Luke 7d

I once lived on a beautiful farm, sparkling with green life,
With family I dwelt, growing crops, and never was there strife,
But even with the gorgeous wildlife, lined with perfect flowers,
I sometimes thought beyond the borders there were secret powers,

So one fine day I left our home, travelling through unknown lands,
Through jungles bustling with new creatures, spectacular desert sands,
After walking many miles I came across a gnome,
Who promised me an astonishing gift that I could take back home,
I asked him what I could give in return; he asked me for my clothes,
And pointed out the quickest way back, a dark and desolate road,

The gift was packed inside a crate and loaded on a cart,
But there were no horses to pull it and it looked to be falling apart,
So I tied the ropes around my chest and pulled my gift with all my might,
Naked on the dark road I began to feel the fright,
I was sure the gift would be worth the many leagues that I had travelled,
But sweating, sunburnt, exhausted, I could feel myself unravel,

I got home to my family at last but their faces were concerned,
Naked, tired and hungry I revealed what I had earned,
The crate burst open with a BANG! The gift charged out with menaced eyes,
A horse as black as a the back of a cave, screaming strangled cries,

It’s eyes were dead,
It screamed and fled,
It trampled everything in sight,
Blocking out the sun’s own light,
My family’s house was trodden down,
And I stood watching like a clown,
All the crops were battered,
My precious flowers lay in tatters,
And it charged our homeland endlessly,
As powerful and stubborn as the sea,

And then it came straight for me so I turned around and fled,
But within a second I lay on the ground, hooves stamping on my head,
I often tried to hide by digging holes with hands and nails,
But it sought me out through day and night, leaving ghostly awful trails,
My family built a tunnel whilst I held my wounded head,
And I lived down there in terror seeing no bright lights ahead,

One day in despair as I lay underneath the Earth,
I watched a flower bloom as if the dirt was giving birth,
And somehow that simple, beautiful thing filled me with relief,
Because I remembered what I had forgotten; the power of belief,
And so I worked my mind out with imaginary weights,
Pulling together all my decent personality traits,

When I emerged from the tunnel which had been my home for years,
The Black Horse turned towards me but I pushed away my fears,
I vaulted out the ground, erupting, full of determination,
And when my enemy charged at me it’s red eyes were damnation,
I stood my ground surrounded by the power I had built,
It was almost upon me, head down, stampeding at full tilt,

I grabbed it’s mane and pulled myself upon it’s black behind,
I straddled it, it bucked around, but I paid it no mind,
Riding that Black Horse day and night I could feel my power growing,
And I thought of the crops for the first time in years and planned to get them sowing,

Tenaciously I stayed glued to that rampaging Beast,
And after a while I found that all of it’s stampeding had ceased,
The Horse’s coat was changing to a lighter shade of black,
My family filled in the tunnel with Earth and I knew I’d never go back,

The barren trees were growing again with glorious green leaves,
I owe that to my faith and to the power of belief,

Flash forward and I sit perched on a marvellous white Stallion,
And around my neck I wear a sparkling Jaguar medallion,
The crops are growing wonderfully - better than before,
My Horse is tremendous and proud; red-eyed and dangerous no more,

My family is still hungry although the crops are sprouting well,
And we do not have the money to replace our farmhouse which had fell,
In the chaos caused by my decision to try and get more than I had,
My curiosity had led to greed and had drove my psyche mad,

So I ride out on the road again and promise I’ll be back,
Owning this great beast I’ve tamed I drive her down the track,
We get to town, and I climb down and lead her to the stables,
Nostalgia running through me I’m not sure if I’m quite able,

‘She is a magnificent beast! I’ve never seen anything like her!’,
The stable-keeper says, his voice an awestruck little whisper,
I walk back home in golden light, not worried for the miles,
Find myself surrounded by a wolf-pack, their pointed teeth turned up in snarls,
My faith is strong, my mind is steel and I am going to win,
The wolves appear to sense this and they treat me like their kin,

I get back home; my loved ones say, ‘Hey, where is your beast?!’,
I smile at them and say, ‘It’s gone, now who fancies a feast?’
The gold I got for the Stallion is enough to fix the farm,
Looking at it now you’d never guess it had come to harm,

I lie in the field and feel the grass brushing gently against my arm,
Watching the birds cruise above me with their everlasting charm,
And now I never fear the dark, or creatures of the night,
As long as I stay in this lovely place, the Horses will always be white.

