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Ashwin Kumar Nov 24
There was a time
When I couldn't give a dime
As far as destiny was concerned
How the stars were aligned
It mattered to me not
Even if I suffered a lot

However, as we all know
Times change
We've gotta go with the flow
Facing crisis after crisis
Decided I, to turn to Jesus
Thus, with every passing day
Come what may
More and more did I begin to believe
In the power of Fate
And the miracles it could bring
As we all would be knowing
It's never too late

Yes, believe do I, in destiny
Because, of great importance, is faith
However, it means not
That we do naught
And simply pray to the Lord
Never will inaction beget a reward
Instead, does it mean
That, always should we do our best
And let God take care of the rest
Pardon me for the oft-repeated cliche
But, difficult is it, to carve a niche
Especially when you don't get a chance
To select a topic of your choice

Destiny can favour us
Or can it ruin us
Remember the old but extremely valuable cliche
"There is no gain without pain"
Were we to fight a war
Prepared, must we be, to be slain
Or can we go far
And achieve a glorious victory
Thus, leaving our mark on history
Depends, does it all, on destiny

Take me, for example
I had to go through the ordeal of divorce
It is but completely natural
To believe that destiny favoured me not
Yes, I did have to go through a lot
However, the reality is
Destiny DID favour me
Because, saved was I
From total disaster
And closer did I get
To my sister and father
Not to mention, free am I
To live my life on my own terms

Equally true, is the opposite
It may seem
That, from destiny we benefit
However, turns out instead, destiny is a cheat
For instance, look at the Indian Men's Cricket team
In the recently concluded World Cup
Winning ten matches on the trot
One would have thought
That, destined were we
To lift the trophy
Alas, it was not to be
Lulled were we, into a false sense of security
By all the early *******
And believed, did we
That, on our side, was destiny
However, when it mattered the most
Destiny made sure we lost

Yes, destiny does matter
But your mind shouldn't shatter
Were it to turn against you
Because, it is ultimately YOU
Who are in charge of your life
Even were you to have the best husband or wife!!
Yes, extremely frustrating is it
When things are not in your control
And on your mental health
May it take a toll
However, faith is powerful
Were you to surrender yourself to Jesus
He would make your life wonderful
Of course, certain sacrifices have to be made
But never let your personality fade
And always do your best
Free are you, to turn your back on destiny
As long as you live happily
Yes, destiny does indeed matter
But how much does it matter
Is entirely up to YOU
Poem on what destiny means to me
It's said of Jesus' loving arms:
"Within the storm, the eye, the calm,"

Then why is what I've seen of him:
My brothers brought to harm?
Written after witnessing, quite ironically, a debate about Jesus devolve into fisticuffs.
Steve Page Oct 18
I want to live right up to when I die
and through, beyond the finish line.
Not with a gasp and an ugly stumble,
but run straight on, strong and triumphal.

I want to live right up to when I die
with au revoir and not goodbye.
I want to live with real expectation
and run on into the new creation.
heard that first l;ine and amed to make it a little more positive
Andy Chunn Sep 28
Where did my Jesus go
The one I loved so long ago
I wonder if he’s still around
I wonder if he can be found

As a child, in my youth
Jesus used to be the truth
Everything was black and white
Jesus taught me wrong from right

As the world passed me by
The flash of life caught my eye
And was my Jesus there
Couldn’t find him anywhere

I saw the way our lives were run
I saw the way that things got done
I wondered if Jesus was there
Wondered if he could even care

Couldn’t find him in the bank
Or lying drunk in the tank
Jesus are you at the bar
Or ridin’ in a police car

Crazy dreams come in my head
Got to thinking Jesus dead
Then I looked around to see
If he was really part of me

Black and white turn shades of gray
Jesus lives for one more day
He ain’t dead, at least in part
He’s living right here in my heart
Lyrics written in 1975
xjf Aug 31
It may be that
the purpose,
Is not written into
the program.
AE Aug 2
In hopes that this reaches you when you need it most

A message soaked in echoes, reminders, and hope
Lathered with the perfume of nostalgia
Floats back and forth between my mind and heart
Out from the arteries, back through the veins
Shaped and reshaped into paper trains
Thought bubbles and mind maps
All muddled into flashcards
Something in there might say: I have dreams for you
And maybe if in some way
You can decipher all this mess
You'll find the speech bubble, bullet point, and quiz question
written just for you that says in someway:
1 believe, and believe, and go on believing
In you.
David Hilburn May 20
Just, how cold?
Odd, the thought of passion
Should a sky have one to hold
Forever is now to fold, a prayer lasting...

Life in a walls shadow
Circumstance, with a youth's vow
Seek, and you shall find, all and know
A heart with happiness, only before how...

The sound of love...
Harried by a salt, a cursory share
Of decency, a proud covenant
With moments to quietly care...

Curious prayer's indeed
Means with a psyche, rounder eyes
Have the sense to see it, heed
A role in heaven, where one more life...

Is our's forever, fate in the first place
Sweet about, and a whole day to dream
Came as we went, from here to infinite praise
The truth of a world, taken to seem...
The power of the poor at heart, is it a clash with angel's to start eternity...?!
See the path
It's right there

I see it not
Tell me where

Close your eyes
Believe it now

So hard to see
Show me how

Hold my hand
The darkness clears

Release your thoughts
Let go your fears

I see the path
Revealed and clear

So clear to me
Now you are near
This came out of a time that my son couldn't find the sugar that was inches from his hand.  I told him to believe it was there and he couldn't see it until he believed.  We have to be ready for the reality in front of us.
Francie Lynch Mar 15
I believe in her.
Not in supplication or prayer,
But because she cares
About every countless hair,
Every fallen sparrow
And unopened flower.
I believe
In her power,
Her daily miracles.
She cries wet tears,
Her heart beats blood,
Her hands open and close
Around **** or rose.
She's no ****** deity;
She's not ascended beyond reach.
Not an image of pity,
Craddling a bruised and ****** body
(Though she would).
She is flesh and thought.
I believe
Because she is.
Zywa Jan 29
Can people be smart

enough to truly judge --

whether they believe?
"Dage som græs" ("Days like grass", 2020, Jens Christian Grøndahl)

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
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