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Ylzm Aug 15
Self love is not love but anti-love
Parts are but to be mutually fitted
And imperfections only seeming
Ceasing to be in the perfected whole
But is not if any part seeks its own
A M Ryder Jul 25
Finishings can be
The hardest part
In these final steps
All the craftsmanship
Has already occured
The finishings are
Mere inevitabilities

You must
Come to terms
With the idea that  
Perfection is a
Necessary goal
Precisely because
It is unattainable

You must reconcile
Yourself to failure

It's not perfect
You have to make
Your peace with that

You lay out
Your tools
And you
start again
Shofi Ahmed Jun 25
If only it was
like a hair of you,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!
Like the all round one
perfect sway
nets the ultimate decimal of pi!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 21
Rive! Split apart,
up and down
circle both ways.
Let the pearl be
down the sea
and the star
up on the high
find the sky.
Not a perfect circle
yet to scoop the last
decimal of Pi
it's fine.
Let a loophole be
only for an eye!
I S A A C Jun 11
my guard dropped when i fell into your heart
at the heart and crown orange lit bar
its been a minute since i’ve been so inhibited
revisiting the pools of pleasure i used to dip into
wanna get to know exactly what you are into
kisses underneath the full moon?
kisses as Dont Start Believing is chanted through the room
its serendipitous how you are here
perfect timing for my perfect poison
don’t let it be a one night thing
you plus me got to equal something
lets be something
tired of nothings
i am perfect at being imperfect
not so perfect at accepting it
i am perfect at being worth it
not so perfect at embracing it
perhaps there are imperfections in perfection
perhaps my perfection is a transaction
in self compassion
perhaps my perfection is a transaction
No distance is for reproach.
No gaps exist that can't rebuild
fallen bridges.
Silence was only to retain,
one such moment of perfect beauty.
That mother's perfect Day.
To be still is knowing the ways
of the Universe and its creator
as in walking side by side.
No arrogance ever known or intended
no disobedient streak no malice ritual performed.
only wrong medical advice the culprit.
my demise but I raise triumphant
motherhood against tirani.
Being voiceless was to let you speak. ignorance was obliterated by your wisdom for loving me,
and betting on my future.

My being afraid ended with your hello your songs and poetry.
I remain pregnant drunk in love
and joyfully thinking of you.
My mystery twin flame,
from beyond, still you fill me up.

Anxiously patiently I wait for your return your presence.
my powerful great fortune
talisman of happiness is only you.
sent from another world.
You are my one best moment
of perfect beauty.
I  know I am yours.
I stood in awe voiceless in shock.
I feeling alive someone like you
cared for me for so long.

I walk in gratitude feeling blessed.
I return to your power house
of freedom true love and I grab what you give honor what you don't.
Accepting whatever blessing
or crumb granted.
without selfish requests.

I remain your faithful student
my first, last best teacher
best friend, husband lover and to my eternal joy the best father to our children in every lifetime.

You are my lover of life, giver of life
My one moment of perfect beauty
forever only you, my past
my present, my future my best poet,
my everything.
All Rights Reserved
in memory of a great portrait
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
by Karijinbba.
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