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ScaryGary Jul 28
In the case of EMP, anything electrical will not work. Cars, phones, homes...guns will not fire. The worst part? Our nervous system and everything else in us depends on the signal from our brains, which is electric. Our immune systems won't work, and disease will take over fast, inside of those who don't believe in wellness. What's worse is that a lot of people will be doing very evil things, because our decisions count on those 10,000 signals per second. Please, clear your subconscious mind and know that your biology is your belief, and that our bodies can either manufacture illness, or keep you well. No disease or cancer are a match for billions of cells that are mini versions of you, and have their own systems like yours. Each cell is more powerful that a germ,but they have to be trained and know how to protect you without that signal. We are not born to be sick. I am living proof. Dr Khan said I'd die if I stopped taking my heart meds. It's been two years and I am in the best shape of my life.
I love you. I truly do. I wasn't in the poetry reading game because I saw myself judging too much, and plus I didn't want any outside influence in my writing. I am trying to get some small funding for this. I saw all of this in dreams and in person when I was young. Please clear your mind and stop believing in sickness. If you want to help others, please get with me and we will do it.
Guarantee the valley...
Sweat and simple salt
Shared by constant, and fluent reasons
The tale of taste in a long run, for a hidden fault

Twists of fate, insists of courtesy
The truth be told, I have no problem
With wisdom, the tale of evidentiality
But a wise more, to finish anger, is our whim

Latent, the sobbing of a charisma
Sweet endeavor, do I seem the better of others?
When a promise of significance, is ours for the only dilemma
That will make liberty, a levity in justice, the irony of lovers?

We have the time, to tell you another story...
Through the timid shall, the world has a future to beautify
With all of a sincerity's bloom, a pyre to worry?
And the coming victory of self and same, a lucre we identify

With hatred...
Here to say, in language we see, is an assured privilege
The tows of compelling a home to sing the body lead
To wishes in the name of God, is anywhere here and now, a legend?

Poise of a common nose, to the grindstone
Welcome us to the table of vice, like a halt of decency
Among the clouds or finished with sunshine early, we have sown
The new, with now, the needs of all; any soul to show humanity...
A banana split from hell and back...
ScaryGary May 25
What does it mean to be begotten
does adam think jesus is spoiled rotten
is eve still holding an ace up her sleeve
who is the serpent trying to deceive
Just jotted it down right now..may finish it
Jay M May 23
Child of light, child of night
Graceful and kind
Tender and mild
But do not anger them
No, don’t you dare
For their fury, their wrath
Is mighty as a forest fire
Wild as the wind

Hear the call, echoing out
Call of the night
Follow into the dark
Embrace the shadows
To bask in moonlight
Dance beneath the stars

Flow in the midnight breeze
Deepest blues, dampened hues
Curving shapes, shift in time
Around they surely go
In truth, or in mind.

- Jay M
May 19th, 2022
How did this become a prophecy of dreams?
ScaryGary Apr 20

Check out my profile on Facebook. I started studying science for the wrong reasons and I started with biology and will end with astronomy. I was just looking at proven science in all departments. What I found was some awful stuff about stem cells, plasma, carbon, and nitrogen. I refused to be someone who just believes theories from uneducated people. What I have found is that the planet x nibiru stuff seems true to me. I am seeing ionic clouds form and then change into different things. Like an eagle and a fish, deities of India, and other things that blow the mind. I also saw and filmed other a planet and two suns. One sun setting in the west, while more light came from the south. I have photos and video of this. No camera lens flares at all. Black clouds following a bright moon, or planet, that look like clouds of birds in flight. My friend in town recorded what appear to me to be living bald eagles or osprey that fly in different directions, including backwards. These birds seem to have a triangle or pyramid  shape on them. A crow has been hanging out near where I rent, and flying around me in circles. I have always had a thing with animals and they have let me live on them, and I mean wild animals, including mice in open areas, and many snakes, possums and raccoons. I am not sure if this crow is friendly or not, but it seems to be in charge of starlings and robins. I am off of drugs, for the most part and I take no hard drugs(doctor prescribed drugs) and barely even smoke grass. I was told by a doctor that's would die in a short amount of time if I stopped taking my heart and blood pressure pills. It has been over a year and a half. I had many encounters with buckhannon police and one by the name of angel mccauley has been here many times. She has told me that renters do not have the same rights as homeowners and then actually entered the house as soon as me and the others left, for a welfare check. I have in ones the power of goodness and now the police seem to be nice to me. I have not even saw angel since she entered this home. Wvhas had sulfuric acid spills and the factory next door to me is releasing some kind of gas that is heavier than air. This is so bizarre that I know it is hard to believe, but I have some videos and photos.

