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Times throughout my life
I walked the wrong of the street but never able to cross to the other side that was until the day I met Helen

The girl who walked the other of the street that took my hand and showed me another side of life to which I'd never seen to a life of love to which I never known

For was I abused as a kid and grew up lonely had never felt a kiss from my mothers lips or a hug a childhood spent In fear but this girl called Helen appearing out of nowhere almost like an

Into my life who took my hand and crossed me over to the other side of the street that I'd never walked before my Angel who taught me how live and love for the first time In my

I felt like somebody experiencing love for the first time laid there afterwards my Angel had taught to be a man and how to live the right side of the
Helen took me to a life I had never known before through child abuse I knew not how to love but Helen taught me she showed me another side of life I'd never known
Yaryna 3d
of all the endings that my heart has seen,
you still were not the happiest.
as one of those burns on my skin that can't heal
like a mark to my stunning loneliness.

you were here to show me this light,
of the moon that won't ever love me back,
to make me endlessly fall in love with a night
with all these white lies and eyes that were black.

i could have lived under your skin for a while,
you wouldn't even know I was quietly there
i remember how much you adored my style,
and how I hated your accent, I swear.

and so I wasn't the one to scream your name from the roof,
'cause you know I wouldn't give any promises.
you sharply blamed me for screaming my truth.
and couldn't see the love that was glorious.

so, that's astonishing goodbye of all goodbyes, you see,
and though I would prefer to feel this pain by knife.
there is a hallowed little thing you promised me,
that we will see each other in another life.
Sharon Talbot Feb 12
A prim, lavender skirt and a napkin on it,
Tells me this is serious, and I mustn’t
Rain upon it, not say what I think,
And much less what I feel.
You have found a lover
And she isn’t me,
I wish I was an eel
That could glide away
Into the primordial sea.

On second thought, it makes me
Wish that we had never met,
That I’d never looked at you and loved,
Or at least never brought you home.
It was there that it all began;
I assumed your were mine alone,
And now I am empty man.

Oh, my love,
For the first time in my life!
You did this to me,
Without knowing, charmed me
Until I was undone.
But accidents will happen;
It was only hit and run;
Such investigative fun!
Don’t tell the other one I feel this way.

On second thought let him…..
Follow me into danger
Since a gamble is good as a rest,
Or the off chance I’ll get shot.
After all, this admirer’s the best
Of a mediocre lot.

But he knows about me, I’m sure.
He’s gets so little reward,
But takes credit for what I do
And hangs upon my every word.
He listens to me in the dead of night
As you used to do.
It’s comforting that he’s not you.

-Unfinished Lament
amber Feb 8
Neither of us,
Are on this planet.
I believe it is why,
I gravitate toward you.

With thought,
You seem to be,
Burning passionately,
On Mercury.
While I am slowly freezing,
On Neptune.

I need to fly away.
With all this distance,
I still think of you.
Maybe if I take refuge,
In another universe,
I will think of me.
One to regret
easier to get
another life
a sharper knife.

None to regret
harder to get
another time
a better crime.

Some to regret
denser the sweat
another you
a razor clue.

Another life
another wife.
Another time
another rhyme.

Another you
another crew.
Another you
another blue.
Blue: feeling cold, looking cold, being sad, whatever you think blue represents.
Helene Marie Jan 30
it’s every man for themselves
in this world where
we are shown how
to tear each other apart
instead of love one another
treat yourselves and others with kindness
Johnny walker Jan 27
What's another year when you've lost the one you
What's another year you'll
never again kiss the one you love
What's another year you'll never to hold her
What's another year you'll
never make love again
to her
What another year when you'll never hear her call your
What's another year you'll never laugh again with
What's another year you'll never see her smiling face or hold her
What's another year spent waiting around to
join her
What's another year but just killing time
What another year when lost the one you love but just another year killing time
Rowan S Jan 23
The mist filled gaps
Of my mind
Leave small open doors
Count down slowly
      And slip
Another day

Another mask of lies

Another person that leaves me to die
Brayan Dec 2018
I cannot help this, yet feel incased;.
Strand-like fabric; pattern, laced .
Bound to weigh over the worn shoulders. . Even though; I’ve yet to understand;. Why it’s tempted. Like feeling what’s in a shotglass.

Copyright@2018 Brayan Salgado
“Will you call me, when you get there... ?
And I miss your precious heart... ”
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