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Lorrin 16m
Empty life echoing in all the empty space.
Empty life of buying things to fill the empty place.
Cram it full and maybe then I can find some joy.
Fill it up with all I want, with every little toy.

Empty words spoken out, meaningless and void.
Empty words and promises are only empty noise.
Fill the void with anything, it never is enough.
It’s always there, hungering, but never filling up.
I was drunk once.
Drunk on love,
drunk on ****.

I was drunk,
warm and full.

You were sober,
cold and empty.
Atlas 1d
Silence traps me in its clutches
Demons crawling up my throat
How I long for deaths soft touches
My lifeboat has sunk and I cannot float

Bored, I am forever bored
And empty is how I feel
At school, I am forever ignored
I don't know how long I can deal

Although my room is silent
My mind continues to reel
My demons are too violent
The scars will never heal
When I sleep at night: It feels like time and space
are seperating and the idea of reality
breaks through my bones, crippling
my very structure. My thoughts are floating
inside the void behind my eyes.
Nothing is around, my brain is empty.
The point is when I sleep:
I do not dream anymore.
I lay still unconscious, unaware
of the things happening around me.
My thoughts flush put of my head.
Leaving nothing but darkness.
I tell myself I'm strong, that I can survive.
My favorite shape is a triangle.
I am Strong
mint 1d
I have felt the weight of so many feelings pile up inside me over the years
The top layer of myself is composed of a loss for words
I fell in love once and back then it was as if the words would never stop flowing out of me
Poem after poem pouring out of my soul about a girl who i ended up falling so completely out of love with
Ever since then i have looked at my notebooks, stray post it notes once equipped for a passionate flurry of words to be smattered onto and then neatly folded into an origami heart  
I’ve looked at them and felt only loss
Falling out of love overtook me as slowly as falling in
Shy moments persistently becoming noticed until i realized that
I wasnt who i used to be when this all began
And honestly?
I dont know who i am anymore
I really don’t
And perhaps that’s why i havent found the words yet
These past few months i have been urging myself to write, write, write,
You know you will want to remember what this is like so write
But i looked inside myself and all i saw was a confusing blob, a living person with questions for organs and i didn’t know what to do
What had become of who i was
And so i pushed writing away
Words that so easily poured from my fingertips, trapped behind a self made dam
I felt silly
I feel silly
How to i begin to describe that i no longer recognize myself
That the image of who i was
A scared angry depressed teenager has been smeared at, scratched away with rough greedy hands
And i am left looking at an empty husk of an adult
A living breathing ‘what could be’
And i am lost
And i dont know
I must really admit, i know nothing- at all.
i havent written a poem in months. I kept stressing and worrying so i decided to just, let my brain do what it wants. And this is wat it did.
Frowning in my sleep,
Eyes too numb to know.
Can’t contain the empty,
Demons start to show.

Happy run on hatred,
Smiles fuels by air.
How do I stop this?
No one is there.

Screams get louder and sharper,
I try to bite my tongue.
But it’s not my own mouth,
Empty fills my lungs.

‘Everyone has a purpose’,
But what am I to them?
Trying to breathe with no air,
Empty on empty again.
My life is running on nothing, empty on empty, again...
I dreamed a sweet dream last night
and for a moment all was right
We were together again
and we kissed in the rain
Your hands were stroking my back
As I was kissing your neck
We were perfectly cut out
in a vision soon to be about
I dreamed a bitter dream last night
We were together again
With all love and pain
Kissing in the rain
Eyes blinked, you out of sight
Eyes open, empty arms in bed
I wish we'd be together instead
I still love you, and seek your touch
DG 2d
Someday you’ll look back
And you’ll see the mess you made
The path you should have took
I hope one day you’ll miss me
I hope it makes you cry
I hope it makes you feel just how you made me feel last night
Please don’t forget I love you
I hope every once in awhile, you’ll keep in touch
Because you’re the only person I have eyes for, and such
I’m stripped down to skin and bones. My heart may be beating, but I’ve stopped feeling. Am I still human without a soul?
You know the feeling
When u thought
You're special
And you have different treatment
Than others
And then find out
You're not
You're just the same
As everyone else
Filling an empty spot
That can be filled by anything
Not just
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