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It's ok to
fall apart.

Tacos fall apart
and we
still love them.


Also, I'm just a bit hungry...
Sailing in the same boat
Fears of drowning
Speaks none
Still storms
Never warn
Swing sets
And black top
Cryptids lurking
In elementary
Play grounds
Your ice eyes
Matched with mine
Rich red stain
A pool of maroon
On your jacket
Coat pockets
Covered in pins
I met them in the middle of nowhere.
Heavy Hearted Sep 28
Azure engulfs in rapt conformity
the sun a plastic sphere,
rays that shine in disheveled symmetry
autumn‘s spiteful leer.

A soothing break in sunlight’s escape:
a riveting wreck I infect
react with malice as seasons change,
plagues and creative neglect.

Seasons change and summer ends yet I still stay the same,
mammals are dislodged with change,
the moisture that cheated heat-insane;
now freezes frigid underneath.
still the seasons change. writing from 4 years ago. still charming in itself hehe
Jay M Sep 25
Living like a ghost
Walking by all I know
Hiding from everyone
Denying I need anyone
To walk alongside

Night falls
Darkness reins
Emotions overcome
Control the individual
Curled into a corner
Embracing a comfort
An object from childhood
Absorbing rivers

Still, child cries
Still, child hides
And still
The heart dies.

- Jay M
September 25th, 2019
Von Sep 22
Remembering is almost frightening
You are someone inside me that I can not forget
Someone I gave everything to
Even though I can't go back again
Now is only you, only about you
Nothing but you
What you're discovering now
I've lived that years ago.
Things you thought were impossible
I've seen it a long time coming.
All that was, called crazy,
Now everything's plain stupidity!
Surrounded by futile mind,
Have I become one of them?
Or am I still crazy?
Mike Sep 17
i miss the sounds of cars
splashing through wet snow and slush puddles
i miss a calm stillness as
snowflakes fall under distant streetlights
i miss the taste of salt
when i slip on frozen city sidewalks
pressure building in my face
i miss wearing jackets too big
and socks too long
i miss the heavy blankets
and the drinks too strong
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