Seema 1d

Forgotten was I,
Unnoticed in everyone's eye,
Everything I did for anyone;
They only seem to say goodbye,
I wonder why people tend to lie,
Am I the only one with this feel,
Trying to let this torment heal,
Of why people are good only from outside,
And so reckless rusted from inside,
No one to walk by my side,
Left alone for me to decide,
Of how I should let myself go,
But no one surely understands me, so
I have made myself a deal,
To be positive and work for my meal,
Diverting my negative vibes,
So it doesn't affect others lives,
With positivity I feel a glow of aura surround me,
That's all to everything I probably just want to be...


hannah kay Jan 9

im standing, barely
    trying to see what's around me
im crying but no one can hear,
    not really
people throw their advice at me and it hits hard like ice against my skin
   and all i want is for someone to
hear me
    to really listen
they keep giving me words i did not ask for
we love you, we’re here for you
keep it; give it up
    life is hard; welcome to adult life

i open up to you
   but it’s still not enough
you’re the one who sees me cry;
   my tears are hidden by my smiles
to everyone else
you’re the one who knows my pain;
    my laugh hides the torment
from the outsiders

here i am, standing,
wishing you knew
that i have given you
all there is to give.

Cat Lynn Dec 2017

Down in the ground, your silver body lays
You were buried, with another person on that day

Both of you are unsaved
So now your abandoned in this muddy dirty grave

You men seek for answers, you seek fullfillment
For you only have half your heart, what an empty torment

Where did the other half go? We may never know
Who has it? The Questions seem to grow

You are not in a grave yard, but within the woods of one
You should be counted as dead, and your memories done

But there is no grave stone, so there maybe hope
Maybe your time in the ground is a scope

An opportunity to learn, to believe, and to repent of past sins
For those who have ears let him ear! For the change first starts from within.

Your darkened eyes, look to find hope and relief in others
But only the drowning down pour of depression is you cover

Your shadows of hair hang over your faces, your eyes to the cold moist dirt
Deep down under, your gray chains get tangled to share each others hurt.

The only company you have is each other, along with the fallen sin trees and young future saplings
Learn from nature dear men, for the love of the roots of the tree's  to the dirt is forever grappling.

Your charm of words remain in the containment of a plastic force
The force field refuses to open for you until you end your sinful course.

I have tried to dig you two up myself, but you were down too deep.
No power on earth could unburry you two, the possibilities seem too steep

Only the Super Natural forces of God could do that
But When? WHEN will you be unburied?

I'm sorry... I'm am one impatient Cat...

Every now and then We can feel your clasping hands reach for the empty red bench... hoping to get out of this grave.... and sit with us again....

Thankfully, one has been unburied recently, now, only by the Lord's will and grace, the other shall be too. I won't stop hoping and praying  for the lost one to finally return.
(Thank you David T for Checking this for me!)
Jonathan Finch Nov 2017

“I know she’ll break my heart,” he said.
“I know it certain as any sun
“Chivvies a glitter from a pipe of lead
“Where the poisoned waters run.

“She’ll take me into her thighs and turn
“Me out on a dawn as dark.
“Her face by the dark door, sorrow-stern,
“Will be creased with her smartest lark.

“Loose leaves and the ravelled flowers share
“Much aspect upon her face,
“But darker than any flutter of hair
“Is the part-past, and the chaste

“Abuse and mirror and sickening sweet,
“And battery forecast. And mean
“Her broken look! and her last retreat
“In the terrible City of Seen!”

from "Love' Poems For Kathy published soon on Amazon
LNI Nov 2017

The sanity of my mind in its most breathtaking imperfection
It's memories all blue and drunk with anger
A graveyard instead of a brain
A reckless driver of my hormones

I wish I'd stop feeling at all
Because feeling is painful
Existing isn't light
My bones, broken and trapped in my dead flesh
That won't let them escape.

I can't walk
I can't get out of bed
I scream help but just like my dreams
No voice is coming out of my throat

Either I'm dead or voiceless
or everyone else has gone deaf

I am racked with pain
My courage has become too bitter to swallow
Hope will never appear at this abominable party
That my body has become

My faith is fake

My knees clank
I numb
I wish I was dead
Or instead never been born

My eyes, a sun of shame too bright to look at
Men are the meat and women the wine
I swallow them both
I'll take them with me as I go

Cause I don't wanna go alone
I cry but no one listens
Except the dead or the desperate
The latter will never help another one of them

So I'm stuck with the dead
The deaf ones
I'm stuck in the deaf-land of the living dead

Blood, your beauty is my last home

Fill a bathtub with you and dip me into my mama's belly again
With all her bloody warm fluids
I want to be a baby again!
I want to start again!

