Walking into
A ray of sunshine
After so much

A new wave
Of adventures
And joy

The sunlight
Warming my face
Bringing me

I will get better
For everyone
But most of all
For me
Trying to get better a little bit every single day.
III May 14
Beneath the milky grin
Of a smoldering shimmer
Cast lost among the
Unwavering yearn of
The night time sky,

We stood with our
Dusty shoes clamped together,
Our arms folded inward
And our heads too heavy to lift,

And we made our
Light fuzzy wish on
Dandelion puffs picked
Before the morning's dew,

"All of the wishes
You've ever made before
Meant nothing,"
I'd say,

"In order to make this one
Mean everything."
Aa Harvey May 12

Reality ain’t as dreary as some say it is,
Or others say it will be.
Positivity is the best of me,
So I apologise for my negativity.

Do not just smile to make them happy,
Smile because you are really happy.
Tell them if you are feeling sad.
Things improve with time;
Stop living in the past.

Do not bother to swear,
Or make promises you cannot keep.
Get an early night,
It sounds like fun
And we all need a little sleep.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jose Cruz May 11
I wrote this poem for my close friend
In which I hope our friendship will never end
As we grow closer to each other
I hope that this poem will help us grow deeper

I promise that I will help you grow
Even in times when you are feeling low
I promise to help you keep going
Even when the world says "You should stop continuing"

I promise to help you build your Faith
Forever you can share your problems to me, mate.
I promise to help you to stand up
When you are about to give up

I promise to always be here
No matter what happens I'll have no fear
I promise to be patient with you
No matter how naughty you do

Lastly, I promise that I will always be here
And I hope that you won't leave me dear
For our friendship is too precious to me
And to lose it will not happen forever be
For my girl close friend, I promise to protect and to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord.
Rebecca May 11
He called her a princess,
and said the she deserves a crown.
He said that she needs to be royalty.
He said it’s her destiny.

Years later she has his baby,
he’s never home after work anymore,
and this is what she thinks.

I’m calling myself worthless,
and that I need to leave this town.
I need what I never got and that is loyalty.
She said that is what she needs.

You left your perfect future,
why in the world did you do this to her?
She did nothing to you,
yet all you did was use her…

You spoke broken promises,
you never stuck to what you meant.
All she known about you
was how you always left broken promises…
i’m made of sidewalk cracks and moments i should’ve taken
i’m made of broken rings and the wrong girls i put my trust in.
because i didn’t know what love was until i kissed a girl made of thorns
and i didn’t know what happiness was until fear started sleeping without locking the door.
i’m no where near what the world makes me out to be
what it expects from me
and maybe that’s okay.
i’m made of crappy coffee and the constant pressure of being something else
i'm made of holes in the foundation and girls that kiss me just to watch me melt.
because i didn't know what lust was until i touched skin made of broken glass
and i didn't know what hope was until i fell a little too fast.
my story ends before it even starts
because forever is only real if you look like art
but i look like broken promises in an empty hallway
and maybe that's okay.
and strange what desire will make foolish people do
shåi May 10
flashing red
crazy eyes
her eyes
mirror her feets

like soft charcoals
hitting the refreshing ground

pebbles tap the
soil quietly
a running oasis

her garments
sweep the floor
like steam

the face
pale as the invisible air
honeykissed by the dew
of the silent nighttime

i wish to touch her
be one with her warmth
but yet
she leaves my reach
drifting like
fireworks in the dark

her mind
enlightens me
as the candle dim
i would kiss her every thought

her voice
tinkling chimes
recourse through
my being
with her i am forever home
i have returned from the depths of my mind
Aa Harvey May 7
Your love piggy bank.

I need you to breathe your love into me;
I want to take you deep within.
You are the one who understands how to make me feel like a man;
You give me strength, you offer wisdom
And you have given me all you can.

So I thank you for every drop of effort you have exuded,
Because I don’t think without it,
We would ever have made it.
You try to make me happy, so I shall persevere;
I will do all I can to please you, every time you are near.

I will lift you up, when you fall;
I will open every single opportunity door.
I will do whatever it takes to make your life easier
And if you need me to, I will run through a brick wall.

I will keep all promises and every compliment that I give,
Will hopefully hit its target; let none of them miss.
I will shower you in kisses
And lay down a red carpet for you to walk upon;
I shall confess my feelings for you, to all who can hear,
Through my poetry and through my songs.

I will stand at your side
And protect you from any harm that may come your way;
I will be here if you need me and at your side I will stay.
In times of ill harvest, I will fill your love piggy bank
And when the good times have returned,
I will never take my love back; it is yours to have.

I have an endless amount of love in my hands
And my heart will never run out.
I am yours to love forever
And to you I will forever remain faithfully devout.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 5
I will get through this.

I will run through the pain and I will rise above the flames.
I will thank the Lord above, the day I truly feel safe.
I will open my arms and embrace the beauty of her face,
The day I can truly live again in this wonderful place.

I will get through this, I will fly up high;
I will get through this, I will raise another smile.
I will get through this, if only I can truly try,
To live again my friend, then I will once more feel alive.

I will travel on, in this little mixed up life of mine
And I will rise up one morning, to see the sun shine.
I will kiss the morning, whilst wearing nothing but a smile,
Because life does go on, so you can once more have a life.

Life is way too short to let your fears hold you back;
You need to look after your body to prevent a heart attack.
You need to find something to love, so you can truly relax;
Then you will find your Heaven once more
And at long last once more laugh.

I will get through this; I will fly up high.
I will get through this, I will raise another smile.
I will get through this, if only I can truly try,
To live again my friend, then I will once more feel alive.

As the rain falls down like the tears falling from my eyes,
I remember that time when the sun did truly shine.
It lit up her eyes like the radiance of her smile
And it made me feel at ease, like the water to the fire.

I will conquer my demons and stop all my negative thoughts
And I will remember the good times, like that time they acted cool.
I will stand up proud and remember how they touched our lives,
Like a ray of sunshine, they showed us our paradise.

I will get through this; I will fly up high.
I will get through this, I will raise another smile.
I will get through this, if only I can truly try,
To live again my friend, then I will once more feel alive.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
A May 5
Promises made so fluently,
Promises made by you,
Promises given so effortlessly,
Promises you never see through.

A promise to me is something you keep,
It's sacred, it's an oath,
Something give priority to,
A mutual agreement between both.

To you, they're just words,
Words I gratefully receive,
But inside your promises, there's nothing more
Than words to simply deceive.

And the thing that infuriates me
Rattles me to the very core,
Destroys my faith, shatters all hope,
Makes me resent you even more...

Is I'd rather be surrounded by truth,
Than to be fed a lie for so long,
The lies are your promises,
And that is heartbreakingly wrong.

If you can't keep it,
Simply don't make it,
And if you don't mean it
There's no need to break it.

I don't need false promises,
I don't need false security,
And if you cannot see that,
Have a chat with your maturity.
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