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Tyler Matthew May 22
I'm in love with a lady
and it's only been days
since she became my baby, now
we're gonna travel the world.
Though I suspect a lot of you
prob'ly think that I'm crazy,

I'm really diggin' this girl
and only moments ago
she asked to have my baby. Now
she's got my head in a whirl
and the next few months
are gonna be a bit hazy,

I'd do anything for love,
I remember how it felt
to have a lack thereof, and now
I'm bending over backwards for her.
And please don't ask again
because of course I'm sure
(of her).
Inspired by "Fell in Love with a Girl" by The White Stripes
To turn jealousy to lost illusion,
and make love acceptable confusion.
This is the aim of trusted devotion—
love completely in spite of emotion.

To stay warm in the shiver of despair,
and to boldly love without fear of fear.
This is a healthy heart’s true sensation—
love love when loving feels like damnation.

To find comfort in intense affliction,
and then love with both doubt and conviction.
This is the comfort of a heart that’s sure—
loving an imperfect love that is pure.

To embrace the unknown and understand,
and find in small things a love to expand.
These are ways love’s paradoxes grow—
love is loving what love can never know.
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Seanathon Mar 5
I can feel the light on my own skin, soaking into the eyes and bouncing off the cream-colored walls of old. The light, evaporating into the hours as if planned to pass gently by. And then within them accordingly. So also am I.
That certain light in that certain hall
rofan Dec 2018
to write
to write words that were forever spoken
words that might leave
but never disappear
like a rose it lives, it dies
so it becomes part of a new life
today i might no longer speak
i might no longer hear
today i am only
and i am only me
alone in a part of something,
that is forever awaken
so the more i feel
the less i believe
like the sun
it gave light
to the moon to be bright
i want my words
the fingers that once wrote
it gave certainty
Infinity to my world
so sun,
i hope you never get enable
to make your light reach to every spot of the earth
not like my own words
that never reached
the only rose
that i wanted to reach.
Öüi Nov 2018
She seemed undecided but little did he know
She was never this sure,  not until he showed.
I try to reach out
You don't respond
This gives me doubt
But I still continue on

I communicate again
Not a voice to be heard
Does she not want me then?
I wish I could be sure
Going through tough times and feeling tough emotions. Just another piece fueled off my reality
de Negre Sep 2018
if time knew no name
                                   i might be happy
for every time we call
                                   i always must say
(through the power lines)
                                   goodbye in twenty
with our sour looks,
                                   we accept goodbye

not that we want to
                                   but we must leave- with
inherent certain-
                                   ty, we know we’ll talk
again- one day soon,
                                   maybe far
but my words will
                                   reach your tired ears;

their echoes will bounce
                                   cave wall to cave wall
singing their song
                                   each time they connect-
word- syllable- tone;
                                   “goodbye in twenty”
a bee with its *****
                                   a wasp and its bite.

lo siento mi
                                   vida, quienes
ojos son el cielo,
                                    son la mar.
ode to my past lover (again) just thought i might
Thomas EG Aug 2018
I always feel two steps behind
No matter what the topic at hand
Even things I'm sure that I'm sure of
You can break down that certainty
Within seconds

Make me doubt the person
That I know myself to be
I dare you
Convince me that I am someone else
Because I'm stubborn until I'm afraid

Afraid to be laughed at
Afraid to be judged
Afraid to be made into a fool

So I take the initiative and laugh it off
Because declaring "I'm just an idiot",
"I don't know anything about anything"
Or simply keeping my mouth shut
Is far easier than hearing it elsewhere
Self-deprecating as **** but truee
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
Raw is superior to polish.
Better is worse than before.
Spent a night on the rusted pier,
ain't nobody come here no more.
So, we've gone equals.
We've no settled score.
We've settled down in our hometown,
living life full of galore.
Glamor shots and tequila cops.
Ain't a single night spent alone.
A fistful of whiskey neat,
eyes full of buzzing,
and bonfires made of bone down on the shore.
life without regret is a basement full of floodwater
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