I gotta focus I gotta focus ... Im losing focus.
Im not really open , in a world so hopeless.

When I look in the mirror , I am perfect.
Maybe not, to you.
I matter.
Im better.
I'm growing.
Loving myself each day , You'll love yourself more when you stop caring what people say ..

Tell me that I'm okay.
Tell me that I'm fine.
Tell me that we're perfect
Tell me we're on fire.
Tell me little lies
Tell me stupid stories
Tell me I'm an idiot
And we can bask in all our glories

Again one day. Again one day.

Beat of a,
romantic music plays
Reaching out his hand
And asking to sway

Hiding her In his arms,
Letting her feel his embrace,
Making her feel safe

Enslaving her eyes with
A little help from
his handsome face.

His hands gently placed,
around her perfect waist.

By saying right words,
at right time,perfect place.

Two strangers,
Staring eye to eye
Standing face to face

Lips aligning,
With perfect pace
Tip of flame
Melting ice

Union of Souls
An alluring sight

Every night I’ve just wanted her perfect body up close to mine.
Perfectly aligned.
Her warm body is wine.

Every night I dream
Every night I’ve seen
It’s just you and me.

Baby girl twist away
When you're talking to me
I can't breathe
Set some time aside to say
Why don't you stay
Ten years later I still feel like a child
You're the one
I know you are
She’s so lovely
She’s so lovely
She still loves me...
- Anthony Green

Driver drives down fairways
Balls fly touch greens near the holes
Leisurely walks them in

Not in roughs nor sand
Lakes, do I want life that way
Just perfect always?

Ah! The perfect game or life. Do we want it that way?
Seema 4d

They called her ugly
And she cried in silence
I walked to her
We sat and talked for few hours

My theory 1
While God was making you
He received a call
So he quickly tried to finish the physic of you
Only left was to put a soul in you
So he went to attend the emergency
By the time he got back to you
He realised that you looked ok but not perfect
Since he loved you so much he placed a beautiful soul in you
Therefore, my dear a person with the right vision will see this beauty beyond your ugliness

My theory 2
God made another, very beautiful person
The perfect being, the mesmerizing body
Everything was so godly perfect
As God was about to put a beautiful soul in this body
He was called in emergency, so he left his work there,
By the time God got back, he was bit disturbed
So he placed an ugly soul in this perfect being
Realizing later of what he did
God said, only the people with the right vision will see what you are from within
Likewise, my dear many will be enchanted by your beauty and this beauty will cover up your ugly soul
After this talk this girl felt happy and glad
That she was worth the same as the other made by the same God
Be blessed of who you Are from inside out...


I wrote this, cause it made that person feel better and worth. I am not discriminating or judging anyone on their looks/appearance, so please don't take what I wrote as negative...

Oh how perfect he is. From his kind, chivalrous, Breath taking soul that is filled with laughter, joy, God, and mercy. To the sweet tender touch of his soft lips. Lips like cotton, so soft and pure that they’re only fit for a queen. Tasting sweet as honey, leaving a soft dew behind.

Oh and those eyes. Breathtaking as the highest mountain top view. Deep as the deepest sea. And blue as the bluest sky. Sparkling. Glistening in the light as if calling out for me to get lost once again. Eyes that pierce the soul, and it never escapes. See the depth, and welcome me. Yearning for me to be lost in them, showing the true soul of the owner.

His warm embrace. So gentle. Loving. Passionate. Sensual. Arms flowing over me as the sun rays on a warm summer day. His fingers licking over my skin like a flame. Soft. Gentle touch like silk, brushing my hair off my soft skin. Love and passion felt with every soft touch.

Beautiful pastel skin, glistening with a sweet aroma. Hitting my nose like the most expensive perfume. His essence taking over me like a sweet wine. Gripping my every cell, down to my very core. Carrying me away to a place I’ve never been before.

The face of a child, innocent and kind. Perfect in every way. From the top of each strand of hair, out to the ever loving and contagious aura that follows him.

He is perfect perfection. But he knows not. Perfect perfection, he believes not. He is the one and only. My soulmate. My life. My love. My perfect perfection.

your eyes, you find em weird and small, but I'd die to see em daily

your voice, sounds like a grown fine man, gets me so embarrassed and frightened at the same time, I can't wait to hear your voice again

your lips, I never dared to stare at, kissed em in my wildest dreams

your features,  I adore em, I adore em,  and I adore em

your flaws, I embrace them so tightly

I want you, and most of you
I miss you so bad!


my love
for you
is infinite
Simpathi Jan 10

Tired of waking up to pain,
Weary of thinking whether I’m sane.
Tired of sleeping too hard,
With my head in the clouds.

Dreaming of warming faces, beautiful sounds.
Only to wake up with sweat on my brow.
Dreaming of hidden treasure being found,
Dreaming of the earth’s final renown.

I dreamt of two faces,
Who held beauty in their hands,
Making magic dust rise with their golden strands,
Spreading it everywhere as they started to dance.

I remember their names,
Olivia and April.
Waiting for the one day,
When they're seen from a windowsill.

I know they are out there,
They must surely exist.
There is no possibility,
My mind made their face with mere wind.

They were both perfect,
Flawlessly flawed.
They knew I was hurting,
Never failed to call.

They made life easy,
Transformed my heart.
It melted into pieces,
Just fell and broke apart.

When I met her for the first time,
Smiling back at her in life’s line,
She smiled back and knew my true thoughts.
Don’t know how, but I knew we could bond.

I don’t recall her face,
Although it was pure magic.
Gold-toned skin wrapped in fate,
Smooth red lips that always lasted.

Her sun-kissed hair glistened in the day,
She’d sweep me up in it and I would just faint.
Never curled or fixed to look its best,
I loved it fully along with her blue dress.

She’s out there somewhere,
I just have to start searching.
I’ll look too long, I don’t care,
If it means I’ll start learning.

I can see her in their eyes,
I know it was too long.
But I still don’t regret it,
Even if I am wrong.

She reveals her eyes,
Through strangers I see.
Don’t want to miss her walking by,
Like in my sweet sounding dream.

A poem about a dream I had that seemed so real to me. I felt compelled to write a poem about it...
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