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Royce 3d
A Firefly is set with his heart on the heavens,
As he pushes on, with a straight face,
Barely able to see through his tiny fogged-out goggles.

He’s dead set on escaping the earth’s atmosphere,
He speeds up about to reach the clouds,
A fighter plane soars close by,
Nearly ruining it all,
He makes it through the rain clouds,
And has a few lightning bolts hurled at him,
But the clouds are now far behind him.

He is burning up, little singed wings,
And after the intense fight, and beautiful endurance,
He does it!
With the taste of black empty space in his little mouth,
And a violent earth behind him,
He knows not to look back.
He’s on his way,
And onwards he goes,
Closer and closer to the sun…
The spring is coming and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I am at fault.
The cover of night has been comforting, safer.
I got used to the fact that I’m constantly frightful.

In my mind I was dreaming of happiness,
Searing light coming out of my soul.
Real life? I was sitting in silence.
Such a beautiful, heartless doll.

Oh, the process of waking was painful .
Don’t believe those who tell you it’s not.
You’re re-making yourself to be joyful.
When you’re done you will know your own worth.

The spring is here and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I feel the joy.
The birds are singing and it’s the best thing I’ve heard.
My light is within me and I’ve finally found my voice.

My heart is
empty again
without you
for you abode
therein my  
heart. Your
voice only,
craves I my
boredom to
cure. You're my happiness,
joy and all
source of
glee. My love
for you is
soft as silk
fresh as lilly,
bright as rose.
It's like
the sunrise
🌅 even when
it sets it
always come
a new everyday
all day.
I'd love you
forever, as
long as  
you love me.
rebecca Apr 29
my happiest self
rain dancing and star gazing,
karmic by my side
Juliana Apr 29
I hope every day
brings you as much joy
as you felt riding down
that Florida highway.

I hope you can drive
with the windows down,
sunroof open,
a convertible as safe
as your recurring fairytale.

I hope the wind
blows through your hair,
the humidity feeling
like a warm hug
from the clouds.

I hope the music is loud,
and you know every word.

I hope you’re present.
What had always been an exchange business
Now turned into a Full Moon’s beam
Gleaming on the faces of all, reposting to glimmer mine.

Things that once were precious to me
had imbued me with self-esteem and
heaped in the hope of happiness only to get
through my head the futility of sipping from
a cup containing capricious juice of joy.

How relaxing and joyous is the way of
giving away the adored agglomeration!
Just as a flower blossom when it gives off
its nectar for a bumblebee to slurp and survive

How did this ecstasy of altruism seep in?
Maybe I became receptive to the wind of
Grace that always knocks at the doors
of deaf, dumb, and blind - blowing away
the boundaries of the self and the heart that
I knew in illusion -
As if everyone and everything is mine
And I dissolve my very being into them.

🥰 भैरवी जय भैरवी 🥰
When the wish is to become 'Shoonya' so that nothing of self remains, Joy is just one more consequence.
You Keep me blinder and blinder with your love,
With your light,
Making me feel that I worth something in this world,
For the world we work'nd fight until we realise the world doesn't give a **** about what we do,

Blinder and blinder about what you really do,
For me, for our future,
For your Kind...
Yes, my heart used to be true...
We fought together and alone for the world
The world doesn't give a **** about what we did or wanted to do.

The world doesn't give a **** about what you need, about what we did or didn't do...
To think that we all fought
(together and alone)
And for what?
Duty... Honour... Respect. All garbage în the end. May I Thank you?
Svetoslav Apr 24
tomorrow's world changes today
believe that joy will never leave
emerald glass surrounds sorrow
rainbow eyes are there to follow
Happiness is absent - If you don’t fit that mold
We internalize that failure and put everything on hold
Daily validations to lift up our mood
All in an effort just to feel good

But then we forget that....
happiness is fleeting, not a permanent state.
Placing too much emphasis -  get in the way of awakening state
Just live
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