My presence will always bring you down,
it is inevitable, I am the rock causing you to drown,
ingrained with the name of love.
You carry me with you,
but you must feel my dead weight.
yet you don't cut me loose,
holding on to me you wait
for when you can finally cut me off,
calling our fight a truce.
I promise when that time comes,
and it will, that this rock will carve himself into a statue.
You will leave me, remembering us as a wonderful memory,
that love has helped to create.

Brie Pizzi Dec 1

At one point in our relationship, I thought you were my rock.
I thought you were the person who kept me steady.
The person who kept me grounded.
The person I could confide in.
The person that supported me through everything.
The person who was there for me when times got hard.

Reflecting back on it now, you were still my rock, but with a different meaning.

You were the rock that weighed me down.
The rock that made times harder.
The rock that used me as its own personal crutch.
The rock that held me back from being happy.
The rock that used my insecurities against me.

I fell under the weight of my rock. Unable to wiggle my way out from underneath for far too long.

I hope whoever is reading this doesn't make the same mistake.

l love
you now
as yer
turn table
extol in
excess for
sea with
a kick
that the
new wave
let her
ride here
but a
train in
Tokyo spit
her under
toe awhile.

Richard Grahn Nov 29

Gently breathing,
Rock is sleeping
Beneath a tree.

Water seeps,
Roots drink,
Rock sleeps.

A subtle breeze
Tickles leaves,
Rock sleeps.

Whispering softy,
A lullaby.
Rock sleeps.

Roots envelope rock,
Hugging, squeezing.
Rock sleeps.

Hugging tighter,
Reaching in.
Rock sleeps.


Rocks are sleeping
Beneath a tree,
Gently breathing.

This is dedicated to Ron who insisted that "you can't write a poem about a rock" or personify a rock. All my poems about rocks are hereby and forevermore dedicated to Ron.

I used to think I was starving for love.
There was a gnawing pain in my chest.
My tears fell from above
While my nerves felt shocked and pressed.
My body under pressure
Turning me into a diamond one day.
I felt starved.
I felt bordered by such labels.
Now I think I’m insatiable.
Your love to fuel me.
When I drove to you the sky is always beautiful.
My new diamond edge cuts through my old walls.
Now with you I’m vulnerable
Because I’ve always recovered from my falls.

Medusa Nov 21

Intro: (in progress)
Never a doubt, So Certain my hope
Only imagined once in a life
Regret not those things done
Surely and well  

Hiding behind Songs
I cried, wailed, and whispered,
Yet such agony burning
Our stone altar flamed

Chorus:  (In Progress)
Helplessly hopeful, Ran straight to my Winter,
Mirror- ball silently spinning my Fate
Relentless, and dancing, Glanced I the glamour,
Future so fine, mystery awaits

Left yourself, jagged: torn open, sad, gone
Nothing is over,Lay it all down

Just this one favor:
Feathers, talons, my weapons,
Broken on One rock Sunday
Sun melted All away

Helplessly hopeful,
Ran straight to you, my Winter,
Disco ball spun out
Dead silent reply

Centuries pass, glaciers
Melted and moved on:
Please stitch this wound
So we can fly

Nothing else to say, I don't do structure too often, gave it half a care on this, but still working on this one.
Skylar Musa Nov 20

Across the water
The rock glides above

Beyond the depths lie
Waiting for us to fall in

Reflecting the light
Shadows grow

Feeling low and high
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