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Beckie Davies Apr 24
I tried to be perfect all of my life
Until the day that I realised
Perfection comes with a heavy price
perfection has a price
mal frost Apr 14
it was never so much the fear of failure
when contrasted with the OBSESSION
of perfection.
Ylzm Apr 9
we each walk our paths, many did not find theirs
rushing here and there, heeding voices and examples
the company of others comforting but void
and without you becoming the whole is marred
mark soltero Feb 5
let it wash us away
like the floods of the new age
**** all the mistakes
leave only perfection
all true honesties
that leave their residues of purity
right down the leg
of each other
your body cries
tears of merriment
quinn Jan 19
can i be one of the elite pretty too?
there are an apex species,
and they come in so many wonderful forms.
they don't have to crush their jaws together
or **** in their bellies or fix their hair
when a camera is staring them down.
they smile and a million people smile back,
but less brightly than them.
they have a ticket to the highest floor of the building
in the pockets of their jeans that just fit them nicely.
so easy to love and want and crave,
and all for a construction of our own.
from the 23rd of january 2020. i just want to be pretty, is all.
Moises Garcia Jan 10
We Are Lost Children Living Within A Society That Demands Perfection...
~Moises G.
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