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Faith 4d
If everyone wants me to be perfect
Why don’t they show me how?
You are my guide,
My beacon,
My direction.
For when I slide,
So meek in
My dejection.

You are my hope,
My feeling,
My compassion.
You’re how I cope,
When reeling
From my passion.  

You are my soul,
My soulmate,
My connection.
You make me whole,
You create
True perfection.
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Kim Essary Dec 3
Eyes piercing like popcicle wine, lips clenching of thirst like grapes from a vine.
A scene of perfection drawn from a mythical book.
Your body rippled like a flowing mountain Brook ,
Your hand grasped tightly closed for if opened you would see,
In the palm of your hand what belongs to me
It beats only for you and holds a bond for we shall never part.
You hold in your hand the key to my heart.
Live isn't blind for you are all I see and forever want.
Where is beauty in perfection?
In flawlessly done artistry?
I raise powerful objection
To such dishonest sophistry.

Give me the honest blemishes,
And the scars of vitality.
Beauty is not found in wishes
Of objects of idolatry.

The beauty’s in the crooked smile
And in the hearts of brokenness.
There’s beauty in that distinct style
Of earnestly but mismatched dress.

Beautiful is not perfection.
Beauty is beauty in itself.
Mine is another’s rejection,
I see your beauty for myself.
Blogging at www.insightshurt.com
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emily Sarker Nov 18
***** perfect.
I'm sick of perfection.
being the perfect girl,
the perfect lover,
hiding my flaws,
competing to be the best to get accepted.

***** perfect,
***** a perfect future.

cause an imperfect future with you,
is what fuels my heart and fills me with life.
all the silliness and love that will be present,
in our not so perfect apartment,
where we sometimes have not so perfect moments,
where my imperfections you don't judge rather you admire them.

cause in this not so perfect love story,
all the imperfections with you
is my version of perfect.
there is more to life than a perfect life. your soul and heart will never happy until you find the right person to spend your life with, where an imperfect life becomes a perfect life to you where hiding is another day you're excited about.
emily Sarker Nov 18
I have many flaws,
Flaws that made me scared to get close to people.
You saw them all,
and turned them into nothing short of perfections.
with you, I am finally me and proud to be me, for you love me, my imperfections and all
gracie Feb 6
a million years ago
my mom told me
there’s a light at the end of every tunnel
but I don't hold my breath
as we drive through them.

it's always cold
when I come home
'cause I'm the dark one
in my household.

the silent halls howl
with aching echoes
as my heels
clickety clack
  across the linoleum tiles.

beside my bed
sits a vase of withered roses
floating like corpses
in milky water.

I hate them.
every petal, every thorn
but I can't bring myself
to let them go.

is a beast still bad
if she cries in her sleep?
‘cause she’s broken and numb
but the world still turns.

she doesn't try
to be evil
she just forgets
to achieve perfection.
WordsHelp Nov 13
I want to learn every detail
That I plan to fall in love with.
I want to understand every imperfection,
So I can love those parts even more,
          to teach you why those are your greatest perfections.
I crave your story,
So I can add my own notes in the margins,
          to remind you where you came from and to show you
          how incredibly far you've come.
I want to savor every piece
Of everything that you are.
Kush Nov 13
It's the tiniest things,
That match a picture in my mind.
Little pieces of a puzzle,
That complete me.

It's the silliest things,
Things we can't believe we both do.
I love the way we laughed about those
Like the weird ones in the class,
With an inside joke that noone else got.

It's the most relatable things,
You make me feel like I'm not alone.
No matter the madness of the idea
Or the terribleness of it all,
With you I feel like I'm not alone in it.

It's the best things.
The time I spend with you...
It's just the best thing ever.
No matter how long or short,
I'll always crave for a moment of your time
To enjoy a little piece of perfection.
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