tell me
tell me I'm beautiful
tell me I'm worth it
tell me that I mean something
tell me who I am
tell me how I've changed
tell me who I'm meant to become
tell me before i tell you

I want to say goodbye
Leave all these shadows behind
So you need to let me go
In life there's no rewind

You try to save me from myself
But you can't save someone
who wants to drown

You try to pull me back up
But the only way I can see
from here is down

These cuts are getting too deep
And these whispers too loud
There's no peace even in sleep
And I'm just an empty face in the crowd

See I ran out of plastic smiles
And misplaced my mask
Now my true colors are bleeding through
Who knows how long I'll last

But promise me one thing
Just one thing I ask
Let me say goodbye tonight
Let me escape what's past

Wyatt R Apr 19

Let's love each other
when love for ourselves
gets dry and runs out.
Unconditional, okay?
It's a promise.

Let's love each other the most.
Journey of Days Apr 13

these times of the year
when we quietly reflect
I think about who you might have been
taken before I knew your face
felt your touch
called you by name
before you saw light
and took your own breath

these times of the year
when we quietly reflect
I think about the times we shared
your warmth and love
the smile shared generously
and gentle touch
your stories and games
the wisdom and love

these times of the year
I think about the hope we have
that you are still with me
the promise of presence through time and space
and by grace we will meet again
to laugh and love, like we have ever been


to my children lost  before I knew them and my grandfather cherished

you guys had better be getting along together

and yes, his jokes are that bad
Saint Titus Apr 13

Miles and minutes
Trading time for a timeline
I'd rather not finish
Stick it out and ill be fine

Passing space
Metal matter flowing far below me
It must be the high tide I love to race
Encroaching, live for the second

Adrenaline dripline
Barely alive but still doing fine
Seperate my body and mind
Laughing as everyone else, doing their best to undermine

As i stick my wheels to the curb
Screw four wheel drive
One more dead end suburb
I lost any reason i had left to strive

But im still right here
I havent moved in so damn long
In the seat of my car
Still hearing the same damn songs

Still partaking in life as it may come
Still drinking gas station pop
I was told the world would pass me by
But turns out my world follows me
And I dont mind
Passing their world by

Space seems so far away
And im still worried about words
Ideas die when action is taken
Stones are broken as we discern
Rebuilding feels so akin
To leaving no stone unturned

And as my temepered glass view finder
Drifts father through the rubble
I can see promise
And i can see the death of each and every one of them

Just a feeling
CeilingStar Apr 9

Always might be all of time
It might be the entirety of space

Perhaps just a lifetime
Who can say wether it is to be the lifetime of a tulip or the lifetime of a turtle
Of a towering mountain or a winding river
As long as the sun sets and as long as it rises

Time cannot justify always
Always might be a construct, a net
Gifting us the ability to believe our matters matter amongst all of matter

How can we possibly promise always,
Not even knowing how long that'll be
It has the potential to be a broken promise or a faithful gift
Probably both

It's fact- something that has been and cannot be altered
Longer than the shadow cast by the sun setting beyond the looming mountain yet shorter than the flicker of a weak flame

It is everything in between
An unquantifiable infinity
Anywhere between the earth on which you sit and the unforeseeable universe

All this doubt yet 'always' sounds so solidly sure and concrete
We will always wonder how long always is
Not a statement but a question because: how long is that?

Because who really knows anything
Brent Fisher Apr 9

castoff divinity,
whose faithful faded,
lost to obscurity;
oh, lo, here lie gods
whose names, purpose,
gone with their promise;
lore without premise,
and, as the sky is bent,
the stars relax, relent,
an ember burns incense,
rough hands are clasped,
a final gasp of revelation,
of wonder, of future,
and a foundation.

“There's no need to talk about it, because the truth of what one says lies in what one does.” - Bernhard Schlink

The one thing that keeps me breathing
Is the weight of the empty air
As it hits my tired lungs
With a whisper of a promise
That there has to be more than this

©LadyofRavenhill 4/2/17

Sunset paints the evening
with a sanguine mood of adventure
bursting at the seams with colorful promise,
alive with exciting possibilities,
while a quiet monochrome dawn awaits my true destiny.

Another Brevity contest 30 words exactly:)
It's a real challenge,but I'm enjoying doing it.
Yeah I've won a few of them..Lol why? Dunno!

There's a promise brought on the wind
A whisper that speeds to a shout
50 days of sand walls heralding spring
The promise of new beginnings
First as payment for this new birth, Mother Earth
Blows grains of sand into the eyes of humankind
Suffocating and choking all in the barren land
Spring is heralded by a claustrophobic cyclonic dust storm
A new beginning, fresh and clean
Above the howling rising sandstorm, spring is sprung.

Khamsin is a hot southerly wind, varying from southeast to southwest, that blows regularly in Egypt and over the Red Sea for about 50 days, commencing about the middle of March.
Copyright © JLB
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