We were lovers before we were friends.
You wanted to build a nest in my tree
before bothering to climb it
or learning me
to see whether or not my branches
could hold your home
filled with things upon things.
You wanted big things
nice things
shiny and expensive things.
You didn't want to decorate me,
you wanted to use me like a coat rack
to hold your winter coat
over summer.
You never asked if I liked things.
You assumed
that there are things I like
and things that I don't like
but it isn't things that I want -
it's people
and feelings
and moments.
It's everything that can't be bought
that brings me joy.
But you,
you were so sure
that if you filled my mouth with
it would mute the sound of my discontent.
But it only made me creak louder.
And when you tried to keep my hands busy
with the job of holding the things
you bought for me,
you thought
it would stop me from
pushing you away
when you whispered at night
that you loved me,
and now it was my turn to say thank you
by doing things
written in fine print
at the bottom of your receipts.
But you can't pay me to stand tall,
to hold your things high off the ground
when the flood waters rise.
You can't place your coins in a slot
to make a tree bend to your wind
or let you tether off your boat
to weather a storm beneath her limbs.
You slipped me so many tips,
but I don't have a price.
We were lovers before we were friends,
and we were strangers long
before we said goodbye.

I’m starting to feel strange in my own life.
Time’s grains won’t slow down, they’re drowning me.
I forgot who I was again today,
But no one knows, perhaps I’m still okay.
I used to be the one to call for a good time,
They would dial One for
One time out, bring her back
And be done till the next week
But now I am out of touch from them,
I am gone from everyone who once danced around me.
I loved a guy once,
long ago
And he was scarred like me
Is he still?
I wouldn’t know
He is now a stranger to me,
Another page of a notebook no one wants to read.
I forgot who I was again today,
But I read that I was a writer.
I am starting to feel strange in my own life.

I have no heartbeat,no eyes or brain.
All metabolic activity had ceased long ago.
So how am I writing this?
Simple:I'm a work of fiction,
a lie in lines if you will.
So, such a feat is easy for me.
Alan S Bailey Apr 18

Now don't get me wrong,
This whole time that I was trying to understand
What you wanted, I couldn't help but notice
That I can't make sense of it all along.
This and that, blind tales, you have my full
Undivided attention, filling my head with
Strange and odd promises, telling me that
Although it seems strange, you could just
Let them all in. If I took your "sound" advice,
If I'm alone, I could sleep with people on the street,
Put all of my food and drink upon
The ground, drag food around, your obsession
That I should feel fine to just pick it up and eat,
To try to defy my "religious" obsession, always
Try to be the one in charge, look for opportunities
To go off and put away or slay the "baddies" at large,
Become the person of the hour, or a follower,
Get a job where I can sweep floors and wipe tables,
So that I'll really be excited for the first time doing
What I do for a living, even if I'm not really able.
Who cares if this life throws everything bad at me,
I'm ready to attack all of the things that hold me back,
Even go for the things that don't interest me, instead of
Letting them be! YES, I believe "everyone" should work,
Even if they are really lost, psychologically unwell,
Major transportation issues and other real
Problems, No matter what we've been through,
No matter the actual real life hell,
We were all brought into this world to be
JUST LIKE YOU as well!

JR Rhine Apr 18

I left
immaculately folded tan chino pants
cuffed and disheveled
atop the department store rack
in the Young Men’s section.

They were too big at the waist,
letting me swim laps in them,
stretching out the front with a thumb and forefinger
looking like a successful weight loss ad.

Atop the rack they sat,
cuffed and disheveled,
amongst immaculately folded
tan chino pants
its kin
and they looked human.

Something about them,
factory made, dime a dozen,
not on sale,
but with the spectral imprint
of spaces and wrinkles where legs had been
amongst all those patient, forlorn folds
gave humanity
to the anomaly.

I am the outsider,
I live a different life,
they call me
the strange one,
speaking among
themselves, asking
why am I different,
I do not hold
the past,
I glide upon
another wave, the
people I thought
I knew soon walked
past, as the seasons
become endless,
yet the gold
within stays.

Demy Molentor Apr 4

A strange ghost, he walks through springtime city streets.
A wild dancer, he listens to the music breathing between beats.
Unruly, he moves so wierd with headphones on and silent moving lips.
So funny, he spins and runs with a raincoat tied around his shaky hips.
He was a hurricane, he was emotion's fearless young manifest.
He is now calm, and to beat, his heart should do it's very best.
Now he is calm
Wondering through shiny houses and trees.
Now hurricane is calm.
And you can end it of with with all the ease.

Joe Black Mar 30


in solitude we walk on Earth,
going through challenges in life,
Predictable routine, like on repeat.

Among many you meet one,
it hooks you up and lift you high;
Emotions, feelings, experiences…
All new and strange…

You split apart some day,
it drops you heavy down,
it feels all strange;
seems like that’s the end...

it wraps you into wings,
let you feel anew,
things you never see in sober world,
All new and strange…

There comes a time,
it kicks you back to "real" life,
it feels all strange,
Feels like that’s the end.

They walk align,
too tempting to resist,
Too dangerous for mortal me.

Nora Mar 20

I found God
In the gaze of my lover
As we lay still on the water
In the stupor of fear

I found God
When I fled alone to discover
I was trapped with no other
Until he appeared

I found God
In my haggard reflection,
Torn dress by the ocean
Wondering if I was in the clear

I found God
Watching lost men die free,
Succumbing to clarity
Thinking my time was near

I found God
When I lost all hope
My heart was breaking on the waves
And I didn't know how to steer

I found God
In a longing embrace
Finally feeling in my place
Knowing our time was now and here

Insp. by Strange Cargo  (1940)
emme m Mar 19

cold sweat
i’ll never forget
the day we first met

as the sun set
i kinda regret
that i didn’t get
to go to lafayette

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