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For all that's ever gone wrong
For all the times my life was a mess
I swear I forget how much I'm blessed
It's amazing that I'm still here breathing,
My kid knows my face and follows my name
I have a wife who loves me and a place of my own
I don't question the place I call home
And I'm reminded daily I'm never alone
This life is a struggle and I do gamble with death
And even if the weather chills my bones
I can still see my breath
So that must count for something.
Nothing can mean nothing, right?

I have a couple friends that I rarely talk to at all
Society tries to tell you there's no problem money can't solve
I watch parents dope kids with pills for being kids
The same ones who grow and don't know how to live
We like to blame problems on all but ourselves
But when we run out of blame who does that help?
Life is a game and those are the cards you're dealt
Go big or go home but leave the porch light on
Because you may return like an old song

You think I've never been broke,
Think I've been over my head unable to cope?
You aren't unique in your struggle
But no one is talking so you sit puzzled
Like everyone has all the pieces, you're stuck with no thesis
What would happen if we really took off fake faces
And stopped taking blue pills, stuck in a matrix
Most hands aren't royal flushes and aces
You sit steady bluffing with a confident stare
While no one around even has a pair.
"How are you?" They ask, you open your mouth,
Take a deep breath and ready to unwind,
Try to speak then smile and say "I'm fine"
From where to draw
From which new well?
The night forever never tells

With no ear there
To hear the silence
But to speak another, break the spell

No mind to see what's in the night
Unless the dark is spoken till
The dawn it breaks another dream

With morning come a settled well

Deep to draw
Deep to dwell
A person's thoughts at night... A person's thoughts at night.
Questo è per te
Questo è per te
Cambieresti? La tua mente
Se sapessi
Questo era tutto per te
Stiamo parlando in lingue. Non posso tradurre
MicMag 5d
Quiero hablar
I'll try in any language
ภาษาไทย ยาก​ มาก
("pasa Thai yak mak")
Beyond bilingualism.
Well, I try.

I want to speak
I'll try in any language
Thai is very hard
If I told you my secret, would you feel the same?
Would we share the same intimacy?
Is it really a secret when It's begging to be told.
Secrets feel like some type of forbidden mystery.
Trapt away never to be told.
Only those who witnessed it know.
But you witnessed it and still do not.
It won't be my secret forever
It'll soon be yours too.
It eats away at me more and more.
Like some type of beautiful parasite.
The words I’m aching to say will never come
Rip them out of me
Make me say
What I cannot.
They tell me to speak,
And relay my thoughts,
My hopes and dreams.
I have a lot to say,
Really, I do.
They tell me to speak,
But I can't.
Not when the words get trapped in my throat,
And I can't get them out,
Not a single fucking word.
I open my mouth and I try,
But the words skid along my throat,
and crash into my teeth,
So close to escaping,
Just not close enough.
They tell me to speak ,
but I can't.
Not when people watch and listen,
Listeners have opinions,
Harsh critiques and ride statements.
I would speak,
but I have a deep-set fear of their judging glares.
I have a lot to say,
But the world doesn't want to hear it.
Deemz 7d
Your silence is the only part of you that still speaks to me,
and when I can't hear your voice anymore,
the fog reveals the distances you aren't willing to travel,
what's the point of reaching out to someone who doesn't want to be reached?
I will meet you out in the place where,
the moon has touched the lips of the sun with a sweet kiss.

I will meet you out in the place where,
the dawn has greeted the night with a shining smile.

I will meet you out in the place where,
darkness and light have united to become one entity.

I will meet you out in the place where,
the ocean’s waves have embraced the clouds.

I will meet you out in the place where,
joy has cuddled sorrows with open arms.

I will meet you out in the place where,
silence has spoken up, and voices are subdued.

I will meet you where the raindrops have danced with the snowflakes.

I will meet you out in the place where,
death has celebrated life by wearing the outfit of eternity.

I will meet you out in a place where,
our two bodies soar high becoming one soul with a sweet song, and a sacred prayer!

Hussein Dekmak

Seanathon Sep 7
Inches away from you
        Never there but ever present
        As your breath is lifted up unto the heavens

Elevated is the air upon your words
        Escalated, the anticipation of your voice
        Among the noise

Where the only scene to see is peace
        Held quietly in reverie
        And respect for your mere presence

Find with ease
        The smile of the self-reveals
        A quietness of hearts appeal

Not to be seen
        But to seek the conversation speak
        And to peak the words of interesting

Mere inches now away from me
        With no voice let to find the time
        Or threnodic melody

Don’t let me down
        My inward voice
My articulation often fails me because I secretly want it to fail (so as not to try again). But still, when she walks by, this is what I often hear. Inspired by Goldmunds - Threnody | https://youtu.be/mdEuCRiW2l0
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