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Nikki Nov 2021
Like a cry in the night
Left unheard
But not unspoken
Never really unspoken
Simply ignored
But why?
Why was I ignored
And overlooked
Was I not worth being heard
And noticed
Was I not special enough
To be saved
Even when words are uspoken, they are still there. Just waiting to be heard.
Unknown Jun 2021
He shouts, cause there was a time when he wasn't loud enough.

He pushes people away, cause there was a time when someone hurt him.

He doesn't trust anyone, cause there was a time when someone broke that trust.

He's quiet, cause he's sick of being unheard.

He wants to be praised cause someone didn't value him enough.

He loves more, cause he was loved less once.
a thousand apologies more will not
make spoken words unheard
annh Oct 2020
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
When I hear that unheard lullaby
It makes a deep hole inside me
maybe, it reminds me of your heartbeat
If there's any memory in your mind
that I couldn't fill; a gap between us.
It wasn't your fault, if couldn't make it there
In the middle of June.
Thewallflowerguy Aug 2020
If you could look into my mind you would see thoughts of you all day long as if my spine is a never ending film reel of you.
If you could look into my heart you would see that you are the only one who resides in it. It's your fortress.
And if you could hear my heart beat a bit better you would not hear dub-lub but dub-love because love is all I have for you.
But you have always looked straight through me, haven't you?
And it was always me the one who was listening to you, wasn't it?
Can't seem to get you out of my mind or heart
Peter Jul 2020

     Kneel down and repent
     for you have sinned    
     In this town you fail to
     see those unseens;
     Trudge the steep cliff
     and hold the lethal knife.
     Stabbed thyself
     to free from one's life.

                  Filthy lucer won't be sealed,
                  neither from one's money.
                  Alack! No au revior shall be said,
                  for they inscribe rapacity.
                  Nestle in the arms of perils—
                  won't be freed from the angels.
                  Bestowed solace thru the guise
                  and besiege for some lies.

     Behold these men
     who **** just not to die—
     Bespeak Words to gratify
     death—to beatify.
     Deceive, for greed
     makes them alive.
     Perish, not to escape,
     neither hide—
     divulge truth; revive.
For the meantime, I will be changing my name to Sant Alessandro. I was known as the Primo Pollux a year ago and I became busy for such a long time. So, I am here to come back.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
As I ride my bicycle,
Its wheel going a dull dum-dum-dum
on the veranda tiles.
I hearken to the straining of
the bicycle chain
and screeching o so soft when I turn the steering.
I feel as though something is changing in me.
A light cool breeze enters my chest,
expanding, releasing, expanding, releasing.
As I listen to the endless melodies of the stone tile,
I feel as though something is changing in me.
As I hear the faint yawn of the wheels,
I feel cracking, twisting, shedding,
and I realize,
the work of the bicycle and tile.

Change and wisdom may come from very unexpected places, it is your duty to pay attention, all senses and energies concentrated.
Poetic T Jun 2020
The chirps of feathered friends
   serenaded her to sleep.
hues of magical memories that
fluttered upon her every dream.

You see she wasn't like you & me,
more unique than you could think.
She heard voices, but couldn't see
                                 a friend or foe.

You see she was a princess, with a
strict father who forbid  magic of
any kind. She meet a squirrel in the
forest and happened to see him
carrying his horde of nutty delights..
I swear I'm losing my nuts,
  glad you aren't losing yours little one.

"Me no, I know everywhere I've hid mine,
               I hide them so well I cant find
               them later, now that's nuts...

now that's good hiding your majesty.

"Did you just talk?

   Did you just understand my joke?

Nuts, your a whisperer, my lady.

           "I'm a what, what...

Please, whisper, there are ears everywhere.
             We used to have many friends
to talk too. But you are the first in generations.
                                           The others
they became candles that were extinguished.

My Father he doesn't like magic, he forbids its
words, actions. Even if it was to help he would..

         "Never let the snake bite you,

"the Snake,

"Your father is of magic, he absorbs those
he burns. the wood has runes etched into
its bark.. and a silent spell so they cant call
out to the others of there kind..

"Never shoe your value to him, for he will
                  not falter in his quest for dominance
of the elements and others. We tried to stop
him an age ago. But he burnt half the nation
to stop us... he used his whisper to make others
forget that he breath the fire from on high.

He pulled a star from the heavens to scorch us,
        we haven't tried since...
please be aware, be cautious.. learn your gift for
when you are older and learn to use others with
there offering you may fulfil your destiny as the
whisper of the wood..

Long live the queen of whispers...
Talie Mar 2020
Words cannot express
all the pent up rage and sorrow
that comes with a harsh exchange,
the apparent pain
as self worth shatters
in isolation and fear.
Doubled over with doubt,
words pierce deeper
than any wound,
and their voices
were never heard.
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