Daytra 3d

The thought of you touching me make my skin crave.  
I can no longer pretend that I don’t need you
I need all of you every single cell
My being craves for yours
No man has ever had me OPEN
Its not just sex between us  
I have your soul  
I have your heart  
I have your being
Your complete and total being
I have you OPEN  
This thing we have created has become more than I could ever have imagined
Master is what you are
Bitch is what I am
This feeling I am feeling has got me ummmm I can’t explain it, but I love it
My body my soul I can’t live without you I don’t know what all of it meant its nothing like  
The meaning I dreamt of it so much brighter so much clearer so much warmer  
This has my mind open to possibilities beyond this realm  
I am scared that I won’t be enough for your nature
I need to be yours  
I need to be yours
I can’t with no other  
I am yours

Gage B Jan 8

I have a bracelet made of black leather and a metal ring.
I've had it for two years.
I remember the day I first decided to wear it,
and I never took it off.

That bracelet became a part of me as I went through
family troubles and loneliness and the fact that
my friends were never my best friends.
But I will never forget my bracelet that stuck with me,
regardless of the circumstance.

It has been two years, and my bracelet is frayed
and tattered, but that metal ring still holds both ends together.

That metal ring, able to cope with all of that time,
held together probably one of the only things that
truly gave me character.

It wasn't about how that bracelet looked on me,
but rather what it resembled.

The black leather can no longer stay together,
and one day...

It fell off my wrist.

I will never be able to wear that perfect bracelet



An April Strand caught by the Grasp of My Eternal Will

God is the giver of life.
and  devil  declared  death.
God rose from the grave .
The devil was defeated

God says I am  the way the truth the life

A man who promises a lot,
One thing but certain has doubting thought.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
Jay Lewis Jan 2

Why do you want me to change you?
When your perfect the way you are.

I hate that we don't speak,
but that doesn't change my heart.
I miss you being with me,
but when I look up to the stars.
A promise of tomorrow is never too far.
I gaze up with the hope that your happy,
just the way you are.

frankie Jan 2

you promised you'd love me forever
said it with tears in your eyes and a soft voice that makes it debut once you try to speak after a screaming match and an ocean of tears
you promised you'd never leave me and that we'd be infinite

only fools make a promise like this
nothing can exist forever, everything is forgotten and everyone decays into the ground eventually
no one can die together, no one can last forever, someone always dies first
no one can love someone forever, pure love isn't real because if you love someone, there's times where you hate them, and times where you want nothing to do with them

that is why on that faithful night
I left, you made a promise you couldn't keep and that is the promise that wasn't a fools promise, that was the one of the few promises you made that you could keep.

Lyn-Purcell Jan 1

This poem marks my wishes that
I want in this New Year.
2017 is now a closed chapter,
and I hope to leave all the misfortune behind.
So I pray

That this year, I will be blessed with happiness
and stability for everyone; my three families.
My friends, my blood, and HelloPoetry...

This year, I will be able to hone my craft
and have to confidence to go
after my dreams.

And finally,
I pray that my mother remains in good health.
Let me not worry about her all the time.

2017 has been a year of heavy burdens.
Where I felt like I couldn't handle anything.
I know there is no end to our burdens, so
I ask for you to broaden my shoulders
So I can bear the burdens
and grasp my blessings.

2017 was messed up. I swear alot of things happened where I felt so overwhelmed that there were times where I cried so hard and I wanted to fade away.
I hope that 2018 will be a better year, for me and for everyone else.
Happy New Year, HelloPoetry!
Polka Jan 1

A promise,
A sentence,
And a far away place.
Soft spoken words carry
Across several days.
This promise,
This sentence,
This far away place, (farther now)
States that you'll never fall flat
To the ones you amaze.
Promising this sentence
In a far away place (farther still)
Says the next time you fall flat
Should never happen.
If this does happen in another far away place (closer now)
The sentence dissipated, the promise meaningless.
Like it was never formed.
But there are ones who remember its existence,
Aren't there?

Mims Jan 1

So many promises
Broken and kept
So many people
Those who have stayed and those who have left
It's New Year's eve again
To some
It's a fresh start
A reset button

This year I made all the healthy coping mechanisms  
And all those friends
And all those flirts

And I'm happy with that

Happy New Year's eve.
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