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I hope you live life to fullest
The image you've always dreamed
Want your plans to work out for the best
If they differ from how you schemed
I pray you realize power you hold
Could fell mountains with one hand
When it counts the most
Do not hesitate to take a stand
I hope you find tranquility
Joy that you deserve
Sure your resilience will get you by
Each time world throws you a curve
If finding yourself in a state of frustration
Take moment to breathe and clear your head
Patience an essential component
Navigating the road ahead
You have integrity and a heart of gold
Two things will take you far
Don't ever doubt that you have the strength
To bounce back from even the deepest scar
If trying your hardest I know you'll triumph
Achieving the peace you desire
Remember when you're feeling your lowest
Forever you'll be someone I admire
Like how you surely speak your mind
If it's not what I want to hear
The way you never fail to strive for excellence
At home as well as in your career
It's time I tell you I am grateful
For constantly being there
From the bottom of my heart
Thanks for showing you care
I am happy for you and Cheyenne
Should be proud as hell
Having a woman who is not only beautiful
Intelligent as well
You both are lucky to have each other
Lean on through thick and thin
To each have an equal partner
Sees beneath surface of skin
I am certain you treat her right
Never let her go
It's rare to find your soul mate
If and when you do you know
So congratulations you lovebirds
Finally tying the knot
In the future if nothing else
At least you cherish each other a lot
So raise our glasses together
I declare another toast
Honor and celebrate Cheyenne and Michael
Couple we all love the most!
A toast I did for my brother at his wedding

He: not in the looks; inner or outwards,
neither words said or held out,
Seldom the blemishes or dimples,
make-up coverings; shades of red, purple, often blue,
The actions you take in response to adversary,
the seconds lost in the eyes of time—no.

You're beautiful for being you...
and the above are just accruing.
Elsie Greek May 11
This news consoles
The heck of us,
In gestures strained imprints
On hearts.
They learned a daily bite
Of stats:
Us figured, scooped,
Against and fast.

Like that of spoons
Fed to the blind
By those dictators
Who still fly.
Plots hatching plots:
them aged and trite.
Like was it news to you?
Not in the slightest.
Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
They didn't like me for covering up 

So the next day I turned to them, vulnerable
Stripped from my veiled self, humbled my eyes, shared the sweetness of my speech as if we have shared the same womb

In exchange, I obtained angry faces, eyes heavy on madness, deaf by the screaming of their own cries
In the raw I stood there, thunderstruck
Reckless tongues spitting words as if destruction lit itself on fire
Now I realize, perhaps it was not the soul but the body they desire
Afiifa Jeylani Aug 2021
the words leaving my lips silence my mind.
i cannot think when i hear my own voice loud and clear.
your noise can't drown my thoughts, they're too strong i fear.

my thoughts won't allow me to focus,
they overpower my speech sometimes
maybe this is the downside to having a reel playing, non-stop

my perception of people blurred by those same words in my head,
it's so loud in there, i can't think for myself
i'm in the back

Afiifa Jeylani ©
it gets loud sometimes, you know?
Dark Dream May 2021
Favorite words
Using to feel
Cussing and caring
Kicking up screams
Yelling names
Only those moments
Under the tongue
Mathieu Apr 2021
Why do we worship superheroes so much?
It's reasonable to hope someone cares about us.
Is it because all the good men have gone?
They were gentle and strong
When they spoke, we felt hope.
Their truth could move millions,
Ignite a moment of brilliance.
Unite every color and creed and ignorance
That history itself couldn't bury resilience  

But the moment is lost,
A match struck in a wave,
a nation of hate,
and the youth in a daze,  
And all I can think is we made it this way
We stopped exposing our kids to the truth of the matter
and so they got lost in a culture that says they don't matter.

When a fight for a vote became a fight for a like,
We can't act surprised when kids fight for a fight
Entire religions preach having a purpose
And still replaced values with things that are worthless.
A society so numb to the progress they've won
Find a perverse pleasure to see it undone.

When a company is allowed to sell plots of land on the moon,
When a leader of freedom commits treason against truth,
Is a sure sign that we the people, have given up, too.
The allowance of absurdity into our lives
Little by little, it rots from inside
Until we cannot admit that we have allowed this.
Now the roaring crescendo of human triumph is silent.
Is it better to admit that we're dying contrived?
Or is it easier to shut up and eat their lies?
Jacques Maurice Mar 2021
The benchmark of tyranny
is censorship:
once the use of force
rises above the mark,
then even the censor
must drown in the flood
of silence.
Melody Mann Mar 2021
Internalized mayhem stirs within your being,
Storm clouds brewing in your mind's horizon,
A scatter of recollections and discoveries surface in your conscious,
You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts,
This banter hangs in the foreground of action as you contemplate your next steps,
Treacherous thoughts,
Disconnected mind,
Heart aflutter.
Inspired by Kahlil Gibran, this poem explores thought to speech
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