She's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
C Cavierre Jan 25
It’s fall
And it’s raining
Outside and you haven’t
I’m faced with doubt—
Your image is fading
like the mist
on the glass stained
words I’ve traced:
“I want to say I will stay
I’ll wait”

Give me a reason not to go away.
Miss Me Jan 19
Fragile keep silent as we all can see
Truth there are no words to be spoken of
And the able speak loud and will strive to be
They continue on and still yearn to love

Then the silent reap not of one
More tear
Only to give in on their dark set hour
While the able cling to gray skies of fear
Upon which they shed another tearful shower

Then the silent no longer walk this land
Truth they have gone to a far away place
While the able see upon the fear and stand
With a heartfelt tear falling down their face

So it becomes that all shall understand
Fragile are gone and the strong forever stand
Neha Srivastava Dec 2017
Poetry - words unsaid and unheard
Denise Nov 2017
If my heart could fly,

I’d break it’s wings,

Flee any hurt,

specifically the ones caused by me.

I’d use it so much, it’d begin to destruct,

familiar irony of my existence, and in place for its absence,

I’ll leave behind a fragile piece of mine essence

If my heart could fly, I’d never let myself belong to another

not again…

not again will I trust,

I will never trust that you wanted me here,

our love unconditional, a mere fantasy, over-looped and overplayed,

my welcome,over-stayed.

your world was never supposed to be a hotel staff, that hosted my stay

you made it very clear, my ticket of reckon is uninspired

letting me know it’s time,

time that i left your humble empire.

I never expected your love for me would spoil,

a car neglected, i never changed the oil, fixed the flat on the tire,

so on this love i’ll fly and retire.

never again will I trust. I’ll flap my wings and leave the next, so quick like i taught myself

that’s right steady and fast, never looking back, foot on gas.

anything in my grips seems to fly anyway, it never lasts.

I’d break it’s wings before it left me, and keep it in my arsenal,

for days my propellers lose fuel,

If my heart could fly , I’d give a better reputation to the foolish mule.
Tia Nov 2017
I have too many words to say
And I just want us to be friends and play
I'll share with you my lots of chocolates
From my mom out of the country working so late

I want her here to take care of me
But instead she's out there taking care of another baby
She can't play with me I feel so lonely
And I wanna ask if you could maybe a bit make me happy

I'm sorry I can't say these to you
I wanted to, I really really do
I want you to hear me I even want to hear my own voice
I want to say we can share my things, play my toys

Maybe next time you'll accept my offer
Maybe you'll like to have a piece of my burger
Maybe we'll do those bestfriends twinning
Maybe we can be out playing and running
This is for that kid who cannot talk and wanted to play with the little girl. But the girl declined her offer because she can't talk. I just tried to put myself in her situation. This is basically Her Story.
Jaycee Nov 2017
what am i supposed to say
when it feels like i should say nothing?
should i just stay quiet and miserable,
or say things that could bring on a horrible battle...
i think i’d rather crawl back into my bed.
Kevin Onassis Nov 2017
I lose myself
I've lost everything that I love
I wonder why I deserve all of this
Did I deserve this?

Nights that I've been through
You've crossed between stars that I looked every night
I miss you
I do really miss you

It's been 8 years that we haven't met
I lose myself for nothing
I don't believe what I've become
In the end, I've only got myself to blame

The world that I've been fighting with
Against me
A shameful defeat

Once I thought that life is too beautiful to ruin me
But truth has spoken
Life doesn't want me

10/11/2017 | 19.35 | Indonesia
Lizzie mullins Nov 2017
Unheard is a whisper in the wind,
faintly talking in your ear.
He's the figure hidden in plain sight,
He knows everything that goes on,
because he is unheard he is not seen...
His dark blue eyes, watch all, waiting, to finally be noticed...
Unheards dream is to be heard,
for his silent pleas for help to be met.
He spends his time at home listening to his music, full blast
to block out the constant fighting...
He finds peace at the roofs edge of tall buildings, inching
further each day...
Unheard hides behind a curtain of black hair, like the roses he carries
in his pocket as he climbs the stairs to the top,
leaving white roses as a trail behind him...
He steps that final inch...
Unheard fades to the darkness as the commotion rises...
He is finally heard,
But it's too late, his stories over now...
Kaye I Nov 2017
she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
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