the tears will dry
the heartaches will fade
the pain will go away
time will slow down
and everything
will feel still
and you will feel at peace
I promise.
Amanda 7d
I'm easy to love.
Yet I am hard to be with.
My heart is so big and so full,
But my soul so empty and dark.
When I am happy my smile lights up the sky
When I am sad, I am devastated, my tears crash around me as the unstoppable thunderstorms in my eyes rage on.
I give myself wholly to you, everything I have and all that I am, completely.
The problem is when I do that there is nothing left to give myself, and I am left hollow and dim.
I will tell you how much I love you every day and show you I care with little acts of kindness.
An hour later I will find myself lashing out violently with angry hands and shouted words.
I promise I will never leave you,
I can't promise you will never want me to.
I am easy to fall for,
But I am hard to stay with.
I don't usually write freeverse but here is what I am feeling right now.
G Mar 12
There was a time when I was young
When you and me promised we wont be apart
Sealed with a kiss
Tell me what happened to that promise

Promise to never be apart
Promises that did't come from the heart
How did you do it
How can you just quit?
df Mar 11
you planted a garden for me.
and i loved every single petal that bloomed.
including the thorns.
but i've noticed some flowers are
missing. taken. cut.

i guess i was just your plot of land, feeding on the lies you gave me.
by all means, go, the market awaits you.
sell them the promises you made me.

{d.f. | 03/10/18}
p.s. you should definitely tune in tonight, march 11th, on NBC at 10/9c and watch #SEASON2 of #TIMELESS
TeeCrush Mar 8
I want to love you like nobody ever has.
I want to see you grow and walk with you through new things as we hold hands.
I’m a slave to your love and your wish is my command.
Listen to my heart as it grows and expands.

I would do anything for you,
I would do my best to make you laugh,
and make you forget what envies crossed your path.
I’d write you a song and sing you a lullaby,
I’d hold you and be your wings so you could fly.
I would always love you, you would never cry.
It will always pain you to say goodbye,
and I will hold you in my heart until the day I die.

But I can feel it - you do not love me as I do you
You cut the cord and let me fall through and into -
A heartbreak so strong, my mind has no silence and my sadness is boisterous,
Heart and mind did not know your love could hurt me like so and be so poisonous.

You could not bring yourself to love me,
and you bid my love goodbye.
Now listen to my heart as it withers and dries.
I hope you will never this feel this pain,
because when someone turns down your love as you just did mine,
It’s so hard to not want to disappear and die.
It started sweet and then took a sort of dark turn. It's an alright poem I suppose.
Jeff Gaines Mar 7
When you say “I love you”,
you've made a contract with a heart.
It's a tangible thing, very real …
and binding, right from the start.

It states that you'll be there,
steady and true …
your colors never fading
or even changing hue.

You've declared that this heart means something
to the one that beats in your chest.
You've sworn to be faithful and willing
to always give only your best.

But so many souls
carelessly throw those words around.
They are just so easy to say.

When spoken insincerely,
they leave hearts on the ground.
Such a terrible price to pay.

Contemplate this agreement, deep in your mind,
before you sign that page …
This mise is for two souls to fly together
and never for one to be caged.

You've promised to be there
bringing laughs and fending fears …
with hugs and encouragement to warm that heart,
a friend throughout the years.

Must you remember your covenant?

Oh yes … forever seeing it through.

Must you keep your honor and never break it?

Of this, be sure … as you'd not want that done to you.
(BTW, of course, this word is Latin)

From Wikipedia:
Stipulatio was the basic form of a contract in Roman law. It was made in the format of question and answer.
Joshua Hobbs Mar 7
Have you ever spotted a smile;
That makes you stop for awhile?

And then you really stop to listen;
Almost hearing their beauty glisten...

It's that kind of smile that stays with you.
The one you dream about when the day is through.

Brings back memories of being a kid.
Ignorant in our innocence, with all the things we did.

The first time we ever had a lolipop,
Or the long summer days we wished would never stop.

Growing up... Was such a drag,
Drowning in all the things that made us mad.

From our eyes, waves became tears.
And our hearts were broken a few times over the years.

But the one thing that'll always make me smile...
Is when I stop and think about you for awhile.

The smile that sat upon an adorable face,
With eyes that could make a man lost in all their grace.

I'd do anything to keep you smiling forever.
This fool would never let it go... Nope...
Never Never.
She is too cute, you know?
Jude Mar 6
with your pinky intertwined with mine,
our noses pressed together,
you ~were~ in love
and I ~am~ in love.
and you wanted to stay,
and I would have stayed.
now my stomach churns
at the fear of you falling in love with someone
who is not me.
Amanda Mar 4
You're one in a million, one of a kind,
The one thing that never leaves my mind,
I spent my whole life trying to find,
Someone like you; gentle and kind.
Now that I have I know there's no way,
I could leave you, no words can convey,
How special you are, what I'm trying to say,
Is no matter what happens I'm gonna stay.
No chaos could ever pull me away,
You are more than my man, you're my soulmate.
Your arms are now my permanent home,
I know I will never again feel alone,
Your heart is only mine to own,
I won't ever give you a reason to roam,
It's clear to me these feelings have grown,
The bond we share is solid like stone,
When you call I will always pick up the phone.
I wish I had an explanation for the way
I feel. I don't, but I'll try anyway.

When I wake up you are the first thought on my mind,
Your face the last image I see before night leaves me blind,
You keep my worries low, and my hopes high,
You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.

I love having you around, it's true,
I wish I spent every second with you,
I hate that I am not able to,
Give you the support I know is past due,
Or finish all the things you need me to do,
But you give me motivation to improve,
And one day soon I'm certain I will be
The version of myself you see inside me,
That's when our lives will finally
Become what we envisioned; simple and easy.
Then we'll get married, pick a place and settle down,
Build a house, start a family, in a sleepy little town.
Let's grow old together, just us two,
I found my happily ever after in you.


I know there will be troubles, we'll fight,
But when it's darkest I'll be your light,
The future is coming, clear and in sight,
Give me your hand, let me hold it tight,
Understand that although this moment right
now might not be happy and bright,
There is much more in store, i am quite
Sure of this, we'll prevail despite
Obstacles, let's keep eachother upright,
Until the day our dreams take flight,
And take us both to greater heights,
Our destiny is a book, pages blank and white,
A story only we are able to write,
Instead of a novel doomed to recite,
Perpetual fates. As long as we unite
We can take on the haters with their spite,
I'm excited, I strike a match and ignite,
The fuse leading to your hearts dynamite,
Hoping an explosion of love is what I incite,
Or at least a spark of mutual delight.

I promise one day everything will be alright,
Tomorrow isnt promised but at least we have tonight.
For my boyfriend.
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