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Ren 4d
I hated that it seemed you loved me,
when I made it so clear,
that I didn't want you.

You'd never ask me
because deep down, you'd know what I'd say.
I'd say, "Sorry, I don't love you that way."

And I hated that you'd call me darling
because that made it so hard
to keep up my ruse.

You were so dependent,
so reliant,
I was such a fool.

When you weren't there,
I found myself looking for you.
Couldn't stand,
couldn't face the truth.

You will never know my feelings.
You'd never see through my lies.

I'd never ask you
because deep down, I know what you'd say
you'd say, "Sorry, I don't love you that way."
For everyone confused, I'll explain. The narrator thinks that a person is in love with them, and at first, doesn't love the person. The narrator slowly falls for the person but then discovers that the person actually didn't love them at all. The person was only using the narrator to make who they actually like jealous.
Daniel Feb 4
You think you are a loser  
I can tell by the way you reflect my lies
Thoughts can be deceptive
But the mirror never lies
Mirror shows who you truely are. Its a reflection of yourself.                                              P.S. been drinking a bit so might be sloppy.
Rowan S Feb 2
I can't think of when
I remembered all my lies
There are too many
Older haiku that I wrote a few years back. I don't live like this anymore, and god, am I grateful for that.
I used to think that perfection didn't make sense
so I built a fence around my senses
and kept you inside
there was nowhere to hide from your judgement
it rained down upon me, as you pretended we meant something
you wanted to be the architect of my misery
the lies let you pretend you cared
but nothing between us was ever shared
only given
only taken.
Marcella Faye Jan 25
I can hear you
Following closely behind,
With every footstep
That hits
The ground.

You followed
A path
Of deception
And it leads
Into your fall.

While your feet
Are stained in blood
As you walked past by,
Leaving trails

There will be traces,
And you will never
Get away
Within these haunting
Liam Gwynn Jan 23
Eyes white as ivory staring blankly from those rancid depths
Legs trembling and heart stuttering at the closeness of death
Retreat away from stinking pit into the light
Where a man oh so “civilized” and skin so white
Will pull me from despair into a beautiful white haven
A false sanctuary where not is true and all are craven
A poem I wrote after reading Heart of Darkness.
There are many closeted R.Kellys
And many unknown Donald Trumps.
This is the truth and this is the reality.
But how many people care about this?
Many people are blinded by hypocrisy
And many are victims of systemic lies . We live in an era where institutional evil and deceptions reigns .
Where the crimes of the privileged are covered and painted over with white.
It's unfortunate and highly regrettable
That only a few evil doers are held accountable and subsiquently prosecuted.

Don't answer someone's question
When you suspect that he won't like your answer
It only causes discord
Therefore it's better to change the subject
Or to pretend you didn't hear the question
Eventually he will forget that he had asked you anything
Beware of a man who asks for your opinion
He might know in his heart that he's not truly worthy of flattery
He might be testing you
And knows that you're telling lies
Singing him praises will lead you into a trap
Everybody knows that a corpse is not a beautiful sight
So why fabricate words
It's better to keep quiet than to say something you don't mean
Thus choosing your words carefully shall lead to abundance
The less words you use
The more you're actually saying
And by saying nothing
You're actually saying everything
Never take for granted that everyone is as honest as you are
There's always a vulture in the surrounding
Waiting for you to stumble
And when you do
He will make it his mission to ensure that everybody gets to know about it
A fool will reveal his innermost secrets while intoxicated
Then hang his head in shame the following day
Every man was born with intuition
But in a modern world full of noise pollution
That inner voice could easily be drowned out
Too many distractions
Too many choices
And if you're not strong in who you are
You will most likely always end up making the wrong choice
Therefore seek for inner silence
Like a man diligently digging for gold
He never gives up until he strikes it lucky
Give your inner voice time to speak
And you shall find the answers you've been looking for
Written by Sean Achilleos 14 January 2019©
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Acina Joy Jan 7
Never trust roses again.

I lay down in a bed of them,
muttering a lullaby sweetened.
Pink petals meeting my lips reddened,
as I become a beloved sacrifice,
when you lied to me I would be cherished.
I thought I laid in a bed of roses,
to only lay in a floor of thorns.
So I told myself, as I bled out rubies,
that we both foolishly called love.

Never trust roses again."
inspired from a music video. i just wanted to let out my words in a long time.
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