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laura Feb 2022
Every good time turns into bad
just like every day turns into night.
Every time we think things are getting better
they take a turn for the worst.

Sometimes when you’re in the deepest pit of darkness
that feels like it will never end,
all you need is one thing.
You need that one assurance
that you’re going to be okay.

If you look to God,
he gives you that one hope.
He has already saved you
from the darkest pit you could ever imagine.
He is your light at the end of the tunnel,
and he gives you eternal life
when you think you can never wake up again.
derblue Jul 2021
Timing plays a big part
I thought I was ready
Ready to start again
Good thing I pulled back a little
Now all that I built
All the sweat & blood that I shed
Bore fruit

Now we are both ready to start this journey.
They say timing plays a big role in a relationship. I never had a ton of patience when it comes to relationship, I was always in rush. I never want to be left out. She made me realize that's its okay to wait for the perfect timing. No need to rush things and eventually everything will fall into place.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2020
Gliding along
The edge of night
In their sorrow
Silent in the wake
Of remissive waters

Their call
Their beckoning
A flare
To the soundless heavens
Quiet in the assured
Expectation of faith

Inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma and her poem "The Journey."
Poetic Eagle Oct 2020
Him: fall for me, l will catch you
Her: why
Him: Because that's what super heroes do
Small talks
I was wondering if there would be a chance you would contact me and talk about what had happened to us, that maybe we could see each other and maybe by then I’ll have what I need-closure. Maybe by that, I could find acceptance and finally say that this is the reality and I have to face it. But I know it won’t happen. I know you, you should have done it earlier, at least?

I’m still waiting for your message. I’m still holding on maybe we could work this time again or maybe we could sort this out but I know that the more I try to connect with you, the more painful it could be since you already cut me off from your life and I don’t want to become selfish to your decision. To be honest, everything is still not clear to me. Maybe because I didn’t get the answers I deserve, that I still lack your explanations to the point I’m wanting to see you so we could settle this out, and maybe by that I could finally have the courage to say my last goodbye. I’m wanting to see you- to make sure you’re okay, to hug you for one last time, and to tell you I’m thankful for everything.

Maybe we could see each other again, for the last time. And maybe by that, I would finally feel the freedom and assurance that it’s over.
Chia Seeds Jun 2020
It’s the assurance of petrichor after rain
that makes me believe in rainbow after pain.
Maha Apr 2020
And when all of you are tucked in,
asleep soundly in your beds.
The comforter I'd sewn,
keeping you safe like I promised,
I'll shut the door
and close my eyes to weep too.
About Me
Joliver Apr 2020
In my first and final year
Of higher education
At a party of familiarity
I did not aspire to find my limits
And yet
I exceeded them
And lay in a whirlwind,
At the night's close,
Which ****** the air from my lungs
As I forgot how to breathe

Avaricious sirens bore down and
Led me to water
Hooked into my veins
So I couldn't refuse to drink
And a doctor told me
That there were always better options
Than drinking myself away
I grinned and laughed
As if the very idea were preposterous
And yet, couldn't look him in the eyes
"Trust me,"
I assured the man
"That isn't the plan"

The truth is I never had a plan
No grand scheme
To end my suffering
I just slowly taught myself
Not to to take care
To cut myself off
From my lifelines
So that when I did finally find my limit
I wouldn't have far to jump

...but, truthfully
I never wanted to jump
I wanted some calamitous wind
In the form of a stranger
To come along and push

Yet, against all odds
For reasons I cannot discern
I've found
Those who wander into my life
Don't push, but pull
Pull me down from that precipice
Sometimes on accident, or
With intent
Of saving a life
But no matter how grateful I am
To be held and reassured
I always find myself back
Overlooking the sea of my past mistakes
Ready to drown myself
In the towering waves of regret

I wish I could find life worth living
On my own
For myself
But, I find myself living for them
Those who hang on to me
Keeping me balanced
Keeping me
From finding my limits
And for now that's enough
That's enough
Eloisa Jul 2019
He loves her even on her darkest days.
His tight embrace shows her that flowers can still bloom
even  under the rain falling from a threatening storm,
and even under the pale light of the moon.
His kisses remind her that
even wildflowers blossom on a desert floor.
His words assure her that she is not alone.
This is how he shows her that
he loves her more.
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