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SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
When you let
people places
and things
around you
be themselves
Rather than
your will
upon them,
This then,
is when
we finally
find peace.

It Feels
Really Good
  To Just
   Let Go...
Timmy Shanti Oct 1
when the time is right
when your heart is healed
you embrace the light
searing truth to heed

when the moment calls
when your conscience's clear
beauty to behold
you protect what's dear

when the angels sing
when the die is cast
you are everything
make this moment last...
"Everything can be taken from a man
but one thing.
The last of human freedoms
- To choose one's attitude
In any given set of circumstances,
To choose one's own way."

Victor Frankel
Zywa Aug 27
I need strange hard hands

to plough me, tearing apart --

your roots inside me.
"Harte fremde Hände" ("Hard strange hands", 1951-1953, Hilde Domin)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Kelly Mistry Aug 21
Interlocking concepts
But rarely as simple
                                     as cause and effect

We always have a choice
To act
           To react
                          To endure
                                             To survive

Choice is a source of power
It can’t be taken away by another

Don’t believe them when they say
“You have no choice”
Even if they
are you

But our choices alone
                                       are rarely the only cause
                                                           ­                        of our circumstances

Other peoples’ choices
The systems we must navigate
Our environments and ecosystems, human-built and beyond
All contribute to determine
                                                  the fertility of the soil
                                                                ­                         from which our range of choices grow

In fertile soil
Choices abound

But even in barren soil
You still must choose
To act
To react
To endure
To survive
While holding onto hope
                                              for future change

Through intention
Through community
Through action

To believe that your choices alone
Are responsible for an outcome
Whether fortunate
Or dire

Is the height of arrogance
Born of a need to feel in control
Of the world around you

We all should be held accountable for our choices
But take care
How you parcel out responsibility
                                                              an­d blame

To yourself
To others
With awareness of the state of the soil
                                                                ­     from which those choices grew
Nicx Aug 14
Have you ever heard your truth
Echoed back to you from another's lips?
Like a droplet into still water
Their words reverberated through my soul
They mirrored back my struggle with trauma
With their walls of fiery anger
Holding onto rage like a lifejacket
We've been floating in similar waters
Preparing for battle in every moment
While we're the ones aiming the guns
Grasping so tightly to our secret truth
That one day the pain will **** us
We're acting like we're already dead
Before we ever learned how to live
Inspired by an essay
Nicx Aug 14
At the edge of a cliff
My heart sprints like a bullet
My arms tremble impatiently
Waiting for my decision
Do I stay on solid ground
Where the illusion of safety is a blanket
Only faintly covering
The truth of impending doom?
Or do I dive into the unknown
Hoping to splash into water
And avoid the jagged land?
Shanghai Jul 22
And finally she walked away from the waiting shed called option.
Mark Wanless Jun 23
to see enlightenment
in the mirror
no other choice
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