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I'll bite my tongue til it's black and blue.
Tongue tied by karma
And repetitive thoughts of you.
Can't let you know it all,
And risk giving you more power over me.
I can only trust and pray to the powers that be.
I suffer in silence
Every single day.
I only have this one life
And I don't see another way.
Yes I wish things were different,
But it always stays the same.
Maybe from my cowardice,
Or is it because I'm brave?
I ask Him every single morning,
"Why, just why?"
And all I get is silence,
So I cling to hope that whatever's meant for you,
Will never pass you by.
Destined to rot away
in  woeful echoes that stay,
the promises left behind
burn my guts ,unkind
like your words for me
as I fade away the tree
of the dreams that I build
to be just be slid
into the pigeonhole
that they earnestly patrol.
stereotypes can ruin people
For thy silent
       beauty rose
any word
        is not full!
I'm searching for a place to come home to.
A place that is calm and warm,
a place to feel safe in
after a long day out there.

After a day in the cold world,
filled with empty and silent people,
filled with silence that screams
and and emptiness that's crushing.

I'm searching for a person to come home to.
A person that is protective and loving,
a person to feel safe with
during a long day out there.

Fighting with me against this world,
not letting it steal our inner beauty,
not letting it take away our words,
so we don't become empty and silent.

I thought I could find it with you.
But I was wrong.
Bhill 6d
suddenly, silence without any expectations occurred
being alone, with the quite, does not have to survive unattended
silent time can be shared in the best of moments
silent time, even alone, should be pure

Brian Hill- 2020 # 286
I want to love
But I hate me
So what love I deserve
I cannot see

Pray and hope
For someone to embrace
Glance in the mirror
And I'm not worth the chase

So back away now
Before my heart latches on
Don't step so close
So I can tell myself it's wrong

Frail and grasping
The slightest kindness
And you outshine the sun
I will never bare that likeness

In my eyes
As much as I want
Don't touch me
It's a cruel taunt

My heart sprints to keep up
Attempting to reason
With a self mutilating mind
Saying to love me is treason

So don't touch me
I'll love you for a while
Tell myself I'm undeserving
Move on, nod and smile

And you'll never hear a word of it
F Oct 15
Thom yorke said
"Silent, silence. That's nice".

Listen to silence it has so much to say.
I am silent
You thought
Short of words
I can coin
New ones
If dictionaries
Fail to offer
Appropriate ones
Scholars would
Write their theses
Finding the origin
All would
Come to
One conclusion
The author
Of their legitimacy
Wished to spare
Zane Smith Sep 16
are pushed.
on the floor.
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