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M F 10h
I am a misfortuned soul.
Here to please, here to fight.
But it’s beginning to take its toll.
I am a lover, a monster and
a disheveled mess.
I can promise you one thing, I need rest.
Oh life!

Why do you?
Varying at each step
Showing different version of you,
Making us confused
Either to see best in you,
Or feel worst.

Why the decision is hard; either
To believe,
To learn,
To cheer,
To inspire.
I think, You want us to learn them all
Understanding life is necessary to grow.
Marii 1d
Take me to late-night, dim-lit poetry evenings in untrustworthy safe spaces where we can shyly smile at one another and let our tongues and eyes dance to the clicking of fingers and amplitudes of words,

Take me to drink cheap wine at crusty places,
To savour the cheap thrill of one, maybe two, but never more than two, sweet, sweet Rosés.

Take me for takeaway lattés and cringy sad-movie songs that we can lament to on the drive in your car where we can gaze at the yellow city lights shading the glimmer of oceanic blues.

Take me to puff hubbly smoke at your house or stream poorly thought out comedies while eating buttery, stale popcorn.

Don't take me to clubs or fancy expensive restaurants or any grand social events.
Don't take me to places where I'll have to compete for your attention.

Stay with me and stay simple

Understand that I am not like the majority of people you may know

Understand that all people are different and they won't swoon for the same things

And above all, try and understand me,

That is all I'm asking for
That is all you need to do to take me somewhere nice.
Sometimes my sister asks me,
“What do you think cutting fixes?”
I shrug and pretend not to understand
What goes on in their broken minds
I wish I could tell her it’s satisfying for some people
I wish I could tell her that it gives people small control over their lives
I wish I could tell her that sometimes the sting
Is the only thing that gets me through some days
That the concentration and act itself
Heals and comforts me in some ways.
She wouldn’t understand though,
No one ever seems to.
Arke 5d
red torii gates separate the sacred
engraved with kana names
I step on the stone tiles
reinvent myself by praying
to every god I have never believed in
donating all the coins I have to shrines
the omamori will protect me
with pretty ribbons, silk, and wood
their birds guide to understanding
converting lies into truths before me
their paper songs a tender kindness
and there is courage within me
even as my voice turns to melody
my words spill out a tune
the temple walls hum
a chorus of veracity, louder
I have come to realize the importance
of moral authenticity within me
your gracious decency, divine
delicate gentleness with my fragility
from shattered pieces I rebuild
recollect myself and rise stronger
the sakura blossoms melt
the tide rises up the torii
compelled by a cold moon
wooden birds take flight away
and I return solid and true

You claim to see true but yet you fail
to understand a key factor of sight:
The perception of one's self is
different from reality

Seriously, some people need to have one BIG slice of humble pie...
Especially in this day and age...
Morning, y'all! ^^
Lyn xxx
I didn't ask to be here
I wish you'd understand
That even if I hold the knife
You're the one who put it in my hand.

I didn't ask to be here
And you'll never understand
For while I waste away beside you
You reach for somebody else's hand.

I didn't ask to be here
And you never tried to understand
So next time you manage to turn your head
You may find that nobody is there.
Peace Sep 9
I see now
why the grass isn't greener
on the other side,

I've felt the stab
of hopelessness
of finding

I understand
the cries of

The desire to be loved,

I understand

Now that I've chosen
to make myself available,

The fishing
wishing your search
won't be long,

I understand

Now that I'm

I feel for you all..

& that is why,

I'll love
the One,

With all of me,

I'll cherish
the fact
my search

I've lived
many decisions,

& the best one
would be
keeping my love,

I'll rejoice

For I know
in this

Nothing but sadness
lies & interrogations,

I know
I don't have

To know
if I've found

I'll know
bcuz I see
what lies

The world..
AntiFemale Sep 8
My body was once a
Semantic memories fade like
Too many commas
Too many expressions
Yet they go on and on

Full stops where
promises should have been
Upper case convictions for lower case hearts
Filling gaps and leaving no space to breathe
by suffocating vocabularies
utterances lingering on.

My body was once a temple .
My body was once bold .
Learning to realize the impurities that pierce the temple that I supposedly embody. It’s insane how significant a role the coexistence of good and bad play in painting the beauty of life .
Eyithen Sep 6
I find it funny
How we can be strangers to ourselves?
The new trend: "Finding yourself"
Your "True Identity"

How is it that we can't even recognize ourselves sometimes?
Our brain, thoughts, and hearts are their own apparently
We can't always control them
We question their motive

Trying to decipher ourselves like you would a new friend
We try to understand the "other voice" in our head
So we have two consciousness now?
One we were born with
The new splitting from the old like a multiplying cell
They are one in the same and yet not
They are fully you and fully not.
How does one begin to comprehend that?

We don't ever fully recognize ourselves
We just know the parts that have become a "regular" in our coffee shop brains.
Always busy, always moving
Lots of noise and blurred "faces"
But i know "that" one
They are here more often then not

So while i understand myself more than most,
While i can list every reason behind every decision,
I still surprise myself.
Because here comes a thought and/or emotion that i have rarely confronted,
And is thus, a stranger to myself.
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