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I'm falling asleep ,for a magical tune🎼🌌
A tune have a lot of secrets
A tune tune have an untold story
A tune have a great mystery
A tune have a silent pain
A tune have an endless love
And I'm falling asleep ,for a magical tune🎼🌌
Kitten Yvad Feb 20
Worship this world of watercolor mood
in glass pagodas hung with veils of green
where diamonds jangle hymns within the blood
and sap ascends the steeple of the vein.

A saintly sparrow jargons madrigals
to waken dreamers in the milky dawn,
while tulips bow like a college of cardinals
before that papal paragon, the sun.

Christened in a spindrift of snowdrop stars,
where on pink-fluted feet the pigeons pass
and jonquils sprout like solomon's metaphors,
my love and I go garlanded with grass.

Again we are deluded and infer
that somehow we are younger than we were.
one of my very favorite scenic poems. I remember being 16 and lost and this taking my very breath away.
anica Feb 16
you're a mystery and we both know it
I am as well but I'll never submit
we both question our very existence
for that, I say good riddance

in actuality, I do not want to bother
but the curiosity makes me think harder
are you feeling the same way as I am?
maybe not, maybe you're just like them

so I try to tell myself perhaps it's just overwhelming
the crippling feeling of mystery is seething
though it's not my first time to encounter this,
at the end, will I still take the risk?
A dream
A wizard
A lover
Tow hearts  
One sings  
The other dances

The spring
The Sun  
Two lovers  
One loves
the other shares  

A fairytale
A mystery
A story
One tales
The other listens

It shines through out my heart 
The ocean
The sky
Once met

A moon
A light  
A fool
She falls
John Doe Jan 31
A frown betrays my heart
A kiss betrays what I knew
I betrayed myself
Thinking I wouldn’t fall for you..
Fallen deep, in dreaming your breath..
Seeing it so far
Far, from anything Ive known, yet..
I still find myself a prisoner of war
And all is fair when love is included..
I took a shot and ended up wounded..

..What is about humans that makes us so stupid..
Deny yourself of the truth when it vibrates your bones to a grind..
What is it about love that makes up my mind about half of the time I bring your name to existence.. What is it about you that made me forget this part of me, I sealed away

What is it about this part of me that stabs blood trickles of emotion like an alleyway perfect for a mugging or even ******..
Love is a scary thing..

Just me, spilling my mind..
Lyn-Purcell Jan 31

The wistful beauty
thrives with her mask of legend
Touched by tragedy

Small haiku from my journal. 💜🌹
I feel a bit better today. I find myself reading more and more about the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Shes such a captivating figure.
The one thing I truly admire about her is her strength.
She moved and soldiered ahead even with all that happened to her.
Like the rest of us, she too had her fair share of triumphs and tragedies.
But I must say, her mask of Marilyn is so potent. Marilyn is whom we love yet its Norma Jean who's always left behind. In the shadow of a mask she created. To live up to that image of being a goddess must have been so difficult. I have an inordinate amount of respect for her.
I hope she is resting in peace.
Sweet Norma, I'll always keep a good thought for you
I've ordered another Marilyn book which should be here too, I look forward to reading it. Stay safe everyone!
Much love!
Lyn ***

Incognito affairs.
A love, a feeling he could express not, hidden emotion. He can't afford to a preached. A vibes he'd let died in heart's earthen dungeon. Buried on the soiled  mind. A true feeling he live for, dream walking find his heart in hers off flew both hove. Unusual vibes, Soulaiyah captured his mind from what he had seen long ago captivating his soul and he yet scared he dare not reveal how he feels. Incredibly after awhile his cell phone banged and the mystery lass appeared on the phone's screen. Desiring his face to see. A date on an edge but he'd invite her in his little wane. Hidden affection shroud emotion.
Love is as a peom, written without its end.

As its weary poet inks his barren pen.

An art all men wish to read, though very few can see; yes love is above all things, this world's greatest mystery.
A mystery that borders upon a myth. An embrace that promises its captive, a kiss. What else does the whole word have, that's quite like this?
Hande Jan 16
in the Mystery ,
Poisons of the emotions reveal themselves to seek an ally for strongly rebel against to the Hope , as if it all not co-exist , desperately.
a fundamental question rise then , you name it.

my pain is like their treat. they feed themselves with it. as the mystery increases my pains , they consume my emotions , in poor little portions. poisons of the emotions continue to the same , never ending circle goes around my vein.

my perceptions turns into the delusions. and my delusions becomes what I percept. they want to run away from each other while trying to catch.

i can shut my eyes and believe that the Sun isn’t there.
i can close my ears and pretend to not Hear what’s been unsaid.
i can shush my mouth and assume that My Heart is not saying it all already.

thorns are always welcome for it's rose.
                                I wanna Feel different.
some feelings are Like a Phantom for the sake of their existence.

                                     I wanna feel sunny.

                                      Handenur Özata
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