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Ylzm Apr 2
Every Seventh is a Rest.
The Day after the Seventh Sevens, a Renewal.
These are the Sevens of Days and Years,
Of Time marked by the Sun and Earth.

The Sevens of Moons is a Recursion
Every Seventh, a Seven, and is Half a Time,
The Fullness thereof, a Twelve.
And every Seventh, a Sacrifice.
R Dickson Mar 2015
Palm Sunday is upon us,
Christ's triumphant arrival,
A week before his death,
With no chance of survival,

Jesus died to save mankind,
On that Easter day,
Risen on the sabbath,
Risen from where he lay,

Doesn't look like mankind cares,
For what he did on that day,
With all the wars that's warring,
The world's in disarray.
marquida May 2014
allowing to
be pulled
flesh from bone
bone from soul
flesh being selfish
flesh being
eaten up
by God

— The End —