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Careless with their lives
They slog in infested slimy waters
In rubber shoes covered in holes
Merging bodies with all the inhabitants of the world beneath their feet
They trudge on

They’re deceptive
Picking up dirts to throw it back in
In those times they’re not seen
Or so they believe

They’ve reduced themselves
To the dirt they feed themselves
And they care not
Their pores clogged with infested slimy waters

Exhibiting animalistic behaviors
They’ve now become barbarians
“Buy us water”,
They cry together.
He who is living a deceptive life
Trudging around in the slimy waters
A place no one has sent them

They feed themselves with those slimy hands?
It’s no wonder their mate died
I stamp my feet in anger!
Do they not see the danger?

I do not feel pity for them
Their state of being
Though perplexing it seems
They chose this.
Their families I weep for
Bodies coated with infested slimy waters
They go home.
On a dime it turns
Vertical and sharper than any knife
Falling to one side
And the next thing you know
You’re not there anymore
In life
This is about sudden change and the shift in perspective. How quickly things turn on this human earth. Like finding songs, changing directions and the like. Some things just pop up out of the nothingness of the unexpected life. Why? Why did you choose? Why did you try? Or not... Just because. LOL.
I am what people expect me to be-
A paper crane in the never-ending rain,
A silk handkerchief folded into parts,
A broken vase with no flowers in it,
An elephant walking on a tightrope.
I ‘m what seems like soft edges,
But don’t make the mistake of believing that.

My paper skin cuts,
My silk finds its way to your neck,
My broken pieces are the reason I am whole,
And my weight only brings down people like you.
Don’t you ever make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

You haven’t seen the storm,
You haven’t witnessed the terror,
The horror,
The lives lost,
And the homes broken.

I have cultivated my being for years,
I am who I choose to be.
let me
She is no coward

A warrior of the truth

At her very core

She understands

That there is more

She knows the power

Of curiosity

And she lives her integrity

In the pool of her soul

She delves deeper

Forever curious

She dives within…

As a result

She never goes without

Forever creating

A thirst to know more

Learning at every turn

Wisdom from experiences

Knowledge by choice

She’s made a life; her own

There is an answer

To your every question

Dare you ask?

Because once you

Open that door

You will have

Many opportunities

To walk through

And journey

Into the queries

Of your soul

You always have

A choice

Dare you;

Have the will to try?

Instincts shrink
when love is on the table
for instincts are for survival
And love is for a dying
in the grandest ritual possible
And although as my gut tells me
Warns me to be on my guard
Cautioning, my brain is mush
And so is my own heart -
Dampen my instincts then,
Love, have me be ******,
Take all of my very existence,
Sacrificing survival on insistence.
Steve Page Nov 29
life's not a race, it's more of a dance
and some choose to dance in formation,
others pair up, even more dance alone
while some spin a DJ vocation
Race or dance. I know what I choose.
Jessica S Nov 26
Every sip I take
Every bad choice I make
Nothing makes me forget
That every single time
I break
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