Make a stand

What do you choose? Do you wish to make a choice?
And use your voice; nay, make a stand,
With a clenched fist hand and tell them your demands.

Or with a whispered whimper, will you fade away?
And lay in your grave; and finally, you pray.
To a God up above, who you never showed love,
Or devotion, or any emotion, except for resignation.

Help me God in my hour of need.
I promise I'll keep my promise to thee
And then when your life is peachy cream,
Your promises fade and become a part of the scene.

I say stick with your belief,
That their God does not exist.
Then maybe you'll be able to keep your dignity
And have no need to break any promise.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Ask in prayer and believe,
maintain the faith and
you'll recieve
Keep the faith always. If you lost that, you'e already lost.
grasp what hands cannot
the organ of oughts and ought-nots
moral compass passed off
as correct heading with ship cast off
towards all and nothing

navigation without stars
only with the beating of the heart
and the interpretation of the head
makes for black nights
holed up in bed

thinking and dreaming and believing
that capacity is in my grasp
and I've capacity to carry
my oxygen down, diving deep
into subconscious abyss

subcontinental, underground thoughts
dredge up awful oughts more than not
and like demons from the depths of hell
they tell me what's wrong is well
and I'm stuck in this well I dug myself

so claw my way out, with hands that grasp
the dirt and world that exists outside my head
and dig up truth and upwards towards
something lost in youth
and the daydreams that died with it

climb and climb until I see the stars
until I am a star and so shine for the world
holding onto heaven with a mind of gold
mined from the earth I know
to exist at least to my hands

these instruments of will will see me home
Let strength be granted so the world might be mended.
Sabrina Jun 14
When all is burning down to shreds,

And nothing seems to make sense.

Don't join the crowd of hanging heads,

Letting grief and despair commence.

Instead, choose hope,

The force that shines.

Which lets you cope,

Through all confines.

© Sabrina 2018
have hope that things will get better
Wyatt Jun 11
Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
This all couldn't have happened for nothing.
Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
This potential has been drained to nothing.

Faced with it too many times,
the dirt that I am has trespassed
the pearly gates that are ahead.
As I lay dying, my mind is lulling out.
The light I see slowly fades to nothing.
My destiny is a curse.

I know you deserve more than an apology
but all I can offer is I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry beyond common belief,
this potential has been drained to nothing.
Did this all happen for nothing?
Weight I was forced to bear, I fed into it
until I couldn't take it anymore.

I fell apart, back to the start.
I lost reach of the hand, the only one
that could pull me out over the shore.
It's déjà vu because I've been here before.
These aren't the first words that I have ever uttered,
a voice of confidence has devolved into a stutter.

The devil himself has his hands
wrapped around my throat.
His prime directive has always been
to make me suffer.
He's achieved, he's pulled me under
and in desperation I always say

"I know you deserve more than an apology
but all I can offer is I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
I'm sorry beyond common belief,
this potential has been drained to nothing.
Did this all happen for nothing?

Is this the path to forgiveness?
Or will this title never change?
Can I walk with my own two feet
or will I crawl the rest of the way?
Will you call my name?

I know you deserve more than an apology
but all I can offer is I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do, it's clear.
I've been here a thousand times before.
You deserve much more than an apology.
I'm sorry, I'm weary, I'm broken beyond belief.
Will you call my name, knowing what I've become?
I'm broken beyond belief. It's crushing me.
don't stop believing
in what you can do
don't stop believing
cause belief is in you

believe with all of your heart
that's the kind of affirmation
so good of start

believe in your capabilities
for they are a valuable
set of utilities

let belief be
your guiding star
as this road
of travel
will take
you far

life without believing
isn't a life
believe in a strength
of fife

don't stop believing
in what you can do
don't stop believing
cause belief is in you
Shoot for the moon
miss and land among the stars.
Aimed for your heart
and never got a chance
to restart.
Mane Omsy Jun 7
Higher than an eagle can fly
Suited with objectives to see
Whether we match or try?

A tree could fall on its shadow
But when we fall for fantasy
Absence of humanity grow

Hate to tell the stories are lies
Then to see the infants cry
The truths aren't worth the lies

How come rest in peace is after doom?
When we hope peace for the living
And die in vain in a darker room

Let the hopes of a thousand eyes
See the clear image of the reality
And words to console are too lies
Mercy came to me
like the answer to my prayer
As I live every day
on borrowed time.

Do you know of such value,
O fellow mere mortals?
Judgment postponed
Death delayed
Life blessed
Grace given
Forgiveness bestowed.

Mercy came to me
by the means of a friend
the answer to my prayer
who prayed for me

As I stirred on
to seek
the deep wonders
of God.

I whispered and sighed,
"How can this be?"
I screamed and cried out
in the wilderness
beholding in awe
glory, majesty

Still, mercy came to me
like the sweet answer
to my prayer
consoling and attending
to all my dreaded fears.

Mercy came to me
in the likes of a Person
who loved me and
gave Himself for me.

And now I live
on borrowed time
making the most of every
opportunity while my
judgement is postponed,
death is delayed,
life blessed,
grace given,
forgiveness bestowed.

In time, mercy comes to me
and now I freely give
as I have been given.
Pondering upon the great mercy of God!
Akshad Jun 4
Dear God, Devil and the purest form of energy,
It's been a while since I've become a part of your creation accustomed with all the flaws and its imperfections.
The necessity of finding answers deep down has consistently managed to keep me perturbed. The soulful as well as the mean creatures around, add to the misery.

It's been quite a journey till now and I look forward to what comes next in this fissured infrastructure set up by these perishable souls with the cardinal purpose of discrete satisfaction!

The very form of curiosity was buried deep down inside the coagulated cluster of unquestionable anthology inhibited in the form of papers wrapped up in hardened covers.
Sooner I had questions books couldn't answer and as I explored the functionality, I realized that the perfection of the prior creation was now adulterated, profane! Greed, vanity, thievery, duping etc have blended in the veins of the once pure.

I'm thankful to you for the power of acknowledgement which has helped me come this far. With all the ups and downs, smiles and frowns, the success stories and the mistakes of my own, I have learnt on every single day and in every single situation that you have put me through.
Committing a mistake is formidable but learning a fact of life in return is a price worth paying.

Kudos to all the beautiful creations around and the deadly counter establishments as well. This fine tune of balance is probably the foundation behind the debate of what and who is the Devil and God is!
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