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Blake Sep 28
Somewhere he walks,
with my heart draped over his shoulder on a weightless chain,
This somewhere,
He chuckles while a crow ***** above his precious head,
still feeding it the remains of my wide eyes and betraying tongue.
he walks and chuckles
thinking of his prey.
The system failed
I burnt my house
I seem so frail
As small as mouse
The ashes scatter
All around
It doesn't matter
I'm now unbound
Freestyle written in 4 minutes
Planejane2 Jul 18
I’ve been wondering why I got them on my brain.
It’s because I got these keychains
I’ve been giving them the key
Shoot, I’ve been given them the magnets to stick to me.
Funny how you stick an earring in my foot
As I’m thinking about keeping them
Like a hook.
A fish off the leash
Of the chain.
Amanda Jul 2
You have me in chains,
I await your commands, sir,
but they aren't enough.
Johnny walker Jun 24
I was saved by this girl who saved me from a
lifetime of self-harm
from childhood abuse that In later life had come back to haunt
Ghosts from the past that had laid hidden by the passing of time pushed to the
back my mind when just a child blaming myself
and the shame that I
But Helen had freed me from the chain of childhood abuse that I had carried throughout my
Oh so sad life by listening
allowing me to free myself from life time of
Sarah Elaine Mar 22
Ever feel like the ceiling and floor are squeezing you in the in between space?
The past just wont let you rest...
The present seems empty with the missing pieces of the past.
Glimmers of happiness keep you on the edge...
Chains tugging,
Inner demons fighting,
Trying to resist and not succumb.
Empire Mar 20
One day
I'll be free
Of all my chains
Of everything you did
To hold me down
All the pain you caused me
Everything you did
Because you were so afraid
Of what I could do
If I could flourish
If I thrived
You would lose
And that scared you didn't it?
Don't worry
I'll be free
No one fights unless they have something to lose
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