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To net a butterfly takes time,
catch the states of mind with kindness.
From thoughts, emotions, opinions, belief,
ethereal dreams may seem out of reach.

The small pineal gland still stands tall,
even if we're concealing what is real.
Cold hard stone in hand,
a granite man can fracture.

Match the eye of sun gods,
appreciate your wider space in chorus.
Combined from our creative borderlands,
where we learn to understand and teach.

Factual fractals repetitively resonate,
so try to make the most of your ability.
As intuitions have a silent plan,
contemplate your future face.

This life can be deemed a dream,
where we're all here for a finite time.
You're born, you work and times pass by.
Then onto the next opportunity.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Maitsholo May 6
Everything just became real
It's me against the world
Many preparing for my downfall

There will be no falls
While I [THE LORD] being besides you and you holding onto me
Staying strong in my belief [HIM]
Anything is possible with him
I will probably conquer the fear
and the foes will be proven wrong
silvervi May 4
Belief is my cable
that is connected to the phone
that is there for someone to call
that someone will know the answer
that answer will change everything
that everything is my life
that life is short and long
because time is subjective.

Can one word change everything?
I BELIEF it can.

Who is calling?
My soul.
Your perception is your sense of success!
You are the person you choose to be.
Ylzm Apr 18
Surer knowledge by cross examination
of witnesses than belief in imaginations
Will more certainty than mindless chance
Shakespeare was a man rather than monkeys
and Eve than washed up fishes learning to walk
Michael Apr 16
Not a fantasy.
It's reality.
Is it really
as we think it to be?
To me, what I see
and perceive,
isn't enough to
make me believe,
there's somethin' else
that's happening.
In my own world.
My own everything.
It's my own fantasy,
in my reality.
Media moguls
(The big six)

Media moguls, farming us like baboons, leaving just a flicker of our human potential; enough to consume.

A bitter machine, manufacturing and selling the illusion of fear and failure; ******* with our subconscious, spinning and expanding this dark material world; for nothing more than prestige and false profits.

There is more to life than this!
We are all children of the light!
Wake up Space monkeys!
A constant stream of negativity, greed and desire.
SiouxF Mar 27
No amount of darkness
Can hide a tiny light.
Having faith enables you to
Shine forth,
Radiate your essence,
Share your brilliance,
Inspire others
Along this journey called life,
For there is nothing
The devil can do to you
When you truly believe.
Svetoslav Mar 24
crystals stuck in fields
people believing the things
they wish were real
Truth is a limit that is approached from any direction.
The only 3D limit would be a mirrored limit where every direction I would turn would be the mirrored limit.
This can only be found in belief, for belief always tends to the belief unless another belief is mirrored.
Therefore, the diversity of belief is more about keeping a limit than keeping the expansive idea (belief) that sets the limit.
Or else everything is truth?
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