Mary-Eliz Jun 9
eerily summoned


                                   mislaid in

unhinged senses
surreal thoughts
chilling dreams

lunatic demons
unholy ghosts

songs unsung
minor chords

music unnoted
words unheard


The midnight clock strikes at twelve,
Ringing the dawn of another day
The midnight clock strikes at twelve,
Saying that all must turn the other way

It chimes it's loudest for all to hear,
Once, twice, thrice..... a dozen times
But it knows that thouest think time fear,
And spend thou night sleeping, the cousin chimes

The midnight clock strikes at twelve
Hoping that one or the other would hear
The midnight clock strikes at twelve,
Trying to ring thee to hark thy fear

Its face lights up, and a smile rings clear
For it saw the tramps, chimps and burglars near
The midnight clock had no brain of its own
So its smile was still very beknown
When they took it off the dusty wall
Never again to chime 'Midnight for all!'
How some people intend to do good and do so, but how excess can be irritating and could get you ‘off the wall’. Especially if you’re trying to do it at 12.00AM in the night!!
Yanamari May 24
I'm beginning to see swirling clouds
Form in my mind
All the thoughts held back
Away from the glares of their eyes
Cocooning myself
Away from their words filled with lies

I cannot bring myself to stand up...
And I don't know why?
Is it the innocent hurt?
Or the lack of strength left in me to vie
For a warmth that is left unfound
As I shroud myself away from their deceitful reprise
And as the shroud I've covered myself with
Becomes colder, to my demise
I've lost my voice
Between all the screams and cries
That are left unheard
Dainty Bones Apr 26
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
I feel left in the dust
I feel the broken trust
I feel pain in the weirdest places
blood stained shirts without the traces
I feel alone
like I'm missing my home
there's so much going on
and so little hours in the day
I feel as if I've gone crazy
as if I'll never find a way
I need comfort, I just do
and I don't want to feel like I burden you
these broken pieces I place in your hands
are yours to fix, because this is pain I can't stand
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
She closed the door
closed all windows

I tried to peep
through the Lock hole
she glued it too

my love get loop holes
she never tried to realize,
whom she belongs.
Genre: Dark
Theme: Then, She Happened
Jay Lewis Mar 30
I pour my soul
into these words.
But there is so much
left unheard.
Paul Jones Mar 26
Too lost to turn back.     Time covers its tracks.    
Voices go unheard,     stolen in the wind.
11:00 - 26/03/18
State of mind: calm; reflective.
Perspectives: natural; philosophical; social.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the problems that arise when a community is broken up, society becomes divided and people no longer understand one another.

Also from watching the film Jane - about the primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall - and this passage from the book, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying:

             'Obsessed, then, with false hopes, dreams, and ambitions, which promise happiness but lead only to misery, we are like people crawling through an endless desert, dying of thirst. And all that this samsara holds out to us to drink is a cup of salt water, designed to make us even thirstier'.

- Sogyal Rinpoche, Patrick Gaffney and Andrew Harvey, The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying (London: Rider, 2008), p. 21.

Questions: None.
oliver Feb 20
She's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
C Cavierre Jan 25
It’s fall
And it’s raining
Outside and you haven’t
I’m faced with doubt—
Your image is fading
like the mist
on the glass stained
words I’ve traced:
“I want to say I will stay
I’ll wait”

Give me a reason not to go away.
Miss Me Jan 19
Fragile keep silent as we all can see
Truth there are no words to be spoken of
And the able speak loud and will strive to be
They continue on and still yearn to love

Then the silent reap not of one
More tear
Only to give in on their dark set hour
While the able cling to gray skies of fear
Upon which they shed another tearful shower

Then the silent no longer walk this land
Truth they have gone to a far away place
While the able see upon the fear and stand
With a heartfelt tear falling down their face

So it becomes that all shall understand
Fragile are gone and the strong forever stand
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