Teeth Will walk,
Words Will dance.
Tongue's whip lash
Cut's into eye's state;

Chan S 2d

the most constant feeling I've ever felt.
with the biggest issue I've ever dealt.
Alone in a house I was supposed to call home.
Alone with the people whom I should've belonged.
Alone, made me feel a strange sense of comfort.
I walk Alone like I'M
The Emotional Controvert

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Without you is without the sun
And the moon isn't there
To watch me in the night,

Without you is unbearably strange
Like a fallen arm
An empty rage,

Without you is heartless and odd
Sinking in bed
Stranded thought,

Without you my poems rhyme
Aren't the same
And the smell of your hair...

...the touch of our lips,
Our first kiss in the car
The endless nights awake

With your love.

june 19 2017

Why is it that what i hate
About what i am
Is what endears me to others
Am i the opposite
Of what i was intended to be?
If so this practical joke
Has crossed the line from funny to cruelty.

I hate not knowing what to say
I hate my shy dispensation
But others love my pathetic attempts
As a presentable representation
Of a functioning human being
I'm not and that's no lie.

So where does anyone see any appeal?
Am i blind or do my very eyes lie?

i have
the strangest dreams.

i've dreamt of skeletons,
walking on their hands.
i've dreamt of sleeping,
& having nightmares,
a dream within a dream.
i've dreamt of a huge storm,
with a tornado,
whipping a car at my house.
i've dreamt of seeing my ex,
asking about his daughter
& talking as friends.
i've dreamt of seeing another ex,
arguing with him again about,
who's to blame for the breakup.
i've dreamt about friends
i used to have
suddenly asking me out.
i've dreamt about my body
morphing into a skeleton,
then dissolving into ash.
i've dreamt of gum stuck
in my teeth but every time i pull,
there's still more gum stuck.
i've dreamt about my love,
suddenly having enough of me,
just as everyone has.

i've dreamt of so much.
dreams are said to have meaning.
but when i search for a meaning
i'm left more confused than before.
but still,
i have the strangest dreams.

Im unusable
Maybe unlovable
But i know one thing
I'm certainly uncrushable
If you see appeal
I apologize for clearly your eyes lied
Or my mirror is going blind
I know beauty is by the beholder defined
But clearly the ball was dropped in the case of mine

So why try? I'll get shot down
Why paste on a smile when its easier to scowl
Why be subtle, why cant we be upfront?
Then maybe I'll no longer be a cynical cxnt

Gabriel burnS Jun 14

Drunk on liquor metaphors
High and falling fast
No direction in the clouds
Why does winning feel like losing
Why does your image burn
So extraordinarily
On the inside of a skull box
I am tossed away from answers
I’m a coin in the fingers of the sun
The last hundred flips were
The white puffy scarves
Only swirl into themselves
Sympathetic, yet,
Not bothering to reach out
They know they aren’t strong enough
To catch me
Or break the fall
But my lips are wings
Stretching into flight

Two   roses beautiful  have grown by a tree into one.
" lotd be with lady, and lady with lord . Shame" said pigeons as one.
With pointless hatred they threatened that love but they're the shame
Some ravens tried to stop them with words, but all doves're too sain.
"Love's a law" thus we, crows, started a shameless sky fight.
Needless to say, we won there with ease, every  raven's a knight.
But all we listen is our hearts, and if ye love, ye love, if not, then not.
Your feelings ye should  follow, the case matters not.

Alan Crilley Jun 6

So strange
how people accuse us of change,
as though
we're not allowed to grow.
It's not fair
that's what I would say,
but I don't care

Raindrop May 30

Sharp eyes that seem to pierce through my soul
Pale skin and soft hands
Deep voice that captivates any lady
Alluring lips that any woman would kiss

A thief in disguised
As a handsome man in a decent suit
Or at times, in a plain white tee,
Has stolen my heart unconsciously

I’d imprison that man;
But with my heart thumping in my chest,
And my lips trembling; knees shaking―
He makes me so weak

Before I knew it,
I am the one that's been jailed;
I am trapped by my own affection

jww, you thief!
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