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Nat Lipstadt Nov 17
“If people bring so much courage
to this world the world has to ****
them to break them, so of course
it kills them. The world breaks every
one and afterward many are

strong at the broken places."

A Farewell to Arms,
Ernest Hemingway

struggling with so much,
then this scripture of writing sent
by some unfamiliar, a providential
provider; and I am realized, this man
is broken in ways you have no idea,
can~not comp~re~hend  

understanding floods, healing
required, for I too have been killed,
my trust and beliefs, trashed,
too many fools who think that
moral equivalence is a thing,
that the unspeakable is justified,
hatred makes me so broke so low,
justification is not justice,
nor an excuse to do whatever

cross the street, and believe,
that drivers will honor a red,
a stop sign, but plenty think
this don’t apply to me, not me

getting on the back of a line
is for fools, people who cannot answer
the arrogant question of the insistent
“Do You Know Who I am?”

I know who I am, yet the ponderance
of evidence says that is not enough,
am insufficient,
I am less
than human,
I am
because of my

And I will spare you the precise definitions of these statements,
for it should be unnecessary, you should be nodding in agreement, clear eyed understanding, intuitive, in your own broken bones felt!

my bones are broken, and the healing needs a source, a “see here”
directive, explain me how my insane madness is not a proper
responsa to the
weight of hate
my eyes see, seen,
and that my own
are not lying,
but believed.

but intuitively understood
that my broken bones can be
healed, each in their own way,
so I will retire, perhaps return
when, even if not fully recovered,
sufficient to care enough,
ready to be rebroken, again,
for this! this! is my
true poetic ancestry

thousands of years have not broken us,
and never will, for it is not fear that will
prevent our resurrection, for we immunized,
for what unimaginable have we not known, and yet recovered,
I believe,
my healing will be quiet, solitary, removed
from the distractive noises of invective infecting,

but I will be present,
for my children, and my children’s children will
look to this ancestor and learn that his blood
and bones deeds them the self-healing properties
that always has and always will defeat those
who seek to destroy your future

1) the DNA of your ancestry
inherited inherent in your bone marrow  
and bone tissue is continuously remodeled
through the concerted actions of bone marrow cells

2) Stem cells in your red bone marrow
(hematopoietic stem cells) create red and
white blood cells and platelets, all of which
are components of your whole blood.

so here is our truth:
The world breaks every
one and afterward many are
strong at the broken places!*

our whole blood will replenish us
Sabbath Eve
Fri Nov 17
in the ***** of my birth
leeaaun Nov 5
My body was there, but not the soul within,
I felt something strange, a battle to begin.
Unfamiliar feelings, emotions untamed,
Lost in a world where I couldn't be named.

I moved and spoke, but the words felt astray,
As if I were dancing to a tune I couldn't play.
My body, a vessel, devoid of the core,
A silent, empty vessel, craving something more.

In the silence of that moment, I yearned to be whole,
To reunite with my soul, to fill the gaping hole.
For I knew in that instance, what was truly amiss,
My body was present, but my soul was in abyss.
You may be beaten
But you can still heal
Your hands may hurt
But you can still provide relief
Your skin may be bruised
But you can still soothe others
You aren't weak just because you're broken
You can still make others whole.
You aren't limited by your own shattered flesh.
I'm still learning that even though I'm not doing well, I can still support the ones I love. You can still be a physician even with a broken leg.
Sadie Grace Oct 23
what kind of person fantasizes about being sicker than they already are?
man, it's time I realize life is worth it and I've made it this far
when I can't forget, can't forgive, and get stuck
tires spinning, thoughts running, strength thinning
out of control
what role does my faith play in feeling whole?
I wish I could erase this hole eating away inside
but then I might just feel more empty
I try to cut through the feelings by cutting through the skin that covers this lifeless body
the razor shreds my flesh instead of fleshing out all of the chaos inside this mess of a mind
Zowie Georgia Sep 25
How can you truly see darkness if you don't recognise it within yourself?
If it's denied or if we declare it's a place we'll never succumb to,
where does it go when we choose not to own it within?

So often we are afraid of the dark or what is perceived as such,
but how can we be scared of something we don't really allow ourselves to feel..
When this dimmer, blacker absorption also holds a light
it too holds a truth,
a potency that's thick at the bottom of our bellies
and it's linings are waiting to be known.
So why are we so hesitant to keep digging within the pits of all we are,
to hold and delve within a space that is just a denser shade of us.

The darkness absorbs and yet it exists  
as part of our (w)hole.
If we try to separate and ignore it how bright does our light truly shine?
The darkness lives and it can passionately love,
we just have to learn to see it's darker disguise.
When it rises heavily having felt and held so much in it's untamed years.
Who says that darkness is not just as bright as the light,
that it's also wise as well as reckless,
that it's blood bleeds the same,
that it's unknown or known doesn't touch as deep or feel as high...

I see in the light too and the light has at times blinded me,
and has led me like an addiction.
I saw that such a light can be even darker than night
casting us in it's shining.

What if within the pit of our deepest darkness we also house the brightest light
and at the pinnacle of our light....
our deepest darkness can also shine bright?
Jade Louise Sep 17
I don't want to give
the monsters in me
A chance to slay you
Before I have my chance
to slay them

Only to find out
These monsters might make me whole
And maybe I will keep them after all

Because maybe these monsters
Fight for the parts of me
You love the most
ky Jul 19
I have to forget.

That's all I can do
if I want to be anything
like I used to.

When I was whole,
when my heart was in one piece.

A few months before
your careless love destroyed me.
Brant Jul 8
I don't feel whole
Without showing you
piece by piece
In a quiet look
How much I love you
Ylzm Aug 2022
Self love is not love but anti-love
Parts are but to be mutually fitted
And imperfections only seeming
Ceasing to be in the perfected whole
But is not if any part seeks its own
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
It takes time to erase
the mistakes
that I've put in my soul.
But to take one mistake at a time
is to make me whole.
To play a part in this game
is to play a role.
But to remove all my mistakes
is my ultimate goal.
I am aware now that making mistakes allow you to be human and to learn and grow.
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