I had a dream in the middle of the day
          About a boy with springs where his legs should have been
        He jumped so high he got tangled in barbwire clouds
             And it rained blood and viscera for a month

You show me your love
In such a delicate way
Then you ruin it all
Then you build it up again.

Heart-shaped bruises
Cover my body,
You say without you
I'm nonsense, nobody.

I'd never been so much in love
I know now it'll last long
They say you're pretty tough
I say our love - it's strong

You show me your love
When I ask you to
You are unpredictable
My eden apple

Poisoning and punishing
But you're never vanishing
You're the last who stays
When all of them turn away
On my darkest days

you are the last out here
you punish but you never dissapear
i need you so much near
my baby, my dear...

Upside down table
Ready to catch the ceiling
It is a strange world

We had to move furniture to paint lounge on a job and table ended up upside down. :)

It’s nights like this
Hyped up on the high
Of post-sadness
And you

My music running laps in my brain
You keep me up, though
You make me like this
I get you tomorrow
To hug you
See you
Maybe even kiss you
But probably not

I do not want to go to sleep
Because it ends this
Feeling of euphoric silence
Because the music in my head
Is so blissful

I don’t know really
Am I sad!
Who knows
I do not

I should close my eyes
And let this go
And give into it all
But I am stubborn
I need this darkness
A lamp as this is too bright for me

I miss you
Now I sound insane
As if I didn’t before
Oh well
Goodnight nobody

Dess Ander Nov 13

I should be asleep by now
But the moon's rays penetrate
The deepest parts of me
Lighting up the whole room
Yet I'm still shrouded in darkness
It's the full moon tonight
I heard strange can things occur
I wish that I was ordinary
Yet I seem to be sensitive
To this magnetic light
I should be asleep by now
I should be asleep by now

All the words I wish I could say
I used to dream of sewing machines and big careers
Now I dream of ocean beaches after a long day
Oh how I wish I could be completely heard
Always a struggling lone wolf
Tiring and exhausting
Our empty home no love here anymore
Another break up ending as we grow a part
Kinda sad but such a relief
Tired of being a bother
I dream of a place welcomed and enjoyed
I'm sad but happy isn't that strange
The things I'll miss out on
Like finding love in the city
Friends with rings on it
I think I'll survive
Life goes on
So will I
We are all sacred
My dramatic reaction
That never happened
I can't look you in the eyes
Because the truth is
I can't wait to see you go away

Yaser Nov 4

Stalwart stairways
stand stolid and still
soaring  out of sight
as straying  strides
strike 'pon their steady steps
seemingly stirring
starlit skies

A broken girl with a broken brain
Just trying to live her life.
She tries her best, keeps to herself,
But she’s still weighted with strife.
She shares her love and her thoughts,
But so few understand.
She’s too much, but not good enough
For any beast, woman, or man.
She can put herself in shoes
In which she will never have to walk,
And others say they do the same,
But it’s really just some talk.
She can see through others’ eyes,
But her view’s a foreign concept.
It feels like no one will ever see,
Though she really likes the prospect.
In a world with so many people,
She feels so damn alone.
In a world where she knows so much,
She feels so damn unknown.
Try as she might to always do right,
She’s constantly at fault,
For being so different and so strange.
She’s a societal assault.
How dare she live and love and die
With her heart on her sleeve?
Offending the world with what she feels,
With what she loves and grieves.
She knows no other way to be,
So she chooses to live alone.
For it’s far better for solitude
Than to be understood by no one.

A more concise and rhyming picture of my random thoughts.
Nadia Oct 24

There's a box
It has a lock
The lock needs a key
The key is hidden
Only you can find it
A choice
A riddle
a cliff
Ends in the start
You fall
You break
Music ignites
Music is evil
If you win
You die
If you lose
You get the key
Where's the game
The game is lost
Find it
You win
Destroy it
You lose
A rose
A bush
Some thorns
A storm
No snow
Maybe Ice
Fire for sure
You guess
You lose
A lion
Sings a lullaby
Calls it the heart
The key is inside
Destroy the key
You win
Keep the key
You lose
To live
Open the box
A bullet
No gun
How can you die
Find out
You win
Ignore it
You lose
Define it
You die

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