A family in fight
how to resolve
perhaps bunch of
ice cream would help?

Yes, I was right
Food & sweetness
always brings the family close!

A family fight & I treated all of them with their favorite ice-cream flavors
they all were happily sharing from one another as if nothing has ever happens :)

So many sad faces.
Sore eyes and broken smiles.

It seems the older you get,
the more your eyes become dim.
The more your smile sags.
The more your eyes ache to close.

Why can't we all just take a moment?
A moment to look around
and enjoy this world we've been given.

There's a lot of pain in this world.
But there's so much joy as well.

A child's laugh.
Feeling the flowers.
Staring at the stars.
Falling in love.
Dancing in solitude like a maniac.
Laughing at yourself.

So much joy,
but we focus on the pain.

So many sore eyes and broken smiles
on seemingly happy faces.

Mary-Rose H May 28

The emotions
in my chest
threaten to
if I don't give them voice
in the form of lyrical language.

But I refuse.

This is one memory that I want to keep for myself, sweet and thrilling, and slow motion every time I replay it.

I want the details to remain clear
and vivid
in my mind
and against my skin.

Though I tell
my family and friends,
this is my memory;
I will not give it up
as a sacrifice
to the celestial chasm
that is poetry.

Years fly by like seconds.
We don't have time to care what others think
Or dwell on the past.
We have each other, that's all we need.
So spin the globe, pick a country, let's travel with no maps or cares.
Don't be compliant,
Speak your mind,
Hold nothing back!
Forget what could go wrong,
Live in the moment,
Take my hand.
Darling the world is ours!
We can be anything we want.
So let's be immortal
'Til the day we die.

- p. winter

Challenged to use the word compliant in a poem... not sure if I really like it but it was fun to write.

/   \
/      \
in a time
of pain &
□there is□
hope, there is a way
there's a place to go
in hardship□there's
a space for us today
Jesus stands as our¤
High Tower□He has
been there all along
□if you but ask He'll
let you enter□a fortress built
so high and strong □ on the □
mountain□in the valley□when
the pushing comes to shove□we
are safe forevermore□□□within
the Tower of Your Love/how can
we when troubles find us□keep
our hope□in patience wait?□
when all mortal strength has
left us□we will rest in walls
so great□help us, Lord, and
be our shelter□we'll find□□
□quiet in the storm □let the
sturdy Rock around us keep
us safe from all alarm□could
we ever find this peace? How
should we ever find this vale?
could we ever find this joy□□
□if the Tower won't prevail?
□may it ever be that we □□□
in faithfulness now tried and
true□□□find with gratitude so
deep□□the High Tower that is
You□ we will e'r find victory□
□□□the might that's sent from
heaven above□we'll stand□□□
within God's mighty Fortress

The High Tower of Your Love

(C) 4/6/2013

This is something I wrote a while back. I just wanted to create concrete poetry from this particular piece. Thanks for reading!

I woke up this morning
In bed next to Depression
I don't remember going to sleep next to him
I think I would've remembered that
I know I would've remembered that

Because, Depression and I
Haven't seen each other
In a very long time
We actually separated…
In fact, I dumped him
The instant Joy returned to me

But I guess I should've know better
Than to get clingy with Joy
Because last night
She left
So suddenly
So abruptly
So randomly
I thought we were happy together
But changing circumstances
Sent her running for the hills

Depression must have heard that she ran
And seized the opportunity to get to me
Yet, until today
I thought I'd never see him again
I hoped
Because I didn't want him here
Not anymore

So I told him to leave
Over and over
But stubborn as ever
He refused
Over and over
Which escalated into a shouting match
One minute, I was yelling
But the next…
I'm on the ground
I mean
I've seen Depression hit Joy before
But he's never hit me

Until today

I don't remember much
But I'm still bruised and bloodied
And when the tears came down my cheeks
He sighed
And sat down next to me
To embrace me

I wanted to push him away
I guess I just didn't have the energy
And even as I cried out miserably
His hold
Seemed to comfort me
Well… not “comfort” maybe
But I became comfortable
In his arms
I am comfortable
In his arms

And despite
How badly he hurt me
I don't mind the fact that he came back
Until today
I had forgotten what he meant to me
I had forgotten
How much Depression and I get along.

"Not Anymore" sequel/pre-quel?
Kylie 4d

the furthest hill to the closest tree,
It mocks what the eye can see,
In capture of heart and love of place,
The perfect portrayal of her face,
Like it was there but it is gone,
But now with this it will be forever and on.
Saving what happened frozen in time,
To when the fate seals and one forgets,
The eldest painting just begins to set.
It tells of time and thought,
The memory that another caught.
The land, the people the joy the glee,
Much more horror than our eyes can see.
With a brush and paper and the world in view,
We'll be able to take away a flash or two.
Paint and people come together
A piece of past kept forever,

A little bit of Rain
And little bit of Sunshine
A Rainbow in the Evening Sky
With a Tinge of Double
The Spectacular moment Captured
By The Lens of The  Eye

Darker The clouds
The rainbow shies Away
A light Drizzle , not Today
Nor a Scattered Shower
It's a Downpour
And a Roar not far Away
Innocuous  puddles
All the way

A little Bumpy Ride
With my younger
Riding Pillion
Off for his Karate Class

Together we cut the Puddle
Splashing out the Water on Us
And Fellow Riders

A few Joyous Moments For Us
My son Euphoric
Asking for Once More
Ride back home !!

Monsoon experience between 13th and 15 th June.
The roads have been repaired , of course the puddles can't be innocent, standing in the middle of the road .
A joy ride for the two of us for a day one day was enough!!
James 5d

Crystal clear skies overhead
Reveal the twinkling of thine eyes
Splendid anticipation, superlative excitement
Bubbles and raspberries, the language of one
Successes in failure, smiles in frowns
Whispered fairy tales of things to come

Poem written for my niece Anneliese Céleste today

Some times you just feel so happy that it's as if your heart could burst:
Like when you laughed and talked and danced and sang with your friends who meant so much to you and loved you so much, and the lights twinkled and the cold air lifted your hair off your rosy cheeks. And you all leaned in and whispered and grinned and spoke of wonderful things that lit up your heart like a fireplace on a snowy night. And then you were swept up into that one most special hug, feeling warm and tight and safe and soft. That hug could have lasted a thousand years and still would never have been enough. As he put you down, you gently kissed his cheek, just so he would know how much he meant to you.

Sometimes you just feel so loved that it's as if the world could never seem cruel:
Like when you sat in the warm serenity of the Taizé community's embrace, holding your candle and singing and lifting the songs of hundreds of reverent minds and eyes up to God in thankfulness and wonder at all you have been given. And as the tears rolled down your cheeks and the sweet songs filled your lungs like breath, you were drawn into the warm and steady arms of your friends who were also crying and breathing the music of believers. And you all smiled and wiped away tears because the beauty of knowing you are truly and most purely loved is such an overwhelming feeling that one could hardly describe it in any way other than real beauty being felt in person.

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