Jordan 3h
so now we sit
sit in the now
now is for now
stillness a pause
pause for stillness
key word real
are you still still ?
nervous is our system
still this system
feels like its burning huh
well that means your alive
congratulations standing obation
be still for your own patience
the body is moving even when still
do the body a favor and be still
still enough to feel your own motion
be graceful to have emotions
its our holy potion
bask in the body devotion
relax move now
maybe some feet for lotion
like sand watching the ocean
stillness of waves
causes rocks and glaciers erosion
remember your ever stillness
Too much, too fast.
Breathless at a stoplight.
Always with the rushing, barely feeling, barely knowing where I am.

Now there's nothing.
It's a break, slow and stale.
What do I do?
There are four or five ideas but none are pressing and I can't bring myself to move.
I try one thing,
then another.
No drive
Not even my eyes can focus on anything.
Skipping, blinking, nothing.

Give me back the whirlwind, or give me gravelike nothing.
Nothing is right.
I need power to feel and peace to fight or I am already dead.
I'm trusting You.
Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot.

Honestly, I'm not feeling much better for the moment.  Things were getting a bit slow this afternoon and the Gravelike paragraph applied for like two hours, but I pulled myself out of it and I'm okay now.  Let's see how long the feeling of well being lasts this time...
Kaitlyn 4d
it always seemed like you could never be mine
always too good for me
always someone better than me for you to love.
until you were mine...
the chase filled my eyes my heart my soul with adoration for you.
but when you finally wanted me to be yours, you wanted the whole world to know
which led me to wonder why you weren't content with just me.
always going to show off to the world what you have
show her off as your latest capture
your greatest possession.
temporarily, as nothing is ever here to stay.
and i present the first damper you put on our relationship.
a month is all we lasted.
i couldn't do it anymore
i lost my best friend pretending he could be my first lover.
or did i lose someone who loved me while i convinced myself he was just a friend.
closure will never be given as i dont know the answers to your questions.
but you dont even know how to ask the questions anymore.
but you still have the ability to snap me in two with a single decision.
and when you move on i can guarantee my heart will ache.
and theres nothing left for me to do
because i was the one to let you go.
and now ill never know what we could have been
because youre right, i gave up too easily.
i should't feel like this. i have no right.
Smoke filling the air
Sprinkler in the summer
It looks just like fall
I didn't know much much I missed the autumn rain
before the pavement was wet
and the world was dim
japheth Aug 12
dear you,

how are you? i hope things are doing great for you now. these past few weeks have been a mess i thought i could handle on my own.

i’m doing okay. i’m going out with my friends, been talking more often with my family — like you said i should, and i’m learning about myself more and more each day.

i’ve been trying to move on from you, you know? it’s really hard. probably because everything was still fresh. so far, everyday, i think about you, what you did, what we did, how it started and how it ended.

i’ve been asking myself lately, could i have saved what we had left? was i just an escape? i have so many questions now that you’re gone and i have no means to talk to you.

i’m confused, really. i still want you but every time i remember the good times we had, i remember the pain too. don’t worry though, i have already forgiven you. it’s just a matter of time before i finally forgive myself — for blaming myself with what had happened.

i’ve been watching a lot of shows lately. i avoid the sad ones, but whenever a scene comes where one inevitably cries, i cry too and then all of a sudden, the longing comes back and then i get sad again.

it’s been a tough week for me. but i know i’m going to pull through this. i keep saying that i won’t wait for you but i guess that’s just my brain talking trying to cancel out what my heart wants.

i know we’re better of this way. i know this isn’t a fairytale where suddenly, after i have cried for a long time, the tears will form a wave strong enough to send you back to me.

i know i’m better on my own. i really do. but i miss being with you more.

i do hope i get to move on from you. maybe it’ll take a year? or even more? but i know soon enough i will.

i just hope that when you do come back, you don’t find me anymore. that you already have someone you call your own. that you’ll realize the love we had was superficial or perhaps temporary.

because if you do find me, no matter how much i’ve moved on from this, i’ll probably go back to your arms and cry because i really missed you.

i still regret giving my heart to you. i regret ever falling in love with your eyes, your smile, your hands. i regret ever opening up because i really thought we could have the love we’ve always wanted ever since.

i guess i’ll be alone for awhile. i guess i’ll love another person and know more about love. i guess i’ll just slowly bring myself up and be happy on my own.

i wish you’d come back. i wish love will still be there to bring us back together.

but for now, i wish love would find another means to make me happy without you.

i hope to see you soon. because i know by then, we’ll both have a lot of things to talk about. a lot of stories to tell, jokes to laugh at and other stuff.

i wish you well.
sorry i know this is supposed to be a site for poetry but i just want to let my feelings out for a while. moving on sucks, but i’ll pull through this, i know.
Daniel Ruiz Aug 4
it was time for  my diseased hands
to let go of life,

falling deep,
deep into darkness,

inbound came the unknown
the thing we fear most

maybe change?
maybe just maybe
we fear the lost of comfort the most

and i wasn't getting comfort
in your embrace anymore love

that's why i had
to let go.
i got a my first computer and i'm hyped
Eoj Senid Aug 1
Still Bitter

You made me a quitter,
Given upon myself,
Put my life on the shelf,
Preserved, or rotten?

Friends forgotten,
Dreams cut to a thousand pieces,
Anxiety increases,
Depression rains down,

A constant let down,
You made me a quitter,
Still bitter,
Still bitter,
Fucking bitter
Jared Ross Jul 25
The clock stares ahead,


Flaring, at the paintings,


Impatient and bored he stares,


The paintings beautiful, four,


He grows more impatient,


For them to stare back.

Come on.

But they’ll never look,


For they are paintings,


Still in their beauty,


And he is but a clock,

Always moving.
The way that we say things can alter how someone takes in information. Our tone and expression show if and how we care. Your natural inclination might be harsh and witty. Is it wise to use that tone with all? If we are to be peaceable you must also exude peace.

Does your arrogance out way your human kindness?
As we grow our thoughts and mindsets change. We adapt to the understanding that we get what we give. There is no doubt I am not a believer in returning the favor or giving a dig for a dig.

As we deal with people we want to see them as precious porcelain. Remembering that we should all be treated with kindness. If we fail to do this, we are teaching and entrenching retaliation and anger. Many use the words, “peace be still”. Sometimes we need to allow our mind and actions just be still and we might gain peace.
Don't let people change who you are. There will be people that love you. There will be those that hate you. Love the ones that love and hate you.
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