//    There are two types of people.
//    Those who see the world the way see it.
//    And those who like white supremacy.

I forgive you.
You acted so quickly.
   ... god

i hope you don't go through life like this
the thought breaks my heart

---   sincerely   ---
That is not a sarcastic title. Just wanted to make that clear.
Blake 5d
Rose petals,
And Bon Jovi playing,
Pretty lit up candles and
Expensive champagne
Doesn’t hide the two letter word that I was    

Close enough to criticize.

Poems are like women and poems are like men; beauty is unique.
You don’t know what will attract someone to read your poem and to see.
A poem one person may be bored of reading, may inspire someone else;
So I will continue to write what I want to,
Because I simply write to please myself.

If this poem is not for you, then I apologize for wasting your time;
But there are things inside my head,
That need to be let out of the darkness and into the light.
Up, up and away!  They are written down and then they are gone!
In a place without a landscape,
Who will decide what is right and what is wrong?

The critics critique; I simply speak.
In this land of written words, I can only be a conduit.
Imagination without shackles;
Any subject can be tackled.
Use a pen, not a fist and you will have your freedom and find peace.

A word like integrity, a thought unleashed!
Poetry is the beauty; the negative reply comes from a beast.
A prince of charm in search of love;
A princess of empathy sure would be good.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When did we started to not dare look into ourselves and say we have a problem and maybe we are part of the fault.
We stopped.
We keep on blaming each other for what they have done, have we ever thought that we might have done something wrong.
Where did the care in our speeches go?
Where did the love in our eyes fade away?
Where did the warmth, the light in us go?
What happened to understanding others, and authentic love?
Let's go with them.
To stop blaming other people for what we have done wrong as well.
To bring them back on track.
On the right path.
In the right way.
In authentic true love, the way that God has loved us.
That's the way.
true love and someone who truly cares would really make an impact.

Love is in the air and today brings the sunshine;
The clouds spread apart before my eyes, revealing paradise.
In just a moment I will begin a new life;
Heaven is full of love and oh so good, that I can tell no lie.

Joy is found everywhere.
It can even be found, when needed, when you never expected it.
Somehow I was able to find joy,
In those days when my life was being wasted.

And now I have risen up on giant eagle wings;
I have flown high above the world, upon this huge beast.
I have been carried up and away into the sky;
All it took to reach this beautiful place was my saving sacrifice.

Now joy I have found, as I am surrounded by this light;
In those darkest of times I doubted, but now I am found.
Upon a cloud I sit with an angel at my side;
She speaks of love, life and magic
And I simply smile, because she is so profound.

I used to believe joy was only falling in love on Earth;
But now I am above you all, I can see everything for what it is worth.
In this new world of beauty, peace and love;
I have found my worth at last and they tell me my heart is good.

I may not always say the sweetest things;
But the things they say are sweet to me.
So who am I to question this place?
When the love radiates, from every face that I see.

No longer those confused faces, down there in your land;
No longer confusion reign’s…now I understand.
No longer together with those I loved down there;
But they will join me in their own time,
So I will be patient and I will always care.

In peace I am found, happy on the inside;
Guardian angels relax in the sunlight and I have all the time.
No need to worry about what will happen in the future;
I can see it, it is beautiful…this is my happily ever after.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We grew up learning valuable life lessons from the people around us
We learned, for instance, to always use our manners, our please and thank you’s
We learned to look both ways before crossing the street for any cars surrounding us
We learned that even if the adults are wrong we bite our tongues and respect our elders
As young ladies, we learned that we’re to scream ‘fire” if we’re being attacked
This taught us that a burning house was more important than society having our backs
We learned that if a man catcalls you, or gropes you on the bus
You’re to politely excuse yourself to take a phone call
After all, we’re to be seen as respectable young ladies, even if respect is never what we receive
As a culture, young men are taught that it is weak to cry
To show emotions at any time, no matter what
They’re always supposed to keep their mouths shut
We never knew any different than these lessons we learned
Our hearts are scarred where the lessons are burned
Our childhoods tainted with these teachings…
So how do you expect to change as a society…when we can’t even change ourselves?
(a travelogue cont...)

Waiting for summer
just outside the tallest
mountain’s door

Where the emerald vale
streams spring glacial-grey
river waters,
west into the setting
midnight sun

Another resplendent day’s
paling whisper set free
in an unseen blink
and an unheard sigh

In these unwonted moments  
eyes rise up to touch
the beckoning sky
like a bug drawn
to the light

Upward over
highest mountain's skies
abides everything
worth rising for

It's so rare
in this fleeting life,
when a dream
for a moment
comes true ―
you come to understand
how deep is silence

and ...
it doesn’t really matter
when there’re no words

harlon rivers

June 9th. 2018
11:55 pm Denali sunset ...
"don't dream it's over"
Notes: typed live on a laptop as i clumsily trip on my own fingers trying to look into the western horizon after midnight.  A big step away from a spiral and pen in hand, not to mention my abacus education and a 20,300 foot mountain peak (6200 m) ... it's got rough edges without edit but so do i...thanks for taking a look through the words
Rebecca Jun 9
And they tell me
It's gonna be alright
but who are they to assure me?
I mean it's never been their fight

And for all these years I
listened to their tales
on how to be brave
and behave like 'a good kid'.

But I've grown since then and
now I understand
they pushed the buttons
to make me move
the most convenient way
for themselves.
If a man loves a woman,
He tries to be sensitive towards her.
He tries to please her.
If a man has no one no one to love,
He can become  completely indifferent
To the values of this Society.
They become
To him.
And standards.
Which way  is best for him?
The way of love
Or the way of struggle?
"Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you."
"But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you."
"And Allah Knows, while you know not."
I might want to experience love,
And stop fighting,
But I'm not really
In charge.
Sara Mares Jun 7
Because of him, the music make sense.
Every wistful melody, lonely refrain, and each carefree tune I so carelessly allowed to go in one ear and out the other; they have meaning now. The strings play so sweetly, it makes my heart ascend to Heaven because in those notes I feel his soft and sure embrace. When the piano plays so somber and quiet, my body is left filled with anguish because in those tender touches of key and finger I see the pain that might grasp at us in this lifetime. He has awakened in me a place long forgotten, where emotion meets imagination and another world of understanding awaits. This entire other language of song and art exists and I only long to be found there with him for the rest of my time here.
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