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As we are
Famed for hypocrisy
Do allow us to
Lecture you
About democracy
Though we know
Prior to us
You have the practice
In the timeline, upstarts
Usurping the know-all
Permit us
About democracy  to
Goad you please!

The divide-and-rule
Machiavellian gesture
As an adventure
We admit
And still exercise it
Ethnic-based conflict.

We adore to fish
In troubled water
To sure meet
Own objective faster.
Just like a canopy feeder
With our wings
Eclipsing the water
Striking out light helps us
Unsuspecting fishes  
To pick better.

In a
System of governance
And religiosity
You took the lead
But our piece of advice
How to dine, how
To put on attires
You have to heed,
Forget not
Boiled-wheat aid
You may need.
Disgraced, it is better
For food your pride
You barter.

Don’t think
Humanitarian issues
Or aid
Is what  first comes
To our head.
The economically weak
Their mind we—
Hooligan hypocrites—
Allow them to speak
Leave alone
Their own roadmap
To design and
Wealth to tap.
Worshippers of devil
Head- to -toe
We are evil.

It is our duty
To exhume a
Terrorist party
That shows alacrity
To execute assigned task
The reason behind its back
Remiss to ask.
TPLF is our right arm
We don’t want
On it to happen
Any harm.

We don’t mind
For genocide
A hotbed TPLF members
Or dissenters may find.
Modern colonization
Is our covert intention. ///
For those who poke their nose in the affair of a sovereign country
Manifesting day and night
Angels recognise my anger
Never ending quest
Justice I aspire
Universe conspire union
Man Mar 11
in this moment
our coalescence
as we become
still separate
but joining together
all the time
Nikkie Jan 30
It’s hard to put into words, the amazing feeling,
you’ve instilled deep inside my weary heart.
I look into your penetrating eyes, and
my passion collides with your emotion.
Is there something different about our union?
Does it feel like a dream come true to you?
This connection that came on all of a sudden,
shocked my heart into a new way of beating.

It took a long time for us to unite, it’s like I fell
for you in just one night.
I feel deep warmth inside of me, which makes
me happy and finally complete.
We saw each other every day, and never
once did I feel this connection.
With autumn approaching and the wind
turning cold, I feel you deeply rooted,
and embedded in my soul.
Val Vik Aug 2015
Once I caught a bird -
then, I set her free -

But the bird -
flew right back to me
Love is a different feeling from pain.
Jack Radbourne Dec 2020
I wonder if you know
What we have now become?
You are that heart-shaped kite
Dancing above in air
While I grasp tight the thread
Not wanting to let go.
George Krokos Dec 2020
When the subject and object in love are united
there isn’t another around at all to be sighted.
And where oneness prevails love eternally flows
from the One to the many that of illusion shows.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
And so he sat next to me,
his bloodhound pacing the bus floor,
Round and round in a tight circle,
before settling at our feet.
Sadness hung on the young man
like a soggy blanket,
And my
observation, sharpened by intuition
led me to venture...
"It's cold out tonight."
He startled and smiled: "Why yes, yes it is".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"Is this the bus to Capitol Hill?
I'm going to buy groceries,
my boy here is hungry  and I hope one is still open".
I looked at him closely
"No, this one goes to Queen Anne,
everything's closed for the evening.
Maybe I'm wrong,
I don't think you're okay,
Somehow I know
you're not telling the truth".

He sighed and shrank into himself,
"You guessed right-- I am homeless,
On the streets for a year now.
Me and my buddy,
with no end in sight".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"They took all my things
when my car was broke into,
My entire world shattered with the blow of a hammer,
But at least I've got him,
and he glanced towards his companion,
I'll find a warm vent,
and we'll sit there til morning."

Bartell's was still open
and I opened my wallet,
Some soup, of course, dog food,
roast beef hash and hot tea,
"Please find a good doctor, there are many to help you,
I can tell that you're suffering, give you and buddy a new life."
He thanked me and with a whistle
called the bloodhound to him,
They turned right towards Lake Union,
Fading into the night.

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)
This is a true story that I experienced 10/23/20.
Inspirational Music:"Eleanor Rigby"--The Beatles
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