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Klita 3d
There you stand
In all your gloriously impossible perfection
Absolutely s t u n n i n g
Skin glowing brighter than the moon
In a clear
Night sky

I wish someone saw me the way I see you
I know love
Is something we will never share
And that's ok
I will always look at you
Like you are the moon
You were the first
to make me realize
I CAN love
And that is a beautiful thing
mariompoetry Sep 21
The imperfection
Exists in comparison.

The perfection
Exists in freedom
To be
What you are
As you are.
Elle Sep 19
i know you wanted diamonds
(maybe even gold)

but things aren't like that
and i'm not always in control

spent  the morning staring at the ceiling
things are different
it's on inside my head

i know you wanted
diamonds unto gold

but things aren't perfect
and you got the broken mold

do you feel the weight dripping
down across my skin

you throw me into the fire
pretend that it's a kiln?

but ill formed creatures
only crack and break

the glaze you wanted
to gild the golden lily
things are kind of complicated now mom. it's not your fault, it never has been.
Perfection is being content in ones own world

Perfection is perceiving the cracks in the wall as a piece of art
Withered autumnal branches
Dreaming of blooms in spring

Perfection sought, to please the world
Leaves one imperfect and discontented
In this, perception oriented perfect world
“I’m sorry”
I whisper.  Over. And over.
A reflex when things are not okay.
Because no matter what I’m always to blame.
bess Aug 30
It's perfect

He threw compliments at you
until they stung.

He kissed you
until there were violet bruises
blooming across your arms.

The fingers he traced
up and down your back
turned into thorns.

His words morphed into

It's perfect.
Until it's not.
Time moves so ******* slow
And life likes to hit me when I'm already low
But I know for sure that you're gonna be here
You're always gonna be here by my side.

Maybe life is moving too fast
Making me question if it'll even last
But I know for sure that you're gonna be here
You're always gonna be here by my side.

It's the way that you talk to me
Like I'm the fallen star you've been wishing on
The way that you hold me tight
And the way that you keep me strong
I know that true love exists
And it's looking me right in the eyes
The world would shatter and break
If we ever had to say our goodbyes.
JMS <3
b Jan 2017
what have i become. .
what have you made of me, mother?
what have you sculpted, brother?

carved to perfection,
into an ivory soulless wreck,
a hopeless mess, high off morbidity and agony,

carved to perfection,
to attend to your lavish needs,
of a stripped youth,
hidden under a blood stained carpet floor,

and you do it so lovingly,
as i reach for air,
when you've buried me
six feet under.
Mitch Prax Aug 9
Love does not have to
be perfect, it only has
to be shared with you

8:28 PM
Love is the blindfold to flawless vision, that makes the unsighted see perfectly.
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