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Trickster drizzle peters,
Expectant trees are mawkish;
Rain’s failed sweet promise!
If anything, your lies and promises used to and still be my favorite reminiscences...
Yet, my remorse, darling?
Was yearning for your fictitious love...
Giving you a happified privilege to watch me angsting and dying for nothing...

Spitz 2d
I know I am not an easy person.
I know I overthink it all.
I know I can be insecure.
I know.
But I promise you,
while it is hard for me to accept it,
I will give you love
with every part of my being.
I will love you
with a passion and fierceness
that will make you wonder
where I was this whole time.
I will make you forget
every imperfection you have,
because I love all of them.
I will comfort you
when life draws your tears.
I will care for you
like the sun cares for the earth.
I will try to be everything you need.
I may not be very good
at being loved,
but I promise you,
I am good at loving.
Fay Kim 3d
Sometimes I crave to write just to feel my keyboard brush against my fingertips
I agree with their word of choice with the press of a comma
A small betrayal when they rewrite our secrets

But I crave that deep ache that turns my bones brittle
That heartbreak plea for more when the space bar sings

"No more," My tongue pleas

But the stories are tangling around my body like a noose
the stitches in my skin are reopening with the press of a button
and at last, I feel free.


"What have you done."

Pressing save with a confidence the tongue will always lack.
"Something you should've."
During twilight
under the moon light
glared the stars
walked for endless hours
we held ourselves together
but our bodies never saw each other
though our undefined soul
took steps as whole
and we started to walk
and our souls continued to talk
Kuch gine chune se saal hai,

Jo hai yahi haal hai…

Thode rishtey hai jyaada waade hai,

Kuch pure hai kuch aadhe hai…

Chaar dost hai aneek iraade hai,

Jindagi haar jeet se aage hai…

Jo baate adhoori hai,

Adhoori hi sahi…

Dosto muskurate raho jindagi itni bhi buri nahi…
JCL Nov 9
there was hope
there is none

are the dreams
what might have been

i live
but die
a thousand

where is
the happiness
the one
you promised

what did
i do
why did
you leave

you are
my sun
you were
the universe

what sin
was committed
you banished
into the cold

do i live
end this
Jo Swan Nov 7
It is time for her to drown
into the abyss of darkness.
An emotional breakdown;
The salty taste of bleakness.

She must swim across her
Sea of subconscious
And though her soul may stir,
I will fulfill my promise.
The darkness has deep depth.
Even in the dark, I’m here.
I’ll blow the breath of strength,
to face your inner fear.
So that you’ll reach the shore
And cherish me-
Your Saviour!
Mya Nov 6
modern English

I want to promise to love you, my lover,
I’ll never hurt you for the rest of my days
At this moment I will be your friend forever
I could tell you my love in many ways

But none of them are good enough for you
I will spend my days with the one I love
Because we are the perfect two
I will always be your elegant white dove.

I hope that we can grow old together
Our families may be enemies
But we could be like garlic and butter
When I am weak you are my remedy

With every beat of my heart,
I will love you till death due us part


I wanteth to gage to loveth thee, mine own lov'r,
I’ll nev'r did hurt thee f'r the rest of mine own days
At this moment I shall beest thy cousin f'rev'r
I couldst bid thee mine own loveth in many ways

But none of those folk art valorous enow f'r thee
I shall spendeth mine own days with the one i loveth
Because we art the p'rfect two
I shall at each moment beest thy elegant white dove.

I desire yond we can groweth fusty togeth'r
Our families may beest enemies
But we couldst beest liketh garlic and buttocks'r
At which hour I am weak thou art mine own remedy

With ev'ry did beat of mine own heart,
I shall loveth thee till death due us parteth
I tried to write a Shakespearean sonnet and converting the modern English to Shakespearean language.
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