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Nova Jun 1
“There’s always hope”,
she said, as
she turned away
to battle.

“There’s always hope”,
I whisper, now.
Though it doesn’t
Seem like that at all.

“You have no chance”,
They said,
Towering high
Above me.

I know.

But that won’t stop me.
Elijah Bowen Apr 1
hate sings a love song,
blithe, pretty, little tune
in honor of its heritage.
hate sings sweetly, a song
of marches and hangings,
of ghettos and slavery
it hums admiration for its people.
it sings of this land.
the majestic peaks and playful meadows.
it sings, with love, of blood-drenched cotton and  
trenches adorned with crooked bodies.
it sings of its forefathers-  
the conquistadors and pioneers.
saintly butchers and child rapists.
hate paints it’s history holier than the Sistine Chapel,  
singing blindly like a hymn.

hate sings a love song,  
possessive and vicious.  
it scrawls the lyrics on
subway walls and sycamore trees.
it sings in symbols and metaphors,
accompanied by the beat of temple gunshots and kicks to the ribcage.
hate sings through the pulpit and the pew,
clipping it’s verses from a holy book,
it sways to the rhythm of “Amens” and “Hallelujahs”

hate breathes down my neck and yours,
knocking door to door,  
bearing music with a message,  
it weeds out the undesirables one by one.
for the greater good,
hate tortures children therapeutically,
and executes those presumed guilty.
it erases generations
in concrete rooms  
and in the bellies of ships.  
it explodes homes,
smashes panes of glass,
and burns every convenient symbolism.
hate roves and rages and spits and howls,
singing the song of a beautiful future.
You ever absorb a song you can not repeat?
You ever beg for warmth and then melt in the heat?
You ever know the answer before your lips go to speak?

Needlessly moving,
Searching for purpose in functioning
Miserable ruckus,
Pointless nothings

You ever divulge in lyrics you dwell in peace with being?
You ever feel grateful for a pain in your concrete feet?
You ever know the outcome and act unaccordingly?

I do.
Love me I'm a relatable *****.
I'm a cluster of intertwined things.
The most important being continuous searching for the song of my life; my own personal anthem.
Rui Rosa Jan 13
War has changed...
and left our world in chaos.
creating, altering and destroying it,
the anthem is all it remains.
This is all it remains from it.
anotherken Dec 2018
God bless us all,

God save us from fall!

May you be ever graceful,

May this world be ever peaceful.

Glory to us men and women,

Until then,

Until that time will come again,

Let us all be friends!
Kush Oct 2018
(Anthem -noun
A rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.)

Sing it loud, sing it proud,
Oh hearts that march lonely through the crowd.
Let speakers blare,
Blow love through the air
And show the world to love.

Us broken hearted fools,
Who've lost love or have not a clue.
We march on through pain with our song,
With the hope of love that keeps us strong.

Us romantics,
No matter how broken and bruised,
The thought of finding love will pull us through.
And we look to the future,
Knowing it'll be worth the wait,
If we find someone to hold,
Till the end of our days.
Lux Falls Nov 2018
Don’t take my anger
Let me drink from it
Not burning oil
But fuelling fire
Being rich with passion
Not searing hot in my skin from rage
It is my conductor for injustice
My compass to things that I hold dear
Navigating me through what is always referred to as troubled waters.
To be indifferent is to not feel strongly
like having no affect to gnats biting at your skin
To be numbed to something so imperative
So important
To not be proactive
Not just reactive
What a waste of the human experience
How naive to think of it as loud words and exaggerated arms
It’s just as powerful in a whisper and a leap
As focused as a hawk
And as small but as strong as a singular ant.
The brightness of the stars and the power of the waves are within me
Born, bred and thrumming
This is my anger
And it is my strength.
Sam Jul 2018
This is an anthem
for my heart
who just lost the battle
to gain your love.

This is a cue
for the drums
to start the beat
when I raise
the white flag.

This is a ceremony—
I should start.
An event of telling you
that I give up.




Not because I'm weak
or because I'm tired.
It's because I see
that your love isn't me.

I'm happy for you
as I forfeit my long dreams
along with my feelings.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
Makenzie Marie Jul 2018
You lie
And you blame
And it’s my fault

Every day
It’s the same.
Nothing will change.

“I’m doing my best”
The anthem you will always sing

But if your best can be chopped down by your own sad excuses
And fall with a crash
Leaving me in your wake
And the eternity you promised to create...
Is a lie
Is it one you’re telling yourself all the time?
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Well maybe it’s a shame in the weekend
To toil aimlessly about dreams in bed
Counting sheep only lasts for so long
And maybe it’s a shame to waste the day

Someday we’ll be alive
More than we are right now
Someday we’ll start a fight
Let’s end our show with a bow

And we’ll close it out with a round of applause
They’ll look to us
Because we’ll be their stars
Right now we’re young and we’ll never grow old
But even if we do
We stand with the bold
The Millennials' Anthem
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