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why is it that the zombie can't speak?
why are zombies poor?

why are most vampires rich, educated and always dressed well?

Today is a good day.

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I give Increased Life to all I see
I want abundance for everyone
The infinite supply is plenty for all
To have riches and peace and fun

A gain for me does not take from you
Life is not a “zero sum” game
When freely we trade with each other
Since our desires are not all the same

We each have different values and skills
And create with our body and mind
That value we give to each other…
It’s how Increased Life is defined
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See a rich goblet of gold
Empty and ready to receive
Ancient in style, yet shining bright

This antique treasure of old
Belongs to you. Trust and believe
And claim your prize in calm delight

In your mind
Become the goblet
You are precious indeed
Your lasting worth decreed

Feeling your worth
Made from riches of earth
Fully fulfilled every day

Spark of divine
Your wealth is a sign
Of life surely flowing your way
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A waterfall
Black and tarry
Flavoured waves of licorice
Lapping like kittens
Against the shore
Her garden is not one of Eden
But one of thorns
Dark and bruising scrub land
An ink stain against the sky
Filthy with life
A broaching scuffle
In richly opulent underbrush
A white and twisted creature
Seeping with magick
i was texting my friend earlier and she was spitting some real fancy language and I was totally feeling it, and it made me realize that it's been way too long since I indulged in my wordy, prosey side.
Jo Dec 2019
From a crushed heart comes a string of pearls, no one but the wearer can glean.

From an open spirit comes the freedom to love the unloved or so it would seem.

From the heart come words of peace in the midst of what never seems to cease.

From life comes experience that can not be denied, freely given without ties.

From the union of two vessels in a path that is uncommonly joined comes ... hope.

From spending time sharing and really listening comes new strength to cope.

From years of waiting and thinking one day it will mend comes a gift of a unique friend.
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M Grant Teague Dec 2019
The prize
The prize
That was not the prize

There is a hot sting not to wear gold
Nor silver, nor copper, nor soft satin

There is a gnawing hunger
Not to gain,
Nor nickel.

The prize
The prize
Those were not the prize

I crave that first voice
That tongue dancing my song
Those lips kissing my ink
Those teeth chewing in ecstasy
The words I wrote
Just me
We wish to be happy
        But genies can't grant that
                I wish to find a nice life
                        A nice life with you
                                But genies can't grant that
                                        So I wish again
                                                For future happiness
                                                        The genie says again,
                                                                "I can't grant that,miss."
                                                        I wish they could,
                                                I'd be happier then
                                        Happier forever
                                I wonder what you would wish for?
                        A life in riches?
                A happy family?
        You don't need a genie for that!
But my wishes seem to be too much to ask.
For: Huxley Densen, Jenny Thoma
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
fly me from atlanta to

hurry up

don't make me
you ain't
we'll be watching you regardless of your hope
To poetry,
poor writing it,
rich in culture
Nicole Sep 2019
One thing I know is that I was loved
In this world,
And that in fact is the greatest riches
Anyone could ever find.
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