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Dilshey Jul 20
They promised me, a voyage to the moon
One splendid celestial adventure
The animate odyssey of the century
An end to this peace finding venture.
To catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse
on the way to the land of silver moondust
to reside in its icy ambience
where all your troubles turn to rust.
Instead they swerved the ship - diverged
headed directly to the scorching sun,
Its' incandescent flames burnt & surged
as my skin ignited in agony & formed-
into charred fragments of despair -
I'm ashes adrift in pitch black space
out of reach & beyond repair
gazing longingly at the moons' cozy face.
There will come a day;
When you'll miss me
And you'll wish I'm still
What you're then; blind to see

Maybe on that day; you'll realise...
I live my best...
As ah honest man
And a friend indeed
Who always lend...
A helping hand...
when in need

You'll get the ploy
That I was a lonely boy
But a caring son
A loyal lover
And a buoyant brother

It will get clearer
That I was a corporate *****
A competent teacher
An original gents
An OG; yes!

You'll understand...
That the lot behind...
That sourful smile...
is a hurtful guy;...
With a vengeful mind,
a toxic heart,
And a thorn-filled path

But by that time,
Maybe my soul would've turn to star
My body... buried down...
Six feet underground
My heart dusted apart
With my deeds to the seventh sky
Where judgement 'd be passed

And then you'll regret
How you treated me
Like I'm just a mess
How you jilted me
Like nothingness
How you tossed me
Like I'm option Z
How you judged me
As a prodigal son
How you lambasted me
Like an outlaw
How you loved me with pretence
and negligence

One day
Yes, one day,
You'll remember me
Like you never did
When I was your everything
TheBlackBird Jul 19
Everyone makes promises
Pinky swears and vows
Always and forever
But the road to eternity is
Paved with deception

Still somehow I let them weave
A blanket of lies beneath me
False security, holding me up
A net made of spider webbing
So easily torn apart by
The swipe
of a hand

But then I’m falling again.

Spiraling headfirst toward the concrete
And I can’t help but feel
Like this

Is exactly what I deserve.
It's been a long time since I've been able to write anything but it feels good. This is the first one in years.
My Dear Poet Jun 23
The best of us poets
can also love in the worst ways
yet, be able to write about
and pour it out
in such a way, and say
with words
the most beautiful
of things, and pretend
to give life all over again
so lets convince the world
we are the greatest of all lovers
write for me my dear
write for me, like a poet does
lie to me, with pen and paper
and show the world
how a poet loves
Sweats have turned blood
My legs are weak
Temporary turning me *******
I can no longer move
Not a single step forward

My sorrow overwhelming, consuming
I've travelled alone, left alone
Hopelessly helpless in my journey
In this tunnel of depression
I'm condemned to suffer forever

But wait!
I see something
I can finally see
the end of the tunnel
from where I worthlessly lie
Greeting me with a shiny light
As bright as sun

Light, they say is hope, assurance, intrepidity,
life, end of darkness, new beginning...
Help is here!
The suffering is almost over
The curse of an unending loneliness
Is broken, perhaps

Find me strength
To drag myself once more
To endure the pain one last time, hopefully
Yes! Light!
It brightens per each pace I move

But what if it is a train approaching?
What if it's only a figment of my imagination?
Just like the last time - countless times
It makes things worse each time, quite deceptive
And yet, it feels, like them all
Neelam Jun 7
When art becomes the commodity,

nothing remains of the artist.

He is clothed with manipulation and deception,

falsehood reigns, overshadowing

true sparkle of a raw talent,

He is Nothing but a BRAND,

A SOLD OUT soul.
Dedicated to a "sold out" musician.
Left To Rot May 4
I'm a mere mirrored reflection
of all the mistakes I made.
I'm a mere piece
of an unsolved puzzle
that's always missing something in the end.
As soon as the pen touches the paper
He's in bed with her.
Their bodies entwined, fingers touch
Lustful lips engage.
The ink spills, a saucy read, music hall madness;
Deception and lies the step to our dance.
Rapturous applause a whirlwind of fantasies, but
The inks run dry.
Our finale is over and my overture begins...
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

Inspired by the 2018 film 'Colette' starring Keira Knightley
Orchid Mar 21
For what can I say but disagree with the rest,

The daughter of Poseidon
Caught fishing out a net

With the denial of most
I cannot fear for the man

With the face of a goat
And hoof for a hand.

Fell in love like a blossom
Ripped from it's path

Drifting and floating
Then crumbling when dark,

Held my hand and watched
The snowflakes heave

And move to the sound of a sunset breeze.
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