"Jesus says, child I waited for you."
  Me, The mountain ⛰ is too strong.
"Jesus said, theirs no mountain ⛰ strong enough for me."
Falling in love

In love with you was never easy;
I fell for you and landed flat on my face.

We fall and became undone, lacking in trust;
Love echoes inside each and every one of us.
We try to believe, but life takes it out of us,
Because love is killed, once you have broken that trust.

I’ve got high hopes of leaving you forever;
High hopes of moving on without you.
High hopes I had, when we first got together.
No hope is all I have now thanks to you.

Take a pill to numb the pain;
Every day is never/always the same.
Teach me how to feel again;
So I can hear you when you call my name.

My love and I want to die;
We used to believe, until we cried.
Now all we believe is too many times,
We have had to say goodbye.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sara Kellie Aug 8
There's no need for this
never ending doubt.
Be the first and the last
of your very own devout.
Clear the clouds of those
who surround.
Your mind is stronger
pound for pound.
For you are you
and they are their friends.
Realise this and all your
fear ends.
You are one, now light the flame,
your doubters gone.

Do you see what I mean that
it doesn't matter where you've been.
'cause now your all knowing
It's about where you're going.

Poetry by kaydee.
True self realisation destroys all and any negativity that tries to swallow you.
I believed we had something,
Now I know it was my delusion .
do i believe in god?
i’m afraid i do not have an answer to that,
it’s hard to believe when all you see is this world’s cruelty.
but if they have seen the things i’ve seen
and experienced what in this world has been,
then god’s eyes must be just as tired,
just as sad,
just as done as me.

— what do you believe?
Riley June Aug 7
can you hear my cries from bended knees and folded hands,

do you have your radio turned on and tuned in,

or have you mute all of our chatter,

when you made humans did you make a mistake,

so many of us are broken and damaged,

did you really intend for all of this to happen,

or do you lie through gritted teeth saying we have purpose,

but if you don't exist that means we are on our own,

which do i prefer?
Farhan Aug 6
The lesser I know her,
The stronger I love her.
Arcassin B Aug 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Constant as conscience,
Blind to the fact to be lead in abundance,
this substance,
Look into the soul it calls in an instant,
serving penance,
We all have demons and all have depression,
It worsens,
No hope for the future , mental break
Society, brings you hatred and brings you
income and its evil,
For more dawns where we could have a
day for completion,
I know that it hurts , I know that it hurts,
I could see It,
Following the rabbit as time comes and goes,
How could judge another thinking what he
wanna think , or what she wanna think, or
what they wanna think?
How could you, throw your belief in the
real away for what you think reality is?
Thought you fearless....

Lyn-Purcell Aug 5
I don't believe in 'untruths.'
Lies are lies; point blank.
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