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the first girl that ever hugged me
wrapped her gentle arms around me
like a vine on a gate
i was 14
she had the smell of
which she got from aphrodite herself
she was the first girl to teach me what love felt like outside of my family
that i should feel more than whole
and my *** did i feel complete with her arms entwined around me
Kmary Sep 30
The one who chooses all the best meals,
the giver of roses, the boy with
the black bag of popcorn, the one I will always
choose first no matter what else is on the
shelf, the chocolate ice cream, the right amount
of sugar, the cocoa, the parts that makes
us whole
I found you
in the depths of desire
tales of fallen angels
told your story
all your mirrors
turned their faces
away from the light
inside you
you couldn't take
the blinding pain
of being torn apart
from within
but I took you
in my hands
and sowed your tattered pieces
back together
my darling,
I won't let you fall apart
the lonely girl
who believed in love
in a loveless world
will hold you
until you're whole
once again, inspired by my otp, reylo. enjoy!
aquis Sep 10
you are allowed
put whatever you want
into your heart

put patience, if you want
your heart to know
how to calmly wait
for the next rainbow

put tenderness, if you want
your heart to know
how to care for its rose
and soften its thorns

put independence, if you want
your heart to know
how to be whole
on its own
Inspired by “Le Petit Prince”, one of my favourite books of all time:)

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.“
Emma Sep 2
The best part about you leaving
Is forgetting you.
It’s as though the sugar you injected into me
To keep me sweet for you,
And only you,
Is dying off;
Slowly but surely,
Until the only part of you that will
Remain in my body
Is the notch in my heart.

You will always own that
Notch in my heart.
It will always make me care for you,
And make it like my hearts always beat for two.
It will always skip a beat
When I see you in the streets.
The smell of burnt tobacco
Will always make my hands tie knots into the bedsheets,
All for you.

I used to believe
That with your sweet honey
Injected into my heart,
I would never be able to forget you,
Much less let you go.
But now, I see that lovers will
Come and go.
You do not own the sweet tune
That make me undress for you;
And better will come after you.
You leaving hurt, yes,
But without you I am whole.
rofan Aug 31
I see the stars
The moon and sky
I wonder
And I connect the things that I know
I find a reason and a why
For me to :
Give it up?
Let it vanish?
Then it comes back to me
All what is whole
All what is real
All is in inside
All what is nothing at all !.
aquis Aug 30
whenever you expect
something to make you whole
give something
that is not whole
to someone who doesn’t expect
anything from you

give your heartbroken smile
to someone
with heartbroken eyes

give your roaring ears
to someone
with roaring thoughts

give your shaky hands
to someone
with shaky fears

give your weak shoulders
to someone
with weak tears

give your dimmed light
to someone
with a dimmed life

give something
that is not whole
to become whole
I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but was inspired to share it today after reading a truly beautiful poem “My All”, here on HP.

I believe with all my heart that ‘giving’ is not proportional with how much you have. Although it may seem so, it actually isn’t about what you ‘have’ to give, but about how willing you are to ‘give’, to help others, to practice kindness, to smile at strangers, to do something without contemplating what you will get in return.

Giving doesn’t take something away from you but it ‘gives’ way more back to you. You don’t need to be ‘whole’ to give, but you will feel whole after you see how happy you made someone just because you truly listened to them or told them you appreciate them.

Simplest things are often more than enough ☀️
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