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Emanzi Ian Sep 2022
My heart aches for you like I'd lose me if I lost you
But I've got options
It ain't self-validation but I know am wanted and needed
East or west,am shown love
But still,even with your mediocre treatment,
I always yearn for your attention and affection
Mistreat me all you want
Drag me through the mud
But be sure that if I ever decide to leave,
It'll be forever
Because I've got options

I've got options
Your embrace ain't the warmest
Your kisses ain't the softest
You don't even love the most and your face ain't the fairest of them all
Surely,one day,your pride shall fall
And it'll be your turn to call
Mistreat all you wish
Steve Page Mar 2022
Something is better
than nothing
Nothing is better
than stupid
Stupid is just
M Vogel Feb 2022

Everything about you,  dealing with your pain,

and now the loss of someone so dear to you,
hinges on your continuing to move forward.
My thing is to encourage you  so that you can
keep doing what you do..   knowing that

someone so deeply believes in..
and cares about  your chosen path.

This morning was a wakeup call of the Spirit..
as to just how deeply your beautiful heart goes.
Your anger is justified  and so very understandable.
There were multiple options available.

The drugs reduced those options to just one
through the temporary confusion of the mind.

Part of your path is to become ever-more capable
of helping others that are in the process of succumbing.
An increase of true Love in the world,  

    greatly increases  all options,  
    for those who struggle
.  .

If you have saved  even one,
then you have.. within the Realms,   saved all.

You are beautiful, sweet Beloved

You are the one,  that will save that one.

mm.. so ******* good..
~The beautiful Steve Winwood

John McCafferty Aug 2021
With mixed conversations aligned inside
our expectations don't always comply.
What could be wet could also be dry,
when we see other options offered in mind.

Hesitance often slows the path we possess
but a personal pace sustains motivation, and anyone's race can turn about face.
Is it really such a lonely road for an individual to search the unknown, testing their growth.

We usually follow what seems set out in front, concurrent ideas and beliefs seep through us.
The leaves of the trees determine the falls, as time spaced apart often changes our attitude.

The landscape of life will transform with a call, through those cycles we bind to vary our mindset. Lessons for all are shown but not always learnt, as repetitive tones tend to compliment worth.

Listen to the figures above, providing purpose when we're feeling deep or down on our luck. The answers can vary and we have to choose, but there are no limits as we continue on through.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Simon Apr 2021
The lamp is now representing itself in the absence of being semi-peaceful. While having the inner-struggle in just simply trying it's best to get by....
After this very truest representation had sold itself to the highest bidder (being its own inner weakness giving into the symptom, that is "giving up"), without so much as a single plausible (enough) explanation...
Things don't become tolerated (very well), anymore.
After all, it's up to the standards of one's own grief to now simplify the very behavior (in their own sequence, after sequence, after even more sequences that have sheer luck tied to them without hesitation for utter pleasurable shame for the results that clutter the very cog in the wheel) that gives freedom in the disguise for wonder. Wonder...that isn't including its own freedom, as that's just another common (filled) sense illusion, now.
It's the very scenario that agrees that it hast to become order to see its own self for what it had become....
Meaningfully speaking, everything up to this very point in time...comes with an arresting degree for silencing the inner willpower of an inner voice that can't (safely, very well) reach for the outside world (and even remotely reach out into the outside world, like...AT ALL...)! And simply express (for the life of itself), its own symptom. Not only a symptom (or two...) But more the very part as to how, or why, or what essentially became of itself...when it started feeling this particular (and more peculiar way...), where it doesn't know how to handle itself, anymore (in that very dire moment for shameful results). Especially the guilt trip that it starts to feel (all the sudden), when it begins feebling itself over such hesitating tip-toeing maneuvering. But what comes (next, anyhow) with so much as a single that there's always a certain something, (or certain someone) truly waiting for you on the other side of a spectrum (where you have yet to truly notice in ALL such forming varieties upon the certain specified number of emotions bleeding itself DRY for the appreciation of finding a solution too it's current problem....)
Once you understand this...or more like correcting the wrongs (that had up to this very moment in time, had made you this spiraling short-circuited piece of machinery, or justful faulty technological prowess...) Gives you the very nurturing desire to bid farewell to your own inner strength. Just so you can now have the very pleasure of now purging past this unknown barrier on the other side of this spectrum that has this very certain (someone) waiting for you...that will then of course, give you that single, (when you least expect it...) RESTART! That had been in an orderly fashion ever since the very beginning (when you first started first experiencing this symptom in the first place). A trapped scenario full of crippling sequences of events!
Descriptions, or even visuals are lost...without defining what a lost light (who's very brightness is increasingly going dim), doesn't even have the very means (as of yet) to truly become recognizable of the ("notice of things"), for simply "why" it's becoming this very way, in the first place...?
Simon Mar 2021
Patience isn't truly the walk of life. Or even the shame for not convincing yourself that everything up until this very point in how it is supposedly meant to be.
But this is the first example towards not telling yourself the truth about the very illusion you've been living this entire time.

...It's called the decline in acceptance to oneself...for not telling yourself you have more in your general self-worth...then what kind of self-contempt you've been blocking away in hopes of accepting your very own disillusioned artificially created...self-resolve.

That being said, the actual chances that you have been living your own life (free of charge) from feeling you have defeated the such negativity in your very lifestyle... Is nothing more than a shower of benign social ramblings (from within yourself) that will sentence you too a psychological error in your very reasoning for illogical decision-making.

Which means, in the very end, choices don't matter in the long run.
Since you already know what you want... Even if reality (outside your very self), isn't what is truly best for you (especially when it wouldn't agree with your very options) first and foremost.
The very basics of life is the turning point for disaster! If or if not, you have already made a good enough paid sentence (full of such processing power) that demands reconciliation on the spot (for how you have evaluated your very life up until this very point in time). Then your fruitful for misguided tendencies. Or even better... Misinformed logic that doesn't sell itself short in the slightest.
Eric Nov 2020
Let me see , who's gunna be the next body scene. who's gunna make a wanna be prodigy , turn into a enemy . who's gunna mistake the happiness for a moment of glee . I'm sick an tired of how you see me.  I'd rip your heart out if that would make you concede . but yet your a part of me . once was dirt with a seed . grew into a wonderful view of trees . burnt to the ground with ashes abound, without a truth to come clean . I will , and I promise , to **** everything in between. it's impossible to intervene .
I hurt enough to hurt
Asominate Sep 2020
Trust was never a option
But were there any options to begin with?
The paranoia is real, the cake is not
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