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Betty 8h
hidden behind miles of printed cloth
weddings and the Christmas we called off
people we loved and held dear
everlasting warnings have led to national mourning  
for things that have gone and cannot be replaced
and we have chased the rainbows that appeared
on every window, every door
what was that for
to make us feel one for all, all for one
until we could look up and find the sun
in its proper place
once again
and dodge the pain of the mental rain
which has been falling
washing out dreams
and churning them to soggy dust
most of all we have lost our trust
that sense that everything will all be ok
has upped and melted away
chopped down, chipped up
like the limbs of a tree
and with it our sense of certainty
the shock is profound
because we have found that we stand on much shakier ground
than anyone thought it could possibly be
I am sure of you because I’ve never needed perfect moments with you.
I don’t need to stand underneath a mistletoe or fireworks to kiss you.  
I don’t need a romantic evening to want you.
I don’t need a weekend of activities to enjoy   you.
I don’t need a good joke to laugh at you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel grocery shopping with you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel cleaning the house with you.
I am sure of you because of the way I feel disagreeing with you.
I am sure of you because of how much I love the mundane things of life with you.

Is having its time
The chance of a lifetime
Leaving all, timelessly uncertain

The only chance it got
Before being
By certainty

The essence of life
To be and not
And the timeless flow


You'd do
it as long
you could.
because you
meant you
should. Be
good you
Tony Tweedy Jun 2020
We may not share the same path or length of time on life's journey.... but we do have in common that each day takes us one day nearer to its end.
Not difficult to see why I don't get invited to many parties.....
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
Right here,
In the eye of the hurricane
Everything makes sense.
Right here,
Everything is real.
And if the hurricane ends up killing me,
Oh well,
What a wild death would it be.
waffle Jun 2020
I've always been in between life.
It's always somewhere over being
uncertain and certain,
optimistic and pessimistic,
and introverted or extroverted.

Despite all that,
there's one thing I'm sure of.
It is holding on to dear life,
going along through it.

I am nothing more than human,
but I am my own future.
carpe diem. que sera, sera.
Douglas Balmain May 2020
The fog's captives
were held
and entranced—
in a bearingless
There had existed
within them
only a moment
of anticipation
as the grey
encased them—
between the loss
of one world
and acceptance
of another.
As its vaporous
cold snaked
through their
clothes and into
their bones,
it whispered
a silent boast
of how quickly
they could be
made to forget
all they thought
they knew
to be certain.
Originally published at
John McCafferty May 2020
Beyond boundaries
Shuttered blinds
Guessing lines on faces
all of those have saving graces
What we see is not always conceived
Payment in kind
Who do you know with certainty
and the effects we project
Before during and after
Do you understand yourself enough
to communicate through life
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Solomon N Apr 2020
Time spent compounding knowledge from a foreign origin
“Be hold”, he chants
A figure of which she can’t see

Like a cold breeze on his forearms she looks anaesthetically into space
With drums beating in her chest,
She leaves his side desolate

Following the commands from a different plane
His reality unfolds layers stepping out of the truth
Dillusion saturates all that makes sense

His thoughts are overflowing with treasured momens left behind
He finds peace at the feet of his giant
All sense is lost
Sometimes when people disapprove of your thought process it leaves you in doubt of more than just your current situation
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