I have went through many changes of self and I realized that I was not forgiving others of what I thought was trespasses. I would help anyone I can, but my life of minimalism has trapped me. My friends are all poor also. They are the broken ones that I go to when they need me. People are being ran over by trucks and they are people who really cause no harm to others. Hospitals are calling people to come in, and then those people die. I am not anti American, but the next eclipse is going to be only seen from here and it will be total darkness all day. This makes no sense to me, because the planets shouldn't move together.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Please keep in mind that my criminal record has some false stuff, and I have never been to prison. I don't answer questions for cops, and I have never been convicted of a felony. I take responsibility for my wrongdoings and I have done some wrong things. I have been rude to people on sites also, but I do not think I abused anyone. It was more of a moodiness and me acting like a fool. I was never out to make fun of gays, nor have I ever a used a woman. I got a little bitter with women for a bit, but I know that not all women are bad, and not all men are bad.

Please add me on Facebook if you want

I love humanity and I want more understanding. I have realized that I am not as smart as I thought, and I actually feel like I know nothing at all
I am banned from posting or commenting for two days and I think it is because I got a nerve. This ban is for human exploitation, and it makes no sense. I'd like other opinions on my page. My prayers go out to you all.
He’s cruel and stupid, and ignores
His omened doom, pronounced, decreed,
And mine with his, no ranted screed.  
Though I must speak, I pray it bores.  
The direst warnings couldn’t save
My family, or those I loved.  
When prophecy failed, I should have shoved
Them from the palace to some cave.  
Now it’s too late to intervene,
And force can spare their murderer.  
I should prevent, but I’ll demur,
And perish too. I’m just sixteen.  
I’ve suffered, but don’t want to die,
Especially not matched with him.  
Even so, I’ll meet my downfall prim,
Trojan royalty too brave to cry.
And a song for poor Cassandra too.  I never faulted Clytemnestra for killing that **** Agamemnon but why did she have to **** Cassandra too?  She was his *** slave not his paramour.
When the mountains are melted,
The host of heaven dissolved and
The heavens rolled together as a scroll
And all the host fall down
The streams turned into pitch
It shall not be quenched night nor day
The unicorns shall come down
And the bullocks with the bulls
The cormorant and the bittern shall possess it
The thorns shall come up in her palaces
Nettles and brambles
It shall be a court for owls
There shall the great owl make her nest
And hatch
The vultures shall be gathered, every one with her mate
None shall want her mate
They shall possess it forever
Generation to generation
They shall dwell therein
Birds rule. Even the Bible says so.
The ancients put tremendous matters
On oracles and auguries.  
When godhood speaks, the priest agrees.
Glib cunning fails when trouble batters.  
Calculations have a thousand ways
To err, while chance can cut the odds
To one in ten, or more if gods
Drop hints about our dossiers.  
Augurs read events to come
From entrails, bones, and scattered sticks.  
Their guesses are arithmetics
For problems reasoning can’t sum.
The idea for this poem came from Montaigne’s essay on prognostication. Agammemon will slip in later.
ZACK GRAM Dec 2021
1 million miles per hour
Faster then China
Quicker hands then Bun'Dee
Mighty than USA
More arms then Putin's Russia
This Zacks World
Forget Cody
Mac G & **** Bean
Izm isnt... plantain
More power then Jesus or God's
A M.A.D. Man mutually assured
White Man Super Powers

My D Kryptonite

Blow these hoes *** to smitherines
Call me King Z
Now Bow!!!
Alienated Aryan Prophetical
Zzz zzz
King Z
Keiko Tei Aug 2021
My Melody was a prodigy.
At least that’s what they told her.
“You’re so smart, you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to!”
And she knew that’s what she was gonna do.

My Melody did achieve great things.
After all, that’s what she set out to do.
But little did My Melody know, that life is not all that simple,
Because life was a thin paper that can easily crinkle.

My Melody stopped as easily as she started.
Her confidence shattering and doubt started pouring in.
Were the stories lacking in honesty?
Or was My Melody just a self-fulfilling prophecy?
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