Miss Me Nov 1

Always strive deligently far within

Until you see that spark of trust again

Zan Balmore Oct 29

Would you like
to make
a change?
Why not
start with
your name?

Hon, you can make
the changes you
want to make.

If you need help
ask and recieve
Or for sake of
I'll let you be
to send instead
unspoken love
over the air

Why maintain
your face
Why not
burn to
be brand new?

Change your name.
Change your face.
Change your mind.
Change your style.

Endings aren't always dark halls
Endings can be dark spells
Tunnel to the denouement
There you'll find camera and pen

The End


told ya ;p
Benji James Oct 21

Do you remember the time
You committed that crime
You took what was mine
Thought you were a sign
To become the good in my life
Instead, you torment my mind
How did I become so blind
To everything you hide
Deep behind those dark eyes
You were never going to be mine
Together I thought we would shine
But instead, I got bind
To the hate that you gave
And now I'm a slave
You anticipate every move that I make
Now it's the choices I made
That is controlling my fate
It's the love that you take
But all that you gave was fake
And I hate everything you do and say
Because with my heart you play
And that is not fair to me
Cuz I gave all I could
If I could trust you I would
But I don't know if I should
All I saw in you was so good
But you mistreated my trust
You caused such a rush
I've spilt so much blood
Thinking it could gain your love
Instead, it got tough
And the road became rough
Wasn't strong enough
To overcome your touch
I wanted so much
But you threw it all back in my face
My faith in you was misplaced
Should have tried to escape
Your lovesick game
You've drowned me in my shame
But I'm the only one to blame
Because I should never have played
Into your hands
But all this has given me a plan
To take all that I am
To become a better man.

©2017 Written By Benji James

Bren Eissman Oct 19

In an existence where humans are not capable of sight,
two men sit and discuss the existence of the physical world.
“Oh World,” the first man says,
“Some say you are not there. And, yes, I can not see you with my eyes, but I know you are real and I have faith that you are there.”
“You fool!” Says the second man, disgusted by the first man’s words. “You really believe in that childish fairy tale? This is all an illusion, there is no such thing as the World,
you only tell yourself that it is real because you are afraid of the truth!”
“My dear friend,” whispers the first man,
“you say there is no World but while you say this you are being lifted up by it, can you not you feel it all around you? Can you not feel it’s breath in the wind? We may both be blind, but my eyes are open to the truth of the World, even though we can not see It, It is the foundation on which we are built and I have faith that It will always be there.”
“Yes, we both are blind but you are the one who truly can not see,” says the second man.
“If having faith is blindness then may I never see, I need not see in order to feel the essence and the truth of the World.”
True blindness is ignorance, not the inability to use one’s eyes.

Not much of a poem, but I wanted to share.
Rico Reyes Oct 18

Dear Bitter, Broken, me,

To the days that you have longed, but never received
To the days that you have questioned, but never conceived
To the days that you have sought freedom, yet still have not broken free.
To the days you have sought outcome, yet still have nowhere to be.

And to the days you have spent broken and battered; this might set you free

So Dear bitter, broken, you;

Courage, my friend.

Don’t die wondering
It might look like the end
but this is only the beginning.

We have to walk, even though it hurts.
But we can take our time
because I know it gets worse.    

Believe me, I get it.
We’re blinded by what we see, yes I get it.
A moment of silence for those who don’t get this.
I pray to God “can I please just forget this”

But now listen it won’t always be like this
Don’t fall for the words the enemy has prescribed us with
We’re consumed not immune to what we think is true
To the pain we sustain because it makes us feel good

So dear bitter, broken, me;

You’re a time bomb awaiting to break lose.
Confronting yourself wasn’t always the best thing to do,
Aware of the guilt and falsity of disregarding this book
I can’t bare its facts to what seems to be the truth.

