We haven't been talking for quite some time
But you, you've been all the time on my mind
The past is gone, the future to find
Life's like a record tape and you can't rewind

What will you do when the golden days are gone?
Will you still play the Queen when you're alone on your throne?
Will the forsaken dreams always remain undone
Or can we revive this affection held back for so long?

Please tell me without you there won't be as many days
Ahead for me as the many that made us part ways
My love, in a daze, you set it ablaze
And I promise with you it forever stays

I counted the days and it's already a lot more. Too many. But I'll keep counting forever.
Jaimi M 3d

Only once
you promise.
An experience
that you won’t
ever forget.
One turns into
two, two turns
to three.
Your words
are so
sweet, so kind
encouraging me,
making me
I’ll piss you off
by the end
of the night,
but we’ll
kiss and make up
fucked up
it’s hard
to remember
what made you
angry in the
first place.

See the sun shining and the hillsides so green
The meadows reflecting the faint morning light
The lilies they blossom in nature's wide screen
While the air feels Fresh after the clear pristine night

I love the dewdrops on my bare feet
Anticipating the summer heat
But I have to leave this sweet landscape behind
The blue sky has taken my peace of mind

This beauty was all I have known for years
Since I left you, steadfast but torn and in tears
You gave me freedom to follow my heart
I missed you every second we were apart

I told you I had a promise to keep
A lifetime ago and a love so deep
We will close the circle in a perfect agreement
Keeping my word I knocked out my Demon

I made a vow to come back to you
If you ever only still wanted me to
One last loving look back to the greenfields afar
Don't wipe off the tear as I walk to my car

Memories of past years come to my mind
Distant dreams of a life left behind
Piercing through my heart like cut glass
I smile through my tears while I step on the gas

The road takes me down to our favourite place
Where I told you good-bye through a dolorous haze
Parked the car, I walk down the street
Anxious to see you, I'm stumbling on my feet

Now I am standing on this holy ground
Waiting for you to come around
The sun shines in my face, so gently and warm
I blink and I smile as I wake up in your arms

Closing the circle by using some black magic to vanquish the Demon you created from a singularity. In the circle the two lines will cross in the middle while the outer curves will be the farthest away from each other. For justification the two have to be unified again. Take the deal willingly for a greater good and you will stay righteous. The Devil will give you redemption.

This is the hill
I want to die on

The one that chimes
Like a temple bell
Struck by drunken monks
My empathy
Is an abandoned lake house
A burned-out shell
With human remains
Hidden deep in B1
There's citrus on my cheek
And a promise on my lips
That I can't bear to sound
I openly unkeep

A lady wore my skin
And ate my tongue
I sleep
Without dreams
And sweat through
The bed I built
I was the one
Hard up
Caught between floors
And grotesquely graceful
In the face of beauty
Bleach and beginners

I won't be
Clawing at her door
I let her keep me
I am not the midnight boy
Quiet as a wind-chime
On the ground
Three hands on my heart
High as fuck
And hoping to be missed
A snake comes for me
And strangles
My affection
I will be a mongoose

This is the hill
I want to die on

Vlassis 5d

Red and white pillows
Linen white sheets
On an empty bed
What a sad picture
to end a promising beginning

Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

I hold you like a lily pad
within my palms that glisten,
and I kiss you with the promise
to never write about you again,
knee-deep in a river,
my heart longing to sink.

I wrote this while listening to rocket by beyoncé
Chan S 6d

Best friends lovers Partners in life standing next to you I can handle any strife

Since the day we met I just knew it was meant to be, because looking into your eyes I could see our eternity.

Knowing you're here for me and I'm here for you too, with us intertwined  there's nothing we can't do

I hold you up and you hold me higher because your soul possesses my every desire

I promise each day to make your heart smile, to cherish your presence in my artful style

From this day forward you will always have my heart because I knew loving you was RIGHT from the start.

I love you now and I'll love you forever because I know our love will survive the toughest weather.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
Vlassis 6d

She said to me
I keep a special place for you in my heart
and in a heartbeat I found her riding the clouds
At first, I thought she left
the time bent, I met my present and my past
into that moment
I saw no future, not that I cared anymore
Winters came and went
Summers burnt my face and freckled my back
I said I'll try to find the  place she has for me
fool as I am
I wander the world looking for sights
I tremble the sounds of the rain
I sip the colors of the sunset
Where is this place in your heart
where is this place where you keep me
devastated I am
blind with my wide open eyes
mute with a loud scream coming out my lungs
deaf in this noisy fair
I feel her presence everywhere
You keep a special place in your heart for me
a place where is everywhere.

Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Leonila 7d

God's Child
Child uniquely loved
Astonishing in His eyes
Made without a thought
Still you are not a mistake
God's child a part of God's plan.

Copyright©Leonila 2015


Babe, you know
You can always climb under my skin, you know my heart plays for you a song, my brain is at your disposal.
Strip my lies, my feelings, my identities. You tear them so they melt away.
Dig down find
Your shovel hit a rock, maybe treasure. My center, my skeleton, that's all I have to give. I can't promise you will wander further than that, but it's your choice to get there, your choice to take.

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