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a crafted line or two of these random words
becomes nothing but mere, effortlessly made records
of vague emotions, of untold chaos sitting still inside
maybe so much could still be written as I long for this heaviness to subside

Two young souls sat within the towering grass of an endless field.

They watched an infant universe dance out from a bottle, new life revealed.

As they watched and studied, their minds were filled with questions where the answers became lost in a void.

The boy so curious, he became furious because no answers to the burning questions made him annoyed.

As the patient child gazed in amazement at what they just discovered, the impatient child stood up and over the bottle, his foot hovered.

The patient child jolted upward and screamed a piercing sound
as the impatient child's foot hit the ground.

Under his ****** foot laid the remnants of an early life.

With no remorse, he walked off while the crying child held the shattered pieces in her hand and asked "why can't we have anything nice?".
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
big eyes
of glass windows

at a sea
of emptiness
You can’t touch it-
The pain,
Only wait for it
To get to you
And fill that void
With vengeance.
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TG 4d
I´m feeling broken,
Because I stopped receiving love,
I´m feeling empty,
Because I never got the love I wanted,
I stopped trying,
Cause they never stoppped pretending,
I used to love love,
But now I gave up.
I lost my emptiness to the sea;
wept as a child weeps for a rabbit's torn ear.

We crave a turn
in Egypt.
Tiana 4d
and tho I new it was a lie
I put my arms around him and kissed him
those three empty words dismissed my doubt
my head hissed at my heart
that this stupidity existed
I chose to act blind and tell my self I missed this
but when I wake up to an empty bed I knew you weren’t consistent
I remember in fifth grade
Being shoved to the ground
I recall that empty feeling
But I also echo getting up
Having a sad smile displayed
Every time I was downed
It was just me annealing
With each time I stood up
I always slowly walked away
No matter the foul play
I haven't thought back to any old memories in quite some time,
I just tried so hard to forget this life of mine.
Empire 5d
I can’t seem to distract myself long enough
From the gaping, bleeding hole in my heart
Because I don’t have it in me to make friends
I can’t seem to manage to keep the few I find
So here I am, dreadfully alone again
Wondering how I’m going to hide from that fact
Just a little bit longer
Eva 5d
Is it possible to have absolutely nothing on your mind.
Just staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
while scrunched in bed.
The gentle taps of the rain
would lightly knock on your windowsill.
Your favorite song-
escaping from your earbuds.
And for a moment, you forget about the world
and all your worries.
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