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Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Behind a beautiful face a demon could hide
It's a good place to seek shelter
But a shifty sanctuary
There are always pitfalls
Triggers that could cause a house of cards to collapse
The mask will drop and shatter
What will be left is the true self
Behind that beauty may be a rotten corpse
An empty shell ... a hollowness
A bottomless pit that could never be filled
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
sean achilleos
Sevda Jul 8
darkness engulfs the heart that grows stale but you can't pretend to hide it
what you welcome will stay with you and we can all see it
don't claim to own what you broke and sell what you lost
don't hold it so close
where it can cut us all
This elastic band has stretched as far as it possibly can
Now is the time to cut the cord
Over enough is more than enough
It's time for the narcissist to be unveiled
Oh bride of Satan
For the wolves in sheep's clothing to be called out
Your time is up!
We've had enough!
People are not as stupid as you'd like them to be
That spoiled little brat of a child inside is to be silenced for good
Singlehandedly you have destroyed your relationships
Systematically you have ruined your friendships
Over enough is more than enough
The true meaning of loneliness you will now encounter
Your fragile mask has shattered into pieces
The protective cover has blown away  
Exposed you will stand
Finally everyone will see you for the serpent you truly are
No one is buying the lies you have so generously been selling
No matter how great a bargain
Your mind games and tactics have become stale
Over enough is more than enough
The reality which awaits you is harsh and bleak
From your put on laugh to the fake compliments
Both come from the same dark and empty space
A bottomless pit of deception in which you lurk  
Hollow vase you are
Collage of fabricated personalities
You model yourself on others
But can never hold down one character for too long  
Over enough is more than enough
Like a blank canvas you are vacant to take on any shape or form
You wear a fake smile and your eyes are dead
You destroy like a bull, but hurt like a baby
Your brain is corroded and your spirit is ill  
Your own medicine you will drink
It will consume you from the inside out
Implode you will
Troublemaker and schemer
Over enough is more than enough
You are driven by your severe deep-rooted insecurity and shame
You prey on the empathetic
Virtual vampire, always looking for someone to drain
You do unto others as you would NOT have done unto yourself
A conscience you were born without  
Quick to quote a scripture or two
But slow in applying it to yourself
And even the devil knows the score
Over enough is more than enough
Your condescending eyes will be plucked out by a ruthless crow
You will burn in your own defeat and your perfume will be sulphur
Down you will tumble from your pedestal
You no longer have a place in my life
You no longer have a place in my heart
But more importantly
You no longer have a place in my mind
sean achilleos

This poem was written for anyone who has ever suffered emotional abuse from a true narcissist.
It may be a partner, colleague, family member, or a "friend" (note, I've put the word "friend" in inverted commas, because a narcissist could pose as your "friend", but never truly be one).
The term narcissist has been used very loosely in recent times, but few people know what the term really means.
Growing up I used to think that it refers to someone who is very full of themselves. However, we now know that it's a personality disorder. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but I do know what it feels like to be at the receiving end of such a person or people.
The key is to educate yourself on the matter. Where there is knowledge, fear must go!

First comes the discovery
Followed by great anger, anxiety, depression
Then comes healing
Finally resume your joy and sanity
Then move forward

Sean Achilleos
Bittersweet words
drip from your tongue
in a pool of deception
through which we wade
the silent rain of promises made
Cara Anne May 23
Shame on me

Shame on me for not pushing the label further.

Shame on me for not recognizing your true colors.

Shame on me for being deceived by your continuous empty promises.

Shame on me for ignoring the endless trail of red flags.

Shame on me for embracing your abuse with open arms.

Shame on me for accepting your disrespect.

Shame on me for allowing you to destroy the tenacious woman I am.

Shame on me
Jordan Ray May 4
Did you think... that he meant
All the things... that he said
Do they replay... in your head

Did you fall... for the lies
Pulled the wool... over your eyes
Did you believe... it all

Start the fire.
Let's cook the liar.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 28
a desire to erase,
to stay away forever.

an opportunity to transfigure,
to sit on the floor and wait for storms.

a line to cross, a lion at dusk,
a catastrophist.

a pen filled with acid,
a book of theories full of holes.

once this begins, there are only endings.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 26
alone and an imposter,
deep in syndrome.

she absorbs the frost of seasonal ghosts
and hopeless feelings
of death and darkness.

she only shows one side of her every time.
she calls a random number
from a bar in the middle of the night,
seeking to confess
or find solace in the voice of a stranger.

but any stranger might just happen to be
a lie detector.

still she lays bare all the duplicity
and fragmentation of self:

prescription bottles with two different names,
elaborate façades in Los Angeles
and in New York,
so complicated she creates
something she calls the lie box.

inside her purse there's a collection
of file cards. "I tell so many lies," she says.
"I have to write them down and keep them
in a box so I can keep them straight."

alone she waits for either
sweet apricity or identikit:
each a memento of her faces.

David Hilburn Jan 29
Oily flowers
Slap faces like an angel
Simply twain, simpler powers
Sit in the sun, like a smile for the devil

Agony, of an oily smile
Sit to once, upon nothing more...
Hap and adage, require you, of a while
Meaning no-where's step, for a curious war...

Anything, everywhere at once...
A promise to shed, a tear
Through and through, before life begun
The love and misery, is a magic, to fear?

And shown to chew the thought
Is a mystery, of reality, so fated?
When poor is such, aren't we a death sought?

Oily more...
We said the cope, of another world
Suggesting only, the question's we were
Given pride's notion, specialness's devotion; is a fears lover, ever early?
Little Bo Peep, is wearing your underwear...
SYL Nov 2022

Personas on her side but his love transcends it all –
Is this what they call, “Love against all odds”?
The heart became deceptive and so selfish…
To the end that it's even willing to break another’s treasure.

She found a door to the other side
A stunning world that was made for them –
A world that is waiting to be embraced
But also a world that is full of unending lies and betrayal.

A peek-a-boo moment for some time,
Glaring at faces and wondering why –
Why he can’t go yet
For she thought he was just wasting his time.

He was waiting for his escape,
But he cannot wait anymore.
So from the barriers of his cell
He was released by no one but himself.

A lake surrounded by thousands of people,
A biosphere they were longing
So they found each other’s hands
Gripping the same feeling
But the truth is they lie to themselves.

The feelings they can’t hold back
But the truth hurts; for they’re already fools!
And so in her remembrance of him
Beauty is the beast when it’s told.
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