If you don't blunt your mind
A little bit,
You're liable to take a world
That is way beyond your control
Way too seriously.
Ah the perfect boy

Mushy and gushy, all human like, with normal human skin, and smile

Scratch that

Heavy body armor, brandishing a sword, born in the mid 15th century

Hmmm, no

Aluminim for hair, copper in his head, lack of understanding of any type of human emotions

That's not right, no

How about
Not possible
Smells fishy
A being of pure light energy?
Sigh, beyond my comprehension

I guess I'll just get
A pet rock
Im celebration of international rock day
liv 6d
stuck between i don’t need to write to prove myself to strangers and i want to be the damn best
zahri Jul 3
can’t close my eyes
the hanging clothes still wet outside

the strum of a guitar
the presence of a missing star

the voice behind all this scream
silenced away in a darkened world
what do all these symbols mean

your lovely hands holding mine
felt like i was missing something
where were you all this time
but now your dying

it’s all too late

here comes the sun
and than your gone
here comes the sun
and im alone
inspiration of pyschedelic rock Pink Floyd [Syd Barrett] and The Beatles
bret Jul 2
i fucking love
to hate me in
the morning.

its all red and white
but ive inhaled so much
second hand smoke
i wheeze when i
take it all

i cant be pleased.
a mosquito bite
that moves when you
find me,
i haven't been satisfied
since 2004
and i don't necessarily
remember what did it

theres a kid rock song
on the radio
and i blast it
so loud
i cant hear myself
forget to turn
away from
the ditch on the side
of the road.

my glasses go first
through the windshield.
i dont remember much
just that its
than the movies.

morphine hypnosis and
hospital food.
im back where
the hell all started.

i fucking love
to hate me in
the morning.
a note  on peaches
Abdul Musa Jun 26
I must I must I must write
a poem for my gorgeous wife
in hardship and bliss, she's been
a rock for me, a queen indeed.

She found me wild and came to see
what I needed was TLC
and TLC she did give me
a rock for me, my queen indeed.

Accompanied me on my trots
supporting me to reach my goals
so selfless, my sweet you are
a rock for me, my queen indeed.
Steelyvibe Jun 22
In the dark a crowd had gathered
And all the stars were there
The hacks were writing history
The girls just stood and stared
A trio of shadows arose
But my eyes could not gauge
Till a six string crucifix
Was rising from the stage
Then the air was cut with music
Rhythmic demons from his gaze
Voltage dreams and electric themes
It was Hendrix purple haze

He took the fret board higher
And made the distortion sing
Fingers moved like lightening
Picking across the strings
We thought he was a vision
A remnant of the past
A journey back from voodoo
Enlightenment that couldn't last
His face was lit with colors
And songs a cryptic maze
He gave us soul and made us whole
It was Hendrix purple haze

The night went on for ever
Burning the scratch plate
If I don't see you in this world
In the next don't be late
Is this the electric lady land
Slight return of voodoo chile
Meeting of a vibrant soul
The resurrection of his smile
The show eventually comes to an end
The stars turn into rays
Forgotten tear, he was never here
It was Hendrix purple haze
I am so sedimental, but
the subtle differences between me and the crumbles of earth
are growing overwhelmingly stale.
when rocks are crushed, they are used to build up roads and homes.
things unknown to me.
those who collect these gems uncovered by time
will sometimes worship even earth’s smallest private parts,
carrying them around, close like a golden tick,
but there is no joy in keeping the crumbs of what was
at the most
a half grown, tiresome treat.
toss me into the water, drawn in by my flat surface and smooth curves
and watch me catch a breeze and sink to the bottom.
i’m no good at skipping, but it’s okay
because you’ll find another at the edges of the earth.
rose Jun 19
What a lovely little lie to live
I bent the bitter truth just a bit
Sorry but I
Try not to rock the boat
My life is dependent on
I hate lying but sometimes it's necessary
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