to see,
And always more to know.
Our joy lies in seeking out
What *** has hid to show.
Written 14 November 2018
Old is new,
New is old,
The sun shines everyday,
Yet it is far away.
the game is my brain laid out on a board
it's inside a mind trap, I serve a lord
to win I must stay alive, perhaps take a slug
my chess piece is harmless, it's only a drug

the game is neither fair or logical or right
nor for the weak of heart who play with the night
it lures with seduction, it breaks me apart
see all that is **** inside my heart

I take adventures, make gains and take loss
tempting duality, I pay the cost
I find failures in you and I wager in strife
I **** others off with my powder and knife

I need you to pretend and pretend some more
until lies and denial become the plays of our board
the game holds everything that my desire can taunt
I can win by surviving and live wishing, in want

the game has no mercy, no rhythm, no rhyme
it pulls me to pieces one move at a time
there is no magic saviour, no doorway out
to get through the madness, I must lay rest the doubt

my mind is hijacked but I think I'm in play
I deny all who love me along the way
a roll of the dice will bring me the rush
live for the danger of a royal straight flush

one card of dopamine so honest and blue
will trump judgement and reason for all that is true
I don't understand it, as I unwind and undo
send me to jail and hope I break through

this brilliant mind plays the game but it is no good
it uses intelligence to lock up the hood
the smarter I am, the less likely to win
the mind will destroy itself, and keep me locked in

roll the dice, pick a card, fight to get home
i'm playing the game but I'm left all alone
move forward, move over and play to surrender
grieve without end for the very next ******

mourn in the knowing there's nothing to do
can't reach me, can't help me, can't make my next move
set another mind trap with blame and demise
the shame, it is blinding my wide open eyes

impulsive decisions make away with the haste
****** with the drugs that allow me to taste
sickness covert, relentless and hidden
the horse in the shadows is the one I have ridden

can I find beauty in the toughest of places
surrender the board in all of life's spaces
maybe I will, and maybe I won't
I'm searching for love without all the don'ts

in repeat patterns, I look for reprieve
make sense of the wisdom in the turning of leaves
ask questions of games that are played in my brain
answers only lead to more questions again

here in the airwaves, crossed the sacred path
the reason for living escaped in the draft
smoke up the joint, keep hidden the flask
let go of the game, find freedom at last
MU 5d
Stories help your heart think
About the wisdoms of pain

About the plots of lives
And the ends of fights

We are not broken...
We are still fighting.
There is a huge difference!

Those who know how to lose
Can never be beaten

Our story is our fait
We write everyday
By standing up again
They want to silence us, but out story is never-ending.
Is it real
All of this
A reality filled with senseless must.

The art of self
Seems like a world
Where everyone looks upon in felt.

Disturbed by the notion of everyone’s motion
A deliberate injection of energies potion.

A journey that must be had
No matter how sad
A lesson to absorb
A moment to be said

Don’t forget to get out of bed.

Rejection and acceptance
Work as one
Even if you know how life began
Moulded into this
A Desirable man
That came here to deliver a new plan.

Feeling it all through frequencies of old
Awakening ears of fortunate told.

Reality is real
Reality is fake
Reality is all a tiny mistake.

Awaiting the unfolding plan
Written before the entrance by hand.

Softly feeling numb
The complexity seems none
Reality failing more than some

Awaiting the darkness to come.
Peering deep inside your mind
Learning the frequency of time
Showing you the reality of this manifestational climb
A black hole
A galaxy filled with infinite disclose
Designed to make you stand on your toes.

Create a reality inside your soul
Need it to happen
Want it to happen
Never look back until all is disclosed.

The fabrication of reality awaits your call
Create it from the inner depths of your consciousness
Reminding yourself that all before you
Is a perception of existence,
Actuality –
A simple act of gravity.

Ask it
Will it
Become the master of your thoughts.
The universe answers back
And makes it, so you’ve fought.

Will you create the reality you want?
Or pounder on the questionable state of love?

I’ve given you the answers to this struggle that is not
Talk to the universe
Take all it’s got.
Tell me what's life grandpa,
I do really wanna know.

So you really wanna know?

A ten-ton-dumbell hanging on a thread,
It could give in at anytime,
That's life.

A ten-ton-truck balancing on the edge of a cliff,
It could tip over at any time,
That's life.

A balloon at its threshold,
It could pop at anytime,
That's life my son.
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