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Your little eyes,
Little nose,
Little cheeks,
Little smile,
And, your adorable babbling,
Will forever be rewards of love...

Your little hands,
Little feet,
Little walk,
Little mischiefs,
And, your cheerful embrace,
Will forever be a boon of life.
Jeremy Betts Apr 30
An endless search
For before the hopeless
Prior to the pain
Pre drowning in sadness
It must be there
That rare moment of bliss
I can't FUCCKING remember,
"Has it always been like this?"
A lost sliver of memory
Eerily missing the feeling like a lipless first kiss
The want and drive evident
But before it all, most memorable, there to trigger the fall, my evil twin, Sir Anxious
I tear up as I absorb old videos
Finding the smile in milestones of my son, a present I was pleasantly present to witness
"...ah, there it is,
My piece of bliss
An unchecked happiness
Oh how I miss this..."
But I did this,
I have no business
Asking for a witness
Or forgiveness

neth jones Apr 6
daycare drop off
he sees me cross a sunbeam on the way out
rushes up to stop me
and gets me to crouch so he can give me a 'sunbeam hug’ (his words)
Madeleine Mar 20
My son
I have called you to lead
You are stronger
Than you realize
Heidi Franke Mar 5
I felt it
When I spoke
To the judge,
For my son,
Years of shell work
Encasing fear and sanity, cracked with each glance, falling away. Everyone listening.
I was left lost
Like a snail losing it's shell
Mushy and vulnerable
A Pulpy mess.

Was it enough
That I said
Or too much.
So much was left out
The Russian Roulette admission
The thoughts of jumping 15 floors from his hotel
So many letters making up words and paragraphs upon paragraphs
of 15 years.
Throwing out a gun
Into the city trash.

How could I be anything more than a mother
Who let the saving flatten her out of existence. Incoherence and pulp.
Will it be discarded
All that effort
To keep him alive
At my expense.
Is that what mothers do?
I'll never get to return. Life doesn't
Let you.
Speaking to judge on behalf of mentally ill son's crimes.
My Dear Poet Dec 2023
His son wanted to play ball
So he got him a dog

He wanted to go fishing
So he got him a fish

His son wanted some advice
So he got him a book

He wanted some time
So he got him a watch

He just wanted a dad
But dad never got him
Happy Holidays:
Always in my heart
Dear son Shiv
Heart of gold  
Blessed be your days
Unforgettable be
your holidays
I am always with you
Dearest darlings my
grown children
my biological grandkids
Tamally Mask
I am always with you
I love you adore you.

Tamally maak
I am always with you
No matter the trash
that clouds your mind,
Sickens you judgement;
Discard those door mats

Tamally Mask
You are always with me
No jealousy divides us
No malice, nor greed
Today criminal minds,
Impostor wanna be Moms
are sunk and drowned
we are always one.
Lala Sassy Coco
mother loves you.
I am always with you.
Ancient true love,
Be my Knight
Twin soul PC Rk
obstacles have fallen down

You remain in my heart,
Ancient twin soul divine
As you promised
remain imaginary mine
my best friend Joel.

keeping me company
regardless of miles
between creeping in
Joy to poets who
took time to read
to comment
to connect to write
to keep me company
Tamally Maak.
You are always in my heart.
By: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Zywa Dec 2023
I do as I like,

Mum stays calm, I don't know if --

I even exist.
Poem "Telemachus' Guilt" (1996, Louise Glück)

Collection "Unseen"
Jeremy Betts Nov 2023
A motherless child
Though she lived right up the road
An only son
A want for one never shown
If she could love
I would have never known
Nature or nurture?
Never mattered, I pondered alone

Evie Helen Oct 2023
It’s been a year now since I held your life.
Over a year since I saw you leave me.
Over 12 months since I let you go,
I wish I hadn’t.
I wish I’d kept you close,
Given you some dignity and
A real place to rest.
My numb shock sent you out to sea.
I have a space within me where you were,
A space that I can’t fill for now.
But I will hold your name in my heart,
Till I can make you a family.
Living souls to cling to,
Heartbeats to meet you at the shore.
And say…
’Hello Teddy, we never forgot you’
A very personal write, this one is dedicated to my angel. The little life I didn’t know existed until it was gone 🤍
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