Calm and calmer still
Life's the other side of my window sill
The happening of the greater theme
Does not touch me if you know what I mean

Hatred of colour and race
I will not buy though they throw it in my face
What's wrong for me is right for them
I keep on saying again and again

Causes starting to move
Penetrate your mind when you're in the groove
Standing, by my window frame
Looking at the world thinking 'what do they know?'

Safe here, in my head
The truths all there, already been said
So I'm calm and calmer still
Coz life's the other side of my window sill

I got these feelings
I can't freely explain
One of explosion
One off uninting
And one I haven't
Even Sat fire in

But you're there
In all my belongings
In my etchings
My longing
My reminiscing

Is it wrong
That I dont truly
What you
Mean to me

You mean
All The sunflowers
Wilted from the
Springs bleeding

And ice aroma
Crept up my nose
And I sneeze
Them away

Because you
Unearth me
Stepped foot
On my soil

I think you
Reached up
Before the
Roots grew here

Far off
In a constellation
Of galleries
You were
To me

Somewhere between
Sweet sunlight bliss
And a never-ending
Moonlite lust
For his
Beating blues
To kiss

Story 7d

human hearts beat in rhythm
against my stillness
like a knock
against a door
that doesn't want
to be answered

I  grabbed the teal towel
Your naked body had been wrapped in last
Used your slimming bar of soap
Conditioned my armpit hair like you do

I even swirled shampoo in the palm of my hand
Because today is my first shower without you

My back will not get washed
Your wash cloths will stay folded
Still on top of the glazed porcelain
And only one lofa will get sudsy and wet

I think i'd rather ferment in my own sweat

Machel Yvan Oct 3

Emotions are pure.
Intentions are true.

As eyes wander,
my heart flutters.

Can you not feel?
Can you not see?

My heart still palpitates,
soul still anticipates.

But feelings are already far
and I am now barred.

For you are with another
and mine no longer.

Lyn-Purcell Sep 25

Moon shines lovely now
Entertained in starry skies
Appear of tender lakes

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
nanimono Sep 21

All my poetry it's all about you
From me,
I enjoy writing every poem about you in this place
Because you may never found it
This is totally my securer place
About an expression of my feeling
Expression that I can't write in my social media
You may never read it
And my message may never delivered to you
But I'm sure this will be delivered to the world
That there is a man who still never lost his hope about you

W Sep 18

We thought.
We had.
We fought.
We lost. Each other.

Ayu Rafina Sep 16

half of my love
still sleeps on your arm.

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