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I've been fighting with temptation in everyday that I'm
faced with
Resetting my mind
all of my hopes and my dreams
onto the re-placement
Of every loss
And the suicidal thoughts of me
Losing  Control
Still engaged in my mind I'm inclined
Maintaining the goal
of walking down that straight and
narrow road  of Life
Because I have a date with Destiny in spite of what is ailing me in
While all the while?
Through the dark of night
I'm forced to fight with many
different things,
With no self-esteem trying to figure out
who to believe
And who to trust and on whom
can I call?
Soul is uncontent to balance the fence
Slowly committed to fall
All while seeing the steady fall
Of my many brethrens called
For the same purpose and the work that was meant for us all
But still my soul fell slowly down
De-pression's Well
Totally left to figure out how to
make it out
Wondering how I slipped and fell?
Fallen waist deep
within the clutches grief
With seemingly no way of me finding
an answer,
And no way of me holding my Peace
So as a means of release?
I'm now speaking my Peace
Releasing for this reason having the
means of picking up the
Spiritual  Pieces
And putting it all back together using it for what it's worth
Visualizing the Holy theme giving birth to revive my Hopes and
But these dreams are not seen through the eyes of surprise
But only seen through the joyfulness of watching our spirits
Riiising out of the ashes where the
fearfulness is cruel and savage,
Out of the madness where the hopelessness is the rule of sadness
Escaping the Pain
No longer bond under heavy
Locks and Chains
No more wounds to be healed
No wounds to seal
No bandages with
Been stuck trying to write something new, So I've decided to repost this for motivational purposes.. I'm taking it back to the roots of why I started writing in the first place. I would love to get some feedback on this one because it is still a very personal and emotional rollercoaster of a write for me. I would honestly love to hear from some new people on how this was relatable to you. This is me at my best at my worst, I am in my element when I write like this and I have a lot more like this as well, You just have to look for it.
Ylzm Mar 29
in a land where four languages are official
a church was named only in three; for the fourth
is the language of a weak and fragile faith
whose edicts are above the law of the land,
and whereof knowing a church's name is temptation
and the tempter the sinner and the tempted sinless;
a rock is evil for stumbling the weak,
and if truth offends the truthsayer dies,
and the thief blameless for the rich flaunts his gold;
thus protected by an unsheathed ****** sword
a faith strengthened with every tempter's death
Even the most devout Christians
accept that Jesus was a guy
guys get ***** as do gals.

Yes, all of us have a creator in us
life-creating energy
and prose.

Maybe Jesus didn’t have the kind of darkness in him
that we have
the kind of drag
of pride and self-centeredness
that I have,
but by God!
he was faced with the same choices
between fidelity and desire
between horniness and selfless love.

Yep I fail in ways he did not
but he failed to get rid of lust just like I do
he failed to avoid selfish desires.
Of course, I act on them
and ***** up in ways he did not.
But do you think he didn’t feel ******* up at times?
Of course he did.

All of this humanity
is what makes me like him.
Jesus was a guy.
That he was more
is what makes me love him.
My mama had pictures of Jesus with rouge and a pretty face in our home. I never did like those pictures of him. Then I saw a picture of Salvadore Dali's Christ of St. John of the Cross. That's the kind of Jesus I could relate to as a teenager and young man. When I got my own apartment I got a print of that picture of this man on the cross. It captivated me and set me on a path to pursue this guy who was human and hairy like me. At that time in my life and for the rest of it, I did not like an overly divinized Jesus, a Jesus that made him less than human.
Isabella Jan 20
a river

i watch you turn

you look like you'd hurt me
but how can i be sure
you could be what saves me

voices warn me to step away
so i don't get swept in your tide
they try to push me
but you pull me closer

i chase after you
to understand you
but you're a maze

i watch you turn and turn again

but you'd drown me if i let you

heavens, do i want to drown?
Snipes Jan 16
I am the universes end
My eyes are reborn at days end
I try to speak love into existence
But the Lord stops me before I can end,
my sentence
So important
My temptations
Whether it be
The sun talking
Or the moon snoozing
Shift my weather patterns
Breaking records in temperature
Spinning endless in vast emptiness
My eyes are reborn
I am… the universes end
D A W N Jan 8
and with the slightest touch,
the girl sets me ablaze,
with every bit of me
is burnt crisp,
slow dancing in a
burning room
with you.
Jael O'Dell Dec 2016
A looming black gate with serrated edges,
Gargoyles were staring at you from upon marble ledges,
You opened the gate with a fearless pride,
Fate awaits you where your life is denied.
Wandering through the garden of rotting weeds,
Weaker you became as a hungry Death feeds.
You rested upon a swing hanging from an Oak,
With nothing to keep you warm besides a feeble cloak.
Your small hand grasped at an aching heart,
With wounded visions of falling apart.
But just before arising to make your retreat,
You glanced upon the crumbled bricks beneath your feet.
A rose did lay on the moss covered path,
A beauty disturbed; it revealed its wrath.
Thunder mumbled an angry roar,
Electric veils of light began to soar,
Glistening rain fell from the darkest cloud,
You could hear your broken heart beating aloud.
You could feel the scarlet flowers torment,
As you knelt to pick the blossom from the cement.
Beauty grew in the garden as you become ever frail,
You fell to the ground and your face faded pale.
A tear emerged as you took your last breath,
A wondrous dwelling surrounded your death.
An entity took over and your corpse was revived,
Where eyes dissolved there were flowers alive.
Frail bones turned to roots and unkempt hair to earth,
This is in the stars for us all since the day of our birth.
The rose lay beside you, crippled with rage,
And bled from it's petals a bright red lineage,
Of the curious soul who dares enter the lair,
Despair is devious but most are unaware.
The living crypt is bountiful again,
Ready to entice more lonely souls within,
It anxiously rests as it eagerly awaits,
For another dim spirit to enter its gates.
It's another
mundane assignment
being trapped in  in the Asylum

Cause everyday  I feel I'm on an
I - land
and I'm  drift'n

With nothing but consciousness
on my mind

Seeing many visions now
many  a times

A thousand times?

Yeah, the feeling is..
Time - less

But then again

I thought it was just another case
of my mind  just being
mind - less

How thought - less

As I'm getting reacquainted with the
dark-ness that's trapped  under my eye-

For all I've ever seen under the skys is
in disguises  is nothing but  vio - lence

While still sitting still in the stillness
in si - lence

I'm left with  the question of

Who am I?

Undecided  but
No suicide

Cause on the other side of you and I
is nothing but illness and a stag-

Still divided
Too stationary

Vision blurry in a hurry
No worries

Cause I'm already invested
Battle tested


In my latter -  Days

And even though I can't see that
clearly the paths or the plans laid
before me

My plate is empty and my stomach is
rumbling  feeling kinda hungry
kinda annoying  but at the
same time

Re- a-ssuring

As the tempters continue to
Tempt me
The Lord is my Shepherd
Psalms 23
Timothy Oct 2021
An intrinsic insistence of negative choice
A high-jacker of will
An undeniable voice
A captivating spirit that justifies oneself
A sideline observation
Our resistance on the shelf
A resurgence of trauma
A manifestation of pain
An implicit reminder from within
A validation of weakness
An inference of youth
Our self inflicted sin
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
It’s a fork you don’t want to walk
It’s a mind you don’t want to find
It’s a fall you don’t want to crawl
It’s a rage you don’t want to cage
It’s a trap you don’t want to snap
It’s a sin you don’t want in
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