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Vladyslav Levera Oct 2017
Навкруги  темінь, відчуваю
Легенький свіжий подих вітерцю
Навколо ні душі, лиш зорі світять
Немов далеке ясне світло ліхтарів.
Великий жовтий місяць сяє,
І розганяє темряву нічну;
Нема нічого, тільки світло є
Яке, мов спис, пронизує пітьму.

Час зупинився, і здається,
Що плин його не можна відновити—
Нічну ідилію не можна припинити,
Закарбувалась в пам'яті вона.

Нема нікого, залишилось світло
Яке долає темряву нічну,
І чути шелест листя під ногами,
І скрип дерев в осінньому парку.
Michael Frost Apr 2017
The sultry summer winds
Rush beneath my feet.
The past melts away.

I came for you,
And you had come for me
The crown finally in our reach.

The winds howl so loudly,
Running to here, separated.

Oh! I only know,
Know that you'll take me with you!
Wherever the winds may carry us, my beloved.

Magical worlds left behind in haste,
But those distant paths, they'll all lead us home,
You need wait but a moment!

Oh! I only know,
Know that you'll take me with you!
Wherever the winds may carry us, my beloved.

Oh! Do not leave me behind,
Wait and I will come, my beloved.
Inspired by Mozghovyi and Loboda's "Kohana."
Ivan Petryshyn Dec 2016
will Russia spare?
will Russia spare some peace?
will Russia spare Ukraine some peace?
sorry: they are at the feast
of making Russia important and strong,
and, as some Ukrainians were wrong,
as some Ukrainians were bad
wanting to be free with the West,
Russia did its best
to take the Crimea to protect their "toungue",
and, as it appeared it was great fun
for Russians living there,
even if it wasn't fair!
and Russians opened a war against Ukraine,
as Russia's government was in pain,
that Europe would accept Ukraine,
that, be it snow or rain,
Ukrainians were sane,
so Russia got the mean aim
to ruin Ukraine
as Ukrainians wanted their language and independence,
and Russia was counting onto the dependence
to have the slaves in Ukraine,
thus, killing the soldiers, Russia wanted to tame
putting it in ruins and flames
to get the fame
of the framer,
while the West was talking and shaking hands
with the accompaniment of the bands.
    Ivan Petryshyn
Fire burning in the sky,
Caught us all by surprise,
They storm in, hard boots hitting the stairs,
Foreign-language screaming with their guns,
As we hold onto those who we love,
All that was, is gone.
A new law was placed, which they won,
Take caution for a new world order,
You can't run anywhere, they closed the borders,
All will choose their two choices left,
Imprisonment or death.
This is a poem I published on July 6th of 2013. It predicts the downing of a 777 airplane, which was caused by a country invading another country. On July 17th of 2014, yhis poem became a reality. Exactly a year and 11 days after I published the poem, a 777 plane blows up over Ukraine, due to Russia invading Ukraine.
Hanna Kelley Sep 2015
My plan is to graduate, go to college in some state
To take my friend to Canada before it's too late

I want to be a teacher or a councillor, something nice
I want to travel around the world, no matter the price

To go see China and learn the language and their ways
To go to Africa and watch how they live for days

I want to travel to India and visit some friends
I want to spend my life in Italy and hope it never ends

Germany, France, Mexico, Spain
Romania, Greece, Iraq, Ukraine

I really need to go to "the land of the green"
Meet up with friends and do everything in between

I know that I won't travel that far or do all of those things
But I have to be honest, it's a wonderful dream
I really want to travel to places all around the world, but that won't happen because I haven't even been outside the U.S.
Josiah Wilson May 2015
I fight and die for my country
While the world sits idly by
It's not for fame or money
It's a fight to stay alive

I watch my comrades fall
Riddled with bullet holes
They're the ones who gave all
They paid their debt in full

We give our blood for freedom
Our lives and bodies too
We pray for help to come
And pray that we pull through

I'll fight until I pass
Until I'm finally dead
Until I breathe my last
With a bullet in my head
r Feb 2015
a pentagon study
determined that putin
is an anti-social control freak
kind of vermin

(really? this required a genius
kind of keenness? really?)

darpa should stick to cool things
like the internet and invisibility cloaks
and drones armed with pork parts

a rodina rodent in the grain
needs spankin'
with more than just sanctions

cuz knocking out their incisors
doesn't make them any nicer

- a rat with no teeth
is still a rat.
r ~ 2/9/15
Vladimir Pavlov Nov 2014
The first great war took many people
But it was just a start for worse
It took the best of us, the livers
To revolution's ****** horse

This war erased aristocracy
This war had eat my own home land
Kurmysh was town at Sura river
Untill they came, soviet's undead

A part of us was pushed from home lands
Another part had shot in head
They called themselves a freedom bringers
But that was thing old Lenin said

While winners write the history
The truth becomes a mystery
Then bandits become heroes
And heroes gone to dust

And now, the robbers, killers
Are called a freedom givers
In part of lost empire
Ukraine, which now are sold
r Jul 2014
I am wheat
I cry, I cry
You leave your dead
At my feet
Oh why, oh why

At Gettysburg
We cried
Again, again
They rose and died
Below our stalks
They lie, they lie

From Stalingrad
To Leningrad
One million dead, one million dead
The Panzers came
Wheat fields aflame
They burned, they burned

And once again
You leave your dead
Ukraine, Ukraine
Oh, Putin's shame
The innocent lie
In wheat, in wheat.

r ~ 7/19/14
  |    Malaysia Air Flight 17
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