You critique
You compare
You stare
In the mirror
You say such
Mean things
To that beautiful
Body of yours.

The magazines
They have you
You are
Not good enough.

But honey,
The way your body
And moves
And works
And feels,
Is more beautiful
Then diamonds.
You are

I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite but, you are perfect!!!
Lily 1d
He seemed to be the perfect guy,
Handsome, popular, athletic, and smart,
With his only flaw being his overprotective nature.
She seemed to be the perfect girl,
Beautiful, popular, kind, and loving,
With her only flaw being that she's too generous.
They seemed to be the perfect couple,
Buying little gifts for each other for no reason,
Sending cute messages every morning,
Always there when the other needed them.
It seemed to be the perfect break-up;
They said they still loved each other,
But thought they would be better
For each other down the road.
They said they would wait.
He seemed to be okay with it,
But at night he would cry into his pillow,
Thinking of nothing else but her,
Needing her by his side.
She seemed to be okay with it,
But some part of her believed it was her fault,
And when the razor came out,
She definitely was not okay with it.
They seemed to have gotten over it, and were now
Just “best friends”, but in reality, every day
They drifted further and further apart,
Until the person they claimed they were
So in love with was a complete stranger.
He seemed to be getting better;
He no longer stayed up at night crying, instead,
He had found other girls to
Take her place by his side.
She seemed to be getting better;
The bright flashing makeup was there
To help hide the fact that she still wore long sleeves.
Everything seemed to be okay,
They seemed to be okay.
But everything is not as it seems.
Did you know what I felt
When you spoke an untruthful truth
Did you see my happiness melt
When you thought you were trying to prove

Can you look out at the mountains
And see where the ridges formed
Can you look at the many fountains
And see their designed forms

What do you define as perfect
And what do you believe is worth it
Is it the reefs in the ocean
Or is it the truth you consider worthless
Rafał 4d
How low can we go down the rabbit hole?
I’ll take you to a place where the time never flows
The stars always glow, the sky is always blue
The grass is always green, and it’s all for you
But there’s a certain madness to this fantasy
So follow me as I measure every step carefully
You see this perfect planet is a theatre play
Either way, all we are is a bunch of NPCs

There’s a melody coming from the other side
As we stroll along the beach, by the ocean tide
And I show you smiles hidden in the crimson skies
Every perfect tale doesn’t show you the demise
But I made this world for you, you don’t have to deal with it
When you feel down, you can come and sink in it
Like a blanket on a winter evening, protect your heat
When the inside of your head gets too bleak
And when all you desire is a bit of sleep
So let your legs run, turn your head to stand by
And we’ll play the spectacle until you get by.
That's how she described me, to me.

You are 95 percent perfect.

Loving and kind.

Generous and attentive.

I am always on your mind.

Artistic and hard to find.

Hard working and Inventive.

Your love making is sublime.

But the church remained quiet, no wedding bells to chime.

And now I think the only thing left of me, that is me, raw an un-refined?

Can be summed up in the most extraordinary Five.

Karl von Mecklenburg
Sam 5d
We were different.
I am sand,
you are water.
You are vast
and I am little.

You whispered
on my ears
about your
ocean tears
'caused by
your fears
of being left
out here.

That's why
you learned how to leave.

for every time
you leave,
you keep coming
back to me.
That's when
I am laved.
you  kissed me
by the surge
and caress me
by your waves.

Submerge me
in your tide.
Immerse me
in the sea.

We wouldn't be like this
if we were both the same.


We might be
but our love is
that we're both
for each other.
Perfectly forever.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
For the longest time I
aspired to be that picture perfect image
Of the girls with hip bones and thigh gaps
From the covers of the magazines
I read when I was a kid

Because I was told that is “normal”
That is what girls are supposed to look like

But now i've come to the realisation that
I've spent so much time trying to look
like what was told to me as normal
That ive become oblivious
to my goal of standing out

Why should I spend so much time trying to conform
When I could create myself in to the person I truly want to be
Larri 6d
No one knows this, but you bleed words.
No one reads these words, for it's absurd.
To think your silly words might want to be heard.
Be cradled and be cherished,
A disappointment worth a demerit.
Have I got more time? I must spare it.
For you bleed words.
No one reads these words, for that's just absurd.
You're simply another cow led to pasture in the herd.
Follow the crowd or else you'll be picked out.
Lead a staggering speech, you must speak out loud.
So don't be an idiot and stand there bleeding words that no one has ever heard.
They want the perfect side of you so that's what you'll give them.
The shadow who's silent and bleeds blood like normal people do.
Oh god why can't you be normal?
Why must you twist these adjectives into slant rhymes?
Why must you make everything seem like a dream when all that's left for humans is to die.
Complete your task.
Be normal.
Normal people bleed blood.
You bleed poems you etched onto your wrist in colorful sharpie then hide under foolish hoodie sleeves.
Not even your mother knows this, these pained words she'll never see.
Look at me, why won't you just look at me?
Look at me bleeding.
Look at me bleeding blood.
Look at me being normal.
Why can't you be like me?
Why can I read you like a book, why can I see your thoughts with every nervous look.
Why can't you name a single poet other than yourself?
Why haven't you studied, oh lord you're so behind.
Too busy trying to find a creative way to describe colorfully dying.
You'll never be perfect.
You'll never be normal.
You bleed your words, and I bleed mine.
A letter from a 'perfect' person to someone like me, or like all poets. Someone who's different and can't really explain why. I'm new to sharing poetry but I hope this speaks to someone. Don't let anyone tell you what to write or who to be. Your mind is all you have, don't let it get corrupted. I wrote this to be read sort of fast and emotionally. <3
there’s a million fish in the sea
and tons of trash.
if you don’t like what you hooked;
drop your line
and try again.
eventually you’ll catch a keeper.
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