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He tried to tell her she was perfect,
but she couldn’t believe him.
She wanted to, he could tell she really did,
but she just couldn’t believe him,
‘cause what she saw in the mirror reflected a much different story
than the one he was telling her.
Written on June 11, 1998
Composition number: 47
Not everything is perfect
Smooth and silky like your skin
There's a serious defect
You are cold from within
And the leftover pieces of my heart,
fit perfectly in between his broken ones.
Oily dark beans
savor each bitter sip
brewed to perfection
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 81
No one is
everyone has
troubles and struggles.
You just need
to learn
to rise up from the
Farheen Khan Feb 7
I dream everyday
Every night
Dream is the perfect illusion
Dream is the perfect escape
And I always think
Do dreams really help
As i think yes
Yes they help me  escape reality
Yes they make me smile
But dreams never last
As a bubble they blast
Reality is never sweet
But silly me
I always dream the perfect dream
I always dream the perfect dream ❤️
Asonna Feb 6
Baby, you're a lady.
you're meant to be dainty,
swimming in seas of purity.
Baby, be a lady
Perfect, trim & proper.

Baby, what's a lady?
no really, what's a lady?
Consumed by rivers of **** and sultry.
Baby, i'm not your "baby"
but let me tell you i'm **** well perfect.
JoJo Feb 5

i am so thankful
God took the time
to carve your delicate
hand into mine
so that we may unite
as one at the altar.

kissing you made all my problems go away
it made the world stop altogether
and in that moment it was just you and me
forming a symphony of pleasure and delight
with synchronized heartbeats and lips
our eyes closed, breathing hard
i let your fingers venture to places unknown
a place i have never let someone into before
our heated bodies on top of one another
swaying to the beat of one another
seemingly perfect lovers
and in that moment i was yours
all of our desires fulfilling
and our destinies linking in perfect harmony
but it cant be
it can never be
i wish you were here with me right now
Another person
Striving for perfection
The only problem
Is that perfection is impossible
That's why this poem doesn't rhyme.
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