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big is the mind of all
travel the road what else
foam from the ocean is life
mystery is just ignorance
The Secret Sits
We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.  

Var. 1
Ring around the rosie,
A pocket full of knowsie.

Var. 2
**** about we
The nucleus
Unknown to us.

Var. 3
Like bits of dust
In Saturn's rings,
Around we ******
The ? of things.

Var. 4
The multiverse completely orbits one
Center around which everything is spun.  

Var. 5
Musical chairs
We play and play.
The music airs.
We roundelay.

The music sounds.
The game unfolds.
The circle rounds.
The center holds.
there is an owl
out there
in the darkness
kept secret
by whispering trees
in shadow
by leaf
and cloud
it seems
to have a question
for any
who will listen
but persistently
it inquires
pausing briefly
an answer
before asking
and again;
whether intended
or not
this interrogation
has infuriated
the old boy
and seemingly
every other canine
in the vicinity
s y kalindara Aug 26
Look out for me,
as I rise from the murky deep,
to tell my spectral story
of the Catalina sea,
home to my floating body,
land of the men who walk free
of guilt, blame, and inquiry
for 41 dragging years.
I'm the unsolved mystery,
a punchline of the century,
Her fulfilled prophecy;
for drowning has always been
my darkest destiny.

Look out for me,
and my siren waves of warning
of sinking sanctuary
and souls unresting,
till I've had my avenging
on the ones still pretending.

Oh how I crave to meet you in hauntings,
and every waking dream;
you haven't heard the last of this forgotten Natalie.

Copyright © 2022 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I hope this isn't disrespectful (it certainly wasn't my intention), but I was thinking of Natalie Wood when I wrote this. Ever since I read about her tragic death, I haven't stopped thinking about it. I hope Natalie is resting in peace and will one day finally get the justice she deserves.
Zywa Aug 22
I then thought I knew

what love is, and I said yes --

yes, I do love you.
"Van iemand houden" ("To love somebody", 1969, Hanny Michaelis)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s"
In a room full of unknown faces
In a circle we sat  
Familiar was the surrounding
Yet no-one was known to me
And no-one knew one another
Passed around was a mirror
Each took a turn to glance into it
In search of identification
The end of the circle the mirror had reached
There was one more face to go
Into the mirror a woman was hesitant to look
When a stranger's face appeared
Not hers was the face the mirror manifested
A face which was warped came into view
When suddenly from my nightmare I woke
The mirror never lies said that voice
Round and round a lie may roam
But no home will it find
Until it becomes tired of wandering
No choice will it have but to return to the tongue which created it
And the mask and its serpent will come tumbling down
sean achilleos
Shaun Yee Aug 4
He had wandered into the jungle,  
And it was getting very late at night,  
He couldn’t find his way out again,  
And there was just nobody else in sight.  

“Oh no! I’m completely lost”, he thought
And quickly his panic started to rise,  
But he knew he had to keep quite calm,  
Or he would surely pay a deadly price.  

An hour later, having stumbled,  
Through thorns and bushes as he blindly trekked,  
He suddenly felt an eerie silence  
That made all the hair rise on his neck.  

It was then he saw the bright green light,  
Floating high in the tree tops on one side,  
Which seemed to beckon silently to him,  
While his mounting fear he tried to hide.  

The small light was shining steadily,    
and he felt a very strange calmness,  
spreading throughout his entire body  
and then he lost his fear of the darkness.  

Slowly the floating light moved on ahead,  
He followed it as if in a trance,    
And after some ten minutes had gone by  
He suddenly found a trail by chance.  

The green light kept guiding him forward,  
And the narrow path was getting smoother,  
Soon he was out and his sense of dread  
of being lost was gone altogether.  

He searched all over for the spirit glow,  
But the strange light was completely gone,
He was sound and safe and happy now,  
He felt as if a new life had been born.
A semi-factual poem in a Malaysian jungle
If this is a mystery to rescue my desires,
I have no idea of letting your heart fill in Fire!
Descovia Jul 10
The candle flame flickered wildly.  The room was cold and dark. My phone was set to silent. My mind went blank only for mere seconds before designing a way to breach connections to a realm other than we reside. Between the living and the dead.

The times where your name crossed over and dragged my thoughts down. The pain made me resilient in gaining answers. Mysteries and traditional methods applied to ritual, required my full focus from "spirit energy.

I gripped onto my chains and prayed to myself in silence. Coldness stung my heart and my eyes filled with warm tears. The moment my vision became nearly blurred from nonstop flow heavy, numbing and pain riddled tears.


A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my eyes wanted to explode! Emotions never meant to be release, I fall until I sink deeply. The whiteness of this bright light intensifies, humming of angels in a harmonic choir grew inhumanly loud. I cannot any longer hear the sounds of life on earth. My suffering was finally giving me a break, I prayed for. I screamed to the skies of heaven, willing to destroy my own self-composed hell. I am my own hell.  I did everything, my tears, my pain, blood would not honor you or bring you back if it was in vain.

No te apresures,Bebe
(Don't rush your time. Baby girl)

Yo nunca me ire,soy todo de ti
Que hizo feliz a tu madre
("I am never gone. I am everything of you.
That made you happy with your mother")

The image of this eloquent woman with tears in her eyes, embracing an angel with an amazingly beautiful presence and energy strong enough to burn unholy souls. In mere moments, the woman and angel whom came into focus with the use of my magical eye. Disappeared with a wave of light appearing to wash over the entire place. Everything wiped away and myself left untouched. Confused with more uncertainty than ever before. It was decided to not question upon it. Something told me to burn the note completed for her. Then pray for her good into the universe. It will listen...

Never stop remembering. Your father loves you. He will always be there with you. Your relationship with him. Never ended. It changed forms. The love never dies. He is your angel. Allow him to guide you.... You cannot fly without wings. Don't rush your time.....Don't rush your time.....Don't rush your time. Keep fighting. Keep will win. The right forces are by your side....I....

No te apresures,Bebe
Dedicated to a beautiful father, angel and king of the glorified kingdom.
You may rest. Your legacy will live on.
01/09/1973 - 01/28/2022
Zywa Jul 9
I certainly would

do anything for love, but --

I just don't do it.
"I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that)" (1993, Jim Steinman) - sung by Meat Loaf

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s"
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