Tyler 1d
We sway and turn
Letting tears fall
To the floor of ever-lasting love.
For you may say,
Not today
But you feel anyway.
Lyrics crowd your head,
As there colors spill out of your mind,
Dripping out of your pores and soaking into your spine.
It's is such a lonely world
You think
As you watch your breath swirl in the cold air
It is all to much
You think
As you stand on this stage playing with your hair.
Sometimes it is to much
To face the people you love,
and sometimes it is to much
To face the people you have outgrown.
But this is a school dance,
And while your touch may send shocks in my heart
I will never break my walls
And give into the sick game.
So let's up just sway and turn
Another poem on a lonely night.
Wyatt 1d
Friends and foes alike
ask me if I still believe,
and I always reply
with a simple nod.
I ask them all to
please understand
that inside my mind
it's a royal mess.
All my words are words only
but the truth still remains.

They say I changed,
they say I hold myself back.
These are the trials
and tribulations
constantly on my back.
So please forgive me
if I sound a bit rude,
but I can't reply to lies
with anything
other than the truth.
I still believe the same
no matter what
the world may do.
I can't reply to lies with anything other than the truth.
Pradeep 3d
I wish my body ran as
fast as my mind has.

Unchecked, thoughts whizzing past
possible comprehension and fast.
Oh, I wish I could donate some
body fat to its top floor chum.

Up there, any case,
much is empty space.
No wonder,
my thoughts travel faster.

One minute to down under,
to cricket in MCG,
the next minute to New Delhi,
to burning a soul-dead effigy,
and then to HP,
checking the latest entry.

'Life is good,'
said the flower under its hood.
I look at the flower,
it has so much power,
through stillness,
through patience.

It is infectious,
watching it,
not concious
of my thinking hat
or body fat.

I wish my mind ran as
fast as the flower has.
Still and patient.
Judas repented with nothing to show
Another lost martyr or another lost soul
And so shines the stars long into the night
Just as my wrong cancels my right

All these beliefs were placed in our heads
Perhaps by someone we love
Still these things we dread
Promises of reward if we endure suffering
Promises of death if we go the way of Cain

Giving and wanting and losing again
This vicious cycle never seems to end
Yet all that I ask is not to grow old
Alone in my sins, out here in the cold
Traveler Tim

Wrote this 20 years ago..
Amanda 5d
Do you remember
The way I looked at you then?
Because I still do.
How do you make feelings for someone go away?
Tyler Mar 11
I reach
For something to grab
But let my hand
And I fall
Into an abyss.

No more
My aching soul
Scratching at my body

I wish
For sleep
One thousand years of sleep
Forever waiting for sleep
To calm my existence

Existing can be so tiresome
Do you agree?
Seanathon Mar 7
I have always been a shadow tower

With arms of bended steel

Love me, hate me

Do with me your opinion what will

But never will I change as this

Or let my shadows lack therein

The will to see it though and thru

And deliver it with a furious will
With a sly look mostly
Is it safe to feel nothing?
Is it safe not to feel?
Consumed and obsessed
by the fact this is real

No pride or pain
To hold or heal
A sense is lost
What's it to steal

You stole from me
A lifelong dream
of hope and warmth
I'm cold it seems

Frozen still
I'm frozen still
Time moves on
I hope I will
Tyler Mar 2
Maybe when
the nights get old
we can dance through
the streets
as if no lie was ever told.
We will cut our hair lose
dye it the colour of
our pain
Tattoo quotes from the dead,
or the aliens in our brain.
We will set the town on fire,
and leave it ablaze,
driving a long road
and while the night gets old,
our spirits stay young
because as crazy as we are,
we are the generation
of broken ones
Tyler Mar 1
i am nothing
and a mixture of everything
there for i can never complete anything
sorry mom and dad
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