Isaac 7h
Written 16 August 2018
She would always choose me over anyone
And she would always choose me over anything.

But I never wanted to be the one
She would always choose.
Cause deep inside I realized
I am the one who was confused.

I surely loved her.
I knew I did.
But how much did I love her?
I never knew it.

Did I love her more than the noon?
Or did I love her more than the crescent moon?

Did I love her more than the sea?
I finally realized that I love her more than me.

But I was late
I was way too late
She faded away.

But this time I was not confused
To pick up the gun
And throw the knife away.
I was just lying on my bed and this came into my mind :)
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Hannah 1d
Wait till the acid kicks in;
Wait to feel nothing. Feel everything.
I am my mother’s daughter; I’m looking to learn something in everything, or to find some piece of truth in this world.
I feel it wasn’t my choice being here, but I’ve never been out of place;
Maybe that’s why it’s called fate.
And fate is how I came into this world and they said it was written all over my face—
Eyes wide; I was never terrified
Of what I’d find.
Do you feel destined to read this?
Everything is destined! Isn't it?
Some may disagree with me now,
To be very frank,
I was one of you!
Not believing it, But,
Yes, let's question the destiny!

If everything around you leads to your destiny!
what is your purpose of living the life?
Do you have a choice in this so called "destiny"?
Are you actually living your life?

For instance, If the Almighty God already knew
Adam&Eve gonna eat the apple anyway without a clue
Even though they were asked not to
Also if he knew what Satan gonna do

why would he allow them to eat in the first place?
why didn't he stop Satan, poisoning eve's mind?
why didn't he show, the so called god's grace?
Are they destined to get curse, How do we find?

Can you choose your birth?
Your parents? your death?
Is there anything of your choice on this earth?
We choose what we become, right? Take a deep breath!

Does our choices become our destiny?
Or is it our destiny making a choice for us?
Is death, our final destiny?
Isn't deciding if we've lived long enough a fuss?

Are we actually doing everything on our own?
If yes, Where do the destiny stands?
If no, Why are we being judged?
Isaac 2d
Go look into a mirror
And tell me what you see.
A thriving soul that loves you
Or a soul in misery?
You’ll know which one is true
Whether it be sorrow or it be glee,
And you’re the one with the power
To choose which one it will be.
Written 14 August 2018
Always wake with choice
Let everyday be as
Perfect as your last.
nish 4d
my advice is always
make a choice
you know you won’t regret
if you must choose between a few
darling please don’t fret.

it’s okay to regret the things
you didnt get to choose
but don’t remorse the one you did
means you didn’t think it through.

now here i am lying down
deep within my thoughts
maybe if I tweaked those words
i would have more than nought

it doesn’t really feel so great
to be the choice that wasn’t chosen
perhaps if i had thought it through
these tears would not be falling.
still on about my petty humane teenage problems
They don't know
What we fear,
What we hate,
What we'll near.

'Cause who cares?!
They're "greater"!
Who cares,
If we disappear?

All day, we fight,
To make them understand,
Why can't they get it?
We're only doing what we can!

Maths? Science? Commerce?
Well, they're great!
But what about Art? Music?
The subjects we can take.

We know we're " useless",
But we're built that way.
There are enough people out there,
Who can turn the world great.

So, what's the point,
In doing something we can't do?
This "pathetic" life of ours
Was not designed for you.

Whenever you say,
Whenever yo speak,
We take in those words
Of what we should be.

But then, we try,
We try and we fail,
We'll think low of us,
And then we'll wail.

So please, dear adults,
Don't raise a forced life
Let us be free,
And you'll see us all fly

Let us all speak,
Our beautiful minds,
And we'll show you a world,
You never could find.
I live in a place where parents expect their kids to become a doctor or an engineer. It's always the same dream for a lot of parents.
I just hate that.
Arcassin B Aug 8
By Arcassin Burnham

The earth , it hurts,
The sun , it burns,
The darkness, it lurks,
Can't see, further,
Ya mom , ya dad , ya sister , can't save,
Turning away from a long display of
emotions as fast as they came,
Be you , not them,
Reality , A sim,
Don't answer , to him,
Not her , not them,
They don't , want you , to be , the best,
Follow yourself and your guide and I
swear that your physical will be beat the
Session , is over,
Confused, not sober,
Just my luck , leaf clover,
Fight , like a soldier,
Put , your rage , and ego , aside,
Make the decision and put yourself first in whatever you will decide,

Sometimes I need a little head space.
I don't know how long the healing takes.
But who here wants to be the middle man?
I guess its time for us to take a stand.
Yanamari Aug 6
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,
Goodbye       ...
Or so I thought I could say
Shout and scream
At your back
That stands closeby...
But it's so close
I could reach out
And touch your shoulder;
I could turn you around...
A word that is used a time too many
Too many to really signify
An end.
But in the time it takes
My tone to reach it-
Til then-
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