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Whether you know it or not, you murdered
Me. Or at least a version of me.
The me who flew off into those potentials
And maybe's and what if's
As if the only way forward was up.
He sought the greener pastures
Littered with your name and played
The game of same-nes(s)-cessary
Action only to find an oblivion
Of ambiguity.
Standing on the precipice
Admiring the view
Knowing fully well
What stepping forward blindly will do
He said, “What’s your favorite color?”
And I said, “You.”
Swan Songs Feb 7
Sonny, you’re out to dry
Sunny, you’re out to dry
Slumbering clouds
Weep into the ground
It’s only matter
That never dies

Sonny, you’re out to dry
Sunny, you’re out to dry
The thundering sound
Is silence now
You’re only matter
Where "you" resides
Fayez Feb 1
People stand around
Worried sick

Wondering and waiting
For life to click

They're always the victim
Always feeling sorry

Hoping for a fight
But never emerging in glory

To be fair
I will give them the benefit of the doubt

Even though all they do
Is willow and shout

It's true that it's tough to get up
When life takes you so far down

And it's hard to get respect
When you walk with a broken crown

There are situations
That hit you when you have no plan

But my mother always said
Tough choices make the man
I remember meeting people that have given up, and I felt I was close to give up too, but my mother always said tough choices make the man.
Swan Songs Jan 28
Safe and sound
That town is drowned

You’re safe and sound
A king decrowned
You can’t stay

But you’re safe and sound
You’re lost and found
Come what may

You’re safe and sound
That town is drowned
Walk away

Throw it away
All your backyard dreams
Are miscreations
Laughing in your face
While you wait
Through unwelcome change
Untrue elation
And chance appreciation

It already came
Nade V Jan 14
The past will bind you if you fall in regret.
The future will blind you if you heave stone-set.

To be neither here nor there
Recall from your previous presents.

And use this to bend, fold, break
Your future presents.

The past cannot be mended, but will be studied.
The future cannot be changed, but will be guided.
a look on the attitude and perception of time and self.
If I could only turn back time
I’d do most of it the same but I know my mistakes
I’d improve of course!
But mostly hearts I’ve hurt
If possible I’d do things better there
More time with my loved ones
If only I could!
And of course cut out those who do only but take from you!
I can if you allow me to direct the future better though sure we can get a lot out still
We are never certain of tomorrow!
We need to secure today!
Don’t discard of time you could have done so much more with!
Be extravagant with those words I love you!
But more than that show them as much!
Spend it wisely and  extravagantly on those who really matter!
I know I have that in my heart I hope I get to fulfill it in my life to come!
Oh if only Could I know I Can!
Delyla Nunez Jan 3
Boundaries are set.
Talks are shorter.
And I give certain people my attention.

The focus on me is surreal.
The want to be better.
Goals are finalized,
My spirit rises.

I won’t be stuck.
I watered the grass I walk on,
It’s only a matter of time till it turns green.
She’s back.
Bullet Dec 2020
I’m rolling
My life is like film
It keeps flashing
My eyes before me
See what’s headed after me
I’ve gotten here through love
I’ve been held back here by jealousy
I’m rolling on the ground
My life is like film
My raw image is hated
I’ve been double exposed
The light just isn’t getting it right
Dash cam is sending out live
I’m a flip show for everyone alive
My steering column is looking fuzzy
10 feet ahead of me I can live through memories
Swerve the wheel
I’m rolling
My life is like film
Shut in a dark room
Then seeing the light of day
Through a screen-shot

Breathe, Stop steering
Cruise, control your feelings
You don’t need to cry for me
Mary Shanti Dec 2020
The mirror reveals the soul within
It is hazy water filled
In a desert mi raged heart

It is barren
Where whence it was full throttled cherry blossomed, apple cheeked rosy

The mirror reveals the soul within
Scorched embers
Still can see through the branches to a small piece
Not yet scorned
Tenderly aching but still filled with a sense of wonder
A leaf not torn
A branch unbroken, its leaves fall, hoping to dance in the suns warmth

The mirror reveals the soul within
Whose lines tell stories like trees that have grown
There bark is brittled beauty
Born from moments that were swept up like wisps of air

The mirror reveals the soul within
Still standing
Still solemn
Still here.
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