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of you
brings me tears.
I love you
so much,
I don't want you to leave.
At least
if you leave,
promise me you'll
never forget about me.
Because I'll never forget you...
I was chosen by chance
The moment fate took a bite
The start of my story
Was the end of his life
I felt unworthy and confused
Running farther from the fight
I wasn't scared of the dark
I was more scared of the light
That focused on my failures
Weighed by greater expectations
I was ****** into the web
Of my own frustration
I want to run and hide
Just to escape it all
Forget what fate has given me
All of my fears and all of my falls
This mask that holds a legacy
Wasn't able to mask a novice
Because this suit held a hero
And I wasn't suited for this promise
you and you only
be first in my heart
I promise to love thee
‘till death do us part
s v e n 5d
I love you
And only you.
I don't understand
Why it's hard to believe
That I can actually love someone,
That I can actually care
For someone else
Other than myself.
Am I that broken to you..?
Am I that heartless
To you..?

I love you
And only you.

I can also understand
Why you feel this way
I know I wasn't the best to you,
I know I was a bit careless too.

But I promise,
That I love you
And only you.
You won’t leave right?
I don’t want you to leave
I hate being isolated
I do like to be connected with others
Whether it’s in the streets
School, work,
I do hate to be alone
Heck, I can’t be alone
Even if my own room or home
I need to hear my mother’s cooking
My father’s typing at his computer above me
My sister’s awful singing
My brother playing football outside

And your voice
Telling me things

Don’t leave.
Definition of monophobia - Fear of being alone.
v Jan 15
I used to love
between the promise
        of forever
licking fingers -
(road) salt fingers.

Midnight fighting fingers
    between mine -

I miss my cocoon.
“don’t worry honey” hammock.
rouge meadow princess.
half full
holy hammock

you taste like taboo and ***** secrets
sometimes even like whiskey mixed with memories i need to let go, can’t keep 'em
and if you ever want someone else loving you the way i do
just let me know
and if you ever want someone else giving it all up for you
just let me know
because you smell like sunshine and look like my favorite regret
pinky promises tight around my throat
almost like you never want to let me go
and if you ever want to
just let me know.
i know a girl with moonlight in her hair
fireflies spilling from her tongue
i know a girl and i know this is love
even if she, you, does not want it to be
can't change destiny.
you look like pretty please's with cherries on top
sometimes even like ice sizzling when it gets too hot, you get too hot
hot enough to knock all the dressers and pictures off the walls
and if you ever want someone else to water you down the way i do
just let me know
and if you ever want someone else to change all the furniture around for you
just let me know
because i’d change all this furniture around for you
as long as you swear on your father’s grave you’ll never go
may he rest in peace.
there’s this new thing called love that i’d really like to try
it’s said to have the power to crush your soul with one goodbye
that sounds pretty cool, right?
you feel like broken mirrors and black cats
like drowning in **** and empty threats
you are golden fire
pure destruction
i’ve fallen for you, i’m sure
but you’ve already fallen for him
i’m sure.
he is the only thing that you ever see, how is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?
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