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Spriha Kant Sep 22
The ability to never fail in speaking in the flow of sugary syrup is an undeniable form of art for me and the artists possessing this art are the ones from whom I am scared the most !
Alicia Moore Sep 15
even when you’re speaking
the silence is deafening.

empty words,
a spinning record with no music.

language isn’t solely expressive,
vacant vocals are forever depressive.
and now
all i can write
i can't even write
waves of
c h a o t i c p o e t r y
If you’re not on the list
Where are you?

If you’re not on the list
What are you?

If you’re not on the list
Who are you?

If you’re not on the list
You cannot come in
You cannot go out
You cannot speak

If you’re not on the list
You have no self
You have no rights
Here or anywhere

If you’re not on the list
You do not exist
You have no name
There are none of you
Brewomble Sep 4
I can’t sleep at night
I’ve got elements I’m facing
And in my dreams I need it most to see this vision that I’m chasing
And if I wander deeper against this grain
Will I split this earth in two,
Maybe I was born in cycle, maybe I am recycled youth
I can’t sleep at night
That’s when the lost come knocking
Sleep is what is needed most
A rest from a view that I am blocking
Resist the temptation to be tired
Because it comes and goes throughout the day -
Sleepless nights, up late wondering when I will stop standing in my own way
But still
Sleepless nights
I can’t sleep
Sleepless nights
Set me free
Sleepless nights
Lie a-wake
Sleepless nights
Stand in my-way
And tomorrow is here but for the moment so I get up to live the day
Another round of forgotten souls harvest the moon’s decay
And these sleepless night keep me from seeing a life from a brighter point of view-
I can’t sleep at night
So the next day is never new.
~Bre Womble
Liz Sep 1
What if we couldn't think in our head
How loud would the world be?
How gruesome, disgusting and torturous.
How many people would be betrayed?
How many would stay truthful?
How many songs, poems, dreams, and nightmares would become general knowledge?
What if we spoke our minds without fear?
What if we could not lie.
How terrible that would be.
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