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Aaron E 7d
We've been given the antennae,
to alert the nearest node in the wave,
with just a calorie of effort.
That's the gift that gives us leverage.

Lifting up to surf the edge,
the valleys fold into the blaze,
a simple word can push the sled,
as time eclipses our transgression

We could travel peaks and valleys
to conclusion for forever,
never once aligning neatly
(*** - for - tat)
with our impressions,


We'd soon subside to find
a signal blinking in the night,
to heave it's burden on our tides,
and help us push it through the next one.

Remember that the signals always there.
It's always pulsing in the echoes.
Surfing waves beneath our vision.
Just remember we can lift it.

When you need it sound a siren.
Float the message to the surface.
All the lessons that have served us
see the gift in every second.
LC 7d
to read my past journal entries is
to walk on an intimately familiar path,
one in which I know the major landmarks,
the steep mountains, and the deep valleys.

even though I can walk on this path
with my eyes closed and get through,
I don't. I slow down on the way,
noticing flowers I didn't see before.

I pluck a leaf off every flower stem,
and keep it safely between my palms.
the leaves remind me of the flowers
that grew despite the harsh conditions.

whenever I wish for a new beginning,
I blow on a leaf and let it guide me.
I smile, exhale, and walk forward.
behind me, new flowers are blooming.
Rinav Sep 4
look! :-)
i once tried to wear that smile
to reach the top of a tsunami
but then the bubbles all burst
and i paddled my way into the sea
i hoped my presence would excite a reaction
but the sharks and whales drifted off
and the kelp could only flail
so i sank down to the porous bed
and embraced its grainy mane
the bubbles stopped bursting
the sea pierced through
with the warm bed beneath
i saw a smile floating above me
Nylee Aug 29
I'm yet to feel my age
turning more and more
these passing days
struggling to keep
the tears at bay
feels like I've been
mentally de-aged

I no longer speak
I don't know anything,
the game life plays,
all I've become is a
consistent loser,
what I do,
results to
a little bit of nothing.

I am done, with this too
and that too,
silence is the
way I communicate,
no one can tell
between wise and fool
when nothing is being said
It is the best way ahead,
the only way forward.
Success is in my blood
As my efforts arise like a flood!
What's your motivational self_talk?
I like the relation between the words
"Run" & "Reflect"
When You're in cave
You race to be perfect!
Coined words of philosophy!
I didn’t think that you were something
I could grow out of
But our love
Doesn’t fit us
Aer Jul 22
the "you" I must let go of
breaks the "me" I once knew.
I'm catapulting forward
and you're afraid of being left behind.
with the inability to reach a reconciliation
and hold on to what remained—
we grow our separate ways
despite the urge to turn back.
we've grown far apart, and let go of our once trusting bond. but it's okay, because I'll take what I've learned from you, and become a much better person than I once was.
Glenn Currier Jun 30
Early morning when I get up
I am in a fight with the dark forces
that inhabit my bones
and haunt my mind.

And I have a choice:
heaven and life or the devil and death.
Redaviel Jun 16
The words to let you know that I miss you
Were lost in life's current and I became selfish
But I never stopped watching you from the sidewalk
So you can walk safely to your own happiness
The words to hopefully make you stay here
Were lost when you pushed away a sweet embrace
But I realized that it's okay to let you go
So you can find home in someone's happiness
The words to remind you to take care and be happy
Were lost in misunderstandings and rough closure
But don't worry, I'll give it to someone else
So we can move on and make others happy
The words to tell you that I'm still yours
Were lost in the truth that it was long past
But I'll never stop giving a part of me always
So I can find home in someone's happiness
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