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The fog's captives
were held
and entranced—
in a bearingless
There had existed
within them
only a moment
of anticipation
as the grey
encased them—
between the loss
of one world
and acceptance
of another.
As its vaporous
cold snaked
through their
clothes and into
their bones,
it whispered
a silent boast
of how quickly
they could be
made to forget
all they thought
they knew
to be certain.
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Beyond boundaries
Shuttered blinds
Guessing lines on faces
all of those have saving graces
What we see is not always conceived
Payment in kind
Who do you know with certainty
and the effects we project
Before during and after
Do you understand yourself enough
to communicate through life
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Time spent compounding knowledge from a foreign origin
“Be hold”, he chants
A figure of which she can’t see

Like a cold breeze on his forearms she looks anaesthetically into space
Beating drums in her chest,
She leaves his side desolate

Following the commands from a different plane
His reality unfolds layers stepping out of the truth
Dillusion saturates all that makes sense

His thoughts are overflowing with treasured momens left behind
He finds peace at the feet of his giant
All sense is lost
Sometimes when people disapprove of your thought process it leaves you in doubt of more than just your current situation
Utahi Kamu Apr 15

Do not be upset if you are not as fast as
you like,

Remember, big things move slow but they sure arrive.

Victoria Egba Mar 15
On a Friday night we met.
Shakes and hugs, we shared.
You had a smile that was rare.
One which made darkness turn to light.

We would sing and laugh,
And share depth of ourselves at night.
Very unsure I am, if you see what I see.
My heart just skipped a beat, thinking of you.
But unsure I am, if you feel what I feel.

So silence I give, secrets I hide.
To keep myself from a broken heart.
But if you shine your light brighter
And look a little closer,
It's quite easy to see,
How much I love you.
AnxiousOcean Feb 3
Let gravity guide you to certainty
It is where you can, again, be whole
Tame your past over a cup of tea
Do not fall, again, to the rabbit hole
Let's be wiser.
tryhard Jan 19
hope has not been kind to me
although i've tried befriending her
deceitful and elusive
always so close within reach

i've only known one certainty
and it is that all things must end
the assurance of freedom and escape
and the light that people say i'll see

but even after everything
still i believe in life after death
for i have died a thousand times
and yet here i still remain
Colyskie Nov 2019
Not a mundane scenario
Each moment has its worth and value
Every intricate line and hue
Down every avenue
Lies everything that is undeniably true

No phenomenon could explain
How the twists and turns become sane
The authenticity still remains
Neither strangled nor chained
Ambiguity has been crashed down, certainty is regained

A semi-closed door that opened once more
The turning of tables that never happened before
One click and it all comes down into the core
Nothing ever is left unsure
Everything's so pure and forever endures

Now nothing is going astray
It only shows the right way
Close at hand even a thousand miles away
Stronger and longer it stays 
Intertwined to infinity each day
I saw a promise
In a single stare
eyes whispering with certainty
a feeling we both could share.
Sharon Talbot Nov 2019
All of my life I waited
For you.
Walking on a path sometimes,
Or wandering in a mountain wood.
Even escaping to the tropics,
To let the sun burn my desire for you
This way or that.
But each time I looked behind,
There you still were,
Not fully formed at first,  
But a shadow.
Or sometimes light.
Then there was a sense
Of possibility, hiding in the air
That shivered around you,
But caused my course to veer  
Ever so slightly toward you,
Like ancient footprints in rock,
Deciding for me.
I never believed in Fate
Until I met you,
Standing in the doorway
Of a cottage, outlined  
With October’s warming sun.
I did not see your face then
But I knew.
And decades after
The same certainty abides,
Alongside any other gales
Of emotion or  
Temperate joy.
Around you a brilliance
Hovers in my soul.
Where you walk
Beyond my sight,  
My eyes still see you
And my love  
Follows in your path.
Inspired by my husband.
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