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city of flips Jun 26

we pledge allegiance
to each other, our state

hands on each other’s
heart, we cocoon, snuggle,
it’s always warm in our land

like Camelot, never rains,
always in agreement, every
votes never tied, for we are

a colorless world, only one,
the color of the day, is what
we feel, create, and believe

we sing only duets, our music,
only perfect pitch harmonies,
this our anthem, sung twice daily

when the sun should rise,
and when it should set, but,
since our sun never leaves

we do it for pure pleasure
some days, I love me my simple.
LRF May 10
There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in - Leonard Cohen

A word with you,
Leonard Cohen,
to set you straight
on a couple of
you told us,
in words set to your melodic tones
and acoustic plucking,
about cracks
and light
and love -
descriptions of the human heart
as if it were
gilded leaf
plastered to
broken fragments
of Japanese kintsugi,
fooling us into believing
is poetry.

The cracks in our hearts
do not
glow magically
casting spindly
shadows onto the rest of
our organs.

The brittle pieces shatter,
their edges blacken
and crumble.
And the heart, that
vital muscle
oozes through,
not leaking golden light
but the deep scarlet
of brokenness.
*kintsugi is the Japanese art form of repairing broken ceramics and pottery by gluing them back together with gold leaf in the cracks.
May, 2020
And I will wait for you
Until the roses blossom,
And the trees blooms,
The moon becomes full once again,
And the spring is upon us,
When the birds’ songs begin to play,
And the anthem of love fills the air.

Hussein Dekmak

Our school sails on serene rivers of excellence.
A model of hard work and unfeigned resilience.
Here we train leaders of our century's future,
irrespective of tribe, religion and culture.

Here we soar ceaselessly beyond our sky's limit
by imbibing skills required for our dream's zenith.
In utmost straining and striving we hardly yield.
Yet our persistent spirits know not dismay.
Because our fruitful toiling will brilliance convey,
on this placid and fertile academic field.

In our lofty mission we are second to none,
as we realize our vision of being number one.
Adorable the unparalleled in service,
will make a genius once considered a novice.
An Anthem for Adorable British College, Enugu, Nigeria
Come now, my friend, don’t be shy,
grab my calloused hand, look to my stormy eyes
don’t be afraid to take a stand,
this thing we can’t outrun:
So sing along to the song of the
Broken Ones.

Can’t afford to exclude,
no one wants to intrude,
we’re all alone,
only flesh and bone,
painfully human
Humming along to the song of the
Broken Ones.

We sing the pain
that we have felt,
trauma-stained thoughts
as we belt
The only thing we know
and then we’re done
as we sing the song of the
Broken Ones.

Not holding back, we’ve
accepted rejection.
We’re good on our own,
it’s all that we know.
Don’t need your protection,
take your pity and go,  
there’s no real connection,
they can’t see through our
shattered glass,
reflection warped,
just like us,
they can’t make out our song,
the song of the
Broken Ones.

A troop of ragged rough,
cynical scarred wanderers,
Are we found,
or lost together?
We bring our own condemnation,
this dark, punishing nether,
by singing the song of the
Broken Ones.

We think we’re alone,
But that’s where we’re wrong
‘cause when we sing our song, the
Broken World
hums along.
Let 2020
Jolt your body
Shook the soul
Revive the spirit
Thrive the life
Once again
To be
A whole

At ease
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reason to be
Trumpets' fanfare, riding, riding
'Neath the Blue and Red,
Gallopped Marshal Jimmy Donald
While the Tunak fled.

Marshal Jim rode off the valley
Down to Tunak-land;
Rounding off the sub-bots and
The Kumars' brutal hand.

Raise the standard, sons of iron!
Charge, ye horsemen brave!
Soar, ye warplanes, into battle,
We've got lives to save!

Marshal Jimmy, our commander,
You direct the way!
Through the dim and crooked darkness
To a bright new day.
The summer wind
The golden year
Your loveliness
Dispelled my fear
Your gentle charms enchant me, dear
In happiness I shed a tear

Dear KittyNoir, do I adore
Please keep me warm, this I implore
Dear KittyNoir, hope lies in store
Come live with me forevermore!

The little clouds
The summer sky
Your sweet embrace
Draws me so nigh
While seeing you, I let a sigh
I felt so lucky I could die.

Dear KittyNoir, do I adore
Please keep me warm, this I implore
Dear KittyNoir, hope lies in store
Come live with me forevermore!

So, kitten-girl
Climb down the tree
Don't hesitate
To leap to me
Don't be afraid to live your dream,
And be the best that you can be.

Dear KittyNoir, do I adore
Please keep me warm, this I implore
Dear KittyNoir, hope lies in store
Come live with me forevermore!
The melody used by this poem comes from the unofficial national anthem of the historic region of Moravia, "Jsem Moravan" (I am a Moravian), sometimes also called "Ó Moravo" (O Moravia), written in 1904 by Kašpar Pivoda, with music composed by Vaclav Novotny 37 years ago.

