Ollie 5d
she was there like a rock
always there, always watching
getting walked over
some people seemed interested in her
they’d look and admire
but ultimately kept walking over her
the one person stopped everyday to look at her
they’d walk around her
one day they walked over without stopping to admire her as usual
the next day they stopped to try and find her
she was no longer there
she was never a rock
she was a passing wind
i hurt so fucking bad all over and i want to die
Look onward out towards the crashing waves of the sea.
It's there I dare to compare the rock holding form upon the crystal reef.
Compare to whom for there is no capable being upon this Earth holds claim to equal such
I know only one strong enough to withstand those  violently crashing waves , my hero , my daddy, his back totes the weight of the world every day , this rock standing firm in the heart of the crystal reef, holds little force to compare
Journey with me for your eyes won't believe
Young but recalling the blizzard one winter my hero, my daddy that returned from the mountain
Eyes of sky blue shining through crystals of icicle hanging from his lashes, his face purple from the wicked freeze of sleet.
I peered with pain while my mother laid warmth over my hero's frozen face, it was the rock in the reef that cold winter's day far across the fierce mountain snow he tracked to provide a meal a for his family
A wife and four girls , a back that had been broken not one but three times , I couldn't hold the tears in my eyes as my bus passed him walking as it drove me to school  there was no money for a vehicle, my hero, my daddy, five miles to and five miles home, every  single day for over six months and never missed a day , walked with his cripple  back to provide for us
His hands were covered with hard labor of his life as the mines collapsed sparing his life as it ripped his finger away
His job led him underground just miles from hell for to long
Turning his lungs to it's likeness of the coal
Three days went by what seemed forever as the rubble they lifted from that mine was like holding a gun to the head of the men trapped in below
For the chance of that bullet one wrong move would send the mine and it's beings far beneath the earth to never be found.
We glared at the pile of rubble they said time was running out
Wait what does that mean as the families begin to weep
When all of the sudden the minor let out the words that sounded angelic to my ears, Men I see a light shining in the hole and it's coming towards me.
I could see as what looked in the form of a man but was covered with black from the coal the light from his hard hat turning side and up and down as he had one man on his shoulder he lifted him out and disappeared to retrieve the other men still down in that deep dark hole. One by one my hero my daddy brought them to their safety , this my friend is the rock from the reef that can withstand the crashing waves,  the man that tracked through a freezing blizzard to make sure his family ate, and the man that returned the husband's home safe to their family's from the depths of hell that day Always and forever this man will be , My Hero , My Daddy!
If I could have one wish I would wish to spend just one more day with my daddy. He was my rock
Tearing up I-75 like bats outta Hell
The radio jacked up to MAX
to be heard to the roaring of the wind,
Seeing as the top is off of the jeep

Zeppelin and The Who
Van Fleet and The White Stipes
Generations of rock
Shared by the elder and the young
Different problems faced
Yet shared circumstances

The pace is rapidly set
Like invaders they ride
Or gunslinger of the old west
Buying into the legends of their own immortality
Like a final ride  before closing that part of the past for good

Even some of that Seattle sound trickles in
A much younger and angrier Pearl Jam
Sometimes even the garage rock get a turn in the spotlight
Their pace exponentionally increases like a runaway train
It's end destined to be in a glorious and terrible wreck

The road trip is on
These rockers of all ages are on the warpath to a good time

God help us all
Pradeep Mar 8
Imagine, said John. 
We are the champions, said Freddie. 
Dream on, said Steven. 
Nothing else matters, shouted James. 
(Kirk and Lars nodded.
Cliff was silent as in a grave).
Still loving you, said Klaus.
Just beat it, said Michael. 
Imagine, said John.
Shine on, you crazy diamond, said Roger.
And David, Nick and Richard.
Syd was silent as in a grave.
And not crazy.
And still shining.

Imagine, said John. 
Smoke on the water, said Ian.
Ritchie nodded.
And his slippery eely fingers resumed their trickery. 
We dint start the fire, said Billy. 
Who is it? Is it a friend of mine? asked Michael.
Yellow, said Chris.
Purple Haze, said Jimi.
Speed demon, said Michael, looking at Jimi's fingers.

Imagine, said John. 
Man on the moon, said Stipe. 
The winner takes it all, said Agnetha.
Sunnny, said Liz.
Have you ever seen the rain, asked Creedence.
Cuts like a knife, said Bryan.
Dangerous. Leave me alone, said Michael. 
Imagine, said John. 
Money it's a hit, said David.
But in the end, it doesn't even matter, said Chester.
A pause later,
Chester was silent as in a grave. 

