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Man May 21
works burned to cinders
poplar trees leaking resin
bulging eyes lashed
punishment as a lesson
but his chain links snapped
fresh from slavery
hefty debts to the procession
the gally of people alike
that lent him a hand to his ascension
a journey his own
luck and his mind
fortified his constitution
they carried him to his fate
that was to be
Fighting for change,
fighting to break away chains.
We're not the same,
from any other previous day.

A long time ago,

I was known before,
as a warrior fighting on his own.
The battles in the dark,
are shadows we try to face alone.

In the difference of prey or pray,

One seized to be a victim,
the other begs not to be one at the sake of
being Christian.

My only weapon in this life,
is a third arm, loaded with ink.
A pen with words sharper than a knife,
shots of these sentences I think.

But for the sake of change,
I write in difference.
For the sake of change,
it should be something witnessed.
And if any were to change,
first break the chain away into pieces.
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, explaining is hard:--''

search the olds

never the least

clung onto hopes I hope to cheer

drag the stick and flick them bright in chains

get the ignite and force a light for to be fight in epic

Tessa Graves Apr 6
I am blind, but I'm realizing
If I open my eyes, I can see what this is becoming. The truth is hidden and nobody is caring, the chains are tightening on the honest tiring hearts, the chains are locked now, but they are keeping us apart.

Chains, the invisible brackets of impartial truth, no one wants you to just be you, in the eyes of a lie. Chains didn't Jesus die on the cross to take that pain, of being locked in a prison or shamed away, the good are kept from view.

I have a voice, everybody has a choice. Why do we hesitate, to do the next right thing? Peace and happiness are no longer what others are desiring, they're in contentment putting the chains on their wrists, restraining themselves.

We're all scared to lift our hands, to take a stand. I am with God and he walks the earth, he is saving me from all your suffocating chains.

Chains, I lift my hands to break free, his word continues to change me, I'll keep believing. Chains, I've never been afraid of what I have to say, let me help you if you want to know the truth.

Pain is not your destiny, one more person lift your hands and break the chains.
Now i know
The path have been choosen
A path has closed
But the mind has been open

It could be my memento
Of a tearful past
But i must break those chains
To free my true desire

And it's shame, how could i forget
What makes me human
But i have no lost
Cause my heart screams to face
The winds of change
Kamal Feb 25
Leave me be
Sitting in the dark
Reflecting on days gone by
Thinking of my past  
Regretting nothing but the void in my soul

Leave me be
In a swirl of chaos
Sung by melodies
Strung by promises
Stung by abandonment

Leave me be
On the verge of a cliff
Chastised by my mistakes
Chained by my needs
Isolated by my wants

Just leave me be
I can only be me.
Jonas Feb 22
Break out of my world
let go of the shackles
free the chainend
no strings attached
wrapped around my neck
breath freely
at last
don't look back
what a beautiful mind
may you find the answers I'm missing
GrumpyTurtle Jan 22
the cop to my robber;
the doctor to my patient;
the paper to my pencil;
the light to my basement;

the sun to my moon;
the paint to my canvas;
the heart to my soul;
i'm nothing without it.

its the tick to my clock,
showing times almost up.
the time with my happiness,
just isn't enough.

they're here before noon,
with their shackles and chains;
no matter the moment
anxiety remains.
In the vast ocean
A cage awaits
Floating in silence
Drowning in violence

A tiny sound
Issued by some chains
When the heart can not stand
And the inmate falls

All i feel
Is my heart crying
And my wings withering away
This reality, is a very harsh prison
Sabika H Dec 2020
No longer tracked in a dollhouse. A small spec from the view up above.
Heart erratic
Breath pumping
My confusions left unsolved.

No longer scavenging for booky ally ways for a quick huff and puff,
Fantasising about what I’m wearing as I **** myself,
Or when it would be most peaceful to inhale evil

No longer held on an invisible chain
Chained to my ‘friends’
That have accepted this mutual need
To be comforted not by what is said
But by what is given and pierced through the head,
Over and over
Again and
For years
Four years
I knew not one of them,
But their smiles were kept green
And their eyes soaked in sad blood
Looking through narrow windows,
Thin lines of dim lights,
Pouring on lonely nights.
And that’s when I realised
Freedom is a slave sacrificed.

So if I must be chained
Let it be a chain
Hooked on loyalty
And love.
Let it be a chain
And gentle
So I can find my way back
With ease.
Let it be a chain of strength
A chain that protects me.
Because I am no longer chained
To the idea
Of freedom in
You will not be able to fully overcome any bad habit unless you get away from the people in your life who encourage that bad habit.
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