It was one of the first three Chateau poems written by me (the others being "Little Kitten-Lady" and "I Long For Molly", and one of the two poems that were dedicated to one of the Chateau's models, Lea Van Doorn, followed by "Your Cat Ears Tell A Story".
Äŧül Nov 2019
RSS Anthem Đévnāgrī Script in Sänskřŧ:
नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे
त्वया हिन्दुभूमे सुखं वर्धितोहम्।
महामङ्गले पुण्यभूमे त्वदर्थे
पतत्वेष कायो नमस्ते नमस्ते॥ १॥

प्रभो शक्तिमन् हिन्दुराष्ट्राङ्गभूता
इमे सादरं त्वां नमामो वयम्
त्वदीयाय कार्याय बध्दा कटीयम्
शुभामाशिषं देहि तत्पूर्तये।
अजञ्ञं च विश्वस्य देहीश शक्तिं
सुशीलं जगद्येन नम्रं भवेत्
श्रुतं चैव यत्कण्टकाकीर्ण मार्गं
स्वयं स्वीकृतं नः सुगं कारयेत्॥ २॥

परं साधनं नाम वीरव्रतम्
तदन्तः स्फुरत्वक्षया ध्येयनिष्ठा
हृदन्तः प्रजागर्तु तीव्रानिशम्।

विजेत्री च नः संहता कार्यशक्तिर्
विधायास्य धर्मस्य संरक्षणम्।
परं वैभवं नेतुमेतत् स्वराष्ट्रं
समर्था भवत्वाशिषा ते भृशम्॥ ३॥

॥ भारत माता की जय ॥

Sänskřŧ Anthem Roman Script:

Namaste sada vatsale matribhume
Twaya hindubhume shukham vardhitoham
Mahamangale punyabhume twadarthe
Patatwesha kayo namaste namaste ||1||

Prabho shaktiman hindurashtrangabhuta
Ime sadaram twam namamovayam
Twadiyao karyao baddha katiyam
Shubhamashisham dehi tatpurtaye |
Ajayam cha vishwasya dehisha shaktim
Sushilam jagad jena namra vabet
Shrutam chaiva yat kantakakirnamargam
Swayam swikritam nah sugam karyayet ||2||

Param sadhanam naam veerabratam
Tadantahsphuratwakshwa dheyanishtha
Hridantah prajagartu teebrahnisham|
Bijetree cha nah sanhata karyashaktir
Vidhayasya dharmasya sanrakshanam
Param vaibhavam netumetat swarashtram
        Samartha vabatwashisha te vrisham ||3||

|| Bharata mata ki jai ||

Oh my dear motherland,
I always bow before you.
You have loved and nurtured us,
Forever like your own children.
हे वात्सल्यमयी मातृभूमि, तुम्हें सदा प्रणाम!
इस मातृभूमि ने हमें अपने बच्चों की तरह स्नेह और ममता दिए हैं।

I grew up gladly in your civilized land.
This land is very benign and pure.
इस हिन्दू भूमि पर सुखपूर्वक मैं बड़ा हुआ हूँ।
यह भूमि महा मंगलमय और पुण्यभूमि है।

To my motherland, I salute repeatedly,
And I fully dedicate my mortal body.
इस भूमि की रक्षा के लिए मैं यह नश्वर शरीर मातृभूमि को अर्पण करते हुए इस भूमि को बार-बार प्रणाम करता हूँ।

Oh omnipotent Parameshwara,
As a citizen of this Hïnđū nation,
As a citizen of this civilized nation,
I bow before thy with full respect.
हे सर्व शक्तिमान परमेश्वर, इस हिन्दू राष्ट्र के घटक के रूप में मैं तुमको सादर प्रणाम करता हूँ।

For the duty you assigned,
We're prepared and up buckled,
For its completion we need be blessed.
आपके ही कार्य के लिए हम कटिबद्ध हुए हैं।
हमें इस कार्य को पूरा करने किये आशीर्वाद दे।

Give us such undefeated strength
That none can win over us and
Give us the softest modesty
That the world respects us.
हमें ऐसी अजेय शक्ति दीजिये कि सारे विश्व मे हमे कोई न जीत सकें और ऐसी नम्रता दें कि पूरा विश्व हमारी विनयशीलता के सामने नतमस्तक हो।

This way is riddled with thorns,
We volunteered for the job
And we shall beautify this nation.
यह रास्ता काटों से भरा है,
इस कार्य को हमने स्वयँ स्वीकार किया है
और इसे सुगम कर काँटों रहित करेंगे।

For achieving and attaining
Such high spiritual welfare
And such temporal plenty
Can only be achieved
Through patriotic valour
Burning saffron inside us.
ऐसा उच्च आध्यात्मिक सुख
और ऐसी महान ऐहिक समृद्धि को प्राप्त करने का
एकमात्र श्रेष्ठ साधन उग्र वीरव्रत की भावना
हमारे अन्दर सदेव जलती रहे।

The light of intense & seamless dedication towards our goal,
May it be kindled bright inside our inner minds forever.
तीव्र और अखंड ध्येय निष्ठा की भावना
हमारे अंतःकरण में जलती रहे।

May from your limitless grace,
This enlightened victory be ours
And protect it may our duty
For taking the national glory to the next level.
आपकी असीम कृपा से हमारी यह विजयशालिनी
संगठित कार्यशक्ति हमारे धर्म का सरंक्षण कर
इस राष्ट्र को परम वैभव पर ले जाने में समर्थ हों।

!! Victory to Mother India !!
॥ भारत माता की जय॥
RSS Anthem
Nova Jun 2019
“There’s always hope”,
she said, as
she turned away
to battle.

“There’s always hope”,
I whisper, now.
Though it doesn’t
Seem like that at all.

“You have no chance”,
They said,
Towering high
Above me.

I know.

But that won’t stop me.
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