He put his head in his mother's lap,
closed his eyes, and was lost.

He felt a velvety, comforting
restfulness, beginning to spread
behind his eyelids, and over his body.

He evaporated, and was in the ****,
once again. In that musical ****,
where he was, before the duality of identity.

His mother's hand caressing his hair,
felt to him, like something he had experienced
when the ocean breeze touched him, but more intimate.

He lost his name then, and was lost to everyone.
Only his mother knew, where he was in those moments...

© Manan sheel.
Yesterday   i
had  poison  in
some   local
fried     food.

It  happened
in  a  cyber  cafe
where  i  was
busy  in  ­searching
for  more  than
social  media  sites.

I  ate  fe­w
amount  of  that
and  suddenly  could
know  it  that
it  is  

I  became
surprised  that
a  site  called
is    popular  and
available  in  zoo  countries.

I  have  to
­ask   tomorrow
to  sun  and  my
net-addicted  son.
Kim Essary Jan 7
Your life hasn't been all I had hoped it would be ,
You have been to **** and back, sometimes I blame me.
But the struggles and journeys you have faced  have made you the man  you are today..
You have walked through this cold cruel world and kept your head held high, no matter what people might say.
Mistakes, indeed you have made your fair share and will make many more.
Just continue to learn from them son , keep being that guy that I adore. .
You make me proud to be your momma, no matter how people talk.
How special am I that you are my son , hand and hand we will walk.
There's no way that evil will win baby boy with me by your side and you by mine.
Back to back partner to partner no man among us will ever take our shine.
I've been told by some very good guys,
I should be very proud of the young man I raised , for his age he is very wise . .
Many Nick names you earned son some of them you fit the roll, from leo , pchyco , baby boy to " a fine young man with an old soul".
Dedicated to my baby boy Dylan Hinton
I love you very much
Shin Jan 1
Careless pinpricks in Ouroboros' veins.
Simple icicles sliding down my legs.
Clouds immersed the crowd as a poor man begs.
Children pitter patter and Hyde complains.

Viscosity oozing, lining my lips.
Oh ******, scorched, dismantled, untied bellows.
Immerse, unearth, and echo the odd fellow
as he sings of old, a long gone eclipse.

See in your sea's soul, see what you have done.
Son, taste the nectar, feel an angler's noose.
Breathe corrupted breath, speckled by abuse.
Then, and only then, may we reach the sun.
claire Dec 2018
a box
packed lovingly
from a mother
to a son
far away
in another land
he doesn't know

the contents wholesome,
inspected still
once, twice, a thousand times

before it even ships

a box
packed lovingly
from a mother
hoping it will reach her son
far away
in another land
she doesn't know
Corey Dec 2018
Oh, blessed Gods
Endowed the Earth
Graced with beauty above

Oh, son of man
Oh, son of mine
Taken with radical love

What Sun does warm
What light does shine
To reaches of the summit?

What stars align
What moon reflects
The light that you emit?
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