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Eloisa Jun 5
And she danced to the gorgeous melodies of the ocean waves.
Echoing grace in her courageous and forgiving heart.
Retrieving what she lost in the darkest cave of the past.
A song of promise
to her most bearing self.
All the love that she deserves.
Everything she forgot
to give herself
I will never leave you
Your melodic voice
Makes me feel alive
Through my dark moments
Your infectious smile
Brings out the best in me
Your everyday care and affection
Make me feel like a perfect man
You heal my wounds every time I am hurt
You're calm and clear, soft and tender
Your beauty is not just about being pretty
But also about your morals and thoughts
I will always think about you
Even if we are worlds apart
Cuz’ you are all I yearn for
Make me your final decision
And we will grow old together
saint8 Apr 13
Under a rock
In the messiest river
You have given me
A power jam

It is red
And shiney
And it burns
With passion

If you hold it closely
You'd see the cracks
And feel the endless vibration
I always think it might break

But the red rock keeps it's structure
For every time I tried it
It has yet to fail me
It has shown me new lenghts

I am terrified it might fall into little pieces
One day
But as you promised
It always held together
Psychorange Mar 15
"Don't worry, we're going to fix this"

He told himself in front of everyone.

But nobody noticed him, only the promise.

And they cheered. And he believed just a little bit more.
Hi me
The early summer breeze gusts past my skin
A smile rises on my lips
I gaze at you
The warm, orange sunrise eclipses your face
and tints your rosy cheeks
Oh, how mesmerizing, you are

I gently squeeze your hand,
caressing your skin
A silent oath to cherish you for eternity
Your finger twitches in my grasp,
earning a small flinch from me
My head swings down at you
The amber sky and clouds drift past
in the glaze of your distant eyes
Along with my restored smile,
a faint, reassured sigh emits from my nose
Four years later, your little quirks still bewitch me

Enchant me

Captivate me

Seagull’s squawks echo in the sky as they glide past the terrain
Freezing cyan waves of ocean suddenly wash around our legs,
pulling the tawny sands with it
You’ve always adored the beach
Hence, our presence here today
A surprise outing for the fourth anniversary of knowing you
Four years you’ve graced me with
the astonishing, enchanting entity that is,

Since our initial encounter,
our paths were forevermore entwined,
in the manner in which, you simply can not mention one,
without mentioning the other
My lips slide over my teeth
I stare at your figure between my knees
Your outstretched, limp arms gradually sink in the damp sands
Your dull irises absently watch the golden orb rising in the sky
Your essence bubbles from your mouth
I take my thumb, wiping it away

As my final gift to your ethereal soul,
your red sands will spill from your form
in beautiful tendrils of crimson
And just as the yellow dunes,
destined to eternal the lands
EmVidar Mar 1
For the times I cannot love myself
Love me quietly
For when the silences are too loud
Love me peacefully
For when sleeps avoids us
Love me calmly
For when we weather the storms
Love me greatly
So the oceans feel like lakes
Love me deeply
So when I drown,
it's only in you

-em vidar
Shewrites Feb 26
If you stay with me, I promise to make you smile every day with my weird, silly jokes and random quirkiness.

I promise to hold your hand when you need someone to walk with you through the storm.

I promise to share my food with you, and willingly give you the last bite of my favorite ice cream, give you good massages, cook you your favorite meals, and laugh at your stupid jokes.

I will accompany you on all your adventures, road trips, food trips, and anything else you want to do.

I'll help you accomplish everything on your bucket list.
I will listen when you tell me about how horrible your day was when you came home from work.

I promise to hold you in my arms when you feel like your whole world is crashing down.

I'll make you see that there are a million reasons why I will stay. "
When I met the one for me....
Zywa Feb 4
I penetrate her,

digging for her promises --

my soul roves about.
"Genker liefde" ("Genk love", 2017, Mustafa Kör)

Collection "Truder"
Lil Moon Moon Jan 18
I write you poems in my head,
Hundreds thousands of them taking up space like the dead.

Some are sloppy with narry a rhyme,
Some are perfectly prosed and pieced in time.

Someday you will hear them,
Falling like prayers from my lips.

And when the day comes I hope you don't mind.
I hope you don't mind.

I write you poems in my head
Someday the stars will read them to you in my stead

And when the days comes that you hear
of my secret oaths to you my dear

Please bear in my mind
I needed no echo
... I only wanted you to know.
Erin Jan 9
I promised you life
even if I'm half the heart
so I'd watch you fly
It's quiet inside
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