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Nick 1d
She thinks she’s not perfect not pretty at all. She’s been marred by past hurts that led to a fall.

A fall in her worth, feeling empty inside, makes a girl wonder if it’s worth being alive.

She thinks she’s not perfect and  can’t help but wonder, are they laughing or looking, can they see how she feels under.

Under this shell it’s real easy to hide, that her hope and hunger seem to have died.

With Each day feeling longer as she struggles to confess. Can she trust them and count on them or are they just like the rest.

The past has taught her different so she must withhold, But wait there was someone to pull her through the cold.

They loved her and kept her close by their side. But loves not forever, the fairytales lied.

Some people are taken while others left awake. Her God being love hopefully isn’t this fake.

Would He have taken such a lovely blessing. When you’re not perfect life keeps you guessing.

Life continues to haunt her as it passes by, no one  to run too, it was all just a lie.

It started with singing and ended with regret, maybe if she were perfect, she could simply forget.

She thinks she’s not perfect and they tell her why, do this, do that, says every other guy.

With all this emotion and love locked inside, there’s thousands of reasons for all the times she’s cried.

Just when she has accepted she’s not perfect at all. One stood beside her to catch the great fall.

To him she wasn’t prefect, not a little, not at bit, but more than just perfect, she was impossible to forget.

It wasn’t her beauty which was more than the rest, or the fact that her presence made him feel the best.

It wasn’t the talent that was hidden inside, with music and singing she could walk with great pride.

Nor was it the fact that she has overcome it all. Life is a struggle we have to fight or we fall.

It turns out she’s not perfect, not perfect at best. For to be perfect she’d be like the rest.

She is more than just perfect, in a league of her own, with no one to compare can feel  so alone.

Are the feelings true, Are they laughing, watching or judging. Was she forgotten or are her emotions not budging.

Would it have changed if had answered one wish, or  is it perhaps a gift that her life turned out like this.

Maybe there has been a creator molding and shaping her For. When perfect would only get so far, she was made for much more.

For the struggles she faced were growing something greater, she may not have felt it then, but she will know it later.

It’s the hurt in our life that helps us to know love, a gift so precious only sent from above.

So when you don’t feel perfect, look deep inside. Know your worth is growing, and not one of them have lied.

You’re so much more than perfect, set apart from the rest. To fulfill a greater purpose, for this you will be blest.

Alexis 2d
Everything in place,
A single book out
Made my world cave.
I tried to reason with my mind
But it always wanted to be right.
So I pushed my finger nails
Into  the bed of my palm
And five,
bloody half- moons
Lighted my way home.
I wrote this about the fear of not being perfect.
I love you so much, everything is just a reminder of how perfect life is being with you. every pain gives me the chance to learn more that you still love me
to the girl who is still saving my life
He knows I'm not perfect.
He knows all my flaws too well.
He knows there's a void in me no one could fill.
And yet he chose to love me still.




          Full of potential
Waste of space

          Utterly and
completely perfect

- SkullsNBones
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I love how your poetry,
Is perfection itself.
No stress or time limit
could limit your abilities.

Everything you utter
Is beautiful and intriguing.
From the moons to the stars
I don’t know how you fit me in.

To me, you are the only one,
Who is capable of such.
misha 6d
do you feel  anxious?
can you still eat without
having the thought
that maybe you'll
swell up and
can't get past door
or hearts?
wanting to be like
paper but
you never thought
that being paper
was fragile
and that people
could write all
over you.
what you needed
was thick skin
and a thick heart.

do you feel scared?
when you hear your
name, thinking
are they talking
about your scars?
your imperfections?
your breakouts and your
bruised skin.
can you look at someone
straight in the eye
without thinking
that they're staring
at that ugly mole
and aren't even
focusing on you,
so you look down
at their feet
but darling,
you should look
at them with pride
because your scars,
marks and pimples
are not an end
but they are
a journey,
a story
of what
you've gone

do you feel stressed?
when compare your body
to a model or an idol
who has a tiny waist,
yet she's curvy,
do you measure your breasts,
your waist and looking
for solutions to looking
like your 'dream girl'
that you dream about,
the one who's
so confident
so beautiful
so perfect?

have you ever thought,
that maybe
your dream girl
was actually inside of you?
she came to birth with you
she opened her eyes with you
she said her first word with you,
she walked with you.

and she'll dream with you
oh she'd care for you,
look out for you,
crave for you
but most of all
she'll love you.

you are your dream girl.
i think nothing is more attractive than self respect, endurance and confidence. we all show them in different ways but we all do shine like the brightest of stars. be you!
WordsHelp Sep 13
Believe me,
Your soul- exquisite.
Love, you are perfectly
Freddie Ruiz Sep 12
Today occurred a misfortune, the golden castle was filled with lament.
Two thieves broke in with hidden faces as the damsel peacefully slept.
It was a color perfect dawn as they slipped through her room
and an ordinary day turned to horror with eyes full of gloom.

Unsuspectingly, the bodyguard walked in and was attacked from behind.
While the thieves maliciously laughed, he asked where the damsel was, all terrified.
A broken voice replied in the distance and he was consumed with anger
when he heard the damsel weep in fear and despair.

Somewhere in a table two thieves are drinking
and celebrating another day of victory,
regardless of having harmed
the damsel of my heart.

A river of misery spreads out in a color perfect dawn
that instantly turns into a gloomy morn.
Written on November 17, 2012
Composition number: 433
Anya Sep 12
I found out during class one day
That there’s no way to satisfy everyone
No matter what you say
Talk too much
Sullen eyes turned your way
Tucking away agreivement to mutter about later
Talk too little
They barely notice your presence
And eventually,
Slowly but surely
You’re gradually disincluded
No longer the one they think of
When they have nothing to think of you by
So where is the balance,
How do you satisfy everyone?
One can’t go about their life being apologetic
Although I’ve certainly tried
So isn’t it about time we stopped determining our self worth on what others think of us?
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