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Jeremy Betts Apr 30
If you care promise to never let me know
Never turn around, never let it show
Don't point out the stretch that turned friend to foe
It's far too late to pray it ain't so
But nothing was nurtured, allowing nothing to grow
So, if you want to stay please, for me, tell yourself no
And just go

Steve Page Jun 2023
No need to thank me.
I mean, what are bullies for?

If not to force you
to face the unpalatable.
To confront you
with the cruelest kindness.

To unrelent with unfair truth
leaving you no choice,
but to fight for your life
and strengthen your defence.

What are best bullies for?
But to boost the beast
for when he's needed.

No need to thank me.
You'd do the same for me.
You need tough friends sometimes.
Anemone Feb 2021
He is the end of her.
He is her friend!
What friend lies?
All of them?
Some of them?
None of them?

She is a punching bag?
She is not.
She does not know.

But now?

Now I look back.
And I see the light.
I see the light, and I know the truth.
But I will never know one thing.


No matter.
I am here, I am now.
I am not happy, but I am not sad.
I am here. I am now.

And that’s what matters.
Chris Chaffin Jan 2021
She moves him ‘round the chess board,
dodging bishops, pawns and rooks.
She coaxes him from square to square
without a second look.

The white knight cannot catch him.
Piece by piece, the foe now yields.
Her king is safe; the game is done.
The queen controls the field.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
Time, O' time, my dearest friend on shore,
Too far, too away, I have missed our earthly chores,
In the wind, in the hint, I have searched you for,
Time, O' time, I'm withering without your cord,
When you come, bring me the bells and whistles,
For, my mind is as grey as the snow-filled hills,
Without you, I have frozen in the midst of memories,
Friend, O' friend, come and rewind my fantasies,
One more time, let us hold our hands together,
Not too late, let me see my mother's once again,
And I will let myself go of your deceptive ways,
Time, O' time, my dearest foe of the fate.
Shagun Aug 2020
It was a curve I was traversing
All the while I kept on cursing.
On the way to be someone they would love
Ignoring the grey clouds above.
In an instant the bubble popped
My armor dropped.
I had poured my heart out
But they still thought I was screaming loud.
I couldn’t hear my voice
Because it got subdued in the noise.
There I stood alone
Heard a crack in my bone.
I thought I was crumbling
But I turned around and started running
It was a curve I was traversing
It did not seem new
They used to fake-sing my praises
Now they talk about me in closed rooms.
I saw the sky turning blue.
They didn’t believe me then
They don’t believe me now
I reinvented myself
But still it wasn’t enough somehow.
This poem is inspired a personal experience of being in a toxic friend circle. The curve symbolizes the tricky ***** of a toxic friendship. The story is how we, as people, sometimes forget ourselves to be someone our friends would love and how we do anything to fit in. But the reality is far from it. They still backstab you, they still make that friendship suffocating. In the end the only way to save yourself is to get back on your feet and walk away. But never forget that they will still not find it enough.
Tryniti May 2020
Turning the tides of war
Hear the kettledrums beating
Won’t take it anymore
And I’m so through with pleading

Tie me up or chase me down
Now I have the will to fight
Standing up, sticking around
Finding my way through the night

Stepping forward I face my foe
A shiver runs down my spine
I need to try, I need to know
I’m willing to take what’s mine

The outcome is uncertain now
And I’m sometimes fighting blind
But I won’t break, nor will I bow
I’ll win the war in my mind
Written on 01.31.2020
Jandra Apr 2020
Lingering voices
The shadows of yesteryears
Foes of my today
This is haiku #2. Scars from the past can make you debilitated and afraid. Dear, you can't always stay in that state. Choose to fight your demons everyday. Don't let it consume you because a better you awaits.

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