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Martin Boško Jun 12
Never to speak your words again (again, again, again...)
Punished for transgressions of Hera's man (man, man, man...)
So cruel is the heaven's queen (queen, queen, queen...)
jealous wife sure can be mean (mean, mean, mean...)

Poor Echo sentenced without jury (jury, jury, jury...)
An innocent victim of divine fury (fury, fury, fury...)
Deprived of voice, cruel price to pay (pay, pay, pay...)
Tortured by things that she cannot say (say, say, say…)
Melody Mann Jun 4
An assortment of constellations scatters her surface,
An aura of serenity cascades across her conscious,
Benevolent is the truth vested within her,
Divine is the mystics she pursues,
A wanderer weary from travel she rests upon the fallen star,
Regaining her momentum to stride across the dreamscape she ponders,
A silent soul forevermore,
Searching for the essence infinite.
s y kalindara May 17
I sound the way I feel
silent, silenced.
I speak in soft sentences that end
in demure whispers
and masking mumbles,
with a voice that's paralleled to averting eyes, glancing at passing feet.

I bear a larynx that insufflates insecurities
and a mouth that hosts friction;
sealed lips, grinding teeth and a bitten tongue.
They're my signatures and I own each one.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
This is a two-parter. I'll be publishing the next bit soon. It went a bit off topic so I felt like it was better suited as a separate yet related poem.
Those silent arguments in my head
Sometimes make me wish I was dead
My eyes all puffy and red
I just don't want to get out of bed
Is it normal to cry all night?
Enough to wish I lost my sight
In a ball, I clutch my blanket tight
Wanting to give up in this endless fight
All alone, out of sight
No one sees this side of me
No one hears my silent plea
My pleas to be free
My pleas to be me
The words I could never say
Fall as silent tears now
By tomorrow theyll be forgotten
But I can only escape them for so long
he knows its wrong, and I cant stop him. Ive tried, and no one else will. No one else listens. And we're all going to suffer the consequences.
She Writes Apr 16
Nothing is louder
Than silent tears
And 2 a.m. overthinking
deadhead Apr 12
the streets were empty,
and the asphalt shined
with the late storm's rain.
but it was silent now.
roaring silence, which
screamed each time
the light switched
between those three
incessant colors.
oh how the red screeched
the loudest of all, a silent
scream, "STOP!"
the wind pays no mind,
and blows right on through.
i felt inspired by a memory, i suppose
deadhead Apr 7
the weeping willow
weeps for all eternity
silent in the wind
Khushi Patel Mar 25
I am tilted towards being quiet than speaking.

Silence has a voice that,

speaks to me-helps me-stabilize me.

I realize the beauty of the universe

with the running thoughts

and flying time.

I know voices cross the head.

Some voices are heard, some are suppressed,

but a calm mind is achieved through muteness.

I love myself more,

at the sunsets that I see in peace

at the gardens with a heavy breeze.

I grasp the zeal in the noiseless hour.

Get to know the inner self

while consoling the empty heart.
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