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Amaris 4d
I don’t want time to cool off after getting mad
I want you to prove that you’re sorry
Stop asking what you can do to make it better
Don’t just sit there and repeat back to me
Offer me suggestions and do them anyway
Beg my forgiveness down on your knees
Spend the next eight hours overthinking
Get angry and expressive, ******* unfreeze
Fight back, take up a weapon and strike
God knows I’ve given you a million to date
Or deliver an overblown romantic gesture
It could be literally anything I’d appreciate
Hey, can you listen? It’s not that hard
Do I have to scream to be heard?
I don’t think I’m making an impact
You still stand there undeterred
دema Oct 5
i’ve taught myself
to be silent when
i shouldn’t,
and now i’m not
when i should,

there i go,
obliviously, relentlessly
and uncontrollably making
my voice worthless and worth less.
The silence before the storm
Has become the silence after a shower
When my ears still echo the thundering droplets
Competing with the hollow throbs of my own heart
In that moment before I slip under the covers
And discover that I do not enjoy the quiet
Or the back that remains etched in my memory
Perpetually turned away from me
Shapes shift in the bank that is my mind
Waves that slowly alter the shoreline
But remain ever so far away
With every passing breath
I drift further out to sea
Kissing goodbye to the idea of dry land
Which draws such tantalising 'scapes in the distance
Like the planes of a sculpted back
But built on sand
Each one falls through my fingertips when I reach for it
Their ears are full of the ocean
Vast and endless and deaf
Over the roar of the currents
I cannot be sure
that they will turn to me.
Just some reflections from my past and the seemingly endless nights of partners sleeping as far away from me as is possible.
Shutterr Aug 31
You speak
I listen
I speak
You speak
bakunawa Jul 17
it can't be
so long as
she still smiles.
can't forgive what you still regret.. especially if the bitter taste only reminds you of your own mistake.

snippet of white noise, to be posted later.
thank you for reading.
Priyam Jul 14
Will you remember my voice
The day I'm finally dead
Will you understand the words
You left unheard and I, unsaid
Hlengiwe Jul 9
I want to know myself
I want to explore myself
I want to search my heart
Exploring every curve,
invading every room's privacy
I want answers to unasked questions
I want accurate answers to rhetorical questions
I want to have conversations about topics that are ignored and hidden
I want to drink coffee with the Lord
and let him fill my empty mind
with wisdom to understand life.
I want to know what is pain, hate, depression, and discrimination.
I want to understand their origin
I want to fight bad guys
I want to succeed
But how can I
when fear is all that I know.
I want...
Rishita Jul 7
Spending nights with my pillow
Soaking it with tears and sorrow
Staring at myself for hours
Trying to heal all the invisible scars
Letting my heart cry out
Silencing my unheard shout
Hiding the tears behind my eyes
Faking a smile to cover my lies
Waking up every morning, without having slept
Remembering the secrets I have kept
Going around all day as if it’s fine
Laughing those laughs which are never really mine
Hanging with people who don’t really care
Yes, so many people but this pain no one would share
I’m feeling so much that I feel empty
Surrounded by people, but from the heart there is no one I can see
Walking back home with a broken heart
Wishing an end for this story that start
And reaching back, with a thousand things to say
But everyone has already walked away
I looked around
I wanted to disappear, but actually I wanted to be found
And then again, curling up in bed, hoping my heart, never again beats
But this pain never goes, this pain just repeats
But, now again, the nights are here to hear me screams
And the mirrors waiting to steal my dreams
The pillow is ready to be drowned
And the scars are waiting to be found
The pain is waiting to roll down my cheeks
And then come out as shrieks
But who dose care; no one is here to see
No one to notice what loneliness dose to me
Solitude is bliss, but loneliness a curse
Cause solitude comes from self and loneliness from others
And they say to live you need water, food and air
But ask my murdered heart who has got everything but love and care
Loneliness doesn’t really have a colour; it’s like a black hole inside
Or perhaps a place where I could hide
Don’t say you were there, because you left me alone
Don’t say you brought tape, because my heart was still torn
My heart that is broke now can’t be made
The smiles that covered the pain, have started to fade
You’ll not know how I’m being killed from inside
You’ll not know how many tears I’ve cried
You won’t know how bad you hurt me
I’ll never let you know I’m lonely
It’s not my fault you didn’t hear my cries
If only you would have read my eyes.
But I’m never alone, I’m just lonely
Cause loneliness is always with me.
How come the crowd watches me but never shows it supports,
I scream and scream till reality just contorts,
But they muffle my voice with headphones and pretend everyone's happy...

Suffocated on isolation led to my tragedy.
Casualties happen when voices are left unheard.
Questioning impact because the water was shallow, and no one would say a word.
But they watch afar, partying together, is it our fault?

Wheeling in third, active insult, feels like an assault.

How can i exist in a crowd, and yet i still feel unheard...

Can I even do anything about it...?
Am I a puzzle piece that could fit...?
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