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MindMooring Oct 4
A photograph expresses
controlled puppet moment.
Yeah,, most do ...
Isaac Sep 10
You smile for all your pictures
But with me you’re impassive
With your friends you seem happy
But with me you roll your eyes

On camera you’re having fun
Out with your friends
Living and laughing
Soaking up the sun

I don’t know that you
The you I see isn’t on camera
You only come to me at night
When there’s no one to run to

We use each other
To fill our voids
So why don’t you ever smile with me?
Why is it only when you’re on camera?
Bhill Jul 27
Reflections can be seen in our everyday lives
They stare, they ingnore, they reflect
They appear to be in the opposite world
Reflections are looking back at you
Reflections are creating another balance of what is there
Is the reflection you see real
The mirror, the lake, the mist, the camera, your eyes
These are the tools of reflection capture
Are they to be trusted...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 187
What do you see?
Dear __ ,
We barely talk,
we spend mornings and nights
looking down on those rectangular box.
You don't even look at me anymore,
unless it is through the lens of yours.
You can't hear me over those phone calls of yours,
and now my heart sores and roars
for I feel alone.
m h John Jul 4
you brought me along
for the journey
and i after i developed
and gave you memories
you threw me out
Stark May 19

"the exposure looks kinda funny"
"maybe just adjust the aperture a bit"
"add in the lighting"
"is the white balance set?"

the chair squeaks as it moves to the left
the weight shifts the couch in their direction
heat radiates from the family
whose fake smiles are nearly as blinding as the flash from the camera
despite the tripod, the camera sits off kilter
like the uneasy tension in the room
it feels hot--no, sweltering
unsettled emotions sit like
discarded mail
away and out of sight


"Okay, we're good"

and the family heads off in their separate ways
with no goodbyes for the others
inspired by dean's dayfly
A taxi drove past
at two in the morning,
blurring through the street lamp halo
painted on the sidewalk.

A click.
Flash frozen,
stuck speeding stationary,
clipping the spotlight.
And the night hanging off the lamp pole
does not appreciate
being caged away
#11 in my Year One collection, from notes on 12/19
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