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Ylzm Jun 28
you know when you heard right
if you walked in dark night

and revealed the unsearchable
even when it's unknowable

on way unseen in light
unstumbling without sight
O Lord, You’ve lovingly taught me
to call unto You, having promised
to reveal great, wondrous secrets.
Hidden within Thy Word are mysteries
that have yet to be fully revealed;
as I seek, don’t let me misinterpret

the Biblical Truths You’ve presented.
What principles of Yours must I employ,
for finding these unsearchable things?
How do I know my underlying motivations
will be in alignment with Your Word,
if I’m unaware of what they may bring?

This appears to require greater levels
of Faith, without viable explanations.
Therefore, I’m compelled to trust more
and be pushed out of my comfort zone;
can I find unsearchable things, O Lord,
by using Faith to knock on Heaven’s door?
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Jer 33:3

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.

— The End —