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I once thought          of the bird           on  the window
            it cawed at me            I screeched back
I wonder     what what was it              about the bird      it wasn't
              that I was bothered         I just couldn't     Understand it
we went back          and forth          time passed slowly       through the
      rainy day       I began to realize        the bird       wasn't     lashing out          it simply       wanted to live          through the storm
    the storm        that followed     every place it went    what a silly bird
                            it should have just        simply asked
Green reflections
Clouds of pollen
Butterfly mornings
Her face forms in summertime
She sells electric ego
And flowers of herself
Reaping the wild wind
From a haunted garden

Door swings wide open
blind eyes start searching
I  prayed for your love like an ophan
Seeking validation
wanting to be accepted  
holding on to your heart was my only remedy
I thought that you would finally get a chance to see me
Here I stand in front of an open door
Are you coming in or leaving?
I will not force you to stay or leave
I will just wait for you to see my reality
I pray you choose me over your insecurity
I pray for you to fall in love with the best and the worst of me
I pray that you realize that my days are numbered
and I would like nothing more than to spend the rest of my days
In your presence
Darling only time controls us
This door is open daily, only you choose to stay with me
Biology shapes us
Society shapes us
The circle around us shapes us
The book we read, shapes us
The road we travel, shapes us

May be...
The circle we keep distance
Could have shaped us better
The book we skipped to read
Could have shaped us better
The road we bypass
Could have shaped us better
The fall we fear to embrace
Could have shaped us better
The collision we prevent
Could have shaped us better

Understanding shapes us
Consciousness shapes us
You are you
I am I
I am you
Genre: Observational
Ali Harati Apr 25
Looking towards the mountains,
In the ceaseless hike of living,
Is it us who's taking step,
Or are we self deceiving?

The raging winds in sorrowful snow,
And fear shaking beneath,
Are we feeling it all,
Or are we sightseeing?

The high mountain summit,
Where we look to feel alive,
Is it the sight that we need,
Or what lays underneath it?

To play upon our burden,
To act as if it's myth,
To make us be the things that
we don't see ourselves being.

We need to look deeper,
We need to reach further,
We need to embrace it,
we need it, to receive it.

Or if we just ignore it,
Cover it up with being,
We lose sight of our self,
and sight of our beginning.

Lets hope the lone hiker,
Looking towards the mountains,
Can reach the deepest heights,
And see what needs seeing;

And what there is to be seen,
Gives him a farther sight.
Lets hope he keeps seeing,
Lets hope he keeps reaching.
The path towards self-understanding and acceptance is not an easy one.
thyreez-thy Apr 21
"I can wait" I said, meaning it genuinely
unbeknownst to  what it would be costing me
they say love takes time, and that patience is a virtue
with how long its taken us, how much of this is true?

Did I smother you? are you even afraid to lie?
does the truth eat you up? tell me are their other guys?
Your silence speaks wonders, I wouldn't even fret
at the fact you lost feelings or had just as many regrets

Maybe I'm being too forward, you must be busy right?
Yet I have my doubts, thinking every single night
I promised to be faithful, I promised to be true
and I blindly trust you, although I've never even met you

Heaven has a plan, I know this is our test
and if we succeed we'll give each other our best
I hope this is true, I wouldn't want our first fight to be our last
hey.. can't we talk this out and go back to the past?

Regardless I'm waiting, weather in good favor or in vain
Nothing can faze me, weather you still love me or bring me pain
I'm ready when you are, just tell me the truth you coward
you can talk about it anytime, yo still remember the password?
A poem on a current predicament
coffee girl Apr 12
I was there.

In times of need, I was there.
Hugging you tight, even though in pain. I stayed.
Always beside you even when I’m too weak to stand up.
When you needed me, I disregarded everything.
Every pain, every emotions, every single problems I have.
I stayed strong, because you needed me.

Endless chances, endless pain.
It doesn’t go away, but then I was still there.
At your darkest days and all the lies you made, I still believed.
But then where were you when I needed real help?
When I wanted to be better, why didn’t you believed?

I wanted to change, I wanted to make up for what I did.
I wanted to be better.
I wanted to be better.
I wanted to be better.
But then I’m all alone, in tears hugging myself.
No one believed and everyone else wants to leave.

Still, I stayed. I was always there.
selina Mar 22
seasons are changing
and miracles are coming
do you understand the signs?

(or do you misinterpret them
the same way that i do
every godforsaken time?)
Ylzm Mar 21
A mystery you can read and hear:
reading without understanding
and hearing without seeing

The wicked studied and searched diligently
to be on the right side at the right time
only revealing and judging themselves as evil

For without the Prophet's spirit
your interpretation reveals your spirit
oblivious to its grotesque nakedness

Only in private are mysteries explained
as parables were thousands of years ago
for you don't throw pearls to pigs

Then the mystery is as plain as the news
but not as the world count news
even as time is not as the world count time

Infuriatingly frustrating to speak plainly
it's obvious and inescapable as the sun
then your eyes open and you see the blind

Broken, stumbling, falling and crawling
proud of their wits, strength, and unity
I turn to see and touch the face of the sun
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