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We where never a masterpiece,
              more like a jigsaw piece
                                           missing parts..

But we spent that time not worrying
                        whether we would

find them.

We knew that every part
would connect,
               sooner or later.

And if it didn't,
It just added to the mystery
              of what our finished picture
would be.

It takes a life time
                        to find where we connect,
never let that burden you.
                        Its all part of the fun.
We are so intertwined
Hands and outer thoughts
About the time my sweet
caramel flan
Love caught up needing
a backup plan
Inner mind outer limit ****

Hands touched to be
the heart,
Liberty freedom bell
Inner hands whole world
Of wisdom inside the
wishing well
The Blessed Holy land

Inner heart kingdom
Teamship hands touch
Her outer lips beam
On the outside heart melts
At random
"Worldly Hands So Comic"
the fandom

Only had the right hands,
Prayer to God, he lands
he knows all your traits
Outlooks testing the
Forget me not rise
of flowers  

My talent high digits New Year
Starlight holy rain showers
On the outside, he sees the
inside powers
The wrinkled hand artist
inner circle young ones
Outer tough skin old ones

Scraped knees the outside
Your fragile hands bend
Who sends love in
your head?
The outer lips inner mind
Takes the flight
the fullest moon instead

Will my inner hands meet
the life
I really want positively,
please come soon?
Hands say things about yourself but the inner heart knows your outer thoughts to be saved make it your best thought in the right time
The lights and camera
The divine energy holds
A multitude of drama
The light up the moment
She's the Wonderwomen
He's the thunderbolt
her divine cup sips to
trips no one's fault

Her cupped hands
Egyptian grain of sand
Light up Divine cup
To the Godly lands
Under her sheer light
But he's the waves

to her heart seascape
Saying light up my
I Apple ring her pictures
On Instagram
Hush sweet
Scarlet lights no
Into the red light district

Don't give a dam  
Orient express
lights up perfect
light up fun dress
Amazing Galaxies
I tune wedding-lights
The million- fantasies
The Shinning cups

Fertilized of Forever
Burning light of Italian
vines the vinelands
My Venus love
of hands
Light of the Titans

The man of
good deeds
In my special cup
To the end of the earth
Light up my divine cup
To eternity higher force
Told the story

Heavenly with fierce
Heart filled with
Glory it is never the same story
The light up the moment we do not usually get somehow the darkness comes but our heart brings on the light cup
Lainey 3d
Why must we unpack MYSTERY?
Wrap it in Theology?
Box it up with piety and on our knees call “Deity!”
Can AWE be trademarked, WONDER sold?
Does the unknown have to fit a mold?
Embrace the pure uncertainty and cherish possibility.
As an Atheist it ticks me off when religious people claim that only they can experience true wonder or awe etc.
Wolf 3d
Life is a gift
Of random splendour

Pain starting swift
Then the next so tender

Or so they say
Give a reason to me

Why my sweets stay
As stagnant as can be
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.
Cathy 5d
You are awake,
And so aware
Brilliant unlike other beings among us

You are celestial
You shine so bright
Ethereal unlike human beings among us

You are understanding
And non-judgmental
Too pure to criticize those gossiping among us

You are conscious
And so restrained
I wonder why you’re in this world among us
The human life is so very strange
We are all filled with such different things
Different desires, different perceptions
Different scenes and experiences
Different pains and different demons
It's baffling, isn't it?
How we all live in the same world with one another, yet completely different worlds in our psyche
How our fates are tied with certain people temporarily, or perhaps forever although it's rare
We all have memories we will carry to the grave, memories that will carry on even after death
And those who are born after us may find our gravestones one day
And not think a thing of it.
there was a forest
not far from home
that i often visited
as a child

i knew every path
and every trail
every tree
and every clearing

and though i could
always find my way
it was the one place
i would go
to become lost

and though it was
completely familiar to me
this forest
was always a mystery

and this is what i mean
when i say
we belong together

and this is what it feels like
to be in love with you
If only my hand could express what is in my heart  - Brad Pitt (Seven Years in Tibet)
Stark 7d
a wisp of smoke curls up--heavenward
until it disintegrates into nothingness

a burnt tip-- alighted by an orange flame
that flickers quick from a cheap Bic lighter

the cigarette dangles tantalizingly
between *******-- index and middle

it's a balancing act--
to stay away from the ashes
and to not drop your sustenance

dark red lips slightly parted
nearly purple, but not quite
as if a speeding car halted at an invisible border
the arbitrary line between purple and red

she exhales

the smoke coming out in elongated ohs

once the smoke clears
she is gone

after all,
she was
a hazed out,
i tried to capture the typical woman from a hard-boiled detective fiction/noir film, in someone's dream. think broadway's city of angels, for an example.
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