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They think that cos they wearing badges that
its power, feeling it be like they wild west.
          thinking they catching outlaws.

When they the ones letting the shots hit unarmed
                                           hands on his head.
but they not moving as he shouted gun.

It wasn't even a mobile, they just trigger happy
                       in blue as the family was in black.

Tears aren't bringing his last word back,
                       Mum, Daddy,
last cherished thought his baby girl.
Tears fell silent as they had knees on his neck,
                         what the **** he dead
yet you thinking he needs cuffs,
                                   morality took a side step.

No one is on their knee no more,
         hands held at height trying
to reach the fallen to show that they
still being reached for.

I promise we ain't forgetting any fallen,
       we'll reach high walking the streets.
   They ain't holding pistols to this many.

Hands-on heads showing peaceful metaphors,
          we shouldn't have to be scared
of a badge that's meant to protect
                               not a knee on a neck.

Or a gunshot on an unarmed person,
                   due to his demographical heritage.
                     another fell like a tree in a forest.

But every flower has a camera and nothing
falls silently anymore.
High above this

I can see your private

Mechanical wasp controls
the hive

Its sensors are buzzing and about
to go live

Over the shoulder, around
the bend

The naked you is about
to trend
Lily Sep 4
Perfectly curled caramel hair
Cascades down her shoulders,
Bouncing in time with the music.
He can’t help but savor every
Fragment of her movement as he
Traces the camera around her frame,
Capturing the dance.
She’s an actress in every sense of the term,
Her eyes sad yet powerful,
Her body hurting yet beautiful.
The music ends and she stops, breathless,
Her hair that has fallen in front of her face
Flowing up and down as she catches her breath.
“Did you get it?”
She asks him,
And suddenly he’s back to himself,
Back from the world her dance took him to.
“Definitely,” he says, and when
Her dimples break her face open,
The camera is still rolling,
For he doesn’t want to miss a second of her beauty.
She isn’t just poetry.
She is art.
poetry girl pt. 5
Nathalie Jun 1
The whispering meadows
glowed under the balmy
bright summer's day
and the pretty shades
of pastel colours pleased
the eye of the camera
The shimmering aura
enlivened and delighted
the senses as a bathing
peace surrendered one
in trance, mesmerized
by such a captivating view.

Never feels reluctant
To capture precious moments
That can be memories in future
That nurtures everyday
That created in many ways
That bloom in every soul
With a perfect click
At a perfect moment
With a definite angle
Making an infinite spirit
In every mind
With sense of vibes
Showered from blessed rain
To a rainbow in every heart.
Capture every moment and keep it safe for memories
kim Jan 10
We met each other
under the moonlight,
in the city of love and wonder,
we met in Paris

In your hands held a camera,
lens pointed to the sky
finger near the shutter,
as strangers passed by

I held my own
leading the viewfinder to my eye
as the Eiffel Tower was shown,
one click later and you were by my side

We met each other
under the moonlight,
in the city wherein I call you my lover,
we met in Paris
Ankush Arora Dec 2019
“Taking photos is not allowed here”,
said the caretaker.
I, at first thought,
“I'm not a traitor”
I move ahead and observe the event.
Things appear like there is a revenant.
Not even a single picture,
but I was printing better than the 3D- printer.
I can make as lively a sketch,
as it comes out of the white;
but the same feeling I cannot transfer,
unless the recipient sees the outline.
I can talk to you on a video call,
but you know it right?
The increase in one dimension,
affects my sight.
We are taking photos of important events;
but we try to ignore the bad clicks.
We are using our eyes to see the bad,
but our camera to see the sketch.
But deep down we understand that
we can develop the camera;
but not sensitivity.
The picture always looks better in reality,
than in the gallery.
@mywritings.emotions on facebook
co'brien Nov 2019
i'm a fool
    with a camera
and i must stop
    and shoot
the rusted lattice i
    walked under

my friends
patiently for me to finish

i aim and fire
    my photographic rifle
        and capture a luminous sun
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Camera please
Bring your camera please

O' my media, O' my Press
Bring your camera please

Come and praise me
Praise my looks

Praise my dress
Praise my deeds

Praise my voice
Praise my style

Praise my mind
Praise my actions

Never bother for money
You are my media

Just praise me, Jump
Sing and dance for me

Play to my tune
Just play it repeatedly

I will pay you enough
Much more than you think

I never use to pay a dime
From the pockets of mine

I often pay from others pocket
I feel I have the right to do so

I never pay to my wife
I never pay to my children

I never pay to my family
I never pay to my friends

I earn and earn and earn
I spend, spend and spend

But not on anyone else
I spend only for myself

Though I often take selfies
But please don’t call me selfish

My heart truly beat for others
My nose truly breathes for other

My kidney purifies for others
My liver work for others

My eyes see for others
My ears hear for others

My leg walk for others
My mind think for others

I am the divine soul
Only I am the divine soul

If you fail to praise me
If you dare to criticize me

Then you are not a press
You are not a media

Then what you are?
You are fake news
Your Camera is for me. Note it. Its not a joke. I am serious. Not dead serious. I live serious. That's all. Simple.
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