From what I've experienced,
That "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions."
It is also equally true that,
If one sets one's sights directly towards Hell as a Destination,
One is likely to experience many Epiphanies
Along the way.

Simon Monahan Nov 13

O Understanding! What Wisdom unveils
And Knowledge sees, you delicately grasp,
Untying knots and unfurling the sails
Of comprehension! Lock’d chains you unclasp
All gently, treading underfoot the asp
Of bitterness and division. O Thou,
Before whom petty conflicts scrape and bow!

O Understanding! Thou fair surmounter
Of all obstacles! No adversary
May with stumbling folly hope to counter
Thee or thy designs! Earthen and airy
Obstructions alike tremble, the very
Thought of thee putting to flight problems of
Heart, mind, soul, from below and from above!

O Understanding! Come unto me, poor
One that I am, come, grant that I may see
And drain the headache’s source! Show the way, or
Speak the password, or bestow the bright key
Which unlocks the nightmare’s gate - I beg thee
(Knowing, O spirit, that you hear my call),
For with thine aid I can scale any wall!

Hand me down some ultimate truth
we'll pass it round the place
hand it to the barman there
gauge the look upon his face

Let the barmaid hold it
see if she, understands
will she keep, or discard it?
truth, not in her plans?

Give it to your lover
precious and pure true
can they comprehend it?
true love, coming through?

Ultimate truth, elusive
the knowledge of, a thing
silicon, may define the glass
as gold, defines, a ring

Ultimate truth doesn't mean, it's understandable :D
Anybody ever see the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
Forty Two

Inspired By:
Laura Nov 10

I don't understand you
at all.
you have a thin line between best friends
and acquaintances
and no one falls in between.
I like to have as many friends
as possible
I like to build a collection
of people I love and trust
and only get really close
to a few
So I don't understand you
at all.
you could stay mad at someone forever
I've considered it petty
and immature
your silent treatments and grudges
but maybe it's just different
from how I can't seem to stay mad at someone
for more than a week
so I don't understand you
at all.
you are red
I am green
you are man
I am machine
so I don't understand you
at all
but I'd like to

Alexander T Nov 9

Whether its from a rock
Or from a person
Understanding is great

We seek it all the time
But most of the time
We cant find it

I wish I could tell you where to find it,
But truthfully
I don't know where it is

But i can tell you this
I will do my best to understand you
You are important
You are all life's  meaning

And believe it or not
There are quite a few people
People who will understand you

This person may look weird
Or smell funny
Or even have a lisp

But the important thing?
There is someone who understands you
It may even be me
I hope you feel understood

You are never alone. There is always someone out there who is willing to help. Look for them, you will find them.
Alexander T Nov 8

I have rain in my mind
And clouds in my heart

Pain all over,
But this mask makes it hard to see

I don't tell it to anyone
Because I am afraid of their judgement
And of hurting them

Pain that I can only feel on the inside
Pain that is only there for me to feel

I ask others to tell me their pains because they shouldn't feel this
They should feel happy
Even if the world is cruel
No one deserves this pain...

I would rather take away all pain and just hold it to myself
At least then others wouldn't be suffering

There are things in life that are impossible to do, but helping others isn't impossible. Do your best to help people. Listen to them, and do not judge. And if someone doesn't want to talk, it may not be because they don't want to say it, it may be because they think you wont listen and you will judge them or they think they will hurt you. Let them know you will listen and not judge, that you truly care. Don't let cruelty and judgement be the end of us. End The Silence!
jaded clouds Nov 7

I have held your hands on the warmest, the coolest, the darkest, the brightest, wettest and dry-est of days.

I have held your hands nonchalantly like a silky scarf; lingering.
I have held your hands tightly, death grip, almost like an anacondas squeeze. But I wasn't clenching for death...
I clenched for reassurance that you were present and you felt the warmth.

I have held your hands in happiness, sadness, giddy childish times, and definitely the not so pleasant times.

I trace the lines of your palms and I rub my thumb along those mountainous knuckles and those callous hills.
You have magic hands, teaching hands, molding hands, hard working hands...

pleasing me,
         teaching me,
                       guiding me,
          helping me,
holding me.

I have held your hands through it all,
and I don't want to let them go.

for the love of my life. been through the ringer, the fiery depths, the sunshine the tears the smiles with him. and no replacing
Nick Moser Nov 6

No one understands my poetry.
Because no one understands me.

Hell, I don’t even understand me sometimes.

And maybe that’s why thesewordsareallstartingtoruntogetherandbecomeunrecognizable.

Tony Ortiz Nov 1

When you're lost in the valley of emotional torment,
Every day becomes a search for an air vent.
Sucking down every last bit of hope that escapes,
And running across other people that can relate,
It becomes exhausting, and people become famished.
I've known many people that go ghost mode and vanish.
Poof from existence, but time after time,
Whenever I write, they're on my mind.
The fallen soldiers in this war against misery,
The whispers in the wind all throughout history,
The shadows of good men, kids and teens we all know,
The ones who's teardrops have become the snow.
There's people who gain and lose hope on a daily basis,
The ones who wear shoes, but aren't allowed laces.
The ones that scream into their pillows at night,
And punch anything not moving as if it was a fight,
Or the ones who see things in the dark that cause fright,
And grow tired because they can't sleep in the light.
I understand, oh yes dear, I know.
I've been there myself and had no room to grow,
Stuffed under an oppressive giants foot,
But I felt the soft ground and began to take root.
I didn't grow up, in fact I grew down,
Dug myself the tunnel, and went completely around.
Touched the sunlight,
Heard the voice in the tunnel and made 3 rights.
I stole a piece of the sun's golden rays,
To bring it to my strugglers, and show them all the way.
But this ones for the kids with their doors on lock,
Hoping to sleep until their bodies start to rot,
And the teens gazing out the car window at traffic,
Wondering if there's any hope or if its like magic.

You matter.
And don't let anyone tell you any fucking different.

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