Three by three frame,
     Intrigue, perception,
Metaphoric imagination.

A moonlit seaside,
waves crash upon the shore.
The tide,
The beauty of the ocean,
admired from above.

Focus, Refocus

A shadowy landscape,
tall trees canopy the scene.
The still of the woods,
felt from inside.

Focus, Refocus

A dark speckled sky,
wishes and hopes twinkle and shimmer.
The magic of a starlit night,
loved and feared.

Apoorva 3d

You know my friend
I met a man last night
He was alone like me
Had the same cerise eyes
With a shallow heart he smiled
I asked, how you doing man?
Have you found a way yet?
To which he obliged
'No, man but have you?'
He was like my shadow
I despised him profoundly
I couldn't look him in the eye
He too sold his soul long ago
And traded his ideals to fit in
It was scary, my friend
Just his presence there
Chilled me to the bones
And i wanted to run away
'Are you okay?' he asked
With a haunting smile
I didn't know the answer
So again I lied to him
'Yes I'm fine and happy'
To which he looked surprised
And then disappeared in a mist
And I never saw him again
I wonder who was he, you know

Guess who was that man.

Oh, I spy,
in the corner of your eye
there’s a tear that rests so carefully
It’s been there for a while
I know you
I see you

When the winds of this storm finally
blow down the Wooden barricades you keep
I will watch the snow with you
From your open door
From your open door

Oh, I spy,
in the corner of your eye
There is a hunger there for something more
That has been there for a while
Wanting something more
You are wanting something more

I know you are cold in bed
And your tears keep you awake
But I know your sorrows see your fears
The ones that make you shake in dreams at night
As the snowflakes fly on by

Oh, I spy,
There’s a sadness in your eyes
That reflects the own deep in my soul
I’ve been carrying a while
I felt love from your cold fingertips
As they shiver in the snow
Was I the one you needed?
when you wanted something more?

I know you are cold in bed
And your tears keep you awake
But I know your sorrows see your fears
The ones that make you shake in dreams at night
As the snowflakes fly on by

Oh, I spy
From the corner of my eye
The way you hold my hand so carefully
Let me hold you for a while
When you need me
When I need too

Know I have been alone as well
But you are always on my mind
I will not let that tear in your eye
Freeze in the winter air
For my arms will keep you warm
As the storm rages in our minds
I feel you
I need you

When you’re sitting through the lonely nights
Pretending not to cry
And you ache to know there’s nothing more
Waiting in the snow outside.
I hear you

When I’m alone in my bed at night
With no one there to hold me tight
You enter my head and I’m alright

©LadyofRavenhill - 3/16/17
**These are unfinished lyrics to a song in the making that never was quite done. Perhaps I will finish it some day. For now, enjoy the jumbled mess of verses and rhymes.**
Zan Balmore May 18

Hair line
From face
To shoulder
To lower back

Never friend
Poor choice
Painful words
Your halt
Your cease-fire
Human respect

I got none

A poison dipped

A venomous
self righteousness

Brewing, pointed
behind your back

Pehind lol
pluviophile May 11

Splashes of colors,
Green, blue, red, brown,
Contrast perfectly,
Beautiful, from the sky to the ground.

Cotton candy blue,
Flow in the sky,
Soft white clouds,
Wave hi and bye.

Leaves standing in the glamorous sun,
Rustling and bustling,
Scents from mint to pine,
Hues from lime to sea-green.

Branches and stems,
Standing out haughtily,
Standing strong,
And cowering weakly.

Wildflowers stretching out,
Pulling us in,
Defining the word beauty,
Brushing us in the shins.

A fresh, clear lake,
Glittering like scattered gems in the sun,
Lapping back and forth,
Until the winds were done.

Gentle creeks,
Yapping and happy,
To be free,
Flowing rapidly.

Night is settling,
Darkness comes,
Full of mystery,
And “what ifs” and “somes”.

Mist is flooding
The trees,
The bridge,
Tickling like a light breeze.

Chirps and hoots,
Scampers and swoops,
Critters stare at me,
Not letting out a single whoop.

Squirrels stir,
The sun is rising,
Blood red,
Bathing everything in lighting.

Splashes of colors,
Green, blue, red, brown,
Contrast perfectly,
Beautiful, from the sky to the ground.

moving ants,millions
from the hanging rock's crack
swarming,seeking what?

Shutting idea?
Mystery it may seem
for how long will it dim?
May be,
until we find
something more to it
to rekindle out of spring!

With all the insight
I find no way out
to become whole so soon
but to wait
for the
blue moon
to shine upon 'us'
to find 'us' to bloom..

There's no plan
should I wait or leave?
The quest continues..
Are we not
worth being
         ­                                          &
                                                                ­     fixing


                                                             ­                by
                                                              ­                                    piece...

to make 'us'

                     ­                                 back
                           ­                                          to
                                                              ­                     our
                                                             ­                                                home.....

This is the second verse
of my poetry - Shutting idea..
It is in pieces, yet to be whole
as the quest still continues..

The idea of writing
a second verse to it is suggested by
Rosalind Heather Alexander.
Thank you immensely.
Lydia Cooper May 1

Hello hello oh mystery man
It's funny how people meet
Are you the one who fortune told
Would kiss the ground under my feet?
Now let's not get too ahead of ourselves
Wearing our hearts on our sleeves
But I've been waiting for someone to come along
And make a woman out of me
A voice still unheard yet I can already imagine
I'll melt like morning dew
Hello hello my mystery man
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

MU Apr 30

Let's face it!
Many men are dump
Regardless where they’re coming from

If they were not mysterious
We’d never take them serious

If they were understandable
More men would treat them 'low level’!

Mystery should make curious
It shouldn't make us furious 

The mystery is there to keep
Us fell unsure and insecure

Riddle, to spend with all our life
Trying to nail it, endless strive!

As long as we don't understand
Things will be perfect and as planned

Cause mystery is there to teach
Us be human, and not just men...

Inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about the mystery of women. My opinion was that it is necessary for women to be mysterious to us and that we don't understand them completely. Otherwise we would take them for granted.

There is this saying that goes like 'questions are more important than answers' because when looking for answers, more questions will pop up and we will learn a lot of things during our journey that are more valuable than the original answer we were looking for. And as long as the search is going on, we will be truly human and alive.

And I think this applies to the relationship between men and women. Its not about understanding women as  mush as it is about our journey to understand them that makes us wiser, more considerate, and humble. And I think a little but of insecurity and self-doubt is healthy when it comes to men, in oder to keep the ego in check. Besides, women who see in men the determination to understand them will appreciate their effort, even if men still don't get them completely. But sadly enough, many of us men are not patient and want everything our own way. And if we don't get women, we get angry, which basically means, we go for the dump option instead of being smart about it and wonder what makes women really tick. The mystery is a good challenge that we need to face, and it makes our relationship with women more interesting.

Of course, this advice is directed to myself before anybody else, but I am trying to learn how to be smarter about women.
BriannahRae Apr 29

such an unfathomable concept.
what lingers in
the blackness remains
a mystery.
yet beautiful.
it’s like
so many secrets
hiding in the
and anxiety
hidden from
because out of sight
out of mind,
if somebody cares
all that’s needed
is a candle
to brighten,
all of those secrets,
now exposed,
to anybody
who just bothers
to look.
although darkness
seems like
an ever-expanding
it’s easy
to figure out
if YOU just try.
such an unfathomable concept,
and yet i think
i know it better
than anybody.

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