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My skin was once untouched.
Soft and pale.
A beautiful, blank canvas
that I have

As the years changed,
my feelings towards you followed.
Assured myself it was you
suffocating me,
that you were the one
wrapping me tightly
in a body that I did not feel
was my own.

It’s not as though I haven’t been
kept accountable
for what I have done to you.
I realized you were not a prison,
but a home,
and it was me
who was wrapping myself up
so tight I couldn’t breathe all along.

The marks of my violence
resurface sometimes.
What was once tempting and exciting
is now a recurring nightmare.
A self-inflicted,
lifelong reminder
that you forgive
but do not forget.
rumin8 Apr 30
temptation is sweet
careful not to take too much
it'll come out as sh*t
Amanda Apr 17
Every time I attempt to change
Find myself somehow stuck
A period of indecision
Or pit of endless bad luck

Temptation is a persistent *******
Keeping on a high ledge
Put a stick in my moving spokes
Taking away the edge

Medicine will not let me run too far
Invading corners of my mind
Coerced into staying here
Relief I only briefly find

I saw a future temporarily
Moment quickly burned out
Was making steady progress
Turned around and went a different route
About relapsing
It is a temptation,
isn't it?

We sit and we wonder
volatile thoughts
flowing through tumultuous minds.

It is a temptation,
isn't it?
natalie Apr 4
The Pills
I take for my Head
I take for my thoughts
I take for my feelings
begin to look

Unlike the people
they accept me,
they want me,
they need me.
They haze my mind
making me uncontrollable
but oddly comfortable.

I’ve never been so high
not high enough to see the stars
or high enough to quit.
But i want to...
Not Quit.

I want to see the stars.
I want the world around me to go dim
stay there even.
And I want things to stop.
I want to be alone.
Valentin Apr 3
Your cigarette gets smaller
My glass of whiskey gets empty

It makes our lips free
I look at you deeply into your eyes

Many years of unknown
Turn into a clear obviousness

I don't want anything but you
I give in to temptation

Sweet lips of yours
Sweet taste of sin

The softness of your cheek
When I pass my hand through your hair

The feeling of your heart
Beating against mine

The cicadas suddenly stop singing
I am drowning into your breath

It's like falling into the void
In an unique satisfaction
Dez Mar 28
Where I want to be is never were I can be
Why is the forbidden always the one I can only see
In my sight but out of my reach
And now the memory hangs like a leach.

Take of thy desires
No one will be the wiser.

Withhold thine hand
You never know where sin will land.

To the voices ever near
To which do I give ear?
They do pester me at every choice
Which do you give the greater voice?
Empire Mar 25
If you all would just leave me alone
Just give me the bottles
You know you won’t drink them anyway
Let me lock myself away
To be drunk and maybe suffer a little less
I’ll promise not to die
I just.... I just really need to not be sober right now
I promise there’s nothing good about being 20 years old.
Ash Mar 17
I’d never touched the surface of the moonlight.
Shades of green bathed in milky light covet the stars of their shine.
What if there were no more comfort? No more tv to drown out the anxiety of our sin. No more facades canarying plastic joy into our utter isolation. I stand on the dark side of the moon. That's not grass, it's the grocery store, and that's no moon, it's the simple light glazing the forefront of endless milk jugs. All is real and fake and melded to the imagination of our subconscious desires. Milk is evil, and ******* is the gateway to heaven. We’ll never see what our habits blind the truth to, or what our spirits refuse to believe. I stand in this aisle, and I see God. But six people walked away from Him.
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