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You say I should go be happy
In a city far away,
And one day I'll be alone there
But I'm not allowed to stay ---
Because life with me is easy,
The same thing every day
Sometimes you wish for me to live here
But you would leave me either way.
vent poetry
n Apr 14
sylvia plath watched all her figs rot
because she couldnt decide
which to eat

im watching my figs
and i dont want any of them.
not right now.

i know i need to eat.
i still want to eat.

i just don't feel hungry.
Dina Feb 7
It is funny how the things that are too much make us feel.
Too much of a bad thing is terrible.
That is understandable.
But what about too much of a good thing?
Too much love.
Too much freedom.
Too much joy.
Why do they scare us away?
Somewhere deep down we feel like we don’t deserve too much.
Just enough.
We feel like we can’t be entrusted with such a large responsibility.
Too many options to choose from.
So many places to travel.
All the foods.
Those of us faced with this dilemma are surely the lucky ones.
Perhaps their empathy is what stops them in their tracks.
The knowledge that most people don’t get too much or even enough.
But then again there is another fear, another emotion that stops them.
It is a fear of being seen. Of being judged.
A fear of their own power.
It is funny how we can be afraid of our self.
Funny and sad.
Fear of the raw, unfiltered, undiluted power that we all have.
Our upbringing and society’s laws cage us and inhibit our magic.
The lucky ones realize this and do their best to undo the damage.
To free themselves.
The rest live like caged birds.
Singing to please their masters.
To get some food and water.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
Without being aware



The same time
Genre: Observation
Theme: Prospective || Time N' Space
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
If you feel
Comfort with tears
Yes please, cry
If you can't

Don't deny
To smile
Genre: Zen
The: Options ||Human Emotions
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Oh my little world
Tell me of risks in these twinkled eyes
Serenade passions of wrongs and rights
Shatter one's self with daylight's pride
Oh my little world
Where to, for peace from monsters that look alike
Where to, for strength to lift high this life
Oh my little world
Tell I of hope with silver linings
Help thou to make do with heaven's favours
Oh my little world
Carry I with thee to a world unseen
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
would have
only there were
too many
It was tempting!
clever Apr 2019
i'd tell you to leave
but then i'd have no one left to stay
and really it only seems like that because i refuse to consider any of the other seventy options.
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