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what if there was a lock with no key to throw away?
what if it could be sealed with no lips having a taste?
what if it held your words with no rope to tie it down?
what if it can be made with just words with no sound?
everything was built through a promise. so don't break it, because a promise is a promise and I only believe it because you're the one who made it. don't be like them, I hope to god that you're not like them. eating their words until they're full while I'm empty and broken.
You may not have been a lifetime partner,
But you’re a lifetime experience
In another lifetime
TS Lefort Jun 6
Fallen people are the common ground,
Relentless pursuits of no avail,
Desperate illusions of a promised land,
Flaying limbs no hands that join,
No hope no help no heaven;
Falling people screaming without a sound.
kayzamo May 27
you call me your light -
breaking through your cloudy days and darkest nights,
and making the sunny days burn brighter.
if that's the case, then you're my light switch:
lifting me up, turning me o-
... okay, that's not the direction I meant to take that in.
i mean... it is tr-
alright, let's just move on.

i'm not sure whether to make this sweet
or stupid.
i guess it could be both? i'm not really sure.
i'd like it to have some sort of flow, though.
i'd like to make the poem poetic.
how am i supposed to make feelings into "art"
when i barely understand those feelings to begin with?

all this talk of "feelings," feelings.
feelings are fleeting...
i'm not playing around with that *******.
i have so much more building up in me
than just a feeling.
what i have, pulling at every muscle in my chest,
is... more like a promise.
a promise to you, and a promise to myself.

but what is that promise for?
what does it entail? what does it assure?
is it a promise for the future,
to press forward together despite the wrathful storms?
or is it a promise for the present,
to keep our palms and arms open
in case we need to fall back on each other?
i don't know - it could be neither, it could be both.
i'm still trying to figure out what the promise means,
and what it's for.

there is one thing that's clear to me.
there's one part of that promise
that i'm absolutely certain of.
no need to build suspense...
i'll cut to the chase.

i promise

i know, that seems like such a little thing.
i can give honesty to anyone, right?
but when i say honesty, i don't mean the bare minimum.
i'm not talking about basic respect,
and baseline truthfulness that everyone deserves.
i'm not even talking about polite humility,
or standard integrity.
i can offer that to anyone,
and i could give you that even if i didn't love you.

so let me clarify...
this is what i mean when i say honesty:
i'm promising to remove my mask around you;
to let the fake persona shielding me crumble.
i'm promising to let you into places of my conscience
that i don't even know about.
a promise of full vulnerability,
to give you a carbon copy of the key to my being.
i promise to tell you things
that i've never told anyone.
hopefully, by opening up that intimate honesty,
i can support you in a stronger way as well.

there's more to the overall promise, yes,
but i've yet figure out
what each dimension of it means.
i'm excited to further discover that promise
together with you.

wow, i intended this to be funny.
i guess it got real, huh?
I personally don't know how to feel about the piece, since it reads a little differently than my typical writing. The person I wrote it for said it was their favorite though, so I figured I'd post it. Critiques welcomed!
Kailin Biver May 27
All you do is walk blindly into a forest
Do I dare follow you into these dark woods which so happen to look modest?
Must I dive into that mind which is so deep?

Yes, because I’ve got my own promises to keep.

I hear you murmuring to yourself; “people are all so easy to read, but not me.”
I don’t quite get what you mean.

It suddenly starts to darken and rain
And that’s when you collapse and cry out: “I’m miserable having to deal with all this pain!”

You then get back up...
Hoping you can get out in time before your legs start to give up.

Think you can make it?
Kailin Biver May 27
I made a promise
A promise I wasn’t ready to make

I promised I would tell someone
But what if I don’t want to become that one?

The one who identifies as the sad girl
The one who doesn’t care about the worlds pearls
The one who can’t simply just give it a whirl

I see her and the promise is at the back of my mind
I’m no master mind
But I manage to leave that thought behind

What will a days difference be?
I’m sorry mum,
You’ll have to wait a little longer for your chickpea
This is just my rule of thumb

It’ll take a little bit of time
Until then, I will continue to rhyme.
selina May 25
in the few moments
before dreamland crashed into reality
the skies glittered like cities of light

there was the sight of your bright eyes
admiring in the soft candlelight
the silhouette of your finger

tracing the constellations as
you shared a story of dusk and dawn
leading to the promises of a forever

which rolled from your tongue and became
the only words that ever mattered as much as the
"of course, i care," which you melded into lullabies

that repelled the terrors of loneliness
of wars in the heavens and monsters in the dark
your smile radiated light and

in the way your warmth surrounded me
you became young apollo
and i, your uncursed, loving daphne
Jason May 6

Dreamscape twilight skies
Gentle light, blue and pale
Arms embracing love and life
Breathing fast and frail
Passioned gasp and sigh
Inspired by bone sharp nails
Tracing down soft thighs
Round supple tail
Chasing chills up spine
Neck arching sweetly impaled
Pupils lock eyes
Shared ecstasy exhale
Spirit-minds entwine
Heart's promise, eternity trails

© 05/06/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
miniyollo Apr 16
Every day I try running away from you,

but that pulls me to the fake promises u made days back.

Every day I try to find a reason to hate you,

But you make me fall more.

Every night when the silence wails,

I miss your voice.

Every night when the cold creeps in,

I miss the warmth you were to me.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t search for you.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t want you to go.

The clock stops

Brings me back to you

The heart races

I just miss the me I was with you.

You said you left me and goodbye,

But I never accepted it,

I tell the others that I want answers

But all I want is your arms.

I didn’t know I was in love,

But now that there’s no you,

It gets harder to bleed for a void.

I was ready to cross the ocean,

but u saw me drown in it,

you didn't have to say it back,

because I knew you would never love me.

but you lied,

and let me choke in the Lala land I was building for us.
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