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Whilst sat In my local
supermarket cafe
today sat just watching
the world go by coffee
In my hand, suddenly
a sense of calm came
over like I was slipping
away from life
but It felt good I seemed
so distance from
everything and everyone
around me Very strange
the feeling never felt like
that before but If that
whats like to depart from
this life I won't mind
when Is my time
I had a strange feeling today never ever
felt like It before, like I was slipping from
Sometimes I just wonder,
Will you still love me even when I change?
Will you still love me even when I'm strange?
Will you still love me even when I'm no longer me?
Will you still love me even if I'm not what you want me to be...?
When the world was draped in the beauty of lights,
When the houses were lighted with colors so bright,
You took a path to darkness,to void.
When people were busy with crackers and light,
All that we got was tears to fight.
Strange are these rules of life,
Within seconds, mightiest becomes no less than a mite,
With heavy heart and teary eyes,
Wish you a great life ahead in paradise.
Rest in peace nani.
I find beauty in dark places
Love in mysterious ways
Comfort in unbelievable happenings
I'm not weird
I just pay attention to things others neglect.
Life isn't worth living if it's viewed in one perspective

He sat, silently smirking over
his cardboard cup of coffee,
leaning, to lap it like a cat.

Lips oiled and curved and bluish,
hands knotted with filth, he
stroked his pocket.

Like a child picking wildflowers -
he paid court to every set of eyes
in the busy hum of the fast-food

He chose me and pinned me to
his moment in time.
Lascivious, leering, laughing,
he opened his pocket just for me.

A half-dead sparrow leaked
part way out and burred its
broken wing.

It sang as sweetly as if we were
in a glen, a meadow, a dale of
helitroping sunflowers.

Then he licked one lip and
ran his bony, bent finger down
the bird's spine, causing it
to flutter, as if some phantom
wind blew by...
This really happened in a McDonalds in Portland where I live
four dimentional thoughts.
senseless thoughts.
the kind of emotions you’ve never experienced.
the kind of thoughts that make the leaves change colors before your eyes
the kind of thoughts that make the tide drift away and never return.
the kind of thoughts that drive the most stable people insane.
the feeling you get when staring at the bottomless sky.
the feeling you get when faced with bottomless love.
four dimentional feelings
can anybody understand these four dimentional feelings?
Hannah Oct 27
Intoxicated by my thoughts.
Wishing I knew what is making it all swerve around like snake or worm. I don’t know what caused it? It might had been the tragic event that happened on Wednesday? Even maybe this might be my next mental state prospective; that is strange like all of them.
     I wish that everything was normal and that I could think straight. Too many things my brain can process, a tragic event or my brain trying to confused me with answers on a test cause I start thinking about my future. Wishing I could go back to the past and be in those comfort memories, that I day dream about and play in a movie in my brain on constant.
    Only if I could dissect brain. Though I’m in this real world; I’m supposedly in. I could dissect it; however, it would be hard cause I have Derealization and Dyslexia.
Written October 5, 2018 at 9:18 PM in my notes
Dominique Oct 26
Slip through the holes in the leaves
Aliens try to communicate
Raindrops whisper "join me, please"
But you're not bottling hate
Up anymore
Smoke rings pool around the door
Why unspool this sweater mess
Trains have surely stopped for less
But you always found it funny

Honey, you were told to brace for fall
Pack your pills and burn it all
With the red lighter you stole

Honey, we were warned about this life
Like a breeze that bites a kite
And tips you off of the wall

But we're still alive

Peek through the clouds in the sky
Mermaids beckon from the shore
Architecture says, "come fly"
But you devour every core
From rotting fruit
Brainwaves and ideas shoot
Why uncover hidden gifts
When you're gladly charmed by mist
But you always found it great

Wait, we were born to worship the wind
Though some church says we've sinned
In redemption we sit

Wait, we both were warned about this life
Like the breeze that tears the kite
And leaves you none of it

But at least we're still alive.
not sure not sure not sure
Aaron LaLux Oct 25
Cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bled glitter,
but what do you except,
when I’m the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store,

like a city of broken dreams,
post natural disaster,
when every silenced person,
finally gets everything they ever asked for,

and or,
everything they ever thought they wanted,
and I think She might be The Devil,
but then again maybe She’s a Godsend,

because she feels like a blessing,
especially when she’s *******,
and she’s not a priest and I’m not on my knees,
but still to her all my sins I’m confessing,

it’s all lessons,

so what did I learn,
when I saw her spill herself all over me,
and I was left with nothing once the sun rose,
except the mess in my bed she left behind for me to clean,

I guess that’s what you get when you cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bleeds glitter,
but what did you except,
when you’re the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store…

∆ LaLux ∆
Sarah Doughty Oct 21
The mural, it was of myself
Amongst lycanthropic flowers
I was in the Balkins
And 6am was the hour

I saw this in a psych ward
The strangest thing it was
To see a portrait of myself
It seemed as if I was in ****
Strange experience I had at a psych ward in Texas. Feel free to ask me more about it.
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