With no pain

Blood, stop inviting me at night
It's not polite
I thought you were good
But you're as messed up as everyone else

I agonize
The rapes
The thirst for my mother's milk
I wish she was dead

But in a way, she's already dead

Please blood, make your whispers stronger
Your invitation more seductive
Fill the bathtub and fill me up
Fill the crater that trauma and torment left in my heart

Kindness, please fill the bathtub instead of the blood
Why you never knock my door?

Compassion, could you try to fill this bathtub?
Why you've disappeared?
Actually, we've never met.
But now it's the best moment to make it up to me.

So, come Compassion
and I'll forgive you and I'll love you
and I'll fill every day a bathtub with you
and swim in its endless depths
bigger than every ocean

every day

Kindness, Compassion,
Have you both become deaf?
Or are you voiceless?
The blood has taken you both

I'll never know if I go

But death isn't scaring
Life it is
How life alters you to the bone it is
Isn't it?

Acina Joy Oct 2017

Blue and red looked ridiculous in the sky,
but he made it all look beautiful.
A fracture of light from the tears of his eyes
Ingraining a feeling so indelible.

But there's a distance between him and I
A sky's length that are filled with voids.
When I try to reach out my hand,
The only thing that can reach is my voice.

So he's a rainbow on the ends of the earth,
With his legs cut off from the ground
And there will always be a sky's length between us,
As I look up, to see him look down.

-because he cries as it rains down on earth, for his sadness only entailed our distance in between.

I never came to fully realise it. but I like one of my best friends. It's strange, and I didn't want to ruin anything, so I decided that I could just let myself swallow my feelings, instead of tear ourselves apart. It was enough that I already had  a chance with someone else slip through my fingers, that I might just ruin our friendship with this one. I'm still too young to be like this.
Lila Timberwolf Oct 2017

Everything was dry
The ground rock hard as my shovel dug
The leaves around me wilting from the heat
It hasn't rained for weeks
But still I scrapped at the ground
Making my hole bigger and bigger
I remembered how your hands would touch me
How you were fake when people were looking
How behind closed doors you were the monster
That everyone thought was make believe
From age six til now you were there
Turning everything I was into a nightmare.
I kept digging
You stunk beside me
A stink that would make people cringe
To me I was used to it.
My shovel scrapped loudly on rocks beside my blue house
Just big enough
The hole was
You fell in with a thump
But I knew no one would help you get out
As shovel upon shovel fell on you
I thought about how you would be remembered
With the last shovel full
I thought
You will be remembered as the man who went missing.

This is a make believe story/poem. It is a form of fantasy but I tried to make it seem real.
Seema Sep 2017

Whenever life brings me closer to you
Nothing matters most than watching the sunset view
As the stars appear more clearer than the moon
Your time to depart always comes too soon

The fragrance of tulip flowers,
                             rises along the paths of my heart
When you kiss me, exploring my natural facial art

Your voice calls to me, as the day draws to an end
Another day awaits for us to love and spend

Sometimes the memory of you whispers,
                             sometimes it pricks
The night keeps me awake by the thoughts,
                             of your mischievous tricks

Why separation,
becomes the outcome of every meeting this way?
This matter now torments me constantly eveyday...


Seema Sep 2017

The angry drops of rain
Cries on natures pain
A way to voice to the beings with brains
Whose mentality is no less than a clogged drain
The earth soaks as much as it can
But the credit is always given to man
Who pollute and poison this environment
And leave other living beings in torment
The rivers flood, bursting their banks
Water rise from their usual ranks
It's flash flooding at this time of the day
But more to come as the high tide is on its way
Businesses and school operations are at halt
Still we humans don't admit our fault
If we look after our surroundings well, globally
And focus on environmental change locally
We could atleast relief nature from it's pains
For, I hope most of us start using our brains...


Thomas Conlan Aug 2017

The burden that breaks this back
is the weight of letting you down,
having lost your way,
having seen you drown.

You were the bright sky turned cloudy,
as I took shelter from your rain.
Your tears had filled oceans
and I cowered from your pain.

Now my heart hangs as heavy
as the world upon my shoulders.
Punishment fitting for the one
who stole, held, and broke hers.

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