This man was supposed to love me
But I doubt he even cared
This man that was never around
His love was never shared

His missed my birthdays and celebrations
Never took my life seriously
My mother told me to love him
But I hated his mysteriously

How am I supposed to think of someone highly?
Someone, that I don't even know
That's not a man I would respect
A man not watching his children grow

I know now that I never needed him
To obtain all my aspirations in life
I hope one day of becoming a genuine man
One that cares for his family and wife

exposed emotions
blister 'neath
your numbing gaze
of indifference
that roars
in thund'rous waves
to crash upon
the battered shores
of my heart

exposed emotions
drivin' me insane
their hungry voices
screaming in my head
behold a night wind
leads me
to a place...
where dangerous visions
softly tread

take my heart
take my soul
take anything you want
dont take my sons
take my heart
take my soul
take my life if you must
just dont take my sons
dont take my sons

exposed emotions
out of control
a raging firestorm
burning thru my soul
behold a storm wind
carries me away
where crimson rivers
twist and bend...
on these endless
desert sands

cover me in shades
of golden brown
a trackless dune
in desert lands
where crimson rivers
twist and bend
twist and bend
in these bitter
endless sands

take my heart
take my soul
take anything you want
dont take my sons
take my heart
take my soul
take my life
if you must
just dont take my sons
dont take my sons

pic poem

- (Original Poem) -

exposed emotions
blazing like a firestorm
'neath a bright indifferent sun

life's blood flowing freely
from wounds beyond repair
falling wetly to the ground
where crimson rivers pool
in shades of golden brown

hungrily devoured
yet never tasted
by these endless
desert sands....
Seanathon May 18
Pull the paper from the walls
   The color from the tiles beneath
Pull my mind from the strangers way
   And title me, not as one thing
But as first and foremost, THE SON of a king
To him all goodness is owed. Amen.
Mark Wanless May 14
Not Here

came across a thought yesterday
   that said i was not here
saw it    don't believe it    no sir no
   i wonder what is real
the nations are a figment
   of thought in mind alone
yet here i live in a country
   imagining it my home
called a god to witness
   what i thought was truly true
no answer came but clear clear thought
   it's only me and you
   it's only me and you
saw a spirit yesterday
   forty years ago
was he heaven   was he hell
   maybe you will know
this time i am a breathin
   was this the only one
remember me from long ago
   mother   daughter   son
called a lake a river
   called the darkness light
been to hell and back again
   we are the only ones
   we are the only ones
Randy Johnson May 13
You're not truly dead just as long as people remember you.
And if I have my way, that is exactly what people will do.
Your role as a mother began in 1967 and ended in 2013.
Your death was devastating, it was the worst thing I've ever seen.

When the doctor said you would probably die, my brother and I were afraid.
You were a fantastic and caring mother for four and a half decades.
My brother and I were the only two children that you had.
When you passed away, I was miserable and it was so sad.

I feel better now but your death has left a scar.
It's great to know that Heaven is where you are.
Back in 2013, we were miserable because you passed away.
If you were still alive, I would wish you a happy Mother's Day.
Simra Sadaf May 13
That woman
who held you inside herself
for nine painful months,
that woman
who will not let you
sleep on an empty stomach
even once,
that woman
who gives equal love to
all her daughters and sons,
that woman
whose love for you bleeds,
that woman
who is always there
for you in times of needs,
that woman
who is not appreciated
for her labor never ending,
that woman who made
your life worth living,
i hope you don't realise
her worth late, cause
that woman is far too great.
robert May 13
Hi mama,

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day
For me to come up and say
That I love you (it's not just in May!)
Endlessly forgiving: your mother’s heart

Warm and caring in every way
Those without kids could never
Truly understand – including me
And even though you passed fifty,

Your patience with me is boundless
At times seems everlasting
Even though you passed fifty,
Your beauty and grace still blossoms!

Though you passed fifty,
You remain ever so young and full of spirit
Thank you for being my mother, mom
And thank you for letting me be your son, too.

Thank you for believing in me
As I believe in you.
Happy Mother's Day mom!
My god son came home from school today. He’s only 8 years old and I can still remember when he was born. Happier times.

He came down and sat at the kitchen table while I was fixing diner. He was doing his homework which of course he hated. I  came over to him. With 3 fresh chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Bent down and put my hand on his cheek and said to him.

“My dearest Legend. I could never be more proud of you. You will be a great young man”.

And as I was still bent down he put his tiny little hand on my cheek and said

“I love you mama”.

                           With love,
Panda May 8
To what
Do I owe
This pleasure
Of bringing
A baby, a boy
Into this



World of twists
And turns
Tony Cortez May 4
Most people ask what you dream to be
Your dream job or what you wanted to do with your life
My response is unorthodox compared to the rest

Some will say engineer
Or a firefighter,  police officer
Mechanics you name it
That never really interested me though

I tell people that I want to get into the technological field but that's more of a side project

No honestly I want nothing more then to be a dad
I'm still young but its definitely up there
The joy of my childs face along with the love of my wife
I've always lived for those moments

So in turn being a father is my dream job
I want it almost more then anything
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