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She said,

“See? I knew you’d be back.”

And he said,

“We’re home; finally.”
A conversation between Harmonious Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; integrated into an Alchemical Union.
Twin Flames;
The Runner,
and The Chaser.

I will come to you,
as much as our souls will
find the way to one another.

After long gone apart,
to mature before the
Alchemical Union.

I will find you;
in Divine Timing---
with His Divine Intervention,

we will reunite.
She is The Runner and I am The Chaser.
StarBloom Nov 8
We know each other as History,
Yet we play in the unknown as Mystery.

Alone and along the path,
we are not apart.

The familiar essence in the sense of you,
yet such freshness of the forest as
I See You.

I can smell the stories of our past,
ancient eyes as I look at you through the void in vast.

Our spirits have dancing long before we knew how,
for our sacred meeting forms us to sway to the music that beckons the miracle shining our way.

This tune we know,
for this truth is ingrained in our soul.

Accelerating demons and angels of our dance,
Let’s let our creatures out as we enhance,
our movement motion,
depths of devotion.

the frequency,

What began with a swaying,
melted into our praying

A sacred pray to the gods for our journey of togetherness.

Breathing between,
we meet as the eternal embracing,
exploring spacing.

Resonance, Reflection, Remembrance
Tasting the vibrant vitality in the air.

electrifying, energising, eternalising,
weaving ourselves through the many strings of our worlds,
Meeting as darkness and light makes love to sight.

The full spectrum plectrum,
Strum me baby,
For we are roaming in a field of dragon daisies...
And i can hear our Song.
StarBloom Nov 7
I am spiraling with the surrounding Love.
Circling the Universe, and filling the atmosphere..
with infinite... Rays... of Reality.
Penetrating into me!
Like iridescence light beams,
of emanating, vibrating, union celebrating,
I see no separation between all that is.

We are all just, future kisses.

For I have already listened to your lips,
For I already tasted your language of love,
Written in these books from ancient times,
carved and painted into myself from the fingertips that glide upon my cells.

I am just reading my skin,
whilst rewriting the story as it all syncs in.

Our hearts beating. ReMeeting.
For you are within me, not a part,
It’s all revealed through the mystery of our art.
...thoughts and feelings are soulless soldiers
bleeding my blackness like ink
leading the cracks to the brim
And do they dip deep, indeed...
they come out the other side thinning
and thinning still
and thinning
and seething my fabric
as my quietness parallels the tempo of serration
the wanting of you:
to flow and embrace
my every erasure
with the renewal
the slow violent blossoming
flowing and growing
into our fragrance
Our one world
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
One need to
Believe the magic
Of a gravitational endeavor
For the union
Of souls

The Moon wispered
To the Sun

It makes sense
The Sun nodded
Genre: Observational
Theme: Here the gravatational constant is the love
s Sep 17
I’ll needle a thread around your heart,
plunge it through mine,
and tie the knot.
Copyright CoffeetoTheorems
Rowan Sep 12
Maybe I’ve read to many books,
Or maybe I was born unable to turn a blind eye.
But looking out at these issues I can’t fix,
most I can’t even name,
ingrained in my way of living,

…. how can I help? How can i pick up your pieces and set them back in place?

I can’t, all I can do is look on with haunted visions and
cherry picked blossoms.

People use ‘I can’ as if suddenly everything will change once you utter those two words.
That’s not how it works I’m afraid,
I tell empowerment groups and kids alike.

Maybe I’m horrifically pessimistic, calling myself a realist,
And there could be a reason, with what I’ve seen,
All the news we consume,
I couldn’t always ignore
the stories of deeds and people
highlighted in cheery cherry picked blossom lipstick.

Let’s not begin on the manipulation,
I wouldn’t want to bore you
with a million different and consistent stories.

Money donations make me feel important,
does that mean I’m only egotistical if I donate more?
What if I help out, build a park or walk down those crime scene lanes
with a hundred different people, demanding a constitutional right?

When I read, ‘equal protection of the laws’, and turn on my tv,
News station’s bias and political affiliation is not what I asked for.
And then they show me another crime to beget those simple words,
As if they are so complicated to understand by our nation’s leaders in court.

I can’t turn my eyes away, I don’t want too
Not from our history or our future, much less the present.
So, without speaking of these issues, after all, we hardly do that,
And when we do, it is bargained for and silenced, then…
Shall I present an idea?

I’ve not got a masters degree, nor a specialty in this or that, but love isn’t going to save us. Determination’s halfway there. But the humanity of it all always seems to fall away as time goes on.

This is all too much for today,
maybe I'll just...
read a book or write a poem.
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