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Renhui 4d
If you are perfect
You are fake
Or full of lies
As perfect is
born purely of
My mind
Not anyone real
Bella R 15h
Who gazed upon I
With railroad tracks across
Disobedient teeth,
Bumps blooming defiantly
And overwhelming exhaustion
Painted under my muddy hazels,
Declared this imperfection

Lay me down gently
Carass the smooth folds,
With steely greys against my hazels,
Peel away delicately
Layer upon layer--
Infinite; Endless,
Exploring unknown depths,
Savouring every inch
Then kiss me whole
Knowing the bruises and blemishes
In my battered soul
And kiss me anyways.
Good morning world! (It's morning for me anyways) Thought I'd try an alternative way at putting romance instead of just sugar sweet
Emily 1d
This isn't a hypothetical.
Baby when I write this it's all about you.
You've been running through my mind.
Thoughts of you stuck on replay.
The way you make me feel.
Your touch is like nothing I've ever felt.
I want nothing more than to be wrapped in your arms.
You tell me time and time again that I'm perfect,
Inside and out.
My body is the peak of perfection.
My mind is nothing less than eminent.
Coming from you it does something to me.
Have me feeling myself.
But I rather have your lips feeling me.
Turn me inside out.
Hear my screams over the music.
You know what you do to me.
Have me feeling vulnerable.
Love,it's a testament told
A gift of old, worth more than gold
Love,it's a promise of word
Tales that conquers all

When it seems all odd
I found a man to love
One who sees my ***** soul
His perfection with flaws

All the peace of mind I need
Coupled with solace I find in him
Perfect for my being and craziness
Life to my loneliness

Rhythm from his heart are my tonic
Tenor of his voice are magic
Antidote to all the loves
The cure to the wrong ones

He's my comfort zone
My blues when life is low
Love is kind and beautiful
Made but for two..
I wanted to be more perfect than the moon-

How they admired her
Underneath her, the things they would do
She died every day to let the sun live and
This I would do for you

In the midst of each night, I would catch your eye
Is that a kaleidoscope
Gaze into me, have you lost sight?
The telescope
Did you see things
You hoped you wouldn't find, the craters and the grey areas
Did you forget I provided you with the light you needed when it was dark
Have you gone blind
I promise I'm not far
Reach for me and
Position your hand just right

Come back to life
You are simply a comet in flight and
When you land everything around you is crushed
Like me at the mercy of your hands
Feedback please
Daksh 3d
Sun is up,
Your eyes;

Coffee sips and old books.
Can't look more beautiful;

Lose clothes and perfect hair

Trying to keep eyes off,
Loving this morning despair.

I had you in a dream last night.
She doesn't realize
she may never understand
beauty and love
in her eyes
it shines
as only true love can

She doesn't comprehend
she's blind to the truth and cost
simple is her plan
true too the end
she'll strive
not counting any loss

She'll not take account
she'll give until it hurts
more than she can stand
no matter the amount
only, for her man

She's the fire and ice
the flame within my heart
the cool within my mind

And so much more than life itself
and all my greatest better

In body soul
and rhyme
Ever been here?
I have, every-time I look into her eyes ;D
I’d like to be away
In a world far away
But that won’t escape
The world inside my brain

I’d like to stop the time
Live frozen between the lines
But that won’t bring me closer
To a picture perfect moment
That you and I ever had

I want to live on your wavelength
Travel with you
At the speed of light
Any barrier
And travel parallel
To your sweet and endless path

I want to tell you that I like you
Have the courage
To make you mine
Too bad I lost the fight
That was going
Inside my mind

I’m endlessly falling
For someone like you
But I’ll gladly fall forever
If the destination leads to you

I think of you every night
And wonder where you are
Do think of me the same way?
Do you have the same thoughts?

I’m sure one day I’ll meet you
The moment won’t be perfect
But perfection is overrated
I’d rather meet you
In any way
As long as it leads me
To your mellow heart

My sweet nebula
Travel to me
As fast as you can
I’d do the same thing
If I wasn’t stuck behind
But I’m moving on
You’re my motivation
Even if met you I have not
She's there, slouching slightly, tall and lean, her eyes like lapis
Who can't fall in love with her? I feel like it's impossible
Her short hair dyed like an ocean in the moonlight, her sparkling smile
Her light voice and her face dappled with small freckles

She can't see it, but she's absolutely beautiful
Literally everything about her, she's amazing
She's the best person in the world, she's perfect
I could describe her endlessly

She feels like dying everyday and it physically hurts me
No one that nice or beautiful should feel like that
Why would someone so perfect want to end her own life?
How did she come to hate herself this way?
One word
And you are an
The perfect face
The perfect mind.
One word and
I am yours.
One word and
You are nothing but
I wrote this poem about someone I met over the summer but never actually spoke to until the summer was over. He was one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, and amazing people I have ever met. I completely fell in love with him and not some kind of puppy love. It was something only one other person has ever made me feel. He lives in Cape Town and I'll never see him again but the feeling he gave me when he called me gorgeous is something I will never forget and something I so long to feel again.
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