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Amanda 1d
I love you so ******* much
I'm sorry it does not always show
Believe me when I tell you your touch
Means more than you will ever know
A love text
I am spiraling with the surrounding Love.
Circling the Universe, and filling the atmosphere..
with infinite... Rays... of Reality.
Penetrating into me!
Like iridescence light beams,
of emanating, vibrating, union celebrating,
I see no separation between all that is.

We are all just, future kisses.

For I have already listened to your lips,
For I already tasted your language of love,
Written in these books from ancient times,
carved and painted into myself from the fingertips that glide upon my cells.

I am just reading my skin,
whilst rewriting the story as it all syncs in.

Our hearts beating. ReMeeting.
For you are within me, not a part,
It’s all revealed through the mystery of our art.
Omni Winters Oct 14
What is it like to think with your brain?

What is it like to think with such a mind like yours?

I want to look into your soul, to see who you really are.

I want to explore the depths of your beautiful and complex mind.

How does it feel to have such intelligence?

Is everything about logic and rationalizing ideas?

I wonder how you feel.

I want to know your emotions.

I want to know your heart:

Who do you love?
What do you love?
   What are your interests?
  What are your passions?

I want to know everything.

How is it that I have such an amazing person presently in my life,
and I don't know anything about them?

You're such a mystery.

A lock that won't budge.

Why is that lock so stubborn?

© 2018 Omni Winters
October 1st, 2018
Lovely name of mine
     Hides a undefined mystery of sign

     My mind was sprained and Tangled; bitten by the thousand reasons to struggle
    Heart lies not in the soft and fluffy cotton
—But in a millions of splintered button
And was defined as an insect
Easily smashed and crashed into pieces
The fragments of my body was bisected
Haunt by beliefs and nothing to know with other races
Indeed, my blood flows along with my ideas
Uncovering the mask to see what's underneath those lies
Mesmerized you with those flowery words
Not with a smooth stem like blossom
A flower surrounded with sharp edges of thorns

Lovely name of mine
  Is a combined letters of a unsolvable crime
                           — She
So this poem is actually about my name. Mixed emotions too that describes how my life cycles.
Jon Thenes Nov 3
You kissed me with mangy thirst
A mystery to me

You seemed so hurt tonite
and wanting of other places
any social platter but this sick hot beating sink of inter being with its ******* music and rapid lighting and... you turned to me and I am polite and kissed you back.

I am the 'shrug at life' choice
but there's heart in that as a moment
aretteepls Oct 31
Oh, my doddering bones, do ache in lasting agony
As weary, waning muscles, stretch laboriously upon them
Aging, cracking skin, drapes loosely over those
Threadbare, sun stretched, and wrinkled at the eyes
Yet deliberately, clinging to it’s given purpose.
The timeless mind drifts, longingly forward; alone
As the fickle spirit explores, beyond knowledge and reason;
Returning back to all mystery
sharon Oct 31
my feet are tired of walking,
yet i've only been in circle.

- s.r.
English Jam Oct 31
Orange sun shimmering with heat
It blankets its cloud all over our heads
Your eyes fill with wonder and stars
Gazing at the trees unevenly spread
We talk of fantasies and breathless sighs
And romance we have never known
While all the butterflies vibrate with ecstasy
And the sky, into our heads, is sewn

Little crystals melt on our tongues
Honey dripped bees infect our sights
Faintly, on the other side of the desert
Our threat awaits, patient as night
Orange sun begins to paint the world
As leaves fall like words murmured
Buzzing hummingbirds cry out in alarm
And the edge of our vision is blurred
Rin Oct 29
the candle flickers,
yet the lion’s roar grows
the wind blows slightly,
yet even the wise owl knows

that the fire of the forest,
the ever burning light
would always start small
yet grow ever so bright

as the wolves stop to howl,
and the cocoons start to *****
the old man looks out the window,
wondering what it is that he lacks
[the monster was overcome with what he learned was fire. it gave warmth and heat, yet it burned his skin. how could something be able to help yet harm? how can something be essentially good yet evil? he could not understand]
Hartaz Kaur Oct 29
If your gaze was ink
What stories — would it write
And if I should read those words
How then — should I read them right
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