Sha 11h
I hope you'd have a mulluon dollar smile,
A crow's feet by your eyes,
And someone who'd photograph those laugh lines.
Put it in a special box.
And may you stumble upon it at the right time when joy is elusive.
May you be reminded
Everything shall pass.
So the tears that are falling right now will dry up and there will be unending joy coming soon.
Inspired by Rudy Francisco's poem.
Also part 1 of the Passive-Aggressive poems.
I am an island of words
A boat of passions
And an ocean of curiosity
Life is a journey
looked into you
a stranger who comes up slowly
I color with magic markers the darkness in your eye
make it as pretty as you wished
hide it all away
I sleep each night inches away
from your slow walking fear
as you toy with silk strewn lusts
sweet asylum that is never too close

I looked to you but could not be seen
so a lament came to my wicked lips
mumbled a carpet of apologies
spread out 'neath your feet
as you dip one toe into the waters
you called me
but when I looked to you
you looked away

there is a ship that sails tonight
I can see us on it
we wave bye-bye in slow motion capture
I can see the joy in your eye
dance cheek to cheek under the moonlight
shine cause I know you like to touch dreams
breathe for me girl
just keep dancing 'neath starry sky
ill crash your dark weddings
catch your tears before they can fall
be waiting on your morning doorstep
look into you
just for you
not that someone
in a dark wedding day
You who are already
mourning the end,
Just as it all begins;
Who anticipates sadness,
In the midst of joy,
In the all-knowing
That it won’t last,
Invites death
Into the dazzle of beauty—
I call you back to this
Lovely moment that stretches now
Across each of your breaths,
The fluttering of your open eyes,
The burn of your skin in the bright sun,
The sting of salt on your parted lips,
from the mountain-rimmed sea
You run through at Dawn.
Anya 2d
Whe. I lift my head
To expel a breath in a long sigh
The cool air being moved by the fan
Causes my hair
Loose tangled strands,
To wave about
In a celebratory dance
Of relief
At last
Can be anything, after reaching a destination, completing something, honestly for me it was just lifting my head and taking a moment to reflect.
nim 3d
i had learnt that
a "today" has to be blurry,
filled with gray clouds, and painful,
so that your "tomorrow" can be bright;
happy, without worries,
full of hope and delight,
every day is "today"
and "tomorrow"
is always out of touch, out of reach,
painfully untouchable
because tomorrow is always
the next day, postponed,
as every joy turns into dark,
as every tomorrow becomes
a today.
i once knew a girl.

she walked the earth wearing her pain on her shoulders like epaulettes of war.

epaulettes of pain denoting her rank that she had used to climb the ladder of life all the way to the top.

she knew not her rank in this world as she was always looking down.

she looked down so often you’d think she’d have seen the rest of us looking up at her.

her pain became the enclosure of her true self.

we slowly watched it break open as the days went by.

knowing that we’d all be there the day she would bear the fruits of her labour.

we will watch her ride the season of her life through her pain, tears, heartbreak and exhaustion.

she walked

walking the earth like a regular human being. she was one of us.

she was the rarity we all searched for.

she was the needle in the haystack.
For a dear friend.
By Arcassin Burnham

I will never see a day of happiness like everyone has got
The chance to grasp with joy and family in their life not
Having to search for what they're missing in themselves mixed
With mental issues they can not contain,
And even though lie to myself about everything,
its time let myself free,
time to take the shackles off my feet let God see.
How everything is destroying around me.
How every person's love swindled me.
My life will be purposeful,
Living the happiest I've ever been,
Now its hard for ever sin,
Now its hard for me to pretend,
I'm glad I could try again.
You put the
Kettle on
I want to feel your palms with mine
Your kiss is hotter
Than the summer sun

Let’s Drink
Unsweet Tea
I share your mouthful Honey
You’re all I need
Your sugar keeps me running
Something that might be written into a song later~
In the streets of manipulations,
simplest questions
unanswered in the virtual dimensions,
found no directions.

Monkeys all the way
slaying each other in the name
of the so-called glory of success,
with ugly evil smiles
or with beautiful deception.

Some shed tears of joy
while some others remain annoyed,
for those who drown
and for those who rise above.

Hearts and brains are sidelined
and devils spirits rule.
Are they lost or are they confused?
Looking at what they do,
Angels mourn them too.

Walking alone on those streets,
Running tired through the pathway,
Dark and dusted,
Happiness busted
Singing the requiem,
They call it The Alley of Dreams!
In this world of darkness, envy and jealousy, We still are running behind those dreams!
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