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Desire 2d
With the end prize in mind, shift your eyes and
Focus on the now. Prepare for the next [step].
You dont need to have it all figured out.
You need only to be moving forward.
21 Feb 19, 1119hrs
One Step at a Time
21 Feb 19, 1119hrs
jsb 5d
you're not gone
I just can't see you anymore
and you'll forever live on
in each and every drop of my blood
Yesterday I felt good about myself
I thought I looked good in that dress
Today I saw a video of me
And my self esteem went down, I'm down on my knee
I'm working so hard to maintain,
A good physic my self to entertain
My self to be proud of
My self to not be worn off
I count calories every day
A limit I set to always obey
A workout regim to never look pass
Only walking, not taking the bus
I find my legs so thick why?
I find my arms so flabby, No I deny
I'm gonna try to push some more forward
To not give up on this trip, only onward
To me and everyone who struggles.
Nik Bland Feb 6
You will never break me
I can do that by myself
I’ve seen in my life’s undertaking
There’s very chances at help

Every moment is waking
Even when eyes are closed
As I slumber, the ground is quaking
What I’ll wake to, I don’t know

There will always be this fear
Just in different increments
Anxiety dwelling near
And the things it presents

No pity is wanted
This is said for understanding
There caverns of my mind are haunted
By wound, by weight, by branding

Don’t even try to push me
I am falling just fine
I’m not expecting any cushioning
But there’s a slight hope I’ll fly

The wings have yet to sprout out
Whether they will or not, who knows
We all crash, of that there is no doubt
But from it, not all of us grow
sara Jan 27
I'm writing less
and posting more,
confusing what's
sure and unsure.
I'm missing windows
and shutting doors;
in vain, for all that's been before.
f o r w a r d
Driah Jan 23
The sun sets upon another day
She looks up at the stars and contemplates
Why her? Why make her go through such things?
And what would she have to do to change it?
Unbeknownst to her, the stars were listening
And answered her pleas
They sent her faith and hope
Faith that she would see a better future
And hope to drive her towards it
Now she looks forward instead of up
Forward to the future she deserves
I let you go,
Just thought you might want to know,
I'll stay here all alone

Cause' I've decided to let you go
I've seen how happy you are
When I'm not around

So I'm ready
I'm prepared to face it on my own
And I love you still, I know,

but that won't stop me from letting go
It's my fault after all,
That you lost your dreams

So I'll step back,
So you can move forward.
and though I'd hate to say goodbye,
I know that leaving you is right.
an older poem of mine
Latifah Jan 7
On some days
You have to turn the music louder
Forget the world exists
Wear dark sunglasses
Ignore the voices
Keep moving forward
Don’t look back.
Kellin Jan 7
I have lost a lot of good things in my life, most was from my own ignorance.
However, I like to believe that everything happens for a reason and better days are ahead.
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