People said he was demented
Who strode past their dignity
He was happy and decorated
It’s more likely, they’d say so
They weren’t illiterate or unaware
They were taught, from the beginning
These men aren’t humans, beggars
He lies in the street paths
Poverty taught him kindness
To be simple and be thankful
For every penny he thanked
But the ones who warded him off
Still craving for more
Believed they were cursed
And not thankful for the fortunes
Let us be silent for their greed
That will perish with death

People who turn their faces away from less fortune people aren't really considered as human beings. Humans have hearts, that will let them another chance in their lives.

What is this desire?
I am in a washing machine being spun around in mixed feelings

You bring out the most joyful moments in my life, yet I feel the most sorrow when I think I am losing you

Even though I'm hurting inside, a part of me that was once a pitch black, empty abyss has now been lit with a fire greater than a thousand suns

You light my desires,
You light my destiny

I hope you keep the fire burning

The teary rain could not hold back, nor
Hold in the torrent of tears
Just as the sound of the sea roaring
He wept

Enmeshed in the ever so scary black clouds
Imagining life beneath the earth
He raged on without mercy
Outpouring, crying, with no reservation;

In his rage, he looks on
To see small; little rather, creatures
Running helter skelter,
An evil grimace sits on his face
As he sends terror on Mankind

In his glory
Peril awaits, dooms days, no mercy

Painting the heart of Daniel

I have been blessed with a guy sent from above
Someone who my thoughts and heart have stolen
Whose voice and presence brings joy to my days
Someone whose love I will never let go
What have I done to win someone like you?
Someone so pure, kind, and true
Whose love and care shows me every day
Someone whose patience cannot be compared
You are my answered prayer, my one true prince
You are my best friend and my guide
You are my confidence and the one
You have come to this world to lighten my life
My days I want to spend with you by my side
Happiness I want to give you until death finds me
But faith we have that heaven we will reach

for that special someone.

Why can't I sing like they do,
the way I'm supposed to?
There are a million melodies
trapped within me,
like golden dust of darkness
blazing with gilded sparks
in the depths of my bones.
I've had enough
of this wretched game,
where I follow the line
leading to the bullseye,
trailing steps bigger than mine
and falling into dusk
with nothing left in me.
It's time for me to open the doors,
for me to shine with a light
as bright as yours.
I can feel it in my chest
as it tries to force its way out,
craving the best
sounds I could make before,
when I was alone.
I need to sing like they do,
to sing like I'm supposed to.
I know within
that it's what I'm fated to do,
to consecrate this ground
with music only I can make.

~~ Nothing is coming out of me, no matter how hard I try. ~~
Juverine Wan Sep 15

Loudly and constantly it rings,
Drumming through my ears,
Holding me by the throat,
Slashing through my tears,

Morning it awakes me,
yet Night introduces its death,
Waking me up is its job,
Nothing holds its wrath.

Conscience, it always leads me,
Never lets me go,
Tells me all their stories,
And brings me silver and gold.

When I am ill, it cures me,
Stating my medicine and time,
Bugs me every morning,
Sour like a lime.

My heart is the biggest reminder,
Yet it cheats and lies and steals,
It goes away and comes back here,
In pieces, never still.

My heart it keeps on saying,
On and on and on,
That somethings are just not worth it,
Not worth for me to hang on.

Hey guys, just a reminder for all of you... Follow your heart but also follow your mind because sometimes...the heart can be deceiving. Protect yourself and love yourself!
Khaniek Sep 10

I remember when all I thought we'd ever be was friends.
No honestly, I remember when I thought we would never be friends.
Then you became my best friend and then my boyfriend.

I remember not believing in love, you didn't either..
I remember when you made me believe.

I remember when we argued about things that never made sense. I remember not talking for days on end. I remember things changing the moment we saw each other and I remember things staying the same even then.

I remember the way you looked at me, how you stared so deeply.
I remember our moments of honesty and trust and I remember when love turned to lust.

I remember when you broke my heart and how everything fell apart. I remember the pain in my chest and the thoughts in my head. I remember wanting it all to end.
I remember when I hated you again or at least I wanted to, even then I still wanted you.

Now I'm sitting here remembering when my love was true... Remembering I only ever loved you.

I miss your laugh and the stupid things you said. I miss listening to you play your guitar and sitting on your bed. I miss cleaning your mess room or making you do it instead. I miss the music you played that I sometimes hear in my head. I know that what we were is dead and missing you is all I'll get..
Luis Liriano Sep 10

I am not overwhelmed
but I am stunned by your beauty
so effortlessly you make my jaw drop
and turn my eyes heart eyes
you aren't my dream girl, you're the dream it self
with your beautiful brown eyes and your lovely short hair I can't help but running my fingers through

as i fall for you like I'm the last leaf of autumn
I will adore the way you laugh
as i fall for you like a tear of joy
I will adore the way you smile

and I am planning to never get up

Time blesses and curses
Creates and destroys
Carries, slows down
Tortures and rushes - drags.

Always looking forward,
The future, it’s alluring suggestions.
Walk the linear belt of time
Light at the end of this tunnel,
A place to rest.

It's moving farther away
The light has gone dim.
I can't remember why
Turn backwards, lost
Time snickers- apathetic

Given up.

In boredom I look down.
For the first time I simply observe where I am,
the ground is shining.
Light rays pierce the soil,
casting arrangements on the tunnel's ceiling like stars.
There must be something below.
Dig until my fingers are raw
soil rises up, takes the place of progress.

A light show above me.
The mesmerizing patterns create movies in my mind.
World beneath me begins to move,
The soil is swallowing me.
I don't resist and I don't want to, I feel...good.  

When I come to my eyes adjust to the most luminous imagery I have ever seen.
Glimmering suns, flowers of colors unimaginable, grasses of greens and dew reflecting rainbows. Birds of paradise cascade overhead, my ears can taste their music like honey.
Time can’t find me here because it doesn’t exist.
This is the present. This is the moment. I laugh, and I laugh and I laugh. I’m happy and I was always here. I was always here.

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