Imagine, said John.
'Silent as in a grave' references:

1. Cliff Burton from Metallica died in a bus accident.
2. Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd stopped participating in the band's activities due to speculated mental illness and is no more now.
3. Chester from Linkin Park committed suicide.
4. John Lennon from The Beatles was shot dead. He sang Imagine (not with The Beatles).

Name references:

John - John Lennon sang 'Imagine'.
Freddie - Freddie Mercury from Queen sang 'We are the champions'.  
Steven - Steven Taylor from Aerosmith sang 'Dream on'.
James - James Hetfield from Metallica sang 'Nothing else matters'.
Klaus - Klaus Meine from Scorpions sang 'Still loving you'.
Roger - Roger Waters (and others) from Pink Floyd sang 'Money'.  
David, Nick, Richard - Other members of Floyd.
Michael - Michael Jackson sang 'Just beat it', 'Speed demon', 'Dangerous', 'Leave me alone'.
Chris - Chris Martin from Coldplay sang 'Yellow'.
Ian - Ian Gillian from Deep Purple sang 'Smoke on the water'.
Ritchie - Ritchie Blackmore is one of the guitarists of Deep Purple.
Jimi - Jimi Hendrix performed 'Purple Haze'.
Stipe - Michael Stipe from REM sang 'Man on the moon'.
Agnetha - Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA sang 'The winner takes it all'.
Liz - Liz Mitchell from Boney M sang 'Sunny'.
Creedence - Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) performed 'Have you ever seen the rain'.
Bryan - Bryan Adams sang 'Cuts like a knife'.
Chester - Chester Bennington from Linkin Park sang 'But in the end, it doesn't even matter'.
ever since Homo Sapiens didst
   insinuate, elbow and barge
humanity at the mercy sans, small, medium
   (Strunk and White) elemental forces at large
which indiscriminate merciless whims extant
ask Homer Simpson or Marge
g'head and even tap
   a local, county, or state Sarge

gent on the shoulder, cuz
   he or she would moost likely agree
that this Month (predicated
   on The Gregorian calendar me

didst axe Mister Google, 
   (who whiz courtesy enough prithee)
to validate premise about 
   when Time Construct came a boot re:

(named after Pope Gregory XIII, who 
   introduced it in October fifteen eighty two)
from that date to present, 
   the most widely ant queue

    test used civil calendar, and when brand new
(involved approximately 0.002% correction knew
   this margin of error in length 
   of Julian calendar year) allowing hue

man accurate measurement passage 
   as days, weeks, months...elapsed 
   unimportant to the average Joe
(not quite five hundred years ago) 
   returning home on his emu
no matter the gender named Matthew

cuz this flightless fast-running bird dinned,
poe whit lorry yet (wannabe) 
   nose tubby directed related door sill finned
dog gone harassed primate hoo haint sinned
graced with sir name Harris, 
   and gladly boasts being full of wind

which trivia finds this barred bard 
 (as iz his usual wont 
   i.e. digress sing 
   from primary col lord thread)

from initial intent, vis a vis, 
   how all life forms stretching 
   within the bounds of quisling
to an affable, convivial, and filial King
Crimson (reddit in the face), 

yet knew everything like kin ace
that comprised tome base 
comprise zing knowledge booking (to chase
winter blues) at getaway grace

fully at Bedrock Cave 
   with proprietors of said place 
Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone 
   offered ample space
to discuss preparations to cope 
   with onset of infrequent roaring blizzard 
   (via ominous clouds that didst trace)

plus minimizing setbacks affecting 
   the then most advanced stone age 
during wrathful outbursts from beige
flesh toned gabbing Goddess, 

   whose gentle giantess goodness, 
   one could gauge
which genteel manners evident 
   also asper her page

gave inside information, 
   how to batten down hatches
   while tethered like a puppet 
   on the then much younger global stage.
The extra,

I’m the topics not covered in health class,
The friend you only talk to once you’ve run out of options.
The opener for Duran Duran,
The new moon not seen,
The sexuality deemed “fake”,
That feeling you know but can’t name,
The secret you’re forced to keep hidden,
The rock in a sea of people terrified of change.

But Change is what you do,
And leave me,
Your sickbed shirts,
In a crate.
Your wooden pipe,
In the trash can.

You terrorist.
You Ziggy Stardust,
Landing on this rocky planet
Only long enough to make a mark,
And then changing,
Leaving me counting on the 3 hands I used to carry your baggage,
The number of things I did wrong.

