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Nat Lipstadt Sep 23

IF we are each created in His image,
how glorious is the diversity of our deities
each of us a tiny drop of paint on a tableau
of a small planet, insignificant but
uniquely beautiful intelligent species of godlike creatures,



wise enough to know mine philosophical shortcomings,
for they are many,
insufficient wisdom, more than sufficient laziness,
but sometimes even the *o b v i o u s

strikes a rhyming chord,
even so, delving into God’s image
is for the foolhardy,
ergo ipso facto,
I am that,
that fool

but the boundaries of common sense poetry,
offer healthy delimitations,
and as rhe day wanes, eyes go blurry,
I am content to laurels~rest:

I do not count the times,
I’ve called out my beseeching deities,
I do not count the numbers of names,
we have designated and available for them,
or how many I’ve employed, and which replied
or the varied shapes they assumed,
to get my attention,

but this is a poem,
cannot leave you hanging,
if you paid your dues for joining me this far:
the due is due you:

(their ONLY pronoun),
keep their answers
short and oft inexplicable,
yet strangely satisfying,
for being a deity
they employ common sense,
and the answers frequently found
on a list of Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ‘s)

the most common response,

“but you already knew that!”
Sep 21~23, 2023
Steve Page May 27
Yeah, but I'm cute in the face.
Or not. No matter.
I'm chosen and loved.
That's the crux of the matter.

Yeah, but I'm still young yet.
Or not.  No worries.
I'm chosen and loved.
Not living past glories.

Yeah, but I've still got time.
Or not. No difference.
I'm chosen and loved.
I got my deliverance.

This I know.
I'm chosen by God.
I'm loved by the Saviour.
He calls me his friend.
I rest in his favour.
important to get your perspective right
Isamarie Jan 12
It felt like going in the middle of ocean on a sailboat with no guide.

Mrs Timetable Nov 2022
Watching you wait
Tanned from the sun
Your glistening glow
On your week grown dark shadow
In your hot white shirt
Almost too hot to touch
Sitting on a Santorini wall
Your piercing dark features
Looking for me
Waiting for me
While I watch you
An image of my thoughts
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2022
Every time
You look
Into the mirror
You will traverse as
An evolving mystery

Own that

Else look again
Theme: Observe
Author's Note:
The more
You will

You be
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Well !
To justify the word
All great artists
Have invested
Some more ink
Some more color
Some more truth
Some more sense
Some more time
Some more endorphin
Some more emotion
To detail
Their perception

Honoring the spirit
With passion to prime
Their enthusiasm
And insight to give
Eternal life endlessly
Consoling their soul
They invest

Nothing more
Genre: Observational
Theme: How good things can be
Author's Note:
If I get all of the colors
A canvas to paint
And freedom to reflect

I will start from white
The color of light
Crow Aug 2022
how many tears must be shed
to baptize our parting

do I not cling
tightly enough
while the clock
ticks away life

are the marks left
on your skin
when I cannot release you
gone too soon

must the bruises
in our flesh
be as deep
as those in our hearts

shall I shatter my bones
and yours
in our last embrace

tear at our bodies
till we bleed out

give to the torch
the remains

so the ruin
of our outer selves
will reflect
that which lies hidden
Simulacrum - A model or representation of an object or person
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
When the soul of an artist
Rips apart
Never will they embrace insanity

They extend the wound
To the depth
Scratch it daily to make it raw
Poke it often to keep it fresh
Let it bleed
And feel the pain
They repeat the cycle
And get addicted to it

And at the right time
They blend it vividly
Nurturing it with memory
Crafting with precision
To the abstract, from the scrap
Giving life to it
As a reminder
Sincerely admire from afar
And reflect
A light of their own

And so much more....
Theme: Value human life
Author's Note:
If you constantly Pile
your emotions
Layer by layer
One day
It will gravitate
Being a tear

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