A river flows beside a tree
Which grows upon an earthy hill
Both strength and beauty can be seen
No need to hide
No want for veil
And the word of God flows underneath
As the river runs
To foster all which growth entails
So enter in lovers embrace
And share in the water
Drink it deep
Both when it flows and when it speaks
But especially whenever it stands still

Little secret about me - I always write a poem when I'm at a wedding that matters to me. Just a little something I can give to the couple later as a different perspective on their day. Enjoy (if at all possible).
Zan Balmore Jul 31

I'm on my pills
Back on my meds
I'm privileged

Still alive

Went into the pool
To dip my head
Under the water
To break the
from within.

Dipped my head for
Few seconds
or minutes.

Couldn't tell the time
Except to feel the calmness
All across my body,
As if the time has paused,
Nothing mattered after that
Except the stillness underneath
And within!

The water remains still in all the rippling movement teaching us to be same as calm and still inside in all the outward rippling or disturbances.
Niveda Amber Jul 30

What if we saw what reality was?
Would it still be real?
What if we said for our hearts wanted
Would there still be fear?
What if I saw
What you saw
Would you still be near?

Kim Elaydo Jul 24

At sa huli —
Ng sakit, ng pighati —
Ang tiwala ko sayo
Ay tuluyan nang naglaho.

Filipino short poems.
JAC Jul 19

In the mornings,
there may still
be a light fog
on the water.

A continuation of "The Sea and the Clouds",
because everything is but one part of a whole.
Bad Vibes Jul 7

How it hurts to know, to see
that I won't ever have the words flow, like you, through me.

My sentence structure, lacking
thoughts toss upon the sea, the sail we're tacking.

There is no passion to my words,
just novice, vice sent to up to the birds.

My strong desire, though, is meek
to dance with words until my hand grows weak.

Please be patient whilst I learn,
to write, to feel this wistful nocturne.


Rebecca H Jul 2

He is like an arrow before it launches
- calm, yet deadly.

- some people don't scream danger but are deadly still -
Nathan Tuy Jul 1

Black hands grasp her heart.
She sits still.
The silence in her heart deafens her.
She sits still.
The darkness devours her.
She sits still.
She is trapped.
She sits still.
She sees everything falling apart.
She sits still.
Her world crumbles before her eyes.
She sits still.
She knows she has to sit still.
She sits still.
She sits still.
In the end, she sits still.

Saint Titus Jun 30

This shit is gutting up
Cutting up my gut
Like I give a fuck
No, it's because I left just about everyone
Flailing around in my dust

I must confess
Swiftly address the constant droning
Running down the last seconds
It's such a mess
But what I meant to say, is
I hate the way I don't remember much of anything

I see a new face
Fucking a
This disgrace never passes away
Like, did you not get paid?
Turn one eighty
Brand new face
Turn one eighty

Another new face

Keep mocking me, we will see
Who stands at the end
Of the shit you apprehend
Or keep
Fiend on the mend
I've all but exhausted my friends
Reserves running low
But holy god am I hopped up on
Battery acid

Classy eyes biding all the while

Stairs twisting around the snare
Bound up in an armchair
Executioners chariot

I came down from there
And became entrenched
Overcame the odds
Survived and now
I feel so odd
Or out of place
This newfound age
Is too fucking strange

I can no longer move my arms

I could never go the same way I came

There is no more hope of progression

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