You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart,
I would forget myself
But I'll never leave you alone,
You're the feelings of my mind
And blessings to me from god.

I am a friend of your sadness
And a bird of your happiness
I sing of your dream song
And always will sing for you,
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

You are the river of love
And I am your shore
I will play with blue water
And will do some more,
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

You're new days of my spring
I need your touch to smell pretty
I'll be green with your sweet love
I will never die and love you forever
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

I will face all of your hurts
If you give me happy smiles
Sweetheart, make me promise
'You will never leave me alone'

hlynnn 2d

the pain

the pain that you feel,
but can’t touch.
a pain you know of,
but can’t explain.
a pain so fierce
you go insane
the unknown pain
that clutches you heart
and burns in your soul
the pain
in your life
too strong to carry on
the unknown pain
that clouds your mind
and devours every thought
the pain of broken promises
broken dreams
the pain
that’s unheard of
the pain that’s
not seen

— J.C

y Mar 2014

I'm staring
at the moon
and it reminds
me of you.

because you said,
you love me
to the moon
and back

but what happened?
why did you leave?
did you honestly,
mean those words?

or it was just
one of your
little white lie?

alan Oct 14

Distance yourself from a world undone
I'm waiting in the darkness while you're on the run
guitar in my hand, all alone
watching the stars pass by, I'm on my own
dusty stars, far away
closing in
the light of day.
I promise I'll keep you safe
take hand in hand stars covered in sand
I promise I'll keep you safe
hold tightly the last of your kind
you saw me crumble before you
the weight of the world I bind
it's true.
I promise I'll keep you safe
safe from the lies before your eyes
like Dusty Stars, they blind you
follow my notes and broken chords
all is offset around us
but I will keep you safe.

Shawn Oct 14

Please forgive me
for i have not
so innocent
day of departure,
when i promised
to forget you,
i selfishly
promised myself
not to.

dizappear Oct 11

When we're kids
I remember about your promise
Speech from the lips
And now you forget it

I found all the women among you
And in your eyes joy and light
And near you I learned to fulfill
In my love I felt pride.

Tony Ortiz Oct 8

I watched her walk out the door with fear.
She was my all; without her, home isn't here.
I think back to all the times we had kissed,
All the time you wasted and opportunities I've missed.
Every time I held you in the pale moonlight,
Every time we fucked when the mood wasn't right.
Every smile and laugh I've ever gifted you,
You said you were different, but you were twisted too.
You said you'd never leave no matter how bad,
I guess the other me was gonna test that.
You said you'd love me until the end of time,
That song got old though, so you wrote a new rhyme.
One where, you're not with your man or son,
It's just you on your own, having fun.
I would've jumped off that stool long ago,
But the baby needs me so I had to let go.
When you left us, the baby's mother was gonna be missed.
So I watched you leave and told him,
"She's not me. I Promise."

Theme poem for this week was "The Promise"
Keren Oct 8

On a self-seeking desire to have someone
who I can vent my rumination
I stumble accross your name,
For a long time, I felt being resilient again

Despite wires tangled in my fingers,
I barely reached the button where we can connect
As if it was freed from decades of being chained.
And there is more here, you noticed me.

Your message betokened glimpses of a pensive mood,
Unlocked a door of your concealed emotions,
Lamps started to light up again from the sky
This is my arrival to your gloomy life.

I promise to never leave.

After a long time, I was able to scribble for someone again. This is for you, you.
LJ Chaplin Oct 5

I was promised the stars,
And so, without hesitation,
I looked to the sky
In search for the perfect one.

I scanned every inch,
Eager eyes flicking
Through a catalogue
Of constellations,

Then I found it,
A celestial beauty
Somewhere between
Orion's Belt and beyond.

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