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Jessica 20h
How do you let go of something
that you could only love pieces of
but still loved just as ferociously
as if you were to love the whole?

It’s like trying to let go of something whole
when you only held a few pieces of it to begin with.
Give Him your heart,
He can make it whole.
He can turn your broken heart
into a righteous soul.

Give Him your life,
He can give you more.
He will give you faith
in your time of war.

Give Him your face,
He will give you a glow.
It will glisten like the burning sun
or the purity of the shimmery snow.

Give Him your emotions,
He will wipe your tears.
He will overshadow all hurt
anything causing your fears.

Just give Him your all,
and let His presence in.
He will give you everything.
Just give it to Him.
I'll give you half
my heart and all the rest
I'll send you the best
feel free to check
I'm feeling out my soul
preparing to jump into a hole
Feeling lower than a mole
I'll give you half,
so you are forever whole
Before you walk away
From me, my life
Can I hug you just once?
I can hug your back
You don’t have to see my face
Which has become unpleasant to you
Can you hold me just once?
I don’t want to taste
The feeling of you ripping my heart out
Taking it with you as you walk away
Far away from me
So, put me to sleep
Leave as fast as you can in the wee hours of the morning
So that when I rise to the sun
I can face reality in peace
All I ask is to leave my heart behind
Please y'all should read, share and give me feedback! Thanks!
all blue Dec 5
i'd buy the ticket
if i didn't know where it led
the fuel of desire
adventure, ****, pain
heartbreak lasts until


weekends have never been so dismal. gray, gray skies, gray lights, my eyes blink and blink again but the haze that grips on tight will not let go! i think it drips down my cheeks sometimes but only when the lights are off. my silence is a skill, not a talent- i used to be louder when i'd


i am socks in the shower

headphones broken in one ear

i am an ebay sweetheart

please buy me!!!!!
almost what
you'd expect

.return me!!!!!
but you will
never get as much

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.  .page not found..
        ...time to..
shut .
               . down

weewoo weewoo weewoo

red and blue red and blue

blue bruises red pens

blue sky red



don't leave me on read :(
I know that we can not be
any version of us
will just end with shattered hearts
and missing pieces

I tell myself I am happy
to have a friend like him
someone to share poems with
to share ideas with

I tell my friends
that I don't want to be with him
that it could simply never be
him and I will never work

But every time he leaves
I feel an emptiness
in my chest
a hollow part of me

He fills this void
In a way I have never felt before
and even though I say no
my heart is screaming yes

So I quietly pursue a relationship
I know will destroy me
just so I can feel whole
If only for a minute
I exist to enjoy life
Whether good or bad
My days are numbered
So ill go ahead and make the best
Of the time I've been given
Take control
You’re the only one
That can make you whole
full for
every step
my able body
a moving earth
beneath my feet

two eyes that see
one heart that beats
Love that breathes
through all of me

a mind that hopes
for light to roam
when darkness
sets me free

better days
i can portray
with Trust i've
come to bleed

of course i see
the Light in me
and how lovely
i've come to be

and although i
so Love those highs
i've come to cherish
these lows of mine

it is the hardest
days i garnish
evermore with
with Light i beam

for from the dark
i do embark on
the grandest
d i v i n e
parts of
i am thankful to be full ~fifillued by the fire inside
+ thankful to be inspired by old poems of mine :’)
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