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Vin DeStefano Oct 10
Pick up a type writer,
to become a type fighter.
A soldier for the right,
truths hurt,
but lies bite.
Place pen to paper,
to guard, trim, and taper,
cut down the transgressions,
invoke love and confessions.
Speak out in loud tone,
Speak words into stone.
Hold voice on a platter,
Climb choice like a ladder.
Be strong now to influence,
give up for no instance.
Hold fast and stay strong,
sing clear your song.
Doubt not who you are...
...For your voice is heard far!
Ivy Leigh Oct 4
There are so many words you can speak
to friends with no ears,
that when you are heard
your world becomes copious
with possibilities.

A friend with one ear
can listen to everything
multiple times. They
listen with a myriad of mediums
so you can marinate, but
they don't tell you about the stain
on your shirt and that something
on your face that others see
and point at and call you sloppy.

The friend with two ears
create a surround sound
that even you can hear.
Plentiful projections pour
out of your mind,
finally on the mend
after years of malnourished, stagnating
sessions of hours wasted
writing words to be hidden
and unheard of.
I had to stop here, but it may be unfinished. Let me know if you think I should keep working on this

Genre: Inspirational || 6 Words Poetry || Micro Verses
Theme: Language Of Love || Compassion
Seanathon Oct 3
It's newfound lovers beneath the first starry night sky shared together

It's a child playing at the tail end of a wave, just wishing for a second longer it would stay

It's a moment consumed by a clockless mouth

It's the most pleasant forget which you can find within yourself

It is a passionate glory in a war without spears

It is the flowing rivers of song in communicative ears

And therefore in being, be it the evermore near

Such love at first words is all that you wish you could hear
The First Time You Speak - nuff said
Words in your mind,
Turn sail of no ships.
Words intertwine,
through your mouth,
through your lips.
Words start a gust
to put boat underway
words are a must,
not tomorrow,
now today.
Words are to be spoken,
to find your belong.
Words are a token,
to be taken,
like song.
The LORD is word,
Through Soul, Power, and Might.
Place unto him,
The words of tonight.
Lest you'll lack rest,
Awake until dawn,
He's forever there,
singing your song.
Ellie Murry Sep 27
I've been thinking about the ways I could say it,
About the excuses I could use.
I could let out the monster inside,
but IT just won't come out
Without hurting
Everyone Else
If you've read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, I was inspired by the book to write this.
BoringBoy Sep 24
I speak it into existence...
I will be fine,
and happy.

Though the fall is coming, the winter shadows it.
And through that shadow, gloom lurks.

There will be a crooked reality,
and for some, joy.
But even after that, it lingers.

Not this time. Let it be crooked.
Let it be corrupted.
But I refuse to let it prosper this year.

I will win.
I will shine.
I will be warming,

I will love, care, and share my joy, gracefully.

Everything has a flaw, but everything isn't beautiful.
This winter, beautiful depravity, will be beautifully crooked.
I speak it into existence.
Use your words.
     Even if they've been heard before,
          say them once more.
Search combinations for new letters to adore.
     Expose a rhythm, make it rhyme,
          express this messy perspective of life.
Use your words.
     Whisper, speak, shout
          find some space, a place
               to let it out.
It'd be quite a shame
     you come all this way
          and never shared
               what you're all about.
Use your words.
     Allow them to break, breath, take flight.
          Make them honest
                for those to take hold
                     and offer some delight
               to take home
                    make their own
                         and watch them grow in the light.
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