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Isabella 18h
Your soul is worth saving
Your heart is worth shaping
Your legacy's changing
You're not worth erasing

I promise.
Whatever you may have done
No matter the person you think you've become
You're someone, worth waiting for, your story has only begun
Isabella 18h
You Deserve
To be

You deserve
To feel every thrill of living
Because you are an individual that is unlike anyone else in the world
You deserve to realize
That your existence is a blessing

So do not settle for misery or dissatisfaction
Life has more to offer you than a broken soul
Zack Ripley Aug 30
Hello my hellopoetry family! Before I started sharing my work with all of you, I was suicidal because I felt alone. And it hurt. But I wanted to take the time to thank you guys. You made me realize that people COULD relate and DID want to hear what I have to say. You guys helped save me. And I know I've helped some of you and that means the world to me. But now it's time to help more people. I have a book of my most inspiring poems out, and 2 dollars from the sale of every book will be donated to the jed foundation. They partner with high schools and colleges to empower kids to talk about depression and other mental health issues which, in turn, educates teachers how to recognize it in students. here's the link

Thanks again guys. And if you can leave an honest review when you get the chance that would be amazing
One loaf of bread

inspiring us down
to the edge of a

From their slumbered hiding
one gull
the crumbs,
each other,

the morning
light on

What worries?

Unraveling one of the best mornings I've had as I was engulfed in feathers, beaks, sky and sand.
Allowing the story to be told
Along the spiral path of time
Deeper and deeper along the blooms of the rose
You keep unfolding
Coming home to yourself
the dance beckons you further
asking for your honesty, vulnerability, humility
Be brave, take the first step, journey to the bridge between the finite and infinite
to the dark fertile void of possibilities into the light of their existence
An embodiment of creation
Feeling more alive within every fold of emotion, every texture, every taste on the spectrum, every sound imaginable, smells like a field of wildflowers tickling your senses simultaneously encompassing their juxtaposition
whole and complete unto themselves
No labels
What it means to be human
To feel so deeply yet be prone to numbness
To be exposed to the elements yet have a compass to find your way back to the beating anchor that guides you
The infinite love that animates you
Allowing the story to unfold
Not always doing what you're told
Not knowing what that even is then welcoming clarity like the brightest sunrise after the darkest hour
Sometimes lost then found anew
Learning how to tell the difference between resonance and dissonance
And the balance that helps it all make sense
Using a little of each, sparingly, carefully, distilling beauty from the crazy cacophony
So many paths leading to the same destination yet only one rings true at a time
Surrendering to the wisdom
Innate, embodied
the dance goes on to a different tune
Are you willing to explore?
Do you have a hunger for more?
What drives this desire?
An unexplainable longing to be among the possibilities
A chance, an attempt, a try
Unprecedented perhaps that's why
Co-creating something new
A different perspective
A fresh point of view
Journeying within to see that you are a cosmic reflection of all that is wanting to know itself as your life, reflected back as me
Reflections in a lake
We are all mirrors for each other
Beauty unbounded
Words are limited in describing this
You merely scratch the surface of your experience
Yet they propel you like guides to the unseen realms
To see without eyes
To hear without ears
Following the music of your soul
Answer the call
Here and Now
What will you discover?
TG Sep 20
I can´t wait
for the hurt
to finally go away,
waiting for the day,
that i´d wake up without
thinking about you,
without thinking about the day you left me
without any explanation

When that day comes,
I´d celebrate & say
I will never let
anyone in,
Becaus you caused me dirt,
you did a number on my health,
You diminished my confidence
My self love,
My life purpose,
My importance wandered away.

But when my pain goes away,
I´ll be stronger than ever,
I´ll be focussing on me,
I won´t let anyone in,
Will not chase anyone
My life will be priority,
Because I´m done with loving too much
caring too much,
for someone, that wouldn´t love back
or do the same

When that day comes,
I´ll rise
It´s been a month and I´ve been living with pain. Pain because I´ve been tricked. I´ve been letting someone in that turned out to be another person in the end. Someone that easily forgot me and left me me alone without any explanation. Just disappeared, after all these promises and loving words. Someone twisting his perception so easily without any reason. I invested all my trust, en faith, my heart into this person and he throws it all away, Leaves like nothing ever happenned. Don´t invest into a conncetion if you are planning to leave afterwards. I´ve learned my lesson and will never risk my health by giving my heart to someone else.
When no one notices
not even our own awareness
our branches
persist toward the sun

A rope swing dangles

Ready to hold Love,
to listen to Love,
to feel the embrace of Love,
to give Love a push
and to pull Love back
when it has wandered too far

The wind blows us left
the rain torrents right

Through our boughs
our leaves

letting go

down one
down all
It is astounding, despite circumstances, how strong humans can be.
Akshita Aug 11
There will be many nights
Where you see a starless sky

There will be days
When it pours and rains endlessly

There will be evenings
When you wish you were
Anywhere but here

There will be times when
All you want is to be rescued

However, know that these times
Are simply ephemeral
They will not last till an eternity
Phoenix Black Jul 20
You've torn me, ripped me, and hit me
I bleed from the wounds on my skin
You've floored me, kicked me, and slit me
But you've not broken the spirit within

My tank is depleted, not empty
I rise back, glowing with sweat
Fight? Oh yes I've got plenty
Your smugness will turn to regret
Phoenix Black Jul 12
In a fog of dread, I'm cast away
To drift unnoticed through the bay
Of timid flame, and fight forgot
I clutch the mast of “I cannot”

But deep inside, the embers burn
With trial and error, I slowly learn
A thousand thoughts, a journey long
To build a furnace oh so strong

Then my spark, I'll re-ignite
Out shall pour my blinding light
Ablaze inside, I'll be that man
Who stands up tall and says, "I can."
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