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mi 2d
Cold hands,
Green eyes,
All I want is him in my life.

Long lashes,
Painted nails,
Who cares about stereotypes?

Septum piercing,
Parted hair,
A *******, you might ask.

Skull rings,
******* held high,
He doesn't seem to care about life.

Small nose,
Heart of stone,
That’s my perfect lover.
This isn't what I except my feature significant other to look like it's just more of who I fantasize to be with, anyone will do <3
Ila 5d
Tonight I am writing my feelings instead of expressing them into words. I have no goal or purpose with this, I am writing what flows out of my mind. I am numb. The world moves around me and I lay here, stagnant. So many questions without any answers. Is there a god I can call to.

I place my trust in the universe, an entity on its own. Fate lies within its clutches-she is the only one to dictate what goes. It was fated you left, maybe you’ll come back, maybe someone else will show up. Everything that you did to me was fated from the start. The fist “I love you” to the last goodbye. I had so many things to tell you in the time you were gone, and suddenly I wasn’t able to tell you anymore-you left. No closure. The end. Goodbye to my first love, my sweet romance.

Maybe I will find you in the next person I talk to. Your lines and phrases make their way into the next persons vocabulary, sadly you’re in my mind. Maybe I find you in the way they lay next to me as we drift to sleep together- there will be no time you and I do that again. That’s what I miss the most.

I thought you were my person, my unequivocally perfect person, but my perfect person wouldn’t leave just like that, now would they.

It was fate you left; this is and will be my only consolation
It was fate that you left.
Cross Boundry Oct 12
am i allowed...
honestly, i think not
she's up there with the perfects
singing in the heights
dancing with the stars
but still i'll look...
she - dodie
Amanda Oct 11
Of the good things I’ve known in my life
Best by far is you
You are thinking about leaving
Tell what you want me to do

I will straighten up my act
Stop ******* as much
Long as it means you’ll reserve
For me your touch

I miss sleeping with you
Nightly in our bed
I wasn’t harassed by crazy thoughts
In my head

Things will not ever be perfect
Despite how hard they get
Will always try to work it out
Please don’t give up on us yet
I hate this ****
Diobimma Oct 9
When I promised you the world
I didn't omit it's flaws
So I nudge your awake
To the reality of my world
One beautifully flawed.
Strying Oct 5
Laying on a deathbed in heaven,
They said there was only happiness here,
Now all I wish for is
My heart to stop,
My lungs to empty,
To breathe my last breath.
So I just lay on my deathbed,
Looking at the perfect,
Just a dystopian view on heaven, eternal life may not be the dream. People want to move on not necessarily live forever, and happiness would fade over time if you have everything you want.
julianna Oct 3
If I hit rewind,
If I just start over,
Would I actually be happy?
Or would I just find another thing to fret about?
Life isn’t about perfection,
But about finding the good in the imperfect.
Mansi Sep 30
Perfection is a characteristic
That is force fed to us
A characteristic we must
Die trying to achieve
But why?

No human before me
Has been perfect
Why do they expect
It to start from me?
Erica Squire Sep 29
The single word that defines me,
And it eats away at me,
Because that seven letter word is worse than sin,
From the perspective of the world.
Another seven letters that have been stated before,
Land of the free and the fight for freedom,
But what does that even mean anymore,
My life has never been more than a striving for perfection,
Chasing after something that can never be obtained,
My temptation, my tantalization,
The delightful piece of fruit that is out of reach for all but a few,
Says the words of a society where to be a success is to stand above the rest,
But how I covet the ability to taste the sweet juice of my victory,
But instead, everything has victory over me.
How can a concept defeat a person?
It acts like a virus,
Eating at my brain until it is mush,
Useless except in afflicting misery on my imagination.
Left trapped in my worst memories,
Reliving things that can never be changed.
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