If you were human,
I’d be a dog.
You’re the ocean.
I’m rock.
I’m the extra,
Lone wolf,
Phased rock,

“But that’s okay.
You’ll change.
It’s just a phase”
Ziggy Stardust - "making love with his ego" - Ziggy Stardust from the album Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars
Duran Duran/lone wolf - Hungry like a wolf
Ruby Nemo Feb 28
get in the car, let's go for a drive
racing speedy far, making it alive
gas station love stop
bet you've never felt your heartbeat drop
no call? no problem
got my own life to live
adrenaline rush to blow a fuse
you've got nothing else to lose
the more falls apart, easier to depart
scream so they might go deaf
but keep it hush, your uncharged theft
juicy trip top and affection
you won't forget the night
you became free
lost all sense of direction
thanks to me
For a transminded girl
She doesn't need any fake friendship
She carried rocks
Not just rocks
Heavy rocks
yes, this daft punk pink animal from farm ville will newt axe
any thank u mooch positive word does not rick choir whet backs
now i hold out virtual fig leaf tub buffer
   end share fiber filled meal of flax
sitting on the porcelain throne
   while sphincter doth re lax
testing toilet tolerance
   bowel movement level to the max
cuz despite intake of food
   rather moderate outflow packs
a wallop - excrement humungous
   enough ta offset Acela train off tracks.

silence of the lambs, lions, tigers n bears
will commence without a word
after dropping quite a load turd
thence, this chap imagines his rectal bombs will be heard
twitter n tweeting like some melodic bird
which might induce ye to con sitter me absurd.

i (alias alice cooper) hoop zee follow wing accepted as good
that renown brother/ twisted sister hood
who happens to be known as fraternal order of police
serve as ac/dc megadeath cure and remove us
   from beatle browed public enemy

albeit dire straits, inxs sting from bad company
   opens doors e'en on a black sabbath
whereby alice in chains
   adorned in a suit of deep purple metallica
contribute to the ongoing musical genesis
   whereby talking heads
rage against the machine with guns n roses
   or recount fields of a green day
from children of the korn

swaying in the green day breeze
on a green day of linkin park
akin no doubt to reveling in pearl jammed nirvana
inviting barenaked ladies
to side step any puddle of mud

while searching three doors down
for a rolling stoned temple pilot foo fighter
led zeppelin or joe na jet
   where saint peter Gabriel considered like u2.

please come as you r and serve
   as inxs of mine kiss able balm
to reduce anxiety and calm
while we imbibe on Perrier mitt Dom
and get relaxed - and hold each others palm
to help assuage any uneasy qualm
my dang telephone access
   lacks necessary wired  tinned can Rom.

sincere pulsation's ricochet
   back and forth in mind
in league with crawling desire toward feminine kind
whose inadvertent reciprocity develops an unimagined bind
in addition to the most awesome bedazzled find
that enervates and welcomes this guy, an enigmatic kind.

deliverance from (who knows where)
   brought such a sought after fate
found me a despondent, laconic soul searcher as of late
who just might now identify a suitable female mate
help him enjoy simple pleasures fruits of existence to sate
of life before he goes to pearly gate.

a creeping sense of pessimism pervades breathing air
ramifications from downing
   a bottle of horny goat weed
   spurring intercourse while buck bare
nevertheless, a remarkable sin sincere concern n care
(in addition taupe ply erotic
   on account of numerous trials n error I made a dare
to engender a liaison with literary wit and flair.

m. scott hog tied harris
eagerly in search of an heiress
fears he will become dog gone petrified
   into a hardened statue made this heart and soul
from plaster of paris.

now this mwm concludes => from::scott matthews
who offers ethical creed, hence ye goot nut tin to lose
by befriending me - a doubting thomas among gentile or jews
who dislikes putting on tha ritz, when p pull re::fuse
but a gentle siri us homle based erotic o kay cruise.

best fur fantasies to remain bound
   did amongst those of n oh sage
   lest we haint on the same selective page
per even a brief, concise, n desirable textual image
whether for general chit chat i.e. small talk most gauge
search get ting sexed
   while feel n like one matted rat in a cage
since this archaic n primitive rolling stone er age.
L Perry Feb 22
i cranked up the amp
to ten, as the chord rang out
scaled the speaker

         i could see townshend
from my peak; fell, splintered the
      bass. so this is rock.
Nearly broke my arm at band practice today. Guess how :)
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