It rained the night I came to his door.
"Hello?" -- I kiss him on the mouth
and then he says no more.

My bare feet leave mud on his kitchen floor.
"I've lived on the street nearly my whole life."
A pause, then he says: "no more."

I grit my teeth and count to four.
I'm passionate; fervent -- but my strength lies in appearance.
"Should I cool it off?" "No. More."

(He fell for it - the demure
waif with the pleading eyes.
She's under his control: he's not the one who's poor.)

Failing to find the signals; too caught up in his whore.
There's a swiss-knife in my stockings.
He licks his lips and says no more --

and then he is gore.
And then I slit my lover's throat
until he breathed no more.

this is what happens when you think about gone girl + read the bloody chamber ((wow... me using capitals... intriguing))

A knife in the back, I’ve felt its sting all too often.
How odd that this blade breaks rather than cuts. The deceiving scythe can spark flames too,
And if used wisely, can be used for good.
But is good created through bad really good?

As well as feeling the cold and shock, I’ve wielded this blade too. Nothing excites more than to see the bridge of trust shatter, to stare in to the deep and know that something frightening is staring back.

Eventually though, the darkness lifts, and staring back at you, is the one you deceived.

When man mortal with a title
Becomes vile and self righteous ,
He walks around with the Bible
Holy acts and all sacrilegious
Carrying LBGQT rainbow banners
Hailing the devil's temporal empire ..
Accomplished false pretenders
Adorned in bright priestly attire
Those revered by man mortal
Who himself discovered religion
But have lost God Himself in total
God the grandmaster of creation,
Who made everything in days
And created mankind in his image
When man transgressed in fleshly ways ,
He taped Agape love to the damage .
And for himself, God created mankind
Then by mankind , God was created
For mere control and mastermind
And to do this the world was reinvented
By man because he wants to play God
But lacks God's divine omniscience
So man can't become his own overlord
Bless the limitation of his intelligence .

Maybe God created man to worship and serve him and , maybe mankind created God to control dominate and manipulate
Paige Jan 11

My soldier traveled across the sea.
He gazed upon twinkling purple Crete stars and thought of me.
He felt the undertones of my body in the grey blue Bahrain Sea.
I sent him my warmest love when he stared at the sparkling sun.

My soldier came home when my letters arrived.
Time was too long.
Her silky hair laid on his chest,
just as the dry Crete wind blew,
when I whispered I love you 6000 miles away.

Some will bring you false joy ,
           So Watch out !
When the magic starts to last
Yet treat you like a useless toy
              So watch out ,
As the love goes out in a blast.
              Watch out !

Some will give you big smiles ,  
               So Watch out !
When they step into your life  
Yet send you walking for miles
              So Watch out ,
For the wounds from hidden knife
                 Watch out !

Some will wipe away your tears ,
               So Watch out!
When they want a space to crash
Yet confirm your greatest of fears
               So Watch out ,
when lies and truths starts to clash
                  Watch out !

Some will bring you the new moon ,
               So Watch out!
Causing high tides all around you
Yet take away your cool afternoon
               So Watch out ,
When the tides falls all around you
                 Watch out !


Watch out at all times. ..
Raziel Jan 10

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Is my face prettiest of all,
Mirror Mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why don’t I like the girl I see,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
When will you leave me be,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell me who’s the biggest fool of all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Why did you leave me to bawl,

Mirror Mirror what do you see,
Please tell me what you decree,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Am I the fairest of them all,

Mirror mirror why do they laugh,
Am I only a false half,
Mirror Mirror why do they stare,
Mirror mirror why do I care,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of them all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s most damaged of them all,

Mirror mirror,
On the wall,
Lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror Mirror,
May I see a little clearer,
On the wall,
Oh how I appal.

All that look my way,
Mirror what do you say,
You should only speak the truth,
You should only speak to sooth,

Mirror mirror why do you lie,
I know I asked, but please don’t make me cry,
Mirror mirror I whisper goodbye,
Mirror Mirror let me die..

Scarlet M Jan 10

I have learned that
     no matter
     how much I love
     the ocean
     calm as it is,
     it could turn into a
     and drown me in nothing
     but sadness and

Lupus Kuro Dec 2017

The night is dry and dull as the youth
Of spring sprouts upon the wind-
Blowing a whole season.
Killing a whole stock of time.

Dumb do tell about the past.
Recollecting the sudden dash of love
Younger than that of the face lit by the moon.

Man do tell how it went
And accepted thy fate as if it ended in accord to his plan.

Defiling the surreal emotions
With forced lies so obvious, so surfaced.

Man do tell the play best set on
New Years Day- a front, an excuse for an elusive okay.

Florian illness spiked in the crib of nonsense.
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017

False elysium
Erected unrequited
Distant figures

The voices of the unfolding pandemonium

Their taunts
Ever so slightly

Piercing the dreamscape within

Deceptive from nature
Going undetected

The blight of the facade

Warmth retracted
Embracing difference

For the glow
Was merely an empty light

Embracing what?

Endless barrages of noises
Disrupting the peace


Endless barrages of noises
Deliverance I wish


What remains are traces of warmth
I grasp for them

For a friend.
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