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I think I'm the only one
stuck here like this,
unlike anyone!
It may seem like sometimes
I am the Rock!
& not even Fire can hurt me.
But like everyone
Every night, I look above,
for the spark of miracle
wishing the world to be better.
Oh! I will not stop
I still think at that
She salutes me

With a word
With a promise
With a look

Every bone
Makes the sun

At the foggy days
At the dark night
As the moon comes
No the sun

And I will travel
By the train
The rocket
fast and speed
the love is the deal between two hearts.
hear the drumbeat now

jazz, blues, rock and far beyond

****** baker rocks
Poetic T Oct 5
On the road to mental perfection
                 you have to get over pebbles,

before you conquer mountains.
I am a feather adrift on a breeze.
Awash in golden rays of sun,
Floating on the softest of summer winds,
Free to travel but happy to simply follow the gentle push and pull of the current.
I am happy.

I am a rock jammed into a mountainside.
Visible only to those who look closely,
Hidden by dust and dirt and age,
Strong and permanent and there.
I am happy.

I am a tree planted deeply into rich soil.
Illuminated by the sun above,
Nurtured by everything and resistant to toxicity,
Bright and happy and free to grow stronger and taller and wider.
I am happy.

I am the feather, but I am also the rock.
I am the rock, but I am also the tree.
I float and I sink and I grow, but above all else,
I stay happy.
jas Aug 8
buried beneath the doubt
it's so hard to find a way out
digging myself out of despair
when all I ever wanted was to disappear

it's painless to descend into the aftermath

at times I could convert to a sociopath

but here I breathe
trying to discover what I need...

if ever I fall again
it's catch and release
because I can't bear the glance on your face
all I'm reminded of is a big disgrace

existing is my last chance
looking back at my past

for just a second I can't escape
but something is telling me
there's another way

if I go down this path

what will that do for me?

who am I to question?
when the answer is inevitable

so I keep chasing
until I run out of breath
until then...
*breaking benjamin - give me a sign- instrumental verse*
written off of what I felt went with the song

*** screams***

another half of beats came from --
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