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Allesha Eman Nov 21
I was standing on firestones
And your eyes were like the sun
Pools of vast unknown
Watching my faltering silence fade
And when I was dancing out loud
And my words were my aching feet
You had swept away
To watch over another sea
As I was wallowing in my defeat
Waiting for the sunrise
To talk to you in silence, the mother of my speech
I've often noticed numerous features
Many of which are on gardeners and bakers and preachers
But I have never even mentioned my own
Many peers of mine point them out to the teachers
To be silent and observe is what I am prone

I find listening and watching much more meticulous
I realise they don't understand how I stay quiet during the day
For they all speak and sound quite ridiculous
I think they may soon learn of what they say
At least I hope, I can never say for sure when they may
I reside in the mouth,
Not attached to any particular *****,
As the rhythmic sound and its reason
As the right vibrations
That produce right thoughts and feelings
And as the heat that melts honey
And makes it flow to give immense joy.
I engage the mind
Filling it with ideas, pleasure and desires;
I determine and identify things.
Having created them
I reside in those four worlds,
In the clouds that hold water,
In the space where light reigns,
On earth which harbours death,
And in the underworld
Where darkness alone prevails;
I travel swiftly upwards
Vying with light and resound in space.
I am Speech
Formless as the air I ride.
Lewis Irwin Oct 31
I think I understand it now, life that is,
How easy it is to lose the sense of control in all this.
We're trapped like animals and on a conveyor belt,
Awaiting judgement from a consuming generation, but ****,
I'm guiltily part of that as well.

I think I get how people get lost in the numbness of judgement and consumption,
We're all consumers consuming humour and a humans convulsions.
That repetitive nature of the newest generations has change the world,
No longer do we fight the same fight and stand beside the typical Gerald.
We look to be hurt by others and take a leap of ill-faith into broken people,
Expecting them to catch us when they can't even find love to love themselves; never mind other people.

We hurt ourselves to pause the conveyor belt,
We harm ourselves to draw blood and feel pain and escape our modern ****.
We snap like thin hard wax and damage our perfect bodies,
When we're so powerful; we could revolt and fill the lobbies.

We can make a change, stop the automatic production,
But in a modern world, we're the creators of our own destruction.
This ramble comes from the coping mechanism of hurting yourself to feel in control of your life.
Just something I wished to shed light on and get off my chest.
Whenever I speak
Words trickle forth
One by one
In a steady stream
And my audience
Responds positively
Able to see
Ripples in the air

Disliked is my silence
Though comfortable I am
Withdrawn and aloof
Sorting my thoughts
Counting the grades
And twiddling my thumbs
I am at peace
With myself then

I cannot do without speech
Without speech
My identity is lost
The words I utter
Make and define me
My silence is the cloak
I sometimes wear
When I meditate
Despair Oct 17
Fear is something we run from.
We run so very fast but some people are left behind to be overcome with fear.
I will go back for them and make sure they are all pulled out of their trance.
I will make sure they don't let go of the rope that life is.
I will catch them if they start to fall.
I fight for those who can't or just won't.
I don't give up.
I lie to face my fears.
So if you need to, lie, ******* lie if you have to.
We are not rocks stuck in one place not to move or improve.
We are like the air,
The water.
We flow freely in our own direction.
Don't let people force you one way.
I don't care if you say,
"Oh, they are just saying that."
"That's a lie."
What I am saying is not a lie!
I have been down the road that you are on right now!
There is a light at the end of a tunnel.
That light that guides you at the end of the tunnel is the people who care!
Listen, face your fears don't let them by and lie.
Remember lie if you need too.
morseismyjam Oct 15
Words are hard.
I know I'm not saying
Anything revolutionary.
For all of the human race
Speech poses a quandary:
Do I speak?

Words are hard.
You know the saying:
Like a stone, words hurt:
Shattered bones, shattered soul,
Shattered self worth.
Can I speak?

Words are hard.
They take more energy
than I have left to give.
Perhaps if I ignore the rest
I'll have a will to live.
Why should I speak?

Words are hard.
Clearly I personally can never shut up, but this is what my social anxiety says.
ollie Oct 15
Do you want to know a secret
We are in it for the adrenaline
The sheer life of the art of the screaming
We are in it for your laughter
We are in it for your screams
We are teens with barbed tongues and wicked words
We are they with the power to open your tearducts
We are not gone
You can’t understand until you’re eternally young
Until you live for the one
The yell
The games
And the tears
And the pity
Because you don’t live until the performance takes your heart
I’m in it for the ****
They say I am the boy who takes hearts and spurs tears
Who is rumored to stare into your very soul within 2 lines of a poem
I am the boy who screams
Who is not the same child as he was all those years ago
I am the boy who makes them forget how to breathe when they perform
They know my voice
“Hello, I’m”
A gasp
You don’t know what it’s like to hear that wonder
“The time machine kid”
**** it’s scary to have a reputation
But it’s scarier to be able to maintain it
They say that I’m the time machine boy
The depression boy
The boy who wrote that speech one time and astounded the crowd
And just
Walked out
Like it didn’t matter of the points the others made
And did it matter
Did it matter
I wonder
To myself
Because I am the time machine boy
The cornflake king
And they have questions that demand an answer
Anya Sep 30
How do you speak
When you spend every minute
Every word
You are
Or will
Even in front of your friends?
This is not as bad as it sounds, this poem seems to contain more darkness and melodrama than I intended.
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