Ammar 51m
We would be in the city of poets
and I'd write my touch on your skin
we may or may not have been on dinner dates
but surely we'd have all 3 meals together
you'd love the poetry I write
and I'd love the miracles of my talent
we'd read the same books
and study together
despite you studying anthro
and me science
but I am sure we'd find some common classes too
or the small gap between them
I'd sneak you into my dorm with my hoodie
or we'd drive off into our forever
one that we dreamed off
one that was a choice
one that you never chose

or maybe not

We'd be in the city of lights
the city that never sleeps
and I'd pick you up every other morning
and we'd have breakfast at espresso
or we'd sit in my car and have what your mom makes
we may or may not be going to the same college
but that wouldn't stop us from reading the same books
or going to food & book festivals
maybe even debating together in the same tournaments
your mom would have a face to my name
and mine would know who "all this" is about
we would fight but trust me
a kiss would more than suffice
and I'd sneak you out at 2 am
and we'd drive off to a now then
a now with peace & love
a now with your favorite music
a now that you never chose to be

but maybe
just maybe
either way

we'd both be left with a place
we could call home
safe flight.....
light doesn't break
it bends
it refracts
scattering into spectrums of possibilities
each beautiful
because not one shade is exactly alike
a progression of symphonies
each note hitting a different hertz
new wavelengths
that frequently call out to one another

when we choose to follow a melody
to saunter after a piper that doesn't exist
we bathe, splash, and twirl through
the beam we chose dance in
That's the name of my town.
There's a path surrounded by yellowing bushes that go green in autumn,
Brown in the harmattan,
that joins Achia to Jato-aka town.

At the head of this path is a junction
You'll notice another path to your left here.
And that our own path is to the right of it

I call it our own because that's the only path followed by the villagers.
The other hasn't been in use in recent years
You can see the undergrowth,
Bent and unrepentant,
Daring you to trample on it and watch it regrow

Everytime we use the right, i always wonder
Where would you lead me to, Left?
Are you like many of our life's (in)decisions,
The unexplored choice?
The one that time will eventually erase?

So I've decided,
That the next time we get to that point
I'll take the road less favored
And see the quiet secrets that it has had to maintain over the years.
And i hope that that will make all the difference to it.
How can you be something when all you do is nothing?
As I cOmE dOwN
Changed; time has not
BrEtHlEsS pAiN
ever not; was vision ever slurred?
It WaS jUsT a ThOuGhT
Such a careless thought.
Genesee 4d
Part of me wants to try again.
But the other rational side of me is like you’ve got a lot of healing to do.
it’ll take a long time but you’ll get there in due time so don’t rush.
So I don’t rush
taking it day by day
Simply observing
But I can’t help but fear of getting hurt again.
And the way certain words rolled off your tongue so easily
It frightened me.

Only because we barely know each other.  
I don’t know your likes and dislikes in general
Or anything else related to get to know each other
The unspoken moment of being vulnerable with each other frightens me to no end
Only because the thought of doing the same cycle again and again
Makes me want to run and not do this again
But then there’s that 1% of me thinking
what if this one time around you don't get hurt and your happy
The pattern ends and is destroyed forever.
Unspoken topics such as one’s past is filed under things that may or may not be talked about
Personally for me it’s one of those things that won’t be told to anyone
Even if we reach that point of closeness to where I can trust you
Whose to say you won’t leave me suddenly and out of no where
But the point is.
I might take a chance and try again.
But then again I might not and leave it at a simple hello
Walking out of your life
not by choice but because I’m going to be going through another life changing event - Graduation.
We’re going to be at two different stages in our lives.
But I’ll simply observe and continue doing what I’ve been doing.
Let nothing affright thee
Nothing lasts forever.
Let nobody tell you what to be,
It's your life, you can become whatever.
Live your life.

Let no earthling suppress you.,
Nothing is greater than God.
Let nobody mess with you
Make sure yours is the final word.
Live your life.

Let no man tell you he's immortal
For we will all die someday.
Let no man treat you like a nonequal
If he does, peacefully turn and walk away.
Live your life.

Let not your heart be troubled
As the Lord said in the good book.
It doesn't matter if you're blind or crippled,
Be glad you're alive and not how you look.
Live your life.

Live your life and do whatsoever you wish to do with it.
Bronze glitters more
whereas Iron is natural and more useful

Bronze weakens with every blow irreverseably
whereas Iron strengthens with every repair

Bronze cannot be bent
whereas Iron can be used to make multiple products

Bronze dont mingle with others
tinge of carbon could enhance the power of Iron

Bronze melts at 1000°C
Iron could withstand and withhold for more

Bronze is denser
but Iron wins the strength game

Bronze does not rust
but Iron has the attractive magnetic power

Bronze is discovered earlier
but Iron dominates the world!
Oh! Let me be you.
Who walks with a sun in your pocket
for every rainy day.
Who stood at crossroads
and decided which road shouldn’t exist.
Let me be you for a day.
So that I am not the one
who hides in hollow words,
who makes her bed on the dreams of others.
Let me be you,
so that I can put out my hand
always with the confidence
knowing that the love I ask
shall be given.

But what is this that I feel?
Why my hands shake?
Why my heart cries?

Is it because
the one who is breaking the wall
with bare bleeding hands
has the same pain, same fear
as the one who is hiding behind that wall.
Is it because
this love, this life
leaves no one without scar.
CGW 7d
We are becoming crazy.
Spinning in circles we are floating on the tips of our graceful delicate toes like ballerinas.
Never stopping.
Always watching the edges of our knives .
Cutting and and shaping fresh flesh.
The dying screams only fill us up.
Knives dig deeper and deeper as innocent blood showers upon our solemn faces like summer rain.
We let our minds loose like rabid dogs.
The monster inside all of us is let loose
Savagely obliterating everything it can.
Self conscience am I of my memories.
We go crazy unwanted by our own selves.
Our minds break, snap like a wave in tidal wave apocalypse.
We explode and break in a thousand million pieces.
Try to collect my thoughts like precious gems.
I store them on a shelf.
Lock them up tight away from all things dangerous and dark.
And when no when is looking I admire them.
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