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is love blind?
how does it find me
so often in the dark?
if I am blind also,
how can love lead me
to a better place?
does it see with its hands,
feel through the empty spaces
of my bones
where I hide?
can it hear my heart
beating in the silence
so loud it drowns me
in its fire?
ve 9h
she’s still living in a void dimension
forsaken and letter-less.
days have gone by with blink of her eyes,
just like the ink someone marked on her heart

morning bruised her loneliness,
the bloodthirsty night stole the laugh she dreamed of having

she is still hollow,
a house without home,
boats without captain

she is still hollow,
living in a void strange world by herself

she is longing for her vibrant being,
her darkness has taken its quit.
when you are quiet for long enough that the squirrel thinks you are part of the earth.
when you have whole-heartedly experienced the death of a worm.
when you spend $6 on a stone to bring the luck you don't believe in.
when the zinnias turn indigo and the indigo withers to dust.
when you begin to envy the worm.
when you don't want to bore the trees with your problems so you sit in silence.
when you listen to love songs and pretend to understand.
when you watch an oak leaf drifting in the current but it's actually you drifting and it will only take one red currant to be happy.
when it becomes painful to dream.
when 4.568 billion years doesn't seem so long but how is it only 1 o'clock?
when you wish you could be a comb jelly and float transparent along the black depths.
when you feel the earth suspended in nothingness.
when you can feels yourself suspended in nothingness.
you must wait.
wrote this in my favorite spot near campus: a hidden stone tomb with the word 'wait' in capital letters, overlooking a patch of forest. Home to a few blue jays, a squirrel, and a dead worm.
More than anything else,
I just feel so empty.

I don't even know how to explain it.

It feels like I've been reliving the same day over and over again.

Nothing's changing.

Everything's the same.

The only way I can think of describing it is

Imagine living everyday,
every second of your life
with that sudden sinking feeling
in your stomach

because something just went horribly wrong.

When the same feelings come
and go everyday,

when that sinking feeling never disappears,

it's almost as if you cant feel anything

at all anymore.

It's almost as if you're completely empty...
Jack P 1d
line the shores
with hospital beds
let them sleep by the sea

if nothing else
they can jump the fence
untethered from the bodies

but when the credits roll
i still won't get up to leave
because behind the smoke screen of relapse
there's figures waiting for me  

some days i'd like to stay
some days i'd like to drift away
i've never had an original thought
but i keep thinking them anyway

so what will it be: a slice of life, or a chunk of wrist?
sometimes i feel like i can move mountains and other times i feel like i'm underneath one. into it and over it. we'll continue this elsewhere
Julia 1d
Do you like me because
I'm the only one who listens to you?
Do you like me because
I'm the only one that stays when you're sad?
Do you like me because
Only I won't judge what's inside your head?

Do you like me because
I will listen while you talk trash?

Or do you not like me
And "like me"
Just because I happen to be there?
Tara 2d
like a half full glass of water,
still there,
my auras in the air,
but no one sees a thing.

like a ball,
you can see my body,
but it’s filled with air,
I am numb.

like a vase,
the flowers hanging out the side,
I couldn’t bloom,
and died in my place.

like a mirror,
there’s nothing really there,
just my reflection,
I can’t feel a thing.

like my room,
furniture on furniture,
laying on my bed,
but my brains is nowhere near.
the sky is a messenger
a catcher of stories from dreamers
a holder of the stars that inspire even non-believers

can the sky hold by confessions
can it be my listener?

when the sky is empty
my dreams are homeless
for nowhere can hold worlds as large as infinity
Lisa 2d
Feelings i wish they could fade it would make things easier i know u just wanna smash me then pass me i was hoping i could change your mind you don't love me u just love what u could do to me so don't tell me u love me
ab 2d
i always expected your hands
to be colder than they are
and your pulse to be steady

but sleepy smiles breathe blue light
and you almost kiss my forehead
nearly interlock fingers

before you catch yourself
and lie there against me
it's my fear through you, i know

i've stopped thinking tomorrow
will be the same as always
there is no longer any "same"

this afternoon i saw the words
"you deserve someone who isn't confused
about how they feel about you"

it made me sick to think
that i'm supposed to be sure
about an uncertain sensibility

you're stronger than i expected
a sea foam green breath of air
youthful but so sure

a shape shifting creature, it seems
to them a staccato exhale
towards me, legato and full

an armful of existence.

i recognize it but do not feel
it besides an ache in my core
reminding me that it is unfinished

the end of which

i do not know

but i can taste in the emptiness
of the evening
~i'm so tired of myself
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