I love him why won't he believe me?
I kiss him why doesn't he feel it
I hold him closer than anyone yet he can't feel my touch
I trust him with everything in me but he still feels he can't feel the same
There is no one else that can give the same love sick feeling I have when he leaves me
There is no one who I tell what they are feeling just through a message or the way they are talking but him
There is no one who can give me the one true love I felt and meet that night
His heart has no bounds he forgives me even when I have said terrible things and hurt him
I feel like I don't deserve something so precious, vital , and perfect
So why can't I make him believe me?
I hope this will and whenever he feels this way he listens to the words the way I listen to every perfect sentence he says to me as we lay next to each other.
I love you so much
Luna 3d
No other way to word it.
Her worth lies deeper much behind the stages open curtains.

No one knows the show she hopes will eventually come to an end.  
But then again, the curtain rises but when will it ever end?
Made by Him N.B
it's a perfect morning
sun flickering through spines of
bare trees onto grass and gravel
thick layers of frost covering the car

the perfect kind of morning
where if you shut your
eyes tightly and angle your
body towards the light
the world is so bright it leaks
right through your lids

and when you point your
face towards the sky to
let your hair blow back and
taste the deliciously cool air
it's impossible to decide
if it's april or october

but either option
is a good one

waking up
eyes puffy from
snatched sleep
and anxious
excitement drawing
your insides awake

jars of coffee
big smiles
bouncy feet
too much
nervous energy

things are different
things aren't ideal

but things
are still good
even when things
are bad

and how is that?
because i make
my own damn
rules now

and if i say things
are good
come hell or high water
things will be good
regardless of whether it's
april or october
copyright 4/22/18 b. e. mccomb
Nobody's perfect.
At least that's what they tell me.
Which is funny.
Because all I see.
Is society showing us how we should be.
Showing women.
That no matter the mind.
No matter the smile.
No matter the respect.
If you are anything more than a size two.
You might as well just disappear.
Showing men.
That no matter the chivalry.
No matter the drive.
No matter the love.
Anything less than six figures.
You will never be successful.
It's sad really.
To be controlled by a number.
To feel accepted by a "like".
To feel relevant by a tweet.
Just wanting to matter.
Which I believe, is nothing short of torture.
Torture in the most sadistic way.
Because the society you want to appeal to.
Wouldn't care enough to save you from drowning in the shallow end.
Let alone have the common courtesy.
To tell you that all you have to do is stand up.
That's the irony of it all.
The classic line of they want to see you doing better.
As long as you aren't doing better than them.
That's the best way to describe it.
The minute you try & be different.
That's either the day society forces you to comply to the norm.
Or you are copied to the point where you aren't even an original anymore.
I'd love to give society a big "fuck you"
But I'm ashamed to say I'm just another percentage.
Feeding the hype by snapping, re-tweeting, & loving things that really don't matter to my well being.
I know I can't destroy it.
Hell, we probably couldn't destroy it together.
But we could weaken it.
By being flawed to the best of our abilities.
While rejoicing in every flaw.
Because being imperfect is the most beautiful thing you can be in this world.
Natasha 5d
Guy One liked thick girls.
But I didn’t have curves so I started
Doing squats
When I would take a picture I would cringe
At the flatness of my ass
The thinness of my thighs
The sparseness of my arms.

Guy Two liked skinny girls.
And I had gained some weight so I started
Eating less
Running the treadmill
Pretending drinks were meals
I would stare at the toilet bowl and cringe
At the rolls in my stomach
The bulge above my jean hem
The loose skin below my chin.

I like strong girls
Who look in the mirror and smile
At their curves and dips
The stretch marks and bones
The freckles, the dark circles, the dry patches–

My body is a sanctuary
And if you don’t like it
Then fuck off.
Bella S 7d
I used to be like that
I used to be the teacher's pet
I used to have good grades
And I used to be perfect
But then, I went to middle school.
I met kids that turned my innocence against me.
I wasn't like that
I wasn't the teacher's pet
I never had good grades
And I wasn't perfect.

But then again, no one is perfect.

When you call me these things
I melt
Because I'm used to

I chose you...
Not because you are very beautiful,
But your virtues are a perfect,
Revelation of a Proverbs 31 woman.

I chose you...
Not because you are very perfect,
But still in your imperfections,
You remain transparent in your doing.

I chose you...
Not because you are much learned,
But you treasure Godly knowledge,
With much integrity and intensity.

I chose you...
Not because you are much talented,
But the devotion with which you love,
I cant find one to compare to thee.

I chose you...
Not because you are from royal family,
But your ways are adorned with humility,
Always thinking of yourself less.

I chose you...
Not because of your much strength,
But the loyalty of your heart to me,
Has always been my closest pillar.

I chose you...
To love you,
To cherish you,
Becuase you are YOU
Ender Royalty Apr 17
You make me feel
All by a single glance
Is it your alluring hazel eyes
That put me in a peculiar trance
Where I'm impulsive to defy
Or your fading red hair
That stops me where I stand
To allow my inner heart to repair
That gives me the urge to grab your hand
Is it your every brown freckle
That makes me yearn to kiss you
Without caution or being fearful
That gives me the ability to pursue
Is it your perfect curves
Unlike anybody elses
That makes me stutter my words
And for get all my stresses
Or is it your style
That gives me the will to live
Responsible for my every smile

You truly are a gift
The words I think about every single day
But just can't say
Ender Royalty Apr 16
I've yet to go a second without loving her
My admiration for her could never be broke
For the love we share is veracious and dear
And no one will ever successfully provoke

I felt with you this connection
One I have never felt before
Falling in love was never my intention
But you won over my soul and core

Your affection is what runs me
I had an unlock-able heart
But you had the right key
That drove the lock apart

How are you so perfect
The only one I admire
Do you have me possessed
Or were you just always my desire

You are my only cure
From the outside world
You eliminate my fear
You are my perfect pearl
Just a piece about how I feel, enjoy
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