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The ellipse table spins,
around the bottle passes
Six wizened kings
Stooped drunk on their *****

They discussed their forefront
their kingdom's wealth and prosperity
bantering and confronting
small ambiguous disparities

Until one man stood up
wobbled and unbalanced
He died there corrupt
The whole room was silenced
Upon the marble foundation
stood kings of light and dark.
Each towered above their noble men,
each watched from their royal mark.

The queens faced off where they stood,
while the knights mounted their horses.
The bitter players sat on each side
considering their forces.

The bishops were positioned beside the rooks,
the pawns in a line up front.
Up there they would take the attacks,
up there they would take the brunt.

The pieces were arranged in perfect order
the match was about to begin.
The players shook hands, one stone faced
the other with a stretching grin.

The pawns of ivory made their move
while the ebony ones looked on.
And so it went, one piece at a time
until most of them were gone.

There the queens were protecting their kings
before one made a fatal mistake.
With a slash from a knight, the queen was brought down
and it left the king to quiver and quake.

The pieces that were left quickly moved in
and the king was pushed to his knees
His crown fell off and rolled away
to the sounds of his dying pleas.
190 words
No one understands
That kings and queens
Can drown in the same
River of tears as peasants.
On dark & destructive days
I lay there in despair
I'm such a ******* fool
Nothing but a Narcissist's tool

I suffered like a chic in an egg
Couldn't survive & had to beg
I had no shame
I have nothing to blame

Everyone begs one