A violin player
In the street
Playing for food
My ice cream melts
Into the cracks
To feed the ants
That conspire below
lins 3d
At first a gentle kiss
That soon led to more
Distracted by the abyss
Not knowing what’s in store

Climbing over you
I melted into your lips
My body knew what to do
As your hands held my hips

For a second I pulled away
Looked into your eyes
Not knowing what to say
Your hands rested on my thighs

You were a pro
I, a young amateur
You helped me to let go
Through the warmth of the liquor

I’ll never forget
That blur of a night
I don’t even regret
Though I thought I might
I wrote this weeks ago and never posted it because it just felt too weird. I like the actual writing of this poem but the context is a little irritating. I guess I'll keep writing forever about this one night because that's all I've got.

Sorry I write so much about you, but sometimes I can't help it. I'm trying to fix that though.
She says he's Siamese
I swear to god I've seen him read
The newspaper that layers his floor
It tells him the enemy and let's him know the saviour
He's learning humanities faults and failures
I can hear the cats talking loudly late at night in there native tongue
Debating if this is the place to be
There only evidence is the propaganda forced into where they sleep
I can see in your eyes
                          nothing that lies.  
Cost paid in one glance
                          confused in a trance.
Suffering cries I can't deny
                           pleading wishing to die.
Extremely sad
                   remember better times had.
Courage deep
                     take a decent leap.
I won't leave you behind
                           you'll find I'm kind
                          even easy to your mind.  
    We'll work on the grind
                                                fast forward
                             Strange Beautiful Mess
too much stress
                             very intense.
           Time to take on a little less.
             bypass all hate
       redefine your fate.
                                         Go on
                     Heaven's Gate.
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️ wish I knew what else to say to you. Hoping I get closer every time. Just want you to be free flying like you deserve. Love you.
I still
keep wondering.
When was it
that I started
loving you
in these strange
unknown ways.
And that was
when I stopped
believing in
And maybe I will always love you in these strange ways .
ANON Feb 13
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i just got bored so here. poetry by my forehead
Keerti Feb 11
Strange desires
They call them ‘strange desires’
In this time and era
I’m considered old-fashioned
And my mama tells me to grow up
That life is not a bed of roses
And that men are not what you need
But a girl can still always dream

There are always those nights
Where it’s too late to talk to anyone else
And I dream of you
A man I have never seen
Holding my hand
And stealing my first kiss
And startle awake in the depths of misery
For a dream is what it’ll always be

In this world of growing feminism
Independence is a key criterion
Hitting the books instead of balls
Hitting the schools instead of dates
But there’s always a part of me yearning
For that one true love
Maybe Disney has completely tarnished me
But maybe that’s just me

But is it wrong to wish for love?
A hand to hold?
A shoulder to cry on as days get cold?
While my brain completely comprehends reality
My heart sings another story

And that is why I dream
I dream of a world where I found you
Where someone exists perfect for me
Where it’s okay for me to be just me
And I close my eyes, far resigned

If only reality were as sweet as dreams
Maybe I would have you with me
Aaron LA Lux Feb 7
Writing Rhymes

Writing until I’ve got a headache in my eyes,
do you have any idea what it takes to write this many rhymes,
& speaking of writing I’m trying to write so many rhymes in my lines,
because they say it sounds a bit cliche so tell me am I doing alright,

I mean I habitually rap like it’s a ritual act,
it seems I’m a Minimalist with an excess of stacks,
and an excess of facts that’s sometimes off subject but rarely off track,
the Underdog that always seems to over react,

writing line after line after line after line,
switching my position with upward momentum,
so much that I don’t even know where I’m at anymore,
all I know is when I’m gone the world will still have these poems he’s sending,

he as in me and hey I do not mean,
to talk in the 3rd person I know that it’s weird,
but I do a lot of things that I do not mean,
like rhyme without trying like I’m doing right here,

which I guess makes sense in a sense,
since I often do things I don’t usually do,
see there’s two things I seem to be really good at breaking,
and that’s my own heart and my own rules,

so I’m working on only having one rule in my life,
and that’s to not have any rules,
because society and those living in it,
already try to over oppress us with their own crazy rules,

but what are rules if they’re written by fools,
I’d get into it but I’ll just choose not to,
because that’s another subject and I don’t want to get off track,
or subject us to something that’s not relative to the subject we’ve construed,

and since we’re on the subject of the subject that we’ve construed,
would you please remind me what we were talking about if you be so kind as to,
oh wait please delay what you we’re about to say because I remember now it’s we’re DFW,
and that stands for Down For Whatever ready for any endeavor and the chaos that could ensue,

which is this case seems to be rather mellow because it’s just words typed on a computer,
because I have an addiction to writing these missions in form of poetry and prose,
and I’d like to get better and start rhyming less with my letters,
but it seems old habits die hard & that my friend is nothing new I suppose,

and that’s why I’m writing until I’ve got a headache in my eyes,
do you have any idea what it takes to write this many rhymes,
& speaking of writing I’m trying to write so many rhymes in my lines,
because they say it sounds a bit cliche so tell me am I doing alright…

∆ LaLux ∆
skyler Feb 3
it is strange to think
i will never again
taste love on your lips
trace your skin with more than my eyes
or ever call you mine

miss you
Lucia Jan 30
I've had a recurring dream,
In which I swim myself into deep ocean,
Ignoring icy waves that crumble atop me,
Until I'm just a pale face in the water,
Staring up
Reflecting a blank sky.

That's when I exit myself,
I watch myself drown and,
I realise it may not have been a dream as much as I thought.
A real dream a keep having but I don't know what it means
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