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and every day I'm learning...
it's okay to not be unique.

because the human race is so utterly beautiful
art, music, science, discovery, exploration, adaptation
love, warmth, healing, unity,

i could ramble for eternity

about how much i love human beings

so why should it be an insult
to be just like
my fellow man

when everyone is so beautiful, so worthy, and so human.

what an incredible thing to be
i don't love life right now, or even the people around me, but I have friends and humanity as a whole and all we've accomplished and all we've done is amazing. Just take a walk around where you live and really think about it all, everything. It's incredible.
Aaron LaLux Sep 23
....  I’m leaving Neverland, never to return again,
I’m leaving Neverland, for real & forever man,

& this is not an attack, or any other act of aggression,
this is not an insinuation or malicious accusation,
no need for Mesereau to get an acquittal through vindication,
because the fact is, I still love you, Mr. Michael Jackson,

& I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I am for real,
never meant to make your daughter cry,
I apologize a trillion times,
now I’m Outkast, self banished myself like Lauryn Hill,

so Leave Me Alone, I told you I’m sorry Ms. Jackson,
& if truth be told, I still love you Mr. Jackson,

I still love you Michael Jackson,

& I’ll tell you what I think happened,
I think you were robbed of your childhood when young,
& your whole life you only wished to have one,
so you could feel safe enough to play & have fun,
& the only way to ever have the childhood you never had,
was to create your own sanctum paradise & call it Neverland,
with a ferris wheel carousel fairies trains giraffes & elephants,
your own fairytale so you’d never have to grow up, Peter Pan,

& you were so pure & kind & innocent,
& you really just wanted to play,
but over assumptive suspicious judgmental perverse minds,
made accusations called you strange & put you on display,

there is nothing worse than false accusations,
placed on an innocent man in an abrasive way, ...

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #27 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available on Amazon here:

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Perhaps in loving you,

I have finally set myself free.
I'm falling in love with you more and more as the months pass, and it scares me to feel this much for one person.
And perhaps it's because you're gone

that I'm made of stronger stuff

than I was before.
You left, and I grew stronger. I don't need you anymore.
Starry Aug 31
We all
Change places
We All change time and history
We All change our
We can change the future
For the better.
Starry Aug 31
This stares at you
Is a proud girl
Proud of who she is and
What she has done
That is why she
Smiles like a goof.
Mitch Prax Aug 30
Let yourself become
an elegant sunflower
in a field of thorns

5:24 PM
leo arden Aug 27
i do not care for grand glory, nor fame,

for inspiring just one, means all the same.
peyt Aug 23
we only have one life
an almost century to define who we are.
even though that may sound like a long time,
it is not.
this century of a life will flash before your eyes
and it’s up to you whether you want to lead this life with grace, or chaos.
i saw a homeless man on the street the other day asking for spare change.
even when no one could give him the time of day to even say no, he still would tell them,
“God bless you”.
and that made me think
why is it that human beings will give things to those who don’t benefit from it?
and when we passed this man, he asked the same question
and we had no money
and we felt terrible
my lover persisted in going back
so we did
and he gave him money, and the biggest hug.
this is how humans should be.
so next time you see that homeless person
or that stray dog
give that person a couple of dollars.
give that dog some water and some hugs.
because at the end of the day
we won’t be here forever
it is important to lead this life with love and compassion for other beings.
especially when they are much less fortunate than you.
I'm mirror-like sometimes
reflecting back the faces that I see,
all of the faces and emotions around me

I'm mirror-like sometimes
shattering into fractals,
my own emotions ever-so-fragile

I'm mirror-like sometimes
I show you what you want to see,
cursed forever to agree

I'm mirror-like sometimes
vapid and forgettable,
not inspiring, but rather regrettable
Sometimes I just blend into the background. Sometimes when people don't notice you, it's easier to get through the day.
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