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SiouxF Aug 27
Let go of
The pain
The torment
The anguish
The worry
The times long since past.
Let a new exciting
Chapter unfold
In its own
Unique way,
Embrace change,
Welcome the unknown,
And hope
This is it,

Yea, yea, yeah,
It was understandable,
At first,
You were young,
Love was new,
Well unfamiliar love,
Or attraction,
That's a better word,
All you knew was looks,
Short kings don't go far,
No one wants a twig,
All you had was looks,
A cute face,
A nice voice,
Nice teeth,
Until 5th grade...

When you lost the gates,
The world free to explore,
The world inside your mouth,
A free pass,
Eh I just won't smile.
How long without smiling,
It's fine you have a smirk,
One you can easily change,
No worries you found something,
Well there was that temporary pause,
In highschool my sophomore year...

When I dislocated my shoulder,
Giving me another worry,
Without a smile,
Now without an arm,
Eh just another change,
Slowly losing confidence,
Yet forcing a change...

That leads us to now,
As an adult,
The man formed from it all,
The trauma,
The lost confidence,
It all formed an odd one,
Someone who writes it all,
Because any sight of you,
Well a beauty,
But now things happen...

To where I react,
Feeling of a swollen tongue,
At the sight of a beauty,
Or whoever my mind seems so,
The sudden freezing of my eyes,
Lost thoughts,
Unable to approach,
The hardest feeling to fight,
Yet I have been unable to do so,
I can only do things,
All in passing,
Hopefully you catch on,
Please do...

A punishment!
The closest I can get,
Words amongst each other,
With you in mind,
You within the words...
caught off guard
by yet another downpour
unprepared again
he could shelter
from the torrent
and tempestuous
beneath the hung branches
of this laden tree
beyond its means
but he knows
it cannot keep him dry
for as long as
he might need
from bough to branch
to leaf and bud
down the back of his neck
through layer upon layer
soon sodden and soiled
those discomforting drips
will expose that
which he didn't want
Man Jun 13
Free use,
I take it, it's from the abuse
And how it plays on your psyche
It's beyond me
Cause you talk
But I don't know, if honestly.
I know you hurt,
I love you.
Brandon Jan 17
fear holds you captive, immured in darkness
rejection pokes at your timid soul
neglect watches with voyeuristic pleasure
and your torture continues until...

hope finds you
happiness arrives with salvation
and love embraces you with a warming light
they are here, to keep your torment at bay
Stalwart Dull Oct 2022
Blood  sweat  and  tears.
W h i s p e r i n g  in  pain
When  the rain  blows  on
Eyes full of hatred and fear,
T h i r s t i n g   for   freedom
Seeking for humility to those who rule in presumptuousness and arrogance.
By MsSecreto/Stalwart Dull
08 October 2022
Evangeline Mar 2022
With the flicker of your wrist, pen live at hand.
Academia once again applauds and stands
The ovation unawaited, unexpected, Unabated, unresisted,
As the world before your knees bends.

The gray shroud of insecurity is tormenting  you,
Coalescing with the muse that gives you life
You’re duality,
You are human and then monster,
Nothing more than rampant beauty in your lines.

Appreciated never were you while you could be,
Torrid romance brought you happiness and strife.
Yet, you never stopped for death although he kindly did for you,
And felt a funeral in your brain come back alive.

You tell the truth, although a bit slant,  to succeed,
Your life has stood - a loaded gun straight at your head
And though success is counted sweetest when you least have seen him come,
A man’s entitled to take pride in all he has.

You say your enemy is the demon in your head,
A restless pen and *** of pearly sheets,
The manuscript of a novel never read,
Instead you leave plastered your heart in poetry.
Ell R Jan 2022
This is a poem you'll never read
This is a poem for me
To remember why it must be so
To remind myself of the full story
To remind myself to heal

I begged you
To stay
I said I was sorry, I needed you
I didn't know what I was sorry for
But maybe it would have kept you by my side
I sobbed and wept my heart out
But that didn't change a thing
You still left
To be with her

You told me
Before you left
That you didn't love me anymore
Maybe we were in love, you said
But it was the love of youth,
A heady infatuation
You were older now
You outgrew me
I was a thing you once used
Something you outgrew

It took me months
Months and months
Lots and lots of space
Healing space
And I realised
I didn't need you
You had outgrown me
And so had I

When you came back
Saying she had left with another
Saying she dumped you with nothing
That you realised that this love we shared Wasn't some childish infatuation
I remembered those nights of weeping
Waking up with your name on my lips
The torment and pain of healing

I looked at your pathetic bowed self
A drifter without any regard for others
And smirked
I hope you say my name in your sleep
Just as I said yours
That the shadow of me will hound you
To the depths of your dreams
And the corners of wakefulness
You will feel as I did
But you will not heal

Day 6,7,8 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: I hope you say my name in your sleep, space to heal, things you outgrew.

Terribly late but hey
Madisen Kuhn Dec 2021
the poem i resist digs deeper into my chest like a buried soulmate. it grows blurry and distant until i can’t find the sharpness of it, but i can still taste how it made me feel. the feeling becomes a dull hunger. the distorted memory of a bite. still gnawing, lost, hopeful that i will give in to my undoing and gruesomely reveal the bloodied shadow of a bluff that has been called home. neither of us can sleep. my teeth ache. when the sky turns purple with torment, i end up in the woods, collecting feathers, consumed in the uncaging of a fire that will never catch
JKirin Nov 2021
They've always been here — the signs—
in your every smile, your sighs,
in the long, gentle touches,
on your cheeks rosed with blushes.

What a fool I've been, didn't see,
didn't save you from ruin, from me.
I have failed you. I'm at fault —
you're in anguish; you hurt.

Stay away! I'm unworthy
of your kindness and mercy.
There is something I'm scared of —
I'm too hollow to bear love.

They've always been here — the signs—
in the way the whole world shines.
about believing to not be able to love nor accept it, and not realizing that you already do love
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