C531 5d

Put your lips close to mine...
Hold yourself right there.. Making sure our lips don't touch, just yet...

We're out of focus, eye to eye.
Let the intensity build..
Till the gravity's too much..
What is this magic hold you have on me.
I'll do anything you say.
Just be sure you say it with your hands.
I'd be smart to walk away,
But you're like quicksand and I'm simply sinking into you.

This path is dangerous.
This journey with you is tottaly reckless.
But I like it, and I love you.

I can't decide if it's a choice..
Getting swept away in everything that is you.
I hear the sound of my own voice
Telling me to flee, but we're like magnets you and me.
We're just skin and bone...
Trained to get along...
Perfect unison...

But you're friction...

Forget everything and let the bad fade away.
Trace my lips with your finger tips and give in, give in to me.
Don't fight this current, let yourself get swept away with me.
Let yourself get swept up in me.


Does everything look perfect there?
From where your standing, looking in.
Do you want everything I have?
Is what you have not as good?
From where your standing, looking in.

My life isn't perfect, just like yours.
Come on in, come and see.
Stand beside me and you'll see.
I'm just like you & I long to be
On the outside looking in.

A poem about our perception that a perfect life is being lived right in front of our eyes, evermore emphasised by social media.

She wrote a piece that shook my soul
Every word was as if she uttered my name
Feeling as if my heart was burning in flames
She told me a love like hers can never be tamed
Regret ran through my mind
as my soul felt empty,
it was her reality I was living
Now death comes to comfort me

Woke up to a dream filled with limitless emotions, she never sought revenge
But left my heart feeling strange
A love like hers can never be found
Till this day I search for a dream like love
And only find it in my dreams

That's why I now sleep more...

I have yet to truly live my life.
I sit in my room, gazing at my pen, my weapon.
The bane of my existence.
My cocoon.
My choice.
As I write in my journal, I ask myself, "What do I have to sacrifice in order to move ahead?"
A dark chuckle ripples through my room and I look at my reflection.
As I am clad in a white robe, my mirror is clad in black.
Holding black.
Being black.
The only truth is the gold pen in her hand.
"Sacrifice," she murmurs in a venomously sweet voice. "All things require a sacrifice. Why should the pen be any different?"
Red lips curl up into a smile but her eyes did not. All
they did was bore.
"Perfection is not controlled. Perfection is raw. Sacrifice for your desire, or your desire will be sacrificed."

Winter Raven Sep 10

There was a stranger in your body once
He is dead, is he not?
Who resides there now?
Are you awake yet?
Like a phoenix from the ashes
Rebirth is your fate
Rise, my new self
You will be perfect
You will be the last
Your love will protect
It will be your sword and shield
But you will know how to wield it

Luca C Sep 9

She was beautiful
   plain and simple
but this world
    isn't really looking
for beauty anymore.

It wants perfection.

KJSC Sep 8

please breathe
please breathe some more
and more
and more
you will be okay
I will be okay
perfection is not mandatory
not possible

you are enough

ringing validations out to yourself in the moonlight of the night is enough
for now
and maybe for always
please breathe
you can sleep
you will never finish
but you are always complete
so sleep

The insistent whirr of the washing machine,
Cycling round and round,
Soapy water wiping away what remains of yesterday,

Striving to achieve perfection,
Through the shirt so white,
That no-one will notice the fake smile,
A pair of jeans that are glistening,
Absent of tear stains,

A washing machine that washes away the insecurities,
On the surface,
Cause no matter how hard you try,
Your insides won't go in,

You can't clean away your evening cry,
Or the voices driving you down,
Just got to cover, cover, cover,
Till there's nothing left to hide,

Till your insides have been grinded away,
With the insistent whirr of the washing machine

I found perfection.
I found it in you.
You of all things!
For years I swore to never have children.
I feared that I was too much a child myself.
I still do.
But I found perfection in listening
to your coos and even your cries.
Every time you smile your toothless smile
is the sweetest of surprises
and all the while
I can't stop the bubbling laughter from within.
You have me wrapped so fondly around each of your precious fingers.
My son, you are the moon and stars.
The glorious break of dawn cannot compare
to the shine in your ravenous eyes-
hungry to take in the curious world around you.
I hope you'll never lose that hunger.
My son, just as you are, I feel complete.

A full life of living would be death when
compared to my life now as your mom.
I will forever love you with no end.

Written for my sweet 7 week old baby, Grayson James Parker <3
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