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Emm Oct 6

Floating, head's up, afloat
one with mud
grass and whatnot
Didn't even notice the smell
No thing makes my skin crawl
What's to come? My mind draws a blank
In my mind, racing, tracing along the bank

Noticing, not feeling
Seeing, not watching
Under the gentle sun evening

This hour,
over biscuits and tea families gather

My heart has sunk, somewhere
somewhere... drown in this dark water
muddled, and riddled
cold... cool cold water...

Small hands grabbing strong strands,
feet in sunk in pulling sands

Let this be my habitat...
until everything lays flat
Until my heart...
restarted to the start
Peter Balkus Oct 2
People die all the time,
even now, when I'm writing this,
they're dying
in wars and earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Innocent people,
not knowing when, not knowing why,
they die.

And me - I'm still alive.
I touch my face and touch my eyes,
amazed that I'm alive,
miraculously, somehow.

Life spoils me, wow.
Written after hearing the news on earthquake/tsunami in Indonesia, which killed at least 1000 people...
You are the sea
and I am the shore.
By each wave that clashes upon me,
you take something away from me.
Eventually I’ll have nothing left for you to take away.
But the funny thing is,
each time you leave the shore,
I always wait for you to come back to me.
faeri Sep 21
The way the surface of the water is frozen
calling for you to break its perfect state.
Crystal slate
easily fractured with the slightest touch.
Slowly ripples of different sizes make their way
across the liquid diamond
ending the tranquility it had.
Life's temporary stillness can be compared to that of a pool at midnight.
Mary Frances Sep 18
He knows I'm not perfect.
He knows all my flaws too well.
He knows there's a void in me no one could fill.
And yet he chose to love me still.
Received on February 14th, valentines day
Not meant to be this way
Just for my soul to train
The cup she gave me
my valued  possession
turned to the thing
blocking progression
I drink from it
Filled with rage
Wrists un-slid
again, this stage
Keep it to tease
the beast inside me
for if I throw it away
I would be the same
that I was the day
I broke her
and threw her away
This cup my ex gave me for valentines day this year, I've hid in the cupboard to not see it, but then I started drinking from it again and started hating myself again even more, everything in me aiming to throw it, but then I grew silent
And remembered
I threw her away first
and broke her first
Fucking hate myself for that
B Elizabeth G Feb 2017
My deepest sleep and worst nightmares
find myself running and hiding
as I’m searching for the savior of the night.

And still,
there you are,
the hero at the end of the story.

Still, I find myself longing for you to save me.
Still, I hope for an ending with you in it.
Still, I love you.

But still,
you are not the same.
Still, you have changed.
Still, you are not who I once loved.
Still, you are not you.

And so still,
I will search for you there.
Still, the old you is waiting for me there.
Still, there you will be,
the hero of my dreams.
Nigel Finn Sep 8
Today has been hard;
There are bills to pay, and chores to do,
But I know when they're sorted through
I will still love you tomorrow.

This week has been difficult;
So much still remains undone,
And despite not having time for fun
I will still love you tomorrow.

The month has been taxing;
But there hasn't been a single day,
Where I haven't found the time to say
I will still love you tomorrow.

My life seems awful;
A constant, endless, pointless fight,
But one thing gets me through the night
*I will still love you tomorrow.
O 'tis love, 'tis love that makes the world go round!
Jason Drury Sep 8
I once fell asleep,
to pleasantries of sound.
As the ribbon slides,
it painted color vibrance.
An emotional luminance, that made,
the soulless whole,
and the blind blissful.

Sleeping to strings,
felt like death.
Not the regretful kind.
It felt as if laying,
in the field,
staring at the bountiful sky,
as seasons pass eternity.

A melody of,
exuberating melancholy,
was infectious.
As if my body,
gave into sickness.
Now its still,
in joyous null.

Let breath subside,
slowing to a faint whisper.
Sink into a nothingness mind,
drain all to slumber.
And listen to Prélude.
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