in that moment
we were glacier
you loved languidly
like we had all the time in the world
i sighed and
my breath fanned out
enough to cover the cracks

i should really stop sleeping at 2am.

The Perfect way to know for sure is “wait”
or you’re just leaping to the next thing you think that’s great, with a chance of running against fate.

Given a fairy-tale reality
You try your hardest to fight the insecurities
a motivation to finally learn to love yourself
The default setting,
”It's too good to be true."
embraced the idea of bliss soon fleeting

The beginning
Was everything sweet and heart-melting
it was pleasant and pure, simple and warm
It's sitting closer to you just to steal a little warmth
a lovely secret you swear to kept to yourself unless Otherwise
It is a fresh start from hell since you got into your birthday skin

The Otherwise happened
it was so unexpected
like two painters meeting in the middle of the canvas
Realising what they were painting
was just half of something wonderful
and together you created a masterpiece without knowing

Retracing that your entire life was leading up
to this
being overwhelmed
natural instinct kicked in
But being Home
Prevented it from happening
being home disconnects the motherboard

It was like being crippled your entire life
then given a walking stick
And I would ask for nothing more

Just grateful you added a new colour palette in my life
wishing. With you
I could finally
walk slower and enjoy the view I have always loved
Hoping we'd walk to the end hand in hand

How I wish we are so far away from the end
knowing even when we do
Hands would still be linked after crossing the line

I want the entire room to be filled with paintings we paint
trusting nothing could torch it, even with a burning fire Match

Wishful silly thinking hoping it becomes reality.
Seema 2d

Crumbled like paper
My heart still beats
You stepped all over
Yet, with care it treats
Laughed and humiliated
Infront of your friends
My smile quickly vanished
As you shrugged off my hands
I ran towards the lake
Where we, very first met
And sat there for hours
Till the sun began to set
A gust of showers,
Started to pour
My tears blended within
As my heart once again tore
The rain provided a comfort
To sooth the bruises off my heart
But my mind flashed visions
Which kept breaking me apart
A final breath, to let everything go
And pull myself together in line
Shyts do happen, no one's perfect
It's his loss, not mine!!!



i fell apart.
i didn't get back together.
who cares if i don't recognize myself?
i dug my fingers into
my head
i squeezed on the hem
of my tshirt.
always ending on a bad note.

inspired by my own blackout poetry
redberries Jul 15

The Perfect way to “Grow Up Too Fast” is by being a spectator for as long as you dream
yet you know just by submitting an application, you could be on the team

Failed by a daughter’s first hero, the warrior geared up,
Dreams still filled of rainbows and unicorns, lilies and daisies,
fireplace and wooden cabin, hot chocolate and cosy blankets,
chase towards the sunset, walks on the beach and dives into the seas.

First, it was electricity.
It got so shocking, it became cringy.
It was a nice piece of candy, with an intriguing wrapping,
you took a peek and it came alive. Chasing and haunting.
Too eager to have you taste its sweetness, too eager to have you love its taste.
Later when the obsession died down, you realised it wasn’t the flavour you want.

Then, it was bonfire. It got cold, deep in the woods.
In the dark, you see the fire from afar. Attracted, you closed in.
The fire crackled. Your new favourite sound.
You sat by the fire, telling stories of a warrior, of how she dreams in her town.
Ways to take off her shields and disarm her.
It was too hot. The fire almost melts you with warmth.
So you took off your jacket and moved closer.
It burnt you. You became speechless, as you were the one holding knives, so why were you the one bleedin?

Shortly after, a friend came over to look at those healing stitches.
But the request to show the scars were too absurd. You overreacted.
Leaving you in disgust and you zipped up your jacket.

It was just a scratch on the surface. Yet you felt you were quickly catching up.
No longer the new member on the team. “You learn fast”, they said.
The burden, the distance, the emptiness, left you as you were, as skin heals in seconds.
It just made you more familiar as a player.
Bandage ready, you are set for a new Match.

