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From the warm breath of bright light,
blue sky breaks through our dormancy.
Cool breeze still keeps on bare air,
whilst curved lines rise bound in time
to care for the meaning of life.

We're expected to expand or contract,
responding to vast constructs set upon us.
It's easy to forget measures of the present tense.
Stillness often corrects parallels to connect, as impulses bubble up to ****** inside the mind.

Characters unseen play amongst the set,
there are integrated games we gain but our existence is said to be simplistic.
Focus on your sense of self and betterment, less complicated within the riddles of preconditioning.
Here to give, win and begin again.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
StormriderIX Apr 21
A poem can take flight with our troubles

But sometimes instead the weight doubles
We carry something for so long
And suddenly we don't know what's going on
Dreams can shatter
It feels like nothing will matter
We try to move on forward
But we realise we feel cornered
Things happen yet time stands still
Time passes yet it all stands still
Life goes on.
old willow Mar 1
Be still toward one’s heart, not letting it control one’s body…
Be still toward one’s body, not letting it control one’s mind…
Be still toward one’s mind, not letting it control one’s heart…
Ultimately, all thing began from the heart.
As such, we must live and fashion our way to our heart.
To forgo all things...
Let time fly by, as a long time friend would.
Let life drift over our head, as the bird do.
Let the wind embrace us as we ***** the hill, as nature wield.
So long, so far, the Stillness of all things comes and go.
Life are borrowed, not owned…
When hollowed, we are simply paying back the debt we own.
Heaven cannot move me,
Earth cannot bend me,
as such, my heart is truly still.
I wonder
What it is like
To be still.

It must be lovely
Not always shifting in your skin
And mind as well.

Is it even possible
To have that in this time?
Who can tell?

I don't know
But I hope one day
I will - you know, be still...
The energy of red and happiness of yellow combined
Light orange spilled on the pale blue sky

Tender green leaves, on brown twigs
Pretty fingers of a danseuse, striking a pose

Magnificent hotel Taj Mahal Palace
Ever so resplendent
Stands tall

Life passes by
A moment captured on lens
Samara Nov 2020
i'm five years old
& i wait
for you to
look at my drawing
and compliment me.
. . .
i'm ten years old
& i wait
for you to
watch me while i play
and protect me.
. . .
i'm fifteen years old
& i wait
for you to
tell me it's ok
and comfort me.
. . .
i'm twenty years old
& i wait
for you to
realize i've lost my way
and notice me.
. . .
i'm twenty five years old
& i wait
for you to
take a few minutes
and call me.
- - -
it's the eleventh hour
& i'm still waiting
for you
Shevaun Stonem Nov 2020
Still, I rise from the ashes
And pieces unknown.
Moments and memories,
Dreams and mourns.
Still, I rise like a plant
That first pushes away the dirt
Growing towards the sun
In joy and mirth.
And for the grass to seem greener,
It has to constantly rain.
And while it may seem duller,
It washes away my pain.
And I’ll rise from my remains
Like a Phoenix from its ashes,
A winner born out of
Broken dreams, hopes, and wishes.

shevaun stonem
here's an ode to all those who continue to persevere no matter how hard it gets. keep going, you got this. you really do!
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
Sometimes, time stands still…

And I see,
Behind her smile,

The smile of Another

Mrs Anybody Nov 2020
dear diary,

why can't
the world
stand still
for just
one ******* minute?
also check out my other poems! :)
luciana Nov 2020
apology printed on your
lips that remain shut
towards a quiet girl
who thought of you as
her whole world
let me know what you think. I appreciate anything
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