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It’s been almost a year since you were set free
So much has changed between you and me.
It’s so hard for me to believe all we’ve been through.
This wasn’t supposed to happen to me and you.
My partner forever , my ride or die
You have treated me so badly and I don’t know why.
I wanted so much for your life to turn around.
To be a good daddy to Your little girl and keep her safe and sound.
I hope and Pray you never have to feel this pain I’ve had to endure
I’ve made my mistakes but I’ve remained by your side loyal and pure
I didn’t deserve all the hateful things you said
Why would you ever wish your own mother dead
But through it all I still love you the same
My only son it’s time to be a man and take your own blame
I didn’t teach you to live this way
I taught you a real man earns his money the honest way
Dear God I come to you down on my knees
Help my son lead him the way have mercy on him oh dear god I pray unto you Please. Amen
Prayers are much welcome
Dear Mama,

I've felt a darkness in me
Something not of your inheritance
But a teaching of this world

I know you've felt it too
You've feared it enough to think
one day I'll have my shoulders turned

Blood binds us in ways,
your love in others
These bonds are not so easily shattered

I know I've never said enough
But words serve demagogues,
To us, they do little matter

I trusted you
to put me on my two feet
I ask of your trust in me to walk

Your strength inspires more
than you have ever known
I might surprise you if I choose to run

You're always so wary
of the storm I'm weathering
But it's nothing that I can't take

I may have strayed from
the path you set me on
But I promise not to lose my way.
By Alexa kae navarro

Noong ika'y nasa aking sinapupunan
Maraming pagsubok ang nagdaan
Masasakit na salita'y naranasan
Ngunit ako'y nagpatuloy at lumaban

Ikaw ang nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas ng loob
Kayat labis kong kinatuwa na sa akin ika'y pinagkaloob
Pinapangako kong ikay aking aalagaan
Ano mang pagsubok ang magdaan

Sa iyong unang pag iyak
Ang buhay ko'y binigyan ng galak
Anu man ang iyong nais sabihin
Narito lng ako upang ikay unawain

Pagmamahal ay ipapairal
Mabuting gawain ay ipapangaral
Huwag mo sana akong biguin
Lumaking mging masunurin

Lumaking may tyaga
Nang sa aking pagtanda'y may mag aruga
Pagmamahal ay pairalin
Nang sa iba'y maging halimbawa ka rin
Its a wonderful gift from GOD
Translated by Jarek Zawadzki

Tell me, Mother, do, at least in a dream
And I'll believe you that it's so up there,
So still and windlessly as it might seem
For when I put my ear unto the bare
And frozen ground, with a reunion theme
The ground comes up, that we should join forever
In a union that no contretemps will sever
And that, transformed, we'll take the likeness of
A philosophical and wordless love,
But you won't tell the things I can't infer
Or maybe you are not exactly sure
I think that, as if lyrics immature,
You tease me like a Christmas caroler.

Wieslaw Musialowski 3/8/2007
Jarek Zawadzki is a translator of literary works from English, Esperanto, Latin and Chinese (both modern Mandarin and Classical Chinese) to Polish.
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 5/27/2019

Mother, you know - darkness is coming,
so lend me a lantern
that I may distinguish in the dark what is black.
That I may feel the white of the jasmines,
though their smell still makes me think of death,
but this affliction I would like to cure.
Plant the soothing flowers
and say - on the field furrows, like on a lowland meadow,
moments of happiness bloom as well
from a passage - to a passage.
Send me a letter of hope that you will be able to come
and that you will blow the candle out
when the time to wake up comes.
You will lead me by the hand because I am still a child,
and I'm not ashamed to ask you - talk to God there
about difficult matters - after all, you also
shared the burdens of existence,
here where every day is different
and where there are no sinless.

Copyright © by Wieslaw Musialowski 5/26/2019
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). Regards.
Philomena Sep 24
I know I'm not perfect
Not even close
But in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
I'll give it my all
I wont break nor bow
And yes my dear I refuse to fall
Jonathan Moya Sep 20
Each launch begins with a prayer
until I have a puncture, a rip, a tear.
Mayday!  Mayday!  Mayday!

I am always falling
either to the earth or to the stars,
falling forward to God the Father
or father to son.
To survive I move in the vacuum
between calm heartbeat
and silent in-breath,

hurling to my final mission
to repair a disconnection
of a mind that can
***** life with a thought
or by sniffling
a remembered tear,

knowing not whether to
****** the monstrous soul
or to hug the last, lost dead part.

I swim through
the waterfalls of mars
knowing I never really knew you
nor am I you.

“Stay where you are.
Do not proceed any further,”
you hiss in loving defiance.

In the space in between
I see that madness is
never once thinking of home,
being free of all moral doubt.

Tethered to the umbilical
I cut the insanity to the vacuum,
suffocate the space between
with love,

until I can no longer see
what is not there,
until I miss what
is right in front of me.

In the after-burn from Saturn
I am looking forward
to the day of my self return.

I will rely on what is closest to me.
I will live and love.
Vin DeStefano Sep 20
Make your choices son,
and be decisive.
The world makes quota,
for men like you.
"Mind over Heart,"
requirement entails.
I'm confident in you ..
.. your love never fails.

Be a guard son,
a protector of family.
The world has it out,
for men like you.  
"Let us in,"
the faithless say.
I'm confident in you ..
.. you're stronger by day.

Give yourself to GOD son,
a spiritual sentinel.
The Lord is hunting,
for men like you.
"Spread my love,"
I pray you will.
I'll always love you ..
.. when I've gone still.
For the man I hope to raise.
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