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Amanda 1d
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
Your soul is worth saving
Your heart is worth shaping
Your legacy's changing
You're not worth erasing

I promise.
Whatever you may have done
No matter the person you think you've become
You're someone, worth waiting for, your story has only begun
You Deserve
To be

You deserve
To feel every thrill of living
Because you are an individual that is unlike anyone else in the world
You deserve to realize
That your existence is a blessing

So do not settle for misery or dissatisfaction
Life has more to offer you than a broken soul
Get away from me
Your presence repulses me
With all honesty
When I said
I meant hold me

I hate you
You make me feel the worst
Truth of the matter is
When I said
I meant I love you

You annoy me
I regret ever saying yes
With overflowing truth
When I said
I meant thank you for choosing me

I promise
To keep you
To live for us
To care about your interests
To be yours and only yours
When I said
I meant it
Shona Oct 9
I promise to protect you from the outside world.
I promise to make you feel special.
I promise to hold a cherish our momments together.
I promise to love you until the day I die.
Little bro you are growing everyday and I can not tell you how proud I am of you.  To everyone that reads this if you have a brother or a sister go and hug them tell them how much you love them. One minute they are just a little baby the next they are winning medals and off to do great things
Henri Coetzee Sep 28
Sleep, sweet release
From life, from living.
Dreams, promises
Of better times and hope.

Sleep, cruel mistress
That leaves too soon.
Dreams, lies
Of false realities and hope.
Seal have i carved on you,
Binding your thirst, sealing up leaking cracks of cravings;
Seconds to asunder.
Restrain i must your pending bite,
A taste so sweet, once a lifetime,
Till the bed of union is
Unshackled by marriage.

Come now,
Hold tight the hands of commitment;
Daughter of celibacy on
The lush island of discipline, birthing
Fruits of wisdom.

Let her forge you after her likeness,
For she descend from obedience
Anointed by virtue and Barren of sin.

She shall with her shard of justice,
Skin thee of lust; yielding screeches from thy mouth
To bury thy rotting scent in a pit of confusion,
Warding off venomous wombs
Baptized by Satan; To prepare thee for the Promised,
My Maiden of Chastity
With her receipt of purity.
In due time.
ibkreator Sep 26
if you focus on the best of life it will be created to you
and if you focus on the worst that will be created to you too
Meca Sep 27
Time for bed,
Rest your head,
I'll  protect you dear,
from the nightmares you bare,

Close your eyes,
Count to three,
You'll be safe with me,
I promise you my dear,
A sweet lullaby for a furry buddy or to your precious little flowers ♥️
Feeling that my parenting days will be over as they start to get older
m Sep 23
the better part of last-minute
and i spend it staring at your lips;
the poems spill out of your mouth
and stain my hand-me-down rug;
as if our brokenness is compatible,
my masochism needs company
and you are eager to disappoint.
the tongues and whispers of secrets
in a cyclical nature; i have been here before.
the familiarity the fear the focus:
the fallacy of finding love in an empty heart.
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