I want to say a lot of things
I want to feel a lot of things
I want to do a lot of things
But my voice is caught
But my heart is caught
But my body is caught
A struggle in myself
What I want
Is never an outcome....

It follows through iridescent dreams.

It stares and it lingers.

It watches with saddened but dead eyes.

Sometimes you'll see it, most times you won't.

But either way, it is always there. Even when you awake from the nightmare, it remains.

Can you remember holding it?

Do you remember smiling as it giggled in your arms?

Do you think of it staring back at you as you lightly feel its soft skin?

No. Because you never did.

You never watched it take its first steps.

Heard it cry in the middle of the night.

Clean up after the mess that it had caused.

Or hear it call for you.

And now you never will.

Do you regret that day? That choice that you made?

Do you wonder to yourself what might have been?

If only that child was here today and you could tell it that you would love it and protect it.

Would you?

James Dec 8

The heart and mind can not be locked away.
Prisoners are eventually set free
and so they wait for the day they will be
But mind and heart have never known delay.
They do not rest until our final sleep
And neither of them on one subject stay
But flit about with every whim each day
Once the path of one is taken, we reap
The scorn of the second, until we tire
Of paths which we had chosen. In faith, leap
To reach green grass along a brighter creek.
Then see that we have lost all we sired
The young are dragged along by heart's desire
without the skill to tame passion's fire

Sonnet #6
sarah Dec 8

i pity you.

you, with your sad notions of what love is.

i'm here to tell you it's not.
love is not a choice.

it's a pulsing, living, breathing thing
that takes up residence
in your lungs.

it clogs your arteries
and sits dormant in the back of your throat.

it makes your hands shake
and your heart pound
with an intensity that could rattle the heavens

and you wish
you w i s h
you could have a choice.

but you can't choose whom you love.

here's to the fools

You'd melt me to a puddle,
And stomp through me in boots,
Then politely clean me up,
No wonder I was confused.

A small collection of water,
Weak and backless with no voice,
Stomped through, walked on,
I forgot I had a choice.

Once a passive puddle,
But now I am the rain,
Do you know what rain erases?
The flame.

No more power over me,
I'll choose when I fall,
And by fall I mean pour,
And by pour I mean stand tall.

joel jokonia Dec 4

God gave us the liberty to choose
But because we have choice
We choose to choose wrong

Silly us

kate Dec 1

right or wrong,
black or white,
up or down and
day or night.

pros and cons,
good and bad,
pleasing some,
others mad.

what is right and
what is wrong?
was it my choice
all along?

yes or no and
caged or free,
my future is
what i cant see.

Nylee Nov 30

If I have a choice to be happy
 at every chance I get
                        why do I always pick to be sad?

freedom doesn't lie
in the collectives cages,
but stands with the choices
individuals make,
to avoid being caught in them.

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