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Bella R 2d
Who gazed upon I
With railroad tracks across
Disobedient teeth,
Bumps blooming defiantly
And overwhelming exhaustion
Painted under my muddy hazels,
Declared this imperfection

Lay me down gently
Carass the smooth folds,
With steely greys against my hazels,
Peel away delicately
Layer upon layer--
Infinite; Endless,
Exploring unknown depths,
Savouring every inch
Then kiss me whole
Knowing the bruises and blemishes
In my battered soul
And kiss me anyways.
Good morning world! (It's morning for me anyways) Thought I'd try an alternative way at putting romance instead of just sugar sweet
Just leave behind any words you heard that weren’t kind. Learn to greet your enemy with a smile, It will only hurt for just a while.
Reese 3d
Its so full of everything we can imagine
Including what we can't

There is so much good in the world
And in so many forms
Charity, feelings, relationships
Happiness, love, empathy
Donations of all
Money, food, clothing,
and maybe the most important time
Plus so many more
People are capable of good in so many ways and things
We help those in need
we give others a hand when they're down on luck, money or just hope
We can heal almost anything that happens
And the best part
Good breeds more good and makes others want to do mkre good

But with the good the bad closly follows

The world is filled with just as much bad
And in so many ways
All forms of violence
Gun, verbal, physical,
War and killings with genocide and
Unethic weapons of mass destruction
Corrupt people and government
Pain Physical and mental
Money and greed
People are capable of so much evil and bad
We **** those just like ourselves
We steal and hurt and cheat
We take advantage of the ill or incapable
We destroy our own world and lives
And the worst part all the evil and bad just breed more evil vengeance breeds more vengeance.

But in the end what makes me happy will make another angry
Theres no way to have the good without the bad or the bad without the good
We cant change that fact no matter how hard we want and try
So we will remain sad in the sad moments and happy during the happy
World peace may be impossible but that doesnt mean happiness is too
So when someone helps you, thank them and enjoy that moment
And when a friend dies cry, say goodbye and hate that loss
But when it all stops and nothing is going on sit there and enjoy the peace because yes you arnt having the best day of your life but at least its not the worst day either.

Life is full of things we understand and can imagine thanks to science like engines and rockets,
*I lost the rest of the poem sorry but I think this will remain unfinished due to its length*
Ammar 3d
Is like seeing sunrise
For the first time.
Ammar 4d
Love is view as an intangible diamond
Once found, it is rarely released
Those who has yet to grasp it
Made haste with fervour.

For the broken souls that once delivered woe
Self-redemption, the vindication from past mistakes
Would be greater than absolute.
Still looking
There is no arguing when you're drunk
You never listen to what I say.
And there's no use trying even when you're not.
You don't understand either way.
Mike O 7d
To open one's mind
Would be to seek out what closed
It in the first place
My assumption is that we weren't all born with the intolerance we may have for those we don't understand. But if we could understand what closes us off to others and deconstruct it, we allow ourselves the opportunity to take time to think for ourselves. When we make time to do this, we may just realise what we closed ourselves off to had never been a threat to our being at all.
Dani 7d
It is made of the finest bark
Standing between two trees
It is open and closed only in the dark
Enveloped in ivy, locked without keys

Vanishes behind rays of the sun
Following the moon so bright
Away it goes when it hears you come
Held within are secrets that make us light

Locked by your chaos heart
With just a key of silence
Opened only in the darkest part
Warriors of life protect with demilance

A door stands in the forest of life's psalm
A door dedicated to shining bright
Only seen when a heart is calm
Hidden because this door cannot stand a fight

Between two trees it stands, insides expanding
To you there is much unknown
But, the ones inside are filled with understanding
In the world behind it, goodness is shown

This may seem absurd, but just highly misunderstood
Maybe, because you have never seen
What lies behind the sturdy wood
But it's truth, I witness, is keen
Garden of Eden? Heaven? Understanding? Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"? A mix of all these..
Written in 2012. Edited in 2018. Working on another version, as I would like to perfect the flow of this poem.
Stu Nov 6
We are all allowed a small sprinkling of sincerity when brought into this world
A gift that many of us fail to see or lose once we have
This is a truth that I have been referred to by my never-ending endeavor
One I wish I had known my entire life and now will never let go
One I will forever fail to let go
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