Keep telling me that everything's gonna be OK.
Keep telling me that if I smiled more, my problems would go away.
Keep telling me that Happiness is a choice, that it's my fault my days are so dark.
Keep telling me that if I talked to these girls more, they would suddenly find me interesting.
Keep telling me the pain of engaging people is a figment of my imagination, and not a real thing.
Keep telling me I should just settle down, and get into a relationship, cuz the last nine worked so well for me!
And do you tell yourself it's that easy to simply "settle down"?
Cuz I thought it was about Love and Chemistry, what a fucking
fucking idiot I am!
Keep telling me Love plunged your knife into my heart,
(Both figuratively and literally, cuz I got the scars from both! :))
Keep telling me that everything you did to me was my fault,
or an accident, or a drunk thing, or hormones, but NEVER your fault.
Keep telling me it's easy to find help, that this pity party I did to myself, that my selfishness is to blame for my sadness, that I'm the master of my own Fate, this Fate that has me crawling on all fours in this Hollywood Hell, no I'm the master of this and no one else.
Keep telling me that everyone suffers, and that it's
"What you make of it" that decides your mood.
And tell me one more time how I don't know real pain or struggle,
how the shock, awe, and heart break people show when they hear just one of my oh - so many hilarious journeys through this shit show called life is fake, and just them being polite,
and how you know true pain, which is why you try to fuck everyone over because that's how real life works,
and it's totally OK because everyone else is doing it, and tell yourself I would've so done the same things in your position...
And tell me again at what point did I sabotage our relationship?
And please, tell me again how happy you are without me :).
Keep telling me you'd be happy with whoever I bring home,
though you cringe every time you see me with another Hispanic girl.
Keep telling me it's not about skin color, that when they pulled my Mexican friends out of my car, and let the under aged white boy go with the beer, the blow, and the unregistered pistol under my seat,
it was because of their attitude and not their race.
Keep telling me they're not forcing poor people out of your neighborhood, when the same fucking orange costs two dollars more in that part of town than this part of town.
Keep telling me you're not racist when you refer to people other than white people in derogatory terms.
Keep telling me you're not "part of the problem" when you refuse to address the problem itself.
Keep telling me this fucking demon in the white house is the key to making "America Great" - and while you're at it?
Keep telling yourself there was a time "When America was great."
Keep telling me that that haircut, the beard, the shirt and the shoes you wear - you know, the stuff that every other person wears? Is your own style.
And keep trying to tell me, while not openly admitting it, that the key to fitting in, is acting like everyone else.
And tell me how I'm the asshole for trying to fight this raging river of hypocrisy.
Remember when you told me the key to sleep is sleeping?
That the nightmares and cold sweats were all in my head, do you remember? That was like nine sleepless years ago!
Keep telling me this world makes sense to you, and make sense of all the terrible things that happen every terrible day,
and I'll keep telling myself we're friends, even though we talk once a year, and it's about as awkward as, that time you told me if I wasn't so awkward I'd be totally hot and you would totally be with me.
And can someone, PLEASE, tell me what the fuck is it with women and falling for assholes? You knew god damn well how it was gonna end, you knew you'd regret it, yet you told yourself... what exactly?
And tell me there's no nice guys who know how to make you feel good, cuz we both know that's bullshit ;).
(Wasn't it you who told me it's always the quiet ones?)
And what did you tell yourself when you found out you were just one of the "girls from work"?
Did you tell yourself you didn't see it coming?
Cuz I could've told you from day one where that was gonna go.
Also I forgot to tell you, thanks for dinner that one time.
The food was fantastic.

Kyle D,
Joy Jul 16

Call it experience, self-protection
Or even just "listening to their gut" -
But people can smell self-hatred
Like a pile of dog shit

What made me think of this was this kid I work with. He's so eager for attention yet so . . Neurotic, I suppose would be the right word? It's sad. He makes bad jokes, and talks about how much he hates himself to strangers. I find myself squirming with discomfort whenever I'm in a conversation with him, as are others, because he's so friggen unsettling. I know what it's like-

It sometimes feels like people are built in with confidence sensors, and it's terrifying to think that suddenly all of our emotions can be exposed to people by something seemingly insignificant like how quickly we react or the speed of our speech.
July, 2017
Rebecca H Jul 6

You made me cry today.

You raised your voice at me
as if I wasn't sitting in the seat
right next to you.

You told me I didn't listen -
that I never listened.
And that I didn't understand,
nor even try.

You screamed all this
at the top of your lungs
instead of
being a mature parent
and talk with your daughter
in a civilised tone.

But you don't do civil,
do you, mum?

But then again, you don't see your faults either
but focus on mine and others'.

It's funny how you accuse me of not
listening when in reality
you cut me off when I tried to speak.

You took my voice, mum.
And you refused to give it back.

- this one is extremely personal -
JDH Jul 5

Some introductory food for thought...

"Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen"
  - George Orwell

"There is only three states of being. There is slavery, tyranny, those are both forms of conflict, or negotiation. Negotiation depends on freedom of speech and you have to be able to talk to people if you are not going to fight with them or capitulate to them."
  - Jordan Peterson

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
  - George Orwell

The key proponents of the Bill and it's context...
On the 18th October 2016, Bill C-16 received Royal assent in Canada, despite having a small, but thorough opposition, even from those within the LGBT community who felt that the proponents of the Bill did not represent their desires, but that of the most extreme and ideological spectrum of their community. A prominent figure in the opposition to the Bill was Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, who has dedicated a great length of time in study into the Nazi and Soviet regimes of the past, paying particular attention to the ideological and psychological elements of those periods, which has built his principles as strongly opposed to ideological thought, Postmodernism and Marxism, all of which were instrumental or played roles in the mass genocidal regimes of the early 20th century that began with the subjugation of ideas and speech.