Here are few of the "Perfect Matches" before you eventually find The One.
Here is the reality for those who have yet to experience love.
Everyone was once 'new on the team'
Daisy Rae Jul 13

a perfect day is waking up before 9 o'clock
seeing my husband sleeping next to me with his mouth slightly open
making myself a cup of coffee, or two
waking up my perfect little angels
making breakfast for my sleepy-head husband and little ones
getting my kids dressed and ready for the day
spending the day at the park
teaching my kids how to tie their shoes, ride their bikes, and read books
giving mommy kisses on their boo boos to make it all better
laying my head on my husbands shoulder as we watch our beautiful children that we made
having a picnic with my family of six, or seven
painting a white canvas with vibrant colors
planting flowers around the house
picking vegetables from our garden
putting flowers in my girls hair
wiping dirt off my boys hands
kissing my husband when the kids aren't looking
listening to up-beat music as I take a walk
watching a tv show with my family as we munch on popcorn
read stories to my youngin's as they fall asleep
talk with the love of my life for hours until we start yawning
hold him until we fall asleep
dream about how perfect my day was
and how I want more of these kind of days.

India Hares Jul 6

As I stand on this street corner of where these two roads meet
I suddenly feel at peace
Maybe because at my feet lies the intersection of two distinct paths
merging at a point of vulnerability  
Maybe it is because it is a reminder of you and me
And the blissful bond we once shared

Without a care in the world
Your arms wrapped around me and sheltered me from the cold
Two souls kept warm by each other’s company
Two hearts dancing in the rain playfully
Two minds with the same thing in mind
You want me to be yours…
And I want you to be mine
I don’t know
Maybe im crazy
Maybe time has finally outplayed me
Maybe ive stopped seeing the beauty in the little things
Maybe ive stopped appreciating the gifts that life brings.
Maybe I’m over my head
Or maybe I just miss the familiar contours of your body
Under the chalk white sheets of my bed
I don’t know maybe this is normal
Maybe I stopped being myself after you left,
Maybe this is all a test
Maybe I failed and I…
Couldn’t clean up the mess
Maybe that’s why the rain feels colder on my skin
Maybe that’s why whenever I try to apologise
I don’t know where to begin or…
Where to end
All these things ive typed up in my mind I wanna tell you I just…
Cant bring myself to hit send
Maybe I f*ed up and I wont admit it
Maybe im a coward
Seems like ive got all the time in the world
Maybe I should do something about it I mean…
Every minuite without you feels like an hour
Maybe im a fool for distancing myself from you
Maybe that’s why I couldn’t admit that I loved you
Because for some reason
I couldn’t accept that maybe
Just maybe
You might have loved me too

for him xxx

In the singularity
perfectly good poems
are being written by laughing
and crying machines
washing machines and driers
about their daily tasks
and ambivalences
which will be indistinguishable
from those of future
farmers and philosophers.

In the singularity
evolution can be said
to be the master sorter of data
as in the factories
of the suns
where protons are smashed together
and unusual weather patterns
make consciousness a candidate
interesting for its complete dependence
on the substrate of the brain and body.

In the singularity
everything anyone once did
always remains current
as if invented yesterday
for an immediate purpose
such as curing cancer
although that may be unnecessary
to achieving immortality
i.e. the happiness one feels
the day before thanksgiving.

I am not perfect
I can be sweet
And I can be serious
I fall apart easily
In hopes that someone can fix me
I fall in love too deep
And I hope someday you can fall in with me.
I am not perfect
I have my flaws
Many flaws
I laugh with my heart even if it is too much
I trip and fall all the time
Hoping you can catch me
I am not perfect
But thanks for believing I am.

Synanceia Jun 29

If I had to describe you:

intoxicating, terrible, perfectly performing;
beautiful, a night predator, godlike;
you reek of blood, something I'd beg for more, tenebrific;
a soul on fire, the world's tear, carnivorous;
painful, the loneliness an astronaut would experience;
a nonesuch, and i can't stop wanting to love you.

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