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The pages I write I do use out of spite
They're a way of me putting my message across
And I'm not bowing down to no boss
I'm my own person im sure you will agree
Well if not maybe one day you may see
I May find my next home like a cat with nine or ten
When's the next time i will see you again?
A poem about moving on with your life. Getting to the places you want to be. Aspiration inspirations
Although I thought that I was well
Something was missing, I could tell
An emptiness nothing could quell
When at last on my knees I fell

Though the world has torn me apart
Lord, you calmed my disquiet heart
God, Your love has set me apart
My King, you were there from the start

Here I am Lord, praying, praising
Though my feeble heart is aching
Lord, Your love is ever growing
God, Your grace is always flowing
AS 5d
Disprove your foundations,
Prove your strengths.

Show them how you can grow,
Even all through the unbalance you've known.

Show them how far you can go,
Opportunities all earnt.

Show the power from the inside,
Claiming it with pride.

Proving after doing everything to survive.

That you're more than living,
Just to stay alive.

Achievement in growing from the tradgey and pain.

Achieving reaching the middle of the maze.

Make the past a haze,
Move forward,
To shock and amaze.

Remember the hardships were a phase,
Preparing strength for better days.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
those who are repelled
by your face
won't be inspired
by your words

just be true
to yourself
don't seek
their approval

even God
has haters
who do you think
you are?

just have faith
in yourself,
you can't impress
the whole world

© Ali Ashraf
Believing in yourself is enough
girl gonzo Oct 6
myopic frames on a stern temple remind me that once he too wandered recklessly and felt ardent
empowered by time on his sleeve
there was nothing he couldn't conquer and nothing standing between the open air and breathing it in
i suppose the difference here is i grab the breath of air and hold it in my pocket for when i stop being so nervous

marshmallow heart
the road only goes one way and the streetlights hover and coil eternally, you can never meet the epilogue
a drive-thru drink in one hand while you feel your hair tangling into a mess of a beehive, the one that likes to unwind in soft tendrils on a weak pillow
heart racing for the constant fueling of a near empty tank telling you to go further this time, this time
time isn't yours

holding in a cough
i too have tried to drown waterbugs
my cheek pressed against the tiles of a kitchen floor, hand perched languidly as my fingers make circles in the tiny swamp i made in the middle of the room
but i forget laying there until i hear my own soul walk in with bare feet addressing the elephant in the room, the one that hasn't left since i was sick with bronchitis that winter years ago
and i want to tell her to come here, to come back inside myself so it doesn't feel so cold this season of frost but she brushes me off with the temperament of a child
"i don't exist, i never did" the words dawdle back and forth from her back molars to her incisors  
and i remember when i felt like i was dying when i hopped from one state to the next but realizing a little to late that if i were to go back my dread would jump on the back of my shoulders and force me to look it into it's shiny face and show me the mild nuisance of what it means to be alive
so my soul closes the door and i hear the keys rattle and i myself sink into the warm arms of someone i spent my entire life with
a small note on the existence of what it means to have a soul in a universe that is obsessed with facts and evidence
I wouldn’t do it if it were me;
wouldn’t even believe it myself.

Expected to muster a false credence;
to project one adequate enough in its deception
to command the truest of another;

a hypocrisy the complexity of which I hope,
but don’t know,
I’m capable.

And yet,
remembering Then as it was;
sounds of stares, pains of them broken;
blent now with time’s memory too and shut eyes,
I wonder what it’s like and hope it’s nice there.
Excuse me
If the religion doesn’t
Cherish kindness
I am not interested in

Tag me as rebel
Blame me wrong
Prove me right
No need to rush
Nothing to do with it

I have,
Felt the air
Felt the fire

I have,
Witnessed the time
Touched the lives
I’m close to love
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Kindness is the only universal religion
nihiliti Sep 28
black and white lines
my mind with meaning
lost in the
cycle of searching for
something to see and
believe in that means i don't have to
be something i can't be
that perfection is possibility
and that--possibly--
i won't sink into
everything i need to be
to believe i don't hate me
and need to continue to be
and that living in sight
of everyone's
awful eyes
isn't as condemning as
i think it is
when i'm
not quite asleep
but nonetheless dreaming
everyone everywhere
hates to be
here with all our
collective sadness
and that sadness isn't
a death sentence
and we can speak something
else entirely
ennobling eternity
and our live so fleeting

this feeling is believing, so call me a saint of

on the one hand: scars--and on the other: the weight of hope held on to for eons
Eve Sep 26
To be blessed ,
favored and protected by the environment,
selected and isolated from your social groupings,
To be blessed is to synthesize what truly has meaning in life and self-meditate with the sake of life’s pace.
Before falling asleep, resting, force the mental to remain awake,
processing and breaking apart the information given today,
despite the fact that time wasn’t kind, brief or even prolonged; make it the moral commitment to self-reflect.
Make a correction if your answer is wrong; the fabrication of a scripture,
Make sure, for certain, that all the totaled scores calculate to a certain percentage,
Affirmed, scolded or ruled by another to convey your defined truth as inaccurate, almost there or rarely ample.
Time is allotted, effortless and to be taught a lesson is a blessing,
Space is limited, given and to be bestowed the gift of building is the set up version of a lesson, a shell of a blessing.
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