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Andrew 1d
I poured some coffee on the ground

It's now on my feet

I don't want to write this,
but I am
I don't know what to write,
but I am

I sat outside today
and I got bored,
so - I poured some coffee on the ground

I don't know what to make of life
but I am
Samara 2d
walking away-
i lay down my arms
awaiting the cease fire
you never call.

my eyes are open
& it'll never change
yet i still wait

& i'm standing still now
embracing the bullets you
throw my way-
the ones you call good intentions
but they hurt me all the same

is it a thrill how
each passes through me
and leaves an empty space
as they go

you can see through me now
yet i wonder why
you never stop asking
me what's wrong

what's wrong
is that there's nothing
left of me

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
walking out the door, I wish i had
if i'd known that would be the last moment of us to come by

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
I had been a fool
only to leave with a sigh
full of myself
I wish to rid of it-
my skin and all of my wallowing tears
as they fall
with no more than a goodbye

There had been once an empty note
now filled with words...
that had said your goodbye
now read a million times over
now telling me
your goodbye
once heard with a sigh
answered with a cry

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
why does my heart fail so?
my mind in endless distress,
as I wander and drift off into this infinite darkness.

i have moments like this,
dreary dramatic days,
where my mind won't stop racing.

i can't keep this up I've realised.
so how long will this go on?
how far can go broken and in pieces?

i constantly ask myself,
can you commit suicide,
if you fear death?
TW: suicide
im in pain lol

I cannot feel
or reel in the things that i deem to be unreal
There's a blank spot in my heart a pit
that's been teared open and wholly ripped apart

Do not dare falter or stumble in your path
Do not scorn or scoff at this nor dare lay a frown
Do not look down at me
and see as if i am some widowed gal reaching out her hand

I pretend to know where the bird lays it's nest
Pretend to know the flowers are here to stay
but that's a play pretend, i know nothing except the horrors that stay grey and feed all day
I pretend to smile and seem as if i hadn't been bleeding where i lay

Go on with your path,
falter not at the widow least you desire to face it's wrath
Go on,
least you find what's missing then serve your hand,
Good man
The world, so empty
all locked indoors as the virus lingers and refuses to go away
I see the world, so inanimate, so surreal
Slowly fading away

People used to cheer, made jests, and roar
now it's silent and the roads are filled no more
so desolate, one lonely land it is
Everyone locked indoors

cheers to the essential workers who step outside to serve the world another day
cheers to the workers who step outside to serve their family some food on their plate.

In hopes for a better day
I went out to the bookstore the other day, the mall was empty, very little people were seen around.
*sanitise and wear a mask when you decide to step outdoors
FC Azaele May 7
Perhaps death came so soon
for the sun no longer shines and his flowers no longer bloom
the moon..
she no longer shines, too
Dear father!
Where is our moon? Our sun?
Asks the flowers and ocean to the sun and moon,
but it is an empty sky that stares back at them
They mourn
but their cries were heard no more
for the land is empty and the children ceased their games
maybe Fate has started it's own plays
perhaps.. death had came so soon
Joshua Boyd May 6
Coated in moonlight I take in your scent
The taste is sweet but the high is oppressive
My mind is haunted by the hollow embrace of your gaze
Swinging from hit to hit, always unbalanced
Your energy fuels my high and for a moment it all feels real
I want to stay in that feeling, building a log cabin in it’s lakeside shores
But far too soon I will be alone and realize my clock is bleeding
Last night’s residue lingers, the cold air tastes of honey and all at once I feel the need to *****
Struggling to accept my addiction, I say “I need to leave” as I relapse into your body
When you are away I am haunted by your pantomimed withdrawal.
I choke on the loss of productivity
High on you I feel sedentary in a galaxy of movement
Our finale, a supernova of light and lust shatters to drift alone and cold
I leave you behind, feeling a hunger to find a new drug with a different name
Katelyn May 5
I’m stuck in a rut
unable to escape
Full of shallow words
with no rhyme or rhythm
lacking structure
scratching the surface
with no hope of redemption
My words carelessly strewn
leave nothing to the imagination
as deep as a gutter
as full as a strainer
as meaningful as my life
will i ever get out
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