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Owen 2d
Im the farthest thing
from perfect
but she makes me
want to be.
For her.
All she wanted was to be perfect.
Was that too much to ask?
Tiny waist,
Skinny arms,
A perfect smile.

But now,
Leaning over the toilet,
That smile rotted with the ***** on my breath.

Sitting on the cold tile floor,
The little life she had left in her eyes fades away,
Her hair is thinning and falling out
Her bones are bulging,
Losing balance,
Falling down,
Out of breath,
Out of energy,
Out of life.

All she wanted was to be perfect.
Was that too much to ask?
Sa Weol May Apr 28
I saw the moon,
At night,
I talked 'bout doom,
Someday I'll be right
in his eyes.

Almost perfect,
but no,
I'll strive to be the light,
and to fight
for what I need to be
that you want me to be.

And tonight,
I stare at the moon,
At night,
I told the moon,
Please whisper to his ears,
"She loves you from me and back."

Martin Boško Apr 26
I am done with this life
I am done with this sorrow
Ending the strife
For a better tomorrow
It’s a new day, the one I longed
And as if by a wave of a magic wand
The sorrow is in the past
But I still wonder, how long will it last?
The hurdle was conquered, once and for all
And I can once again be standing tall
Rose glasses are on my eyes
I don’t seem to remember these awful lies
I have whispered to myself at night
For now, I have won the fight
But will I win the war?
I don’t know, let’s see what the future has in store
Written the day I passed my finals and got my degree
Zywa Apr 20
The perfect woman

is from marble, and barefoot –

she stays where she is.
“Edge” (1963, Sylvia Plath)

Collection "Actively Passive"
You don't have to be the perfect puzzle piece
You can be the one that doesn't fit
Into societies roles, you don't submit
The one that stands out from the bland crowd
Do things your way and be proud
Amongst the thunderstorms, you can be the cute fluffy cloud
Amongst the frowns, you be the smile
Do things in your own style
Go at your own pace, it might take a while
With all the glow
Of San Francisco
Lighting up your face
Highlighting in lightning
Every word you say
I heard it then
Clear as day
“Something’s coming.”
Don’t forget it
Don’t you dare neglect it
And by God may you never try to perfect it
I do not have to meet you
so I can say that you're beautiful.
I know that you are,
and I know that you are gentle,
I know that you are kind,
welcoming, and forgiving.

I do not know but one day,
maybe I'll meet you on a busy day
as a patient or as a doctor,
or maybe on a warm Saturday,
as you call my name
written on a venti frappuccino.

All these uncertainties
will eventually lead me to that one moment
where I can say, "it makes sense now."
Why I had to hold the wrong hands,
why I had to lie in wrong rooms.

One day, I'll wake up and look,
there's the warmest smile in the world,
with the softest eyes and gentlest touch.
And he'll be angry at me sometimes,
but never disrespectful, never violent.

I will hold on to the many years
that I will spend not knowing you.
Until then, I will let everything
to not make sense yet,
and ready myself for the perfect moment.
one day, I will read my poems to you.
God's Oracle Apr 4
Lord I come to you to speak boldly about my current situation...I am conflicted and perplexed in how deeply I have broken my self into a futile infantile parasite I sadly realize I am. I am frustrated and saddened that my drug addiction keeps me at edge between that my ADHD Schizophrenia and Night Terrors I have meet my match. At the current moment facing eviction, homelessness, and pervasive persistent negative attitude I have acquired over the years of someone else always doing for me what I ought to do for my ******* self. I don't exercise much...quite a homebody/couch-potato/slob I have become. I am lazy, irresponsible, messy, poor hygiene at times I have practiced...cuss like a sailor, negligent, indifferent, stuck in a maladaptive lifestyle that as time ticks on the problems grow bigger and bigger...I use drugs to wear the mask of "Normalcy" & "Success" yet I know am lying to my **** self every time I cover up my TRUE identity hidden from the public deep within layers of a tormented and vindictive past. Contemplating onto making and forming a solid decision to go get myself some help from a rehabilitation facility but that is all too familiar and don't guarantee my success into beating my addiction and arresting my inner deep and personal struggles I wrestle with on the my Lord is The Christ,who came and was and is and will forever stand as being the identical incarnation of the father image, conduct and become nothing...being subsurvient to the fathers will becoming a man of excellency of character, inpeccable radiance, unsurpasable  holiness, being made into an anoited vessel heal the sick, show the lost a way to redeem the gift of eternal life, love us as we were desperately drownding and needing of a savior the Son Of Man, The Christ, Apointed to fulfill Scripture, Selfless, Holy, Perfect... God's Only Begotten Son the primordial Creation who all things were made for him, thru him by him. Jesus Christ the One who came to fulfill the Law be born blameless, holy and perfect. He allowed Judas Iscariot be influenced by the Devil and be blinded by alluring him with the promise of payment. In the last supper Jesus Christ mentioned to the 12 the one who dips with me this piece of bread into this morsel will be the one to betray me and turn me in to the authorities as a blasphemer. Then Judas Iscariot at that moment the Devil entered Judas in that same instant he extends his left hand and dips his bread along with Jesus. Then the 11 remaining look into Jesus and that very moment he dismissed Judas Telling him...something along this lines...Do it and do it quickly giving permission for him to be handed to authorities... Judas left and came back with soldiers then turned to Jesus kissed him with the kiss of death on the side of his face. With that the Soldiers singled out Jesus out of the 12. Took him to be interrogated with Herodias yet he found no fault in Jesus. Next day took him to The Chief Of The Pharasies. The Magistrate spat on Jesus for saying " He was who they claiming" immediately several Pharasies including the Magistrate's tore their clothing and yelled loudly ... "Blasphemer" & The Lord remained quiet then right away after enduring being flogged, humiliated, tortured till being taken to Poncious Pilate. There my Lord sustained an extreme amount of horrifying torture. Naturally the Devil influeced the croud to pick the murderous Barrabas to be liberated and the Christ to be handed over to suffer crucifixion. In the tragic end he died hanging on that old rugged cross. Nevertheless, 3 days later was glorified, the first among the dead to be ressurrected. Tranfiguration for Christ wasn't yet complete. The prophets remained accompanying the Lord till they saw him return to heaven. May the Father,Son and Holy Ghost Reign Forevermore Amen!!!
Surely, I tell you Christ Lives.
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