RK 1d

All the little things I love
Like meeting friends and giving hugs
To eat a scone I've made at home
To meditate on a yoga rug.

To feed the birds and to care  
That every one gets a share
To inhale deep the breath of life
to exhale in sheer delight.

To go for walks all on my own
To watch my thoughts and not respond.To show the mind who's in command.
Standing firm in who "I am"

I love the city where I live
I wouldn't change a single thing
To see myself in every man
Trust and do the best I can.

To be, and joyous is being - free
not easy in our reality
I love to try and when I fail
I set again the "Self Name" aim.

Like an athlete who perfects a skill
Small loves build incrementally
Through understanding and the will. To go beyond expand what is.

And most of all to wish you well
Allow each one to grow, excel
To catch oneself in the act, and
delete the thoughts that create the lack.

Affectionately yourself!  


Hello to all the poets.
I've been on and off site as my husband has been unwell.
I wrote this poem  just after reading Harlons poetry. I hope it's read in the right context.

My warm friend
You bring me quiet joy

I missed you, it’s nice to know you missed me too

Can we dig a path to France,
Here in the woods of Washington?
I want to take you to Barcelona,
Dance on the green hills of Ireland.
Can we set a course to the heart of joy?
Let me take you around the world.

Grab my hand and I'll grab yours,
Let us walk and live in love.

Breathing chastity,
Remind me of the frozen coward
You'll understand

Where were you born?
Somewhere in Kentucky she moans,
Always placid like driven grey schemes,
Or meticulous spiders,

For what ever it is worth,
Time speeds up next to you,
Having fun is an understatement,

Only thing is,
Your not real,
I may not be either, I'm waiting for that answer,
Maybe it is time to find out?
Or at-least inquire,
Who should I ask?
The trees?


I saw a shooting star
It was a firefly
But I wished anyway

M 4d

I am at peace...

When the wind kisses me, and the sun holds me captive,

the warmth and the cool tingles I sheerly exhaust,

I find that peace is what I have, what I found after I lost.

When the grass dances beneath me and the flowers fragrantly swoon with the breeze,

When the ocean from afar whispers a melody and as the animals harmonize at ease,

I realize, once again, that I am at peace.

Oh, what a joy I now have,

I am bliss, no longer mad,

I begin to forgive, I cease the bitterness,

Fell into the night and awoke with the wind's kiss.

As the light of the day brings me from my casket,

I grow a warm smile, and I cannot mask it,

Oh, what a pleasant revelation of peace:

I have slain a strong internal beast~

Hate no longer, for you must move on and lend your heart and mind peace. Cease the hate and grow!
Ni 5d

you used to tell me
to look up at the stars
that it will fill
my heart with joy,
that it is so beautiful,
while you were looking up
smiling at those stars,
i couldn't seem
to keep my eyes
off of you.

Svode 5d

Is it normal to talk to yourself?
Am I going mad?
Is it wrong to do such a thing?
Can I be called bad?

Depression has become a trend,
having it is part of a fad.
I don't follow short-lived crazes,
but I do feel kind of sad.

I'm only kidding, you know
when I say my life is rad.
Problems are common in life
And I'll never forget what I had.

Sadness, anger, lack of trust.
Depression, suicide, insanity's thrusts.
Topics of the past written down,
topics of the future only to be found.

For the outlandish person, let it be
that hope envelops them back into society.
That they find joy once more;
and they can appreciate life to it's core.

Like a flower, you flourish in elegance.
Like a star, so far away, but still you shine.
Even in deep void,there's space for none but you.
It's not flatter, it's the first chapter of how you make me feel.
They'll say I can't handle you, but I know i'll cuddle you.
I'll please you, tease you, then I'll let you at ease, 'cos you'll give me peace.
I no longer doubt it. Am in love with you.

When you know you have it.
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