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It pushes me
Back and forth
Putting me on a whirlwind
Filled with so many emotions

You can catch me with feelings
of love
Or feelings
of sadness

It can drop me into feelings
Of anger
Or feeling
Of joy

I can feel so many things
For a certain amount of times.
But I will always know this.
The wind is always changing
and that I will not stay in those feelings
I will stay in those places

I will always be moving with time.
Does this make sense? Idk. I just wanted to share.
Pallavi 4h
Beauty of giving,
having the  pleasure of living.
Sharing of knowledge,
beyond school and college.
The contentment of spreading
Joy and enlightment.
Removing the pain &
Creating divine environment.
Comfort someone with a helping hand,
a pinch of care & kindness to lend.
I became the person I hated
Longing for the day you’ll notice my absence
Who am I to feel so entitled to your joy?
Maybe it’s because I only saw mine with yours
Questions I asked myself in the past.
Much love,
[note: contains words which intend to offend, but Jesus isn't one of them. ] That's the bomb shelter if you ever read...

What if books were fun
And fun were good.

We could use words for fun, but

first, do no harm.

It's Okay

Life's such a book, you know. Like a book you know
like some people know 1984

or claim Proostian wit beyond the environs of Dooblin

It's all about finding joy
And enjoying guiding
Finders who lost all
Out of the maze, the fly out 'the bot'le,

Amazed atheists facing

Cold hard truth

No, joke, man, pulling your bling.
Out of the maze every body sees
In alienable un alien able right
Clear as day. Everybody.

(is there some cool new way to say
Comprehend with solid understanding
'side jes dig?) wentwiditdigit

Can you dig it digital retro key
Pre Pac man dude this is sir real

No ****. What else can you say/
Can you dig it, way down to the
Bottom grunt that was agreed upon
To use for containing one
Idea. Only one. Any more than one,
You are inviting confusion into you mind.
He can't come in without your invitation,
But when he does he'confuse the life right outaya.
**** strait. And a good thing, too. Times
Like these I find bumping into walls
Comforting, like
Everytime I hit the wall
I find the wall and the word
"few there be"
Finds it's way into me and I grin.
God it is good to be alive this day
In the narrow way
Far from the madding crowd
We may spend for ever with,
Grace being grace.

Yew E-ternal Sec Cur ity?
Why, yes, I am, if you mean
Am I eternally secure,
Oh yes, I am then and now
Let me say
If you sought to prove me wrong
You might wear a crown some day

Still whether instability of soul were
Even possible post mortality
We shall see what we shall see
You must love your enemies,
Whether you made them or not.
They got here some how or
Possibly, some why, but
We must deal with them as we
Would be
Dealt with.

Yessir. Shouted the experts in war'round
About King Solomon's bed
Off wit'therheads.

Dodge that son, it's an old Alician trick.
Victorian, I believe. War
At the height of its glory.
Shame, so much remains when
It all should have washed away.

Who teaches war? Is there a reason any more?
Aren't we who God says we are or are we who
They think we are? Well,
They just might happen to be writing their part
Of this book right
Now and may
Be realizing peace's price's paid.

Jesus, what a handle, eh? Easy to hold on to,
Once you get a grip on good.
After that, what can we tell you?

The truth, what else is there, and more abundantly.
Living words.
I wrote this a year ago, took off some edges and found it holds water, still, after a while.
in the middle of the night
I look up into the sky
simply wondering
I am standing here
why it is that I am alive
this joy appears
which makes me feel
so alive
his love stretch’d down from heaven above
with my peace derived from his affection
once astray now brought to life
lost in an untamed sea, but
o, what joy - o, what joy
he found me
What length dies sorrow,and dies joy what breadth;
What fool claims this 'the ecstasy of death'?
What show these springs withered,these summers dimmed;
Show what autumn leaves,but men's last cold breath?

Last vial of mirth spilt, and last vial of grief;
Lies what fun in this mockery of relief?
Awaits calm? And think lingers good ahead?
Stands but far from the prospect of belief.

All the hearts of lead,all the hearts of gold,
All the timid,meek men,and all those bold,
All the kings and subjects,masters and slaves,
Must all hear death,hear all it's truth told.

Death is dull and cold,death is all but joy,
Death is nature's decree,death is God's toy.
No sexism intended by the use of the word 'men'.
A 'cuse me?

I lie, eh? I know the way, but let me be the one

to wonder why
would I lie,
do you
read or listen or look or stop when al you can do has been done
al read y
and stand
to catch a breath

Up ag'in the wall?

If Dunning Kruger is all they got to throw,
you know what
you know, wrong ain't evil,
lying ly real calling right wrong is something only

a left hand wishing to make some noise
could imagine

clap clap clap, and **** Feynman

backing us up with a little James Dean ditty from
the ***** City

Times change, reality may be
de or re ift

in a rich man with a satisfied mind.
(if you'd only known.) Take another question?

chew and swallow and wait,
this will get your guts grinding reasons
the frontal cortex always gets

chirality inhibitions about letting the right hand
do anything the left can't imagine.

You know how it is. we get by.
Equality of out comes as I pondered what a good person with Dunning Kruger would respond to being when outed by a *** professing peace is beyon a kuna mootada. Y'know fun to write, fun to read, or your ****** id.
Esther Krenzin Jul 2018
Raindrops fall from the heavens in salty
Coming to rest on the cold starved earth
And I wonder, do we, as rain,
fall ourselves?
Feeding withered gardens and bringing new life?
Striking small puddles and causing ripples
to fly,
Changing the lives around us with a single current?
The thought that I, a small body
can change the very world
Is breathtakingly remarkable
Because my very soul rests in these
splintered bones
And I am but a vessel, containing a
a soul
a spirit
That shines as bright as the stars
And I am full to the brim
And bursting with the fiery inferno that is me
And oh, I will shake the earth
with my passion
And the mountains will topple and
Within, I am teeming with vitality
And soaring with compassion that will
break open heart of ice and stone
I will cast out the weeds and
replace them with blooming flowers
No longer shall I keep myself from
this world
And I will no longer hide and conceal
For lo, if my droplet had fallen
somewhere else
My ripple would have stayed an ever
present whisper never to be
set free.
-Esther Krenzin-
You are more than meets the eye. You are a star that shines from within, and those who look beneath the surface will be dazzled by your brilliance.
How can something
so beautiful
So white
bring so much joy
yet cause damage and pain
Bring laughter
And cause tears
Something so pure
Be both a happy memory
And a sad memory
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