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Color 6d
i have not fallen in love
i have not held a hand

i have not broken a heart
i have not felt that pain

i have not walked the aisle
i have not said my vows

i have not healed my wounds
i have not become whole

i have not felt that joy
i have not traveled the world

i have not given you flowers
i have not asked you to be mine

i have not driven a car
i have not lived alone

i have not calmed my breaths
i have not slowed my heart

i am not done
i have not finished here.
Arrive to leave

For all.
Vibrant chaos.
In agony.
Certain of.
Of waves.

Garrett Johnson & Eleesha Mayo.
Thanks for the words Eleesha.
It's walking around a lot.
Mansi Patel May 17
Why do people describe tranquility
As stillness?
There is no stillness
It's just a concept
Your mind concocted

Look around:
The nature is busy
Do you see ants stop?
Do you see birds stand still?
Do you think air stops moving?

If you wait for stillness
You'll be waiting a long time
Find peace in the busyness
It exists trust me
You just need to look for it
Summertime approaching you can feel it in the breeze
Keepin it fast pace when we ride we like to feel the wind up under our sleeves
The city goin to work cause we becoming the winning team
Keeping our bodies goin cause we don’t wanna feel it in our knees
This life is more than just a bunch of posting and layin in bed becoming weak
If I was the only one without a voice I would just show ya how to see
We all getting too grown up to keep hating on each others steez
All you gon see me doin is nothin cause I’m too busy chasing dreams
Like the genie out the bottle I’ll sweep ya girl right off her feet
Give her all her wishes and make sure she never has to say please
She already know what the A stand for just know she can get the P
Everything I write is off the top and original of course, 0-100 with ease
I just felt like I had to show my poetry club a different side of me 🤞👌
Faith Hull Apr 20
Leave me in peace
For I am soul-searching
I must learn to lust after the silence
That comes only after words
Scrape me like knives

Leave me in solace
For I am soul-searching
I must learn to never rely
On the strong, calloused hands of men
Accustomed to their own ways


Leave me in discomfort
For I am soul-searching
I must learn that I am stronger
Than any pain, or loneliness,
Or hurtful words
Guys like you like to leave
some word ***** from a week of trying to manage a long-distance relationship with someone that doesn’t care
The Foody One Apr 20
falling from the World
falling from a tree -

on the ground,
But still
on my feet.
© 29/06/18
In my head you still love me
Yet are somehow kept at bay
It hits me like cold water
That there's nothing in your way
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
The air lays still and lifeless giving no leaf a need to care,
No sound of passing traffic or kids laughter in the air.
Everywhere seems silent as if the world has lost its voice,
Even birds seem silent, bereft of song as if without a choice.

So eerie and pervasive is the silence right there outside my door,
Shouting aloud in its hush change to all things that went before.
Long periods of empty air, devoid of usual sounds I once ignored.
Leaving silence etched in mind where fear has seared and scored.
It says all I need it to.
Georgie Mar 25
Have you ever noticed how dark the world is at night?
It's like someone's thrown a blanket over the day
And unless it finds its way out, dark it will stay.

Have you ever noticed how still the world is at night?
No noise, just silence, no light, just stars
No pets or people, just sometimes the odd car.

The world is still but my thoughts are nocturnal
They circle my mind, never ending, eternal.

I'm losing myself, my thoughts take stride
They spin round and round, can't sleep, want to hide.

Then day appears in a flash of light and they disappear, preparing for another night.

Have you ever noticed how dark the world is at night?
I'm lost
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