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You have overstayed your welcome,
Oh entity of past lives not lived.
Your stench of decay still lingers
And seeps from my fingers.

Abandon me old skin,
You have become nothing but the skeleton of past sins
Haunting me when I am most vulnerable.
I’ve befriended an enemy and
In turn, I have become intolerable.

Yes, I have been the oppressor.
I’ve whispered, I’ve swayed, I’ve lusted, I’ve preyed,
And although I have one foot out of the door,
Old friends whisper to me,
“Come on, how much can it really hurt
If you did it once more?”
Abbyss Apr 28
Oh my Lord please give me strength
To keep my faith until the end
To not succumb to the darkness around
To find hope in you when it seems my joy can not be found

Oh my Lord please keep me strong
Till that blissful day that this world is gone
To fight the devil and overcome temptation
For all I want is to be a part of your holy nation

This time is rough and it's been foretold, many will indeed give up
I pray I won't be one of them, so give me wisdom to avoid the hell
Of being she who from the faith fell...
cs Apr 7
my insides fold into itself,
dry kindling and twigs
might snap
pour gasoline over me,
try cover me with leaves,
but i'll still burn myself
but i'll still exhaust myself
feeding warmth
for the both of us
and remember what happens
when skin gets too close
to an open flame
I’m not remotely close to having control.
My fingers slip, but I don’t want to go down that hole.
Temptation at the tip of my nose
with her eyes opening up my soul.
My resolve is low, but I’m trying to make it last.
Sometimes in this race, I feel like I’m coming in last,
even though I stick to the goal, and I’m skating so fast.
I just wish to feel whole, but that’s evading my grasp.
It would be so easy to give up,
to lift up, the regret and hating the past.
Holding on is so hard, is this what
life leads to? The anger and grief bleeds through
my words, hurting him, her, and me too.
Is it sad to plead to the unknown when euphoria actually sees you
at your lowest? When you’re unheroic
and have never been stoic? When you’re unnoticed
yet devoted but you can’t keep focus
because you’ve lost all motive?
It’s sobering to deny the malice
but what if you’re too weak to avoid the chalice?
Will falling into euphoria break the chains on my talus?
Does happiness come from self-discipline and earnest effort, or does it stem from the abandonment of concern in the pursuit of euphoria?
My Dear Poet Mar 11
If the devil comes to you
offering to buy your soul
Ask him “why? “ and whats he done,
with the one he just stole?

If he tries to bargain
and offers some crazy price
hold to that heart, my friend
even if the price is nice

If he throws in a discount
taking off half the price
consider the value of your soul
and remember,
he’ll always want a slice
dabble Mar 8
eyes that hunt hearts
lips that verb love
dreams that haunt thoughts
with lust endowed

your hand in my waist
speaks more than words
and your fingers starts to trace
taking me to new worlds

your nose in my jaws
reach before your kiss
your tongue bruise my soul
wandering great abyss

I am a victim of your manhood
Mr.bachelor of charm
in poets mind
is where you belong

if temptation was a person
that would be you
poem sans your presence
can never stay new
so you are the big deal poets are talking about....
Darsshan Nair Feb 26
Let us fall,
Fall into a satin-sheeted bed,
As our passions push us into an intertwine,

As each touch waivers away our ornaments,
That are nothing but a bother,
So that our skins may kiss,

Let my lips caress upon you,
And caress I shall,
Till the roses of desire that blossom on your cheeks,
Grows and spread to all points intimate,
As the garnered juices of intimacy between your thighs,
Waterfalls down your legs,

Shall our hearts pound as hard as the bed rattles,
As we feast upon our lusts, as if there were no more morrows.
EmilyBatdorf Jan 27
I could write erotica
Words flushed with heat
And lust
A bare trace of plot
Sliding through the lines
like soft skin on silk sheets.

I could paint pictures
with sultry poses,
long limbs entwined in a battle of flesh,
pictures to bring a tingle,
a shiver dancing across your skin.

I could whisper salacious stories
with my lips just above your ear,
hot breath and a teasing lilt,
testing the boundaries of self-control.

I could pass along this poem,
lay forth my cards,
exposed provocatively on the table,
making my intentions known.
We're a new lover in a new town
Our love is forever, the town still young
Our future is bright, or is it not?
We should care what the town say
Of our love, For or Against
But then it heard our love crashed
What a knowing smile the town has
It knows we're never meant to be
So has it conspired to not let us be
I, as in I, I change not
But you, you are the devil that I know
The town is our witness
You and I should not belong
As for the town, let it always be
As a glitch that will never let us be,
We're meant to part someday, not as friend as you know it
Love is gentle.
Love is true.
Love is temptation.
Can you refuse?
Yield to this temptation; and add love to your sins.
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