Kerdell 31m

Coloured vibe, caring heart, thoughtful mind, a blissful smile,
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Bright eyes, puffy hair, angelic voice like Rihanna's peer.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Aries child, her soul is pure, a beautiful face you'd want no more.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Judged by the cover on many occasions, read her pages, now give a standing ovation.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
She's a wonder of this world i hope she see's that, such an admirable flower which blossom's where the streets crack.
I know a girl who's made of gold.
I'd never thought someone could be like this, you know that perfect dream? that premeditated wish?
I know a girl who gold is like, to the darkest of hope she brings to it. Light!

Wrote this for a friend as a birthday treat. still needs some work though.
PrttyBrd 23h

Peaceful pools of liquid love
glide over me from across the room
as I fall deeper into you each passing second
You beckon me with a throaty exhale
that permeates the air with passion
Drawn to you
I'm there without a word
Lost, ensconced in the warmth of you
in the ravenous joy
that consumes us equally
forcing a smile to shine through past tears
It's a joy found only in the union of us
In the truth that we have always been one


Joy consummates the soul, sews the ragged seams of one’s heart shut, cleans the wound and filters that putrid mud which has soiled the liquid purity of blood. All to often however, failure is accepted- falling asleep to Parks and Rec. caked in sweat with the volume up so damn loud your own dismal conceptions drown without a second thought, whispering compliments into whiskey bottles hoping they’ll return the favor with friendship become hobbies. When not working or studying for twenty years of debt these are the things that occupy us. No more do we dream of grand fantasies or shout impossibilities to the heavens as if we ourselves are the gods the oceans answer to. No, we are but human, idle and defeated existing under ironbound weights; our skin a canvas of lacerations exclusively okay, never better, never worse.
                  To find joy, fleeting as it always is, is to realize that the innocent idea of “infinity” lasts a measurable amount of time. A first kiss unexpected and rushed on a school night walking briskly home before Mother realizes that you’re thirty minutes late for dinner, a road trip in rust lasting a week of curse words and cigarettes- I left my accent in West Virginia, the smell however, stayed for another ten days. Each petty attempt at holding back a smile that would strike a sun in the darkness of my gut remained for as long as needed. For a measurable amount of time the chains were lifted, arteries were allowed to heal, the heart allowed to beat. Let this body be a map of cuts and bruises, perpetually determined to convalesce as much as I suffer, I will find my way home cleansed and honest if only for a moment.

I knew it the moment I saw you today
your love, your devotion for me
came flooding through
from your heart to mine--
you see, I saw the gift
shining there in your eyes
saw the locks you'd shorn
just for me
and then I knew beyond any doubt
that this love you hold
would be a glorious exaltation
that all could see--
for your beautiful gift
will shine so clear and true
and always, always, my love--
I will forever love and adore you!!!
(Thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 04.24.2017

My wedding gift from my true love was to cut his hair short for the first time in many years. A small, but magnificent gesture
to express his unending love
for his beloved soon to be bride.
(I am so incredibly Blessed!)

to the earth you stand on,
to the sky you look up at,
to the moon you always adore,
to the stars that spark dimly since your eyes,
to the sun your smile outshines,
to the whole constellation connecting more dots than words i have to express my love,
and to your holy name i love to hail,
your dreamy lips moving upward when you see me,
your body god himself carved that i love drowning myself in,

have i promised to love and protect you, against all odds.

Dust Song Jan 24

Light and joy, wind, and passion, sweet amber grain and intricate whispers arrayed atop your  brow bringing glory to you to your handsome face and something yes something I remember from so long ago dangles in between the strands. I long to touch it, to wrap it in my fingers and hold it to my lips to breathe in this faded thing that rest amidst the curls this that is so hard to place. Ive seen it in my mothers face and have cried for it in fervent prayer It is as a memory, a scent, a feeling,  a gripping command for happiness intense but also quiet and vague. It is love and so much more it is where I sleep it is where I dream, it is a waive that washes up upon the beaches of my pillow. I lost myself in it bound between it's feathers, yes lost but not unreachable you have only to pull me down in to your lips and there is where I will be forever conquered between the two

What I See and Feel Looking At You...

When the sun first peeks over the mountains in a new day.
The feeling of awe that it inspires with its beauty.

The smell of a field of wild flowers in a green meadow.
The feeling of refreshment it brings.

The sun setting, dropping slowly into the sea.
It's beauty takes my breath away.

The joy of watching a new born calf or horse, taking their first steps.
The wonder of it.

