In my dream it is just you and me, roaming a mysterious city.
We walk and turned, without a thought, weaving and winding to and fro.
It was just us; you and me. Our hands entwined, holding tightly.

Words have always enraptured me
once written they become history
devour them I must
before they turn to dust
once more becoming a mystery

Rebecca 6d

Why are things so complicated..?
even the simple question that life asks -Are you happy?
Why cannot we be ourselves..?
even when we question our-self -Do we need this?
Why cannot we forget things..?
even when we don't want to recall.

From coming in the world to giving a world to someone
to leaving the world from everyone..
Why are things so complicated.

To smile without a reason,
To change without a season.
To love someone,
to leave someone.
Even to make love to someone.


finding answer to some unsolved questions,messed up with questions

Waking from a short sleep
From the curtains I did take a peep,
The sky it did look ugly I did say
Was something wicked on its way.

Pondering within the present moment
Feeling intrigued about what it meant,
Had I woken from a dream into reality
Or was it the reality of a dream to me

Visions of late I'm sure we've all had
Pain and suffering it's just so sad,
Thoughts of nuclear nightmares
Clasping hands we'd say our prayers.

Returning to the window we go
Waiting to see if the sun will glow,
Then it appeared orange blood red
Picturing Mysterious skies sat on my bed.

Wrote this after waking this morning and seeing how the skies changed so quickly, from whitish blue to almost dark sand.
MTH 7d

Little one, what is wrong? Do you know where you're from?

Nothing mister, I am fine, just a little co-ma.





Little one, what's your name, who is it that I should blame?

No one mister, not at all, I just played a little game.

A little game?

A little game.

What's its name?





Did you really hit your head, or only just a game instead?

Neither mister, not just one, I have many more comas!





ENOUGH! Okay...this is really freaking strange.

How so?

You know...

I really, really don't so-

...It's your game though!


Hey, hey mister...where did YOU come from?

I can't tell you, sorry, I am really dumb...

No, you're not!

Yes, I am...

How are you?

Because I AM!

Sorry, mister, I must leave now...

Where are you going...please tell me how!

I close my eyes and disappear!

...This just got so dark and weird...

Bye, bye now. I wish you well!

If you leave I might just yell!

I got to go...

No, you don't...

I'll just show you...

No, you won't!


Please don't leave me by myself...

It must be done but for your health~

Well, who are you...

Just catch the clue...

Wait...what clue...

I am you...


If you guys want...tell me what you think. Anything will help. I found this poem fun to write. Thanks for the read!

By the highway oasis,
where an Acacia once stood,
is a Willow
that doesn’t belong.

Don’t ask Why.

Pagan Paul Oct 13

Random components in a broken box,
all there is of the jigsaw dreams.
Unaligned pieces distorting the picture,
a wooden tapestry split at the seams.
On the perimeter frame of insipid ice
molten images interlace in mist,
reaching for completion, a solid visage,
defying the puzzle a right to exist.

© Pagan Paul (09/10/17)


Retention of repetition in modified replication reflects the information of evolution's disquisition demographic disposition to ferry the merry who listen
Psych out the vex and hex the wicked complex
Circumstantial reason in the season its civil unrest
Complacent implications ignited by degradation
The muted separation of lungs and aspiration
A few maybe more to mob the truth be unexplored
Forsaken by tradition of wishing never more
Disputing time and relativity inability to be given free
Verse the heart though be not amazed by the lack or hidden empathy
Commiseration of unmitigated hesitation casting darkness before the integration of our heart is a meager part devoted to the subtle structure of ones nature developed underneath the poise of well built character  to divide and conquer if one were to try and squander the real power and only wander for it's those very same demons of the past that are now used as fuel for the fires of the future. How will you temper the flames that burn so?


Take me to your show
I really want to know you
Deep down in your soul
Where the flowers bloom and grow

Show me all your dreams
Let your mysteries unfold
Take me far away
Through the sunshine of your day

Sing your song for me
Let the melody run free
Dance here in the breeze
Where the leaves of time recede

Let your feelings loose.
May your river run so deep.
Let your laughter fly
‘till the sky begins to weep.

Whisper your desires
In the temple of my ears
Let me just absorb
All your feelings and your fears

Pray with me today
May more flowers bloom for you
Share with me your mind
As the world slowly unwinds

Spend another day
Spinning tales into the rain
Let your pain dissolve away
In the daylight that remains

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