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the looming mystery of evergreen flowers
continuously beautiful
almost as if they cease nothing less than
perfection, a word unknown to many
hated by most
all are jealous
of those evergreen flowers
why so happy
so normal
oh how i envy
those evergreen flowers
His bright, white haze had always held him trapped,
Kept him blinded in hallowed embraces,
Scarcely breathing, trying stiff to adapt,
Teasing him with glimpses of tabooed places.
He lusted for freedom from perfection,
To fly vaguely in dangerous waters,
Incessantly gaining disaffection,
For the lastest fictions he had uttered.
Another offered a chance at freedom,
Skeptical of the darkness surrounding,
Clouded mind knowing that accepting him,
Results in a contract always binding.
Exhausted of sacred blessings he turned,
From angel’s love and in Tartarus burned.
A Butterfly flits, bathed by the wind,
sparkling vibrancy tingles within.
Its mystical beauty catches the eye,
baring ones soul watching it fly.
Delicate wings, a colorful display,
softly touching my life this day,

Infectious temptations inspired by this,
wanting to capture this perfect gift.
Not in a cage but with a loving touch,
to hold it for a moment, would mean so much.
Aware of the dimensions within its life,
awe inspiring expressions describing such flight.

Perfect magnificence churns the mind,
while comparing this spectacle trying to find,
complete pictures endeavoring to explain
such passionate feelings I’m having today.
Flowing from the heart this melodious expression,
my love for poetry is butterfly perfection.
Keara 6d
Write as flawless as the river,
as spotless as the reflection.
The sky can’t take its eyes
off it because of  it’s perfection.
If you ever spare.
a word or two so pure.
Never wonder how it might look:
simply, it would be just like you.
c Oct 1
Isn't there something a little bit
about the world?
The way raindrops bead
Or butterflies know
Just when and where to fly?
The ordinary of a sunset
combined with the idea
of so many colors
in one place
at once?
You are a part of this
impossible world.
are awe-inspiring.
Em MacKenzie Sep 30
I'm the raindrops to your roses
I can drown you or make you grow,
and my shower always imposes
on the direction that you want to go.
I seem to only fall on to you
praying to assist you to become what you want to be,
but I'm banished when the skies turn blue
are you hoping that I will continue raining?

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we carry a torch so long that it goes and burns our hand,
and it seems like nothing in this world goes as planned
but raindrops and roses live together within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to add to your perfection,
and when a window opens; a door closes
but take my droplets as the purest affection.
I hope to never weigh your petals down
I want to assist in making each a wing,
but I can keep pouring until we all drown
but roses are seasonal with only summer and spring.

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we give away the things so highly in demand,
and even when ripped apart; together we still band,
'cause raindrops and roses live forever within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to give you strength,
but alone you smell sweet to all the noses
but only my eyes are blind to your thorn's length.
I only come to show you your own beauty,
though I doubt you'd ever see that strong shade of red.
Whereas I'm transparent; you can see right through me
sometimes I wish I could be the sun to your roses instead.
Marle Sep 26
I am a Diamond.
Too hard to look at, too soft to the touch.
I am a Diamond.
Cutting corners, shaping the Light.
Rainbows & rainbows out tonight.
I am a Diamond.
Always searching for the perfect one.
I am a Diamond.
For love is always at every turn.
Bragi Sep 26
You see, I write but no one listens
And it’s hard
In a world where so many do.
So many express.
Not because they feel the world needs to understand them
Not because they throw a blanket of empathy around them
Not because the real world doesn’t appreciate their detail
But because it’s all a get rich quick scheme.
A sale.
But I don’t care for nepotism.
I don’t care if you’re waiting for me to like your ‘quirks’.
I don’t care that if I don’t you won’t like mine.
Because that’s how it works.
A trade.
A shame.
Someone always ‘sacrificing’ by being the first in the game of it
But that’s not a sacrifice
The sacrifice is not caring.
Liking something because you like it
Living life because that’s what you want to do with it
Freely sharing
Being a good person for no benefit.
Not out of fear that others won’t give you what you need.
Not out of fear it won’t let you be what you want to be.
Happiness is not found in the wants or greeds of others
But in listening to your own heart
And knowing
Deep down
What you do for you is all that matters.
Then when you’re loved by people for your truth
There is nothing better.

So be a good person
Listen to this work
Like it
Because if you don’t
I doubt I’ll like yours
This poem shows the hypocritical nature of society and ourselves. I don’t even know if I can trust myself with what I’ve written, but at least it points something out.
unspoiled by life,
living without fear.

confident of tomorrow,
no troubling doubts.

radiant in the light,
drawing everyone closer.

perfect in every way.


Bragi Sep 25
Perfection is a competition.

Imperfection is a story.
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