Looking into a clear stream, seeing the fish swimming
beneath the depths.
The awesome feeling of looking into their world.

Watching the full moon rising, slowly into the dark sky.
In silence you watch the beauty and majestic climb.

The stars in the sky, glittering like millions of diamonds in the sky.

Seeing a rainbow, of many colors
That seem to blend to sky and earth, when thy touch.

Watching lovers walking by hand in hand, feeling their joy.

The wonder of birth, the feeling
Holding a new life in your arms, for the first time.

The joy of a first kiss
with all of its bliss.

The warmth of, first love.

The sound of music
Filling me with feelings, from it's melody.

The softness of the clouds, on a soft day.

The power of a thunder clap.

A lightening bolt
Thrown from the sky, striking earth.

The sight of, gently falling snow.

The taste of sweet honey.

The joy of a parent,
when the child takes their first step or says their first words.

The first time a puppy or kitten, opens their eyes and see the world.

Everything that is Beautiful, in this place and more.

All of these, I feel and see
When I look at you.

Linda Terman

This feeling
Seeming so novice to me
And yet not truly, noticing the triggered nostalgia
I haven’t felt this in some time
The list of telltale signs
I remember
As distinctly as one recognizes wine
Harvested from fine red vines
Oh so succulently divine
mind starts to race with intel gathered by the eyes
already plotting a million ways to make you mine

But how could “Love”…
a word so heavy in weight
A word heavy enough
to scare the boldest warrior straight
An emotion experience had brought me to hate
Be the one powerful enough to recreate?
Who could relate?

but now Wisdom sits clearly before me and screams
“Letting go of love?
No no no!
Don’t you see son of Adam?
love is the lifeboat
The foam that displaces the perpetual sea of mediocrity
And keeps you all afloat
your heads above water and hearts above the clouds”

I see now friend
My approach had been so terribly fowl
Hunting for love as a hunter on the prowl
Charging at her with a gun and a growl
And eventually leaving disappointed
Much like Elmer Fudd with the heavy scowl

I see now friend
Art is such divine beauty
And I see that Love itself is art in it's purest form
Because art isn't about survival
But rather transcendence
Rising above and being more

So yes
Let the telltale signs lead me
Let the vines tugging at my heart pull on
For no longer will I hide from love
No longer will I cower away a subservient slave from a cruel and painful master

I tread forward with hands in outstretched fashion
eager to hold and embrace passion
Eager to take while giving back in expansion
Eager to share my life in a squalor or a mansion
Eager to teach and never to sanction
Eager to engage in all the same actions
Eager to easily transcend attraction
To the point where my “other half” isn’t just another fraction

Eager to forego all other distractions
Because only in you can i find true satisfaction
Treading forward; carefully but surely...
Eager to see my head above water
And my heart, far above the clouds

Lora Lee 6d

if ever there were
gods or goddesses of desert
of the drylands
of parched earth some call home
they would be surprised to learn
                     of the miracle of
                           this Spring deluge
                                unfurling forth                
                            from deep within  
                        the crusty dermis
          of this sublunar territory:
          hydrangea and Sodom apple flower,
          intermingling their hues
          of mauve and lilacs,
                              as well as the color of sky
                               blooms of the succulents
                    popping open
                    in celebratory dance
                                   in wild fuschia
                                sunray butter:
a dazzling botanic trance
          hollyhocks of magenta,
           veils of bougainvellia, too
                    sweetpea clusters
             curling in the trellis
weaving heavy-scented magic
through and through
a private orchard of lemon tree, and apple
olive and pistachio grove
One would not guess
the endless giving
of this desert treasure trove

And I feel like a goddess
              of mythology softly spun
like Demeter, or Ceres
ancient Egyptian Renenutet
my hands spread out
in the licks of gentle sun
for as spring pours forth its honey
all through this barren land
I , too reawake
and flush out all the infected,
dust-scratched sand
I welcome in
the waters of abundance,
of love, of light under stars
let new energy wash out
old poisons
my radiance spilling far
Reaching out unto the Universe,
cradling this heart
         I cup the buds of blooms,
                                      of nectar
to inseminate my dark
       allowing me
to release the past
and seed within me, lit
         the atoms
of  new
unfolding bit
by tender

This was inspired by the NaPoWriMo 2017 prompt for Day 22 (today) , which was to write a Georgic poem, or a poem having to do with agriculture. I had never seen one and so checked the source: Virgil's Georgics. Quite fascinating, but here is my version! :)

I suppose this could also be a celebration of the Earth and its beauty! #npmearthday

And of course, musical accompaniment that helped me along:
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