The Bill's implementation is an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code that makes the refusal by an individual to refer to someone by their preferred gender pronouns a hate crime. It also brands discrimination by 'gender expression' with the same impunity. To those who do not understand what these concepts mean, essentially what the gender pronoun debate is, is how a minority of the LGBT community demand they be refereed to by different pronouns, and have their gender expression (fashion choice) protected by law. For instance, those who claim not to fit into the binary gender pronouns (he/she) and therefor don't identify as either a man or a woman, wish to be refereed to with artificial neologisms such as ve, they and them.

These demands, however, are not being made by the majority of LGBT people, but a small minority of people, mostly younger students who've been indoctrinated into postmodern and social Marxist ideology. This means that the Canadian government is taking the most extreme representation of a group as the representatives of the entire group, which would be like taking the Nazi Party as a valid representation of Germans, or the British Olympic squad as representatives of the standard fitness of the entire British public. This is a key focus of opponents to the Bill, like Prof. Peterson who recognises (being an employee of a University himself) that Bills like these are the result of borderline indoctrination in the Universities, and not the demands of LGBT people in general.  

The innate authoritarianism of the bill and it's Marxist/Postmodern motives...
Why are the proponents of this Bill innately authoritarian in nature? Well, as Professor Jordan Peterson makes the clear distinction, that unlike other forms of what is deemed hate speech in law, that enforces what you CAN NOT say, this Bill enforces WHAT YOU MUST SAY. As an example, Holocaust denial is considered hate speech, and so you can not express such a position, however, here you are now forced to speak words that you might not want to say, something far more Orwellian that one might be able to conceive when concerning a seemingly trivial enforcement, and having often spoken of gradualism, this is certainly not the end of the issue.

What is also concerning is that the supporters of the Bill are evidently ideologically motivated, in terms that their ideology (Marxist/Postmodern) is in itself authoritarian in nature, and as they fail to gain support by ideas, they suppress them. Law like this should not be able to slide through the apparatus of the State this easily, for it conveys on many levels a lack of respect for the generations of people who suffered under despotic rule for centuries until finally the rule of law gave them rights (and now we throw them away). It also shows to those more nefarious groups, that the public will not blink, even when you chip away at their right to speak as they choose, which I don't believe is a habit that should be maintained.

- a short essay by FabiusSideman

I am from the UK, however, I followed the events and the processes of this Bill, particularly its opposition.

Sincerety has aligned me with the wrong path
                                             to love
                                             to success
                                             to glory,

It certainly draws the potential of freedom and truth
                                yet at the cost of shattering every chance of a quiet life,

Even the freedom it brings is only of oneself's mind

                                     We have no control
                                     We, the sincere,  
                                     Shall not have our names sang,
                                     Yet they will ring for centuries

In the ears of the many who never spoke for themselves.

july 3, 2017
12:33 a.m.
Luiz Syphre Jun 18

Alright everyone…

take out that lighter

put it in the air

click it

and let all the lonely souls of the world come together for just one minute of defiance against our common enemy… our loneliness.

Let’s fight that motherfucking beast!


Let that emptiness inside you feel your warmth thru that flame!  Let that bitch know you’re alive!  Now scream with me:

“Loneliness, you that takes my hopes and dreams, vampire that sucks my light! you that holds my smile at bay and imprison my happiness in the past or at someone else’s will…



This is me, the one you rob daily! And I stand together with everyone you’ve ever stolen from!  

We are here to take EVERYTHING BACK FROM YOU!  

The thousands of smiles

the thousands of memories you’ve ever set fire to!  


Feel our scream!  I’m raising both hands in the air and putting out my middles to give you the most biggest, most sincerest and heartfelt “fuck you!” as your foot comes down on me again!




Now, laugh and smile!  

One against that bitch!

- Luiz (laughing) D. Syphre

Anyone who's ever been lonely....HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!
dotty Jun 14

people keep speaking
I've got no time for thinking,
they say you can't kill a baby,
but maybe, just maybe.
the thing is, this is, my reality,
so many words in my head I think I've lost my sanity,
at the end of the day, it's my choice to make,
you can think what you'd like but please just give me a break.

there will be multiple poems under this name
WARNING-themes of abortion
Amanda Jun 11

Am I being articulate?
My words are spoken loud and clear,
Im tired of repeating myself,
Time after time, but you never hear.

It is going to take more than words,
To make you listen to me,
But the only weapon i have,
In my arsenal is poetry.

Ive written you a dozen songs,
Explaining how you made me feel,
But until you understand,
Im afraid ill never heal.

Ive tried to make my thoughts make sense,
But it doesn't matter what I do,
Im sure I could write a perfect speech,
And it wouldnt make a difference to you.

Im not satisfied with the ending but i had to settle because every idea i came up with sucked haha. Tell me what you think?
wyle tan Jun 10

no speak evil
see no evil
evil no hear
world lies dumb

10 June 2017, Clementi, Singapore
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