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Zywa Feb 13
I lick everything

and I still can't make a choice --

what I feel like now.
Composition "The Low Tone Orchestra: 9 Options" (2022, Cat Hope), performed by ensemble MAZE in the Organpark on February 11th, 2024

Collection "org anp ark" #371
I could bare a thousand screams, A thousand wounds, scars and burns.

I could **** a thousand men for a moment in the eyes of god.

What I wouldn't do just to carve a crevice out of the world

Just to show the mark of a mad man craving truth.

Put a knife straight to gods eye if it meant the blood I shed made one less person cry.

I've beg for forgiveness and broken every bond looking for an out.

I've come again trading my soul for a chance for others to hear my shout.

You'll be ok.
Doubt is a strong feeling. It grips us everyday. Sometimes we make deals with unnatural things. like platypuses.
Zywa Feb 2
She planned it and said

goodbye to each of us, as --

we later found out.
Novel "jl." ("recently" - the title also refers to Juno Linnaarts, 2016, Anjet Daanje), chapter September 23rd, 2011

Collection "Em Brace"
Jeremy Betts Jan 17
A man with a hundred faces but nameless with one voice
A thousand thoughts a second but one life to live it, where's the choice
Never found much of a reason to rejoice
Worthless or not worth it, the math's not adding up on this invoice

A million phrases, can't remember faces
Thoughts escape the mind, breaking free of their cages
The visual is heinous, it feels dangerous
I can't explain what's going on but they tell me this is only the beginning stages

Time turns pages but they're all reflective, hold them to the flame, more failure through the ages
Dr Jekyll lost, tossed into the void, annoyed as Mr. Hyde rages
Whatever it is, for everyone else's sake, I hope it's not contagious
Stay cautious

When people can’t save value
     In their money system, because
          Of debasement of the currency,
               Then they learn to save in assets.
                    Houses remain the top choice to
                         Save and preserve monetary value
                              Which leads to higher priced homes
                              If we have a hard money that holds
                         Value then people can simply save
                    In money and home prices will drop
               To the normal utility value of a home
          This will make homes more affordable
     For more people across the world
Bitcoin is the hard money solution
You can see this poem on a background here -
Do you know how Bitcoin solves this problem?  Do you know why houses are priced so high?
Humble Dec 2023
Once dubbed 'number two,' a label, a haunting echo, a constant reminder,
From a third year’s Scrabble match that left me second best, the genesis of a nickname I hated.

The bitter taste of second place, a memory stark,
A reminder of striving, of yearning, yet falling short.
Averse to the shadow of 'not quite,' 'almost there, but...'

It's funny how being second haunted me,
Always striving to escape my past and secrets.
I've hidden the truth about my family,
A split that's more than what the world knows, I’ve always been ‘the secret child’
A narrative whispered, diluted, for ears unacquainted.
Universe never seize to mock me with it.

Contemplating the roads I could have paved better,
Guarding what was precious, fortifying with fervor,
I’m here , pondering the 'what ifs' and 'maybes,'
A lament for the present, with heavy eyes and teary-eyes. Regrets linger for not trying harder.

Three years invested, hopes were shattered,
I don't blame you for trying to rebuild, giving it another try.
Instead, I blame fate, the ‘Universe’ A relentless orchestrator, marking me perennially 'two,'
Even when love briefly eased the burden.

Now, in the quiet of night, in sorrow's embrace I write,
Words once sweet now tinged with pain,.
I've been through a rollercoaster of emotions,

For days now, you’ve witnessed my descent and ascent, I blamed you, I tried being strong, became a wreck, got drunk to prove a point, isolated , sought validation from internet, found myself overwhelmed by the attention and tried to convince everyone ‘I’m fine’,  I felt numb.
Right now I’m just a shattered soul seeking solace in poetry’s embrace.
Every emotion, a verse, every thought, a line inscribed, writing seems to be my only solace.

To the boy I loved and wanted to give it all to, I’m thinking of you and I just want you to always be happy, being second doesn’t mean I can’t still be your number one cheerleader.
We always thought alike and wanted the same things; I do not wish to hate you as you don’t want it too.
I want to keep you as much as you want to do with me ,
Let's move past this, erase the awkwardness,
Let not animosity tarnish what affection once graced,
I hope we can salvage our friendship soon.
SiouxF Dec 2023
Life is a state of mind,
A merry go round of your choosing,
That either brings tears of joy,
Or screams of terror,
Or Drama.
One you can never depart,
Until that one concluding breath.
Will you look back on the well trodden path
With recollections of joy,
Or regret?
Juhlhaus Nov 2023
One step in the soft concrete
and the direction you turn from there
will shape decades.
You may find the very place,
step there again, walk over it;
turn again.
It is the same pavement noticeably
worn by micro erosion, cracked
by the hard ice of twenty winters.
The place is the same,
the space is changed—
shaped as it is now
by twenty years of urban development.
Some buildings provide
familiar shelter,
others drip stormwater on your head
from strange appendages.
Stand there
if you can spare a moment.
Turn again.
No pavement lasts forever;
concrete is liquid
and can take decades to dry.
When I said, "I can,
I'm asked, how possible?
The moment I said, "I can't,"
The agreeing nod was audible

Obama did it...
You are not Obama!
Likely to fail like Edith
Sure! The poor bar man

I was taught
To stay positive till the end
Took my choice off the wrong thought
once I know, it's all just in my head

The agreeing thought was audible
The moment I said, "I can,"
I'm asked, how possible?
Yet I said, "I can".
It's your Choice
to control your Thought
and what people think about your Choice
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