Accompanied by the harmonic dance of the sea, I stated my words freely, "You are my treasure my love." At first you were startled, like a man sinking in a pool of confusing words. You didn't quite comprehend what I had said. But I was there to make you understand, to make you feel valuable like the ball of ruby bading its goodbye before our sight. I have nothing to give except the love you receive. You are silent as if a gust of wind whispering through my ears. I continued, "How can I ask for more? If I'll be with you forevermore. I may not be a colorful butterfly when I entered your life, yet we complete each other. We fit together." At some point, it hits you. I don't know why. You looked down with guilt and shame. My love, you haven't done anything wrong.  Why did the warm hue of the sky suddenly transformed into a cold tint that freezes time? You raised your chin with uneasiness on your hazy breath. Somehow, your smile went sad, your face gave an impression so blue. I tried to cheer myself up, but I couldnt. Because we are ONE.  Yes my love, we are one.

Sighing upon the crystallized waves of the sea, you spoke on a voice so deep, "My love, I do not own a diamond. I can not also afford a mansion for us to sleep in, even a bed that is soft and comfortable as a feather. Iam never your knight in shining armor. Apologies, my love, I can't provide your purse with thousands of money, nor possess a lot of business to sustain our needs. Yes! I do love you. But I don't see any righteous reasons for you to treat me as your treasure."

I reached for your cheeks to tell you a secret. With a single touch of my palm, you became courageous and unafraid. You gulped all your saliva like you finally accepted yourself. The sun sailed away and the last sunlight struck your face. Our eyes did not break its communication. You detached my hand from your cheeks, kissing it while I was searching for words. Nothing. No words escape my mouth because everything has been said. That specific moment holding us. A stare that convinces you not to look behind the mask. Your wistful smile seeks for an answer, and you seek for the truth. So, I had concluded. For the truth might soothe you. My voice began to shiver, trembling.  I was choking from my intense emotions that burnt my insides. I tried to hold it back, but that tamed angelic face of yours, made me realize that you're the only thing I couldn't resist. As I expressed what my heart was singing to me, beads of water initiates to descend under my mystical eyes.

I told you my cherished words, "My love, you have them all. You gave them all to me. Diamonds. Everytime I will soar to your majestic eyes, I can see million of diamonds shine. Although we don't have any comfy bed to slumber in, the night's worth it. Just to be close to your loving arms. Yes, indeed you are right. You're never my knight in shining armor, because you're my king and I'm your queen. Lastly, we may not have the assets to be very busy at just to earn and feed ourselves,  but we have the sea, the hills, the sunrise and sunset. Just a glimpse at any of those fulls my stomach with joy for days. Plus, you may not put sufficient cash on my purse, but just a photograph of yours makes it more then enough. My love, can't you see?  You are everything to me. You are my treasure."

To love and be loved

I was created for the sun
I know because my hands hold the warmth of the sun itself
I exist to offer it to other people
And it's beautiful to me
The sunlight that flows through the world
Thick and rich
Maple syrup
Coasting from the sky and slowing down time
Soaking into my arms
Filling me with warmth
It closes my eyelids and wraps me in an airy blanket
Every day I inhale the sunlight
Fill my lungs with the helium of spring until my stomach explodes out of my body to go explore the fields
Oh to live in that feeling
To be nothing but a girl
Laying on a hill,
I'm a hammock,
On a towel on the beach
Soaking in the sunlight
Bathing in the warmth
I have to hold the sunlight until my palms burn
Everyday I turn my palms to the sky and beg for more of the beauty
To cover every part of the until I begin to glow myself
Every time I venture outside
I long to reign in the sky and shape it into my eyes,
Sprinkled with grass
I'll pull at the trees until they turn into strands of my own hair
Roll my arms in the dirt until my freckles are three shades darker.
I am a sponge
God created me to absorb his creation until it flows back out of me.
I was created to be the trees
To extend my arms to heaven and shade those few who cannot love the sun the same way I do
The sunlight has always been, always will be,
My sustenance
It grows me so one day I might reach the sky
And hold onto the clouds

Wäre Es einfacher zu erklären
Auf Deutsch? Das was ich denke.
Oder wird es nur Sachen erschweren,
Von der echten Bedeutung ablenke?
Do I hide behind your Teutonic tongue
To speak of concepts, which I suspect
Should not mean this much to those so young,
Or would need more time to take effect?
Do syntactic errors and misused words
Whilst obscuring, expose my fear
That to use language seems so absurd
Mawkish – rührselig – insincere?
Is love, then, simply the feeling
of your warm skin
against my cold limbs
in the morning
when I’ve been up all night,
waiting to return to you?
Or the ‘cool steady joy’
I read about
in Wallace’s Brief Interviews?
Is it the desire
to see you smile and smile -
to watch you thrive;
or the immense pride
I feel
when by your side?
No words are enough. Sense, my love,
in every touch – in every glance -
Sense my love.

Ako 6d

One day,
There was a man
Dancing gracefully
Beneath an azure sky

He was an angel,
To every living being
That paint his body
With a red color

He was a joy
Living in a man,
No other jester bested
The way he laughs

Beneath it all,
Is a wandering soul
In a world full of foul
(A wandering body)
(A wandering shell)

Beneath the mask,
A mask where his eyes
Tell what the hidden color
They have painted,
Is a burst of erratic pain,
A holocaust,
A disastrous despair,
Misery, sorrow, anger, suffering,
Any devil has wrought upon him.

And... the mask fell...
He is a shell...

Eiram N 6d

There are more forces in heaven and earth
than we ever dreamt of in our philosophy;
do we see a bird’s wing beating with sham mirth,
or the stars twinkling out of blind jealousy?
To that I say, comprehend not without your heart
however you choose to with your mind. No one
has the capacity for head knowledge at the start,
except our ability to love, and that is enough.
What each lives through is what each decides to feel.
As we search beyond our eyes, our limited senses, the fleeting unreal,
still greater wisdom will we gladly attain.
The things we call seen, are merely temporal--
so look to things not seen, which are forever eternal.

                                                 By Eiram N

The first two lines are inspired by Hamlet by Shakespeare, and the last two are adapted from a biblical quote which I love.
Cassian 6d

Just smile my friend
Smile till the end
You mustn't be so vile
I know it's been a while
But you were true and bold
You had peace in your soul
The love still changed you
It happened to me too
But hope still remains
To wash away the pain
So smile my love

Eleni 6d

In the warm dark depths of you
I listen; my breath creates an echo
deafeningly silent.

I have lounged in here for so long
A lifetime of twilight
Yet secure I am.

Kicking               away
I explore my universe
Your voice creating a vibration across my feet.

Planting my foot into my mouth
Sprinkling the seeds of awakening into my heart; my legs are growing in breadth. Flesh is forming in my chest.

A harsh white light pierces my chamber.

Struggling, I cry to get out.
I lean towards an opening-
Something cradles me, the feeling uncomfortable.

I squeeze through!
Leaving my galaxy forever.

lore Jun 15

this love feels
like the oldest tree,
that has lived many lives
and still has many more to live;
that looses its leaves at fall
but revives at spring;
that you could try to explain with poetry
but you never actually will

erin 7d

with your hands before they ever touched me
i want to kiss your knuckles and thank them for their strength
i'll hold your fingers for the art that they create
i'll ask so kindly for them to press against mine
you'll look at me as if i were crazy
but i'll kiss them all the same
because hands tell a lot about a person
and yours told me enough to make

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