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Sophia Dec 5
you kiss me in my dreams
my unheard love for you
it shakes, it quakes, it aches
my unheard love for you

you choose to ignore it
my unheard love for you
you made me believe you were deaf
my unheard love for you

you kept me by your side despite
my unheard love for you
i grew to love you more and more
my unheard love for you

you broke my heart in pieces
my unheard love for you
because unknowingly and known
my love for you
was no longer
Anya Nov 29
Have you ever felt like
you're walking through
a cloud?

The noise surrounds
but doesn't
you'r enclosed
but separate figure

but out

The colors,
within your vision
but               a blur
Once again,

Her gaze
naturally passes
By, his voice
Some where else

But not to
But more like

Demonatachick Nov 21
To say goodbye; that dreaded word, is one I'd rather left unheard.
This society is killing me
Them and I we speak
Different languages that keep
Me locked inside the cellar of my brain

I try to scream
With my fists I beat
The walls until my knuckles bleed
But no one hears as I go insane

These earthquakes yield fires
Whose smoke chokes me while
The flames chase me to a cliff
And I must make the choice:
To burn to ashes or to end it

These words I sprawl on paper are written in invisible ink
There is no escape
From this massive snake
That coils around my spirit

These chains bind my body to artificial walls
I seem no more than a doll
Devoid of true thought
Unable to reach anything I've ever sought

This society is killing me
I cannot even speak-
The language of my heart is foreign to all but me
And we all know solitude does horrific things when one is truly lonely
Lynnia Nov 12
Strum the strings and spill my soul
Little things; they make me whole
Lovely line,
She said I’m fine,
Never thought of what she stole
Click the keys and tell my tale
Wring my hands and grip the rail
Too tight, not right,
Don’t speak tonight,
Just freeze and hold your crook and flail
Turn it up and make a scene
Steal the crown and say you’re Queen
Can’t erase
Your perfect face
Project your image to the screen
So I grasp my charm like it’s an ax
Used to fend off their attacks
Slashed with words
Still unheard
Now it’s time to face the facts...
Hope One Day Oct 28
It saddens my heart to finally admit!

The hardest task in this world is to express your deepest, sincerest, honest, purest feelings in words. Specially when no one speaks or understands your language and you are the only one who speaks out loud in a hope, may be some one might be able to decode the feelings even if they can't comprehend the words.
Silly me, hoping for impossible
Withering kiss belittles fate
Sultry, affluent, perfection lost
a damnation of intent
skewed by empty plight

endearing atrophy weaves no ties
cut from the crowd
whispers seeking place in time
Wreaking havoc upon sullen breadth

dreams disguise desire
the facade awakens every day
the ghostly touch of weightless hands
deliverance, mourning truth
each dream ached by sunder of hope
remiss of such light, I become mired

such calmness and good comes of the night
by day, there resides no such kindness by my side
I await, forever..
kindness means nothing to those who seek to gain for only themselves; the rest simply do not exist near me. Such desired gentleness goes unheard. I wish to have ever beheld a heart who seeks me on its own, before i go

my dreams lie to me, as if to convey what I need most would ever exist; mocking my will to go forward by sharing a taste of what seems, by now, will never be real
elle Sep 26
Ripping hands from around my throat
prying greasy thick fingers out from
my mouth

screaming inside
grasping the tired air for a chance to speak
to breathe
to take up space in this room I pay to learn in.

men standing their ground
men taking my ground
men raising their voices
men shouting above my words and trying to prove me,
prove this theory, prove this *** professor
not just here
around every corner, behind me in every parking lot, too close in every line, every bus seat, every elevator ride

breathing down my back
always there to contradict, take back, rephrase
laugh louder,
humiliate then divide and conquer

sitting in the front to hear the words first or
sitting in the back like a king at his throne
superimpose these whacked out standards for my clothes,
my *****, my tattoos, my smiles
my frowns

bench pressing their superfluous beliefs that they’re under attack
when I flip them off, when I lead them on, when I run away, when I talk back

hard headed and white knuckled
clutching to their masculinity,
just like my throat
Strung Sep 18
Pushed into the pavement
Like the imprint of a leaf
A simple stain on concrete
- Haven't I got anything to say?
Anya Sep 14
It's stifling
By anyone
By anything
in a room
full of my
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