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Despite all the darkness
swirling around me—
I keep swimming for light,
believing in light...
To read is to breathe
To write is to drink
To listen is to eat and
To wonder is to believe
Literature is energy for the soul
You told me the other day that I should wait for my turn,
my turn to be in your position and understand your role.
but since I was younger and started opening eyes, I already knew what I want and what I don't want. I am sure not to be like 'you'.

You told me I was just being 'impetuous' in the way I talk,
but I say I just know exactly what I mean.
I saw you from her and her to you,
that why I despise being like the both of you, not now, not ever.

But I know regret is part of life, yet I refuse to have it...
so, if ever I'll be a 'MaterMatriarch' inevitably...
I choose to be discrete, discrete from the process you both followed.
I have lived for 17 years in your house and soon I'll find my home.

I mean no offense to those who knew what I mean by my poetry, but to understand the difference is to be different. We all knew and experienced what we want and what we hate, we saw how the world works. Not every one is the same, but similar things are inevitable, yet the works are in our hands, the choice is in our minds, the miracles are his to grant. As humans we are stuck in the reality of life, but we live everyday so let us fight. to everyone stand up and fight for what you think is right!!! (the title is my own, a word merged to create a new one)
Christopher Oct 18
I could never believe in such things.
Momma taught me to never make promises.
I'll only have what I make that I say can be,
Even if it means out bleeding the daily dosage than what's given to me.
I trust in it as much as I can.
Until it's like dad coming back with a pack of cigarettes.
It's just an Idea
But more make believe, ya?
Have it Or Not.
Make it or Forsake it.
Sometimes fantasy is better than the picture already given.

I know, I know!
It ain't what it seem!
But it's better just an Idea!

But it's better a fantasy than what you keep feeding me

Dope-a! Morph-a
Feel you in my spine!
I just saw you yesterday with huge *** smile.
But I still can't find you like the rest of my mind.
But Not Obsolete
Im back
ibkreator Oct 15
Is a
way back

to who
really are
Believing in love, for me,
Is how in winter the trees,
Barren and cold with stories untold,
Believe in prosperity of spring,
I believe in the good you will bring.

For me, believing in love,
Is how the cosmos above,
Shines fierce not knowing of eyes she’ll pierce,
Unfamiliar to who she gives light,
I believe in you through darkest night.

Believing in love, for me
Has admittedly never been easy,
Though navigating your eyes is daunting at times,
I do not believe I’m ever lost
I believe in you,
No matter the cost.
ibkreator Oct 5
as its culture creates on demand

belief is the condition
the cure keeps looking for
ibkreator Sep 26
if you focus on the best of life it will be created to you
and if you focus on the worst that will be created to you too
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