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Blood brothers,
equal in blood,
fathered by the music of love.
Each is perfect,
different in style,
all born from an act of love.
My three sons are so different, yet so similar in many, many ways.
Each has half my blood and genetic imprint and in that they are all three equal and united.
I pray that my sons love each other allways.
He was my story
My history
My line
My love...
He was all things.

A tingle mingles my heart
As I drive to his door
Switch off the engine
And enter his dream.

He laughs, coughs and sniffs.
Toking on his cigarette.
Pink, his flesh, soft, unbroken
Armoured for life in youth

He stretches
Away the sleep
He always had.
Crumpled bedding
And crazy hair!
We share, a smile
Him and I.

I touch his life
I gave him
He smiled...So many times my way, the child
The man !
Crazy crazy love
Still there
Sillva 3d
I write to u in metaphors
As if they were hieroglyphics.
A different langue that I do not speak,
But I write frequently In disguise-
Away from the moon
Where the sun doesn't want to hug the earth.
That's how I begin every day without the light.
Just a blissful word that speaks to my ears to get up.

I have wounder around in my own writings
speaking to people that I dont know.
As for the both of you
I have become more than a stranger
A distant son.
Like a needle in a hay stack.
Wondering if my lips will ever speak out my true feelings.
Figuring out rhymes without a sense of tone,
Because I have surrendered to silence.
An became death to nature.
Have I lost my heart?
Have I been blind to never open up?
I have called my feelings Hiding beneath every word.

As tears shower this paper because I have extended my vocabulary to spell out love.
An I  write what my voice negates to say
"I Love both of you,
An I shall Stay
until my last living breath".

                                                            By E.R.S
I only saw four girls when I came to be,
I wish I saw a boy but the only boy was me,
A man showed up but not for long, he gave me up cause he was wrong,
My mom I love her but she left me to,
I need her more than my sisters do,
I hear people talk but the worst isn't true,
I know my mom loves me and I love her lots too,
Sometimes I remember when we smiled and play games,
I really need my mom's hugs No hugs are the same,
I cannot forget her for her love is the key,
*** all I pray is one day mommy's with me!
My father was a farmer.
He sowed the seeds of dreams
He could never have in me.
He cared for them, and me,
But more for me, I knew.

He waited for the harvest
That one day he would
Watch me reap, with pride;
Pleased that he waited,
Pleased that he cared for them
And for me, but more for me.

He would watch
That crop of dreams heap.
I watched today,
And only saw my father weep.
K M M Oct 12
It is written about the Father's judgement and how it harms
but one thing I've always noticed is the Son's love always follows.
For you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
--and it's not just in the song that I see your love.
I have grown you from an apple seed in the frozen winter ground
and you have brought spring to my heart where I thought permafrost had set in for sure.
You are my greatest gift
and soon my greatest pain
but I would endure every second and bleed out every vein.
To my one true love, my baby boy.  If you ever read this your young mother cares for you and will always love you.
Lydia Oct 9
I try to do it all
And not be too ******* myself at the same time
I try to stay in perspective and be a positive person
hope for the best and be a better human everyday
most days I still slip up
I get **** and harsh and mean
but I'm trying
I want so much
and more for my family and myself
being patient and putting in the efforts is exhausting but I do believe one day it will all just make sense
my stars will align and I'll be proud of myself for doing it
I wanna love like I know he deserves
I want to be the mother I know my son deserves
I want to be true to myself
like I know I deserve
She waited for her knight
Long time has passed
Even the light of lamp diminished
Her hope is lost.

She is waiting to shut her eyes
But a glimpse of love had kept her awake
World has disowned her
And her voice is fading.

She scream in her dreams
Sound of coming feet wakes her
Her world is shattered
And her heart has lost its blood.

Her knight went for a quest
Defending her country’s honour
She now rest peacefully with her son
For her knight came on shield.
Lydia Oct 2
Everytime we say we goodbye
I wish I would have kissed you one more time
To both of my boys
Am I too early
or so so very late?
Time is but a smudge
of mixed acrylic paint.

My history, the canvas
and my pen a brush.
Time is but a smudge
dripping through my clutch.

Dreams blur into nightmares;
nightmares into day-time thoughts.
Time is but a smudge
of profits and loss.

When the end comes
my journal will be passed.
Time is but a smudge
that my children will grasp.

They will both read
of my love for them.
Time is but a smudge
in this infinite realm.

They will both know
how much I love them so.
Time is but a smudge
and if it weren't for them I would of let go.

Time is but a smudge
in an never ending orbit
time is but a smudge
and they have made it euphoric.
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