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Nico Mar 11
I think I was mistaken.
It felt like the next step but I wonder
if "it" is all there is.
I love you and I know I was mistaken,
I am not in love with you.
Feelings are complicated, half of the time I'm not sure of my own.
andrea Feb 25
writing about you is like
arranging the alphabet,
looking for possible
typographical error
counting the syllables,
thinking of rhymes

i dont know if i’ll ever
equate words to
how perfect you are
A big part of my recent notes just dissapeared from my account (front page),
and i lost 6 followers
anyone know what's going on?
A poem every day
Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
Icarus takes flight
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Hopefully you all like this as much as i did after writing it.
Also check out my other haikus, they can be a bit offensive and some silly, but i think theyre pretty good
Grey Dec 2019
The internet slows
Then stops
Before I can find
The answers.

I reload the page.
Watch the words disappear.

And with it,
Everything I was searching for.
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Would love to move back to Safari
On the phone
Joshua Phelps Nov 2019
Over the past few months,
I've realized nobody is perfect.
Not even myself.

I've realized it's okay to fumble.
It's okay to fall.

It's okay let my emotions
Get the best of me.

It's okay to be angry.
It's okay to be sad.

And I've realized
It's okay to slip up
And fall off the tracks.

I know I'll get right back on the path,
And head towards the direction
The direction towards redemption
And the acceptance of self,
Instead of seeking approval from others.

I know I've made mistakes in the past.
And I've made mistakes in the present day.

For far too long,
I've lived my life,
With a cloud of regrets
Hanging over me.

I can't let the past or present,
Dictate how I live my life.

To move forward,
I have to learn to love myself,
Instead of seeking love from others.

I must learn to forgive myself,
So I can forgive others.

Life is filled with trial and error,
We're all trying to find ways
To find solutions to problems
Instead of trying to fix ourselves.

Today is the day
I work on fixing myself.

I can't live my life
Focusing on the past.

It's time to enjoy life.

It's time to move forward.
This poem is a direct response to my poem from yesterday. In the poem, "Dear Diary: I'm an Addict (Part II)," I write about my mental addictions and seeking help. This poem realizes that, even though I'm not perfect and make mistakes, there is hope. I will learn to love myself eventually. I will learn to forgive myself.

Today begins the day I admit my addictions and seek help.
Katerina Landon Nov 2019
I've been staring at this for a minute.
Empty page and my mind just went blank.
Have I lost it, forgotten the meaning?
Where's the way for turning it back?

I've got such a tentative nature.
Can't decide what to do with it all.
How to manage and tame the emotions,
Set my mind to reach only one goal?

Don't belong in my country of origin,
Don't believe in the same things they do.
I can't bare all the lies, they are horrible
Wish to choose my own life, start anew.

See, I had an unfortunate error
Being born where I was has it's price
No one cares who you are or what's fair
They assume, you are bad in their eyes.

Have a wish that's so vibrant and lively.
I might never be able to be.
Who I am, show them my personality.
And sometimes I just don't want to live.
Had to stop to cry while writing this honestly
Von Oct 2019
A faint light is flooding the sky
What did I choose and line up?
Colours of tears are overlaid
How much am I abnormal?
Am I distorted?
Am I broken?
Even so, I want,
I want to breathe
Today is world mental health day. Everything will be all right, maybe not today, maybe one day.
Tell me another
Love like simple infection
Tempted with tales of happiness
And told like stories of deception
I have met someone new
And answer to the unsolved equation
Do they make me feel loved?
Deceived, I love like the abandoned one
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