I can’t stand this.
Why does it feel like I can never surpass this.
My broken heart and upset mind can’t comprehend
So dear bitter, broken, me is coming to an end

Lured and lusted to internet sociality
Upset and degraded because i’m not what instagram tells me to be
My life consisted of adversity in reality

I’m marked with scars
scarred for every reason that i’m not
Ive died on the inside allowing my outside to rot
It’s me and my sin until death do us apart

or so I thought

I flip the pages of the book of James
And I’m reminded about this love that never changed
But allow me to speak this truth for you
This grace, This love let it pursue you

We out to sought the truth of whether or not this God we speak of has truly existed
And trust me I wouldn’t speak of it if I didn’t already know this.
And it may sound crazy the way I say this but the relationship I have with my Jesus is more than just religion.

Believe me, He gets it.
A bitter, broken me, yes He gets this.

He showed me His scars,
Scarred for every reason I thought I was
Once died on that cross
For the bitter broken me that I once was

Simplicity at its finest
Complexity has no life in this

A love I thought I forgot
Was once reintroduced by the begotten son of God

Initially a spoken word piece I've written recently, but I just wanted to share it with everybody.
chaziyer Oct 15

I will be a window
and the secrets you tell with your lips.
The sighs you blanket with the softest care
and the breaths you unknowingly count.

I will be the reminder of every second spent
and every moment felt.
A contradiction of your judgement
and a compliment of your beliefs.

I will be the ink of each unwritten imitation
of every mediocre song.
The scent of orange peel that trails on the
extravagant curves of your fingernails.


I am a spoon
in a cathedral
extravagantly decorated
yet, internally empty

in the echoes of the hymns
I exist, a manifestation
of dreams conquered
by divine intervention

a minuscule cloud
in a land-bound hurricane
growing in voracity paired
with destructiveness

my God is a razor blade
blood my only hope
of absolution
the last moments of sanity

hope fades
faith and violence inseparable
eternitys mates annually ovulating
giving birth to consciousness

awareness a sword
decimating free will
at the end of the day, it remains
we are no more than a rat in an electrified maze

Mystic904 Oct 8

They were warriors!
They were conquerers!

Their innocence was their power
Faith in the unseen was their tower
They were stiff and brave
Facing those dangers grave
Fierce, bold, 60 in strength
Through the arab's length
Against 60 000, wasn't fair competition
Victory, Almighty's will is final decision

Nothing but death could undo them
Mountains would shiver before them
Loud majestic slogans filled with sheer belief
Their cruel battle wounds would bear relief

Extreme loyalty to the mercy of the world
The firm faith had their paths all pearled
All merciful and kind
Brotherhood had them bind

Closest of all to their master
Clenched tightly to the rope
Revived the prestigious chatter
Struck the hearts, rays of hope

Courageous, brave and bold
One enough to stun the enemy lines
Today, sword's in Umer's hold
Leave them drying, bottles of wines

When became, came with eyes the shame
Free heartedly gave away dinars in tons
For aware were they of secrets of the game
Amazed others with their attributes and stunts

Father of quotes, vast oceans of knowledge
Came to personal revenge, fell the spear
Spent sweat n blood for Truth's
Dark halls crippled, when slogans they'd hear
Spreaded love, devotion, examples of loyalty
No one is superior, turned to ashes royalty
Left others impressed by their decorum
Transformed the world for good in totality

_F.A Teeri

Blois Oct 4

I don't believe in tomorrow,
with it's sameness and it's sadness,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in yesterday,
with it's longness and it's mockery,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in the sunrise,
with it's promises and it's storm clouds,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in the sunset,
with it's loveliness and it's loneliness,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in the sea,
with it's indecision and it's vastness,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in the universe,
with it's mystery and it's immensity,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in memories,
with their vagueness and their insistence,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in hope,
with it's randomness and it's deception,
and I don't
believe in you,
and I don't believe
in me.

I don't believe in poetry,
in the lines of my face and of my hand,
in the stars and the gods,
in the guitar and my voice,
in my smile and my frown,
in love, in feelings,
in doors and pictures.

I don't believe in me. I don't,
but they all do. All of them.
And all of them expect answers
and reasons that I cannot give,
that I don't know. I don't know.

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