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10) Dreaming

Glancing at the dazzling stars on an enticing Tuesday evening
Looking up at the shimmering stars whilst dreaming
Dreaming of the person I will become
The obstacles I will eventually overcome
My heart is beating as fast as a drum
I aspire to inspire
Helping people to believe they are more precious than sapphire
Zero-knowledge of what lies ahead
My next chapter is still unread
Currently, it feels like you’re trapped in a trial
If you walk around with a smile
You’ll surpass that mile
The wait will be worthwhile
Miriam May 28
The best is yet to come
If you believe then you can become
Believe in yourself dream big and you can become who you want
Hex May 26
Slipping free from yester's time,
A Feather trapses yond the way,
On wind it floats, a step, sublime,
Dipping and ducking flakes of grey,
Those forged by winter, the sun's decay,
Plates of ivory, why must they hack?
Torn soil, a relic of why you turn away,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Sea, so fair, shimmering as a chime,
As the wind you switch, and you sway,
And your blues shine like a dime,
But if he drifts beyond the bay,
Will waters claim him, as they say?
Or shall he wash back, with the wrack?
To you, O Sea, he mustn't stray,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Mount, your peak, the rigorous climb,
At your summit, scores kneel and pray,
Your caps glow white, with a grass bed of lime,
If you were where the feather must stay,
Shall your perils bring him fray?
Must he lie in caves of black?
Nay, a feather must fly, and outward he must splay,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Feather, O Feather, where will you spend your days?
Here I must halt on the trail of your track,
Seize the wind, O Feather, the world is your prey,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.
A tale of independence.
Michael May 25
A genie sprouted from my shoes.
He told me that I had to choose
Between these choices, choice one and choice two
To always win, or to always lose

I decided to lose, day after day.
The genie smiled, and I heard him say
“You’ve made the choice, few dare to make
And life will be hard, make no mistake

But the only way to grow is to lose
And you must take risks, in all that you do.
Though many challenges may come your way,
In all your tomorrows you will be stronger than today.”
Nidhi Jaiswal Feb 15
Samaj ke bandisho se azad
Bin pankho se urna chahti hu
Pankh tute hai to kya
Khawo se aashaman sajana chahti hu

Hoshlo ki urran hu main
kisi ki muskan hu main
bharat ki anokhi shan hu main
band pare khawbo ki arman hu main

manti hu zindgi ke safar me
Me mil jate hai kuch humsafar
naa hote hue apne
Phir ban jate band aankho ke sapne

Haa main uarna chahti hu
Oos ke bund ki tarah dhara ko susobhit karna chahti hu
khilkhilana chahti hu
Hasna chahti hu
Apne pankho ko failye dhara ko napna chahti hu
apni khusboo se sbko mekhkana chahti hu
apne gunjan se nabh ko gunjit karna chahti hu
kali se ful ki tarah khilna chahti hu

kya thi galti meri
kis bat ki milli mujhe  ye saja
ye Samaj ki bandishe
Pairo m jakri ye janjiro se niklna hahti hu
kuch kehna chahti hai
Khud ko khud se milana chahti hu
kyuki jaise main dikhti hu waise hu nai
Mere hai kuch azad sapne
Pinjre m band panchi nahi hu
aazad bharat ki ek shakti ka rup hu
Ek larki hu mai
Haan ek larki
jo khud apna itishah bnana chati hai
Auro se alag khud ki duniya basana chahti hai
kUch karna chati hai
Apne liye
apno ke liye
Iss jahan ke liye.
Wilkes Arnold May 10
I saw a man on the bus
With a shaggy beard
And a shaggy dog
His eyes twinkled before they closed
Then he burped
When is when is when is
The next moment I will stand on this shore, looking out into the bay?
Who will I be and how will I see this same scene then?

How will I see again, the morning rising illuminating the tide, it’s misted glow refracting in all directions?

How will I hear again, the gull’s cry, a higher song hovering over the soft sway of the water, it’s lapping connection to the shore, gone now but always on its reverberating journey back?

How will the water feel on my feet, in early spring and then in ebbing twilight? Will I stand strong and blooming, or will I hunch and wither in decay, in memories of a long forgotten brighter day?

Will the salt spray still fill my nose, will its memory be etched in me always?

There is no sure way to know, no sure path we can follow, I say to myself.
When I return I will be him and he will have came from me, formed in the bubbling foam of my memories of this swaying sea.
But in my melancholy daze upon departure,
a vision appears to me as if a dream:

“Be gone!”
A mirage of the goddess Brizo comes to me, sitting alone in a galley bobbing along with the waves.
“Be gone! Hold not your journey in contempt, be scared not of the changing tides!
You have your vessel as I have mine, the sea is strong but not impassible!
Adjust your sails, redirect your mind, the wisdom of the sea follows, to any height you can climb!
The power is you, shed light on what you know to be true, look in the water and be calmed, know that you are you!

Be gone! Go from me, away from this fading part of your journey,
There is still much of the world to see!
Do not linger, do not hesitate,
Do not be contented, with a hazy view of the sea from your seat on the shore!”
Donna Feb 1
Like tiny dots dancing
in the winter sky , I got
my pen out to write

Love nature love natures birds.   **
How do you know you've met your twin flame?

Well, in your darkest days and your darkest hours, they're the beacon of light that shines through the darkness that consumes you.

They're the hope that makes you keep living, when all you want to do is stop existing.

They're your cheerleader in your greatest moments.

The ones that make you feel loved, when you don't love yourself.

Twin flames give you a reason to stay alive and keep living.

At times when you're on your knees about to give up on your dreams, twin flames will always be there to pick up and mend your broken pieces.

They're the ones that understand and hear you when no one else wants to listen.

And makes your life just feel a little bit easier to deal with.

Twin flames are the ones that carry pieces of you no matter how far apart you are in distance, but would never make you forget that your existence has a purpose.

They're the ones that carry the burdens of loving every part of you, but would never hold anything against you.

Twin flames are your muses that inspire you just to be you, the ones that encourage you to show the world every part of you.

They're the ones that keep supporting you no matter how many mistakes you make in life.
And above all twin flames are souls, that you find are the missing parts of you that make you whole.

When you find your twin flame never let them go and return the blessings to them that they always share with you.
ChinHooi Ng Jan 15
A sip of tea and
looking into the distance
twilight closing in
birds returning
on the windowsill
a cat walks by quietly
beads on the wrist are numb
shadow is moving back and forth
scrawling the lament of life
sound of falling leaves
gently falls to the ground
thoughts with soul
floating around
facing the emptiness of a world
not a bright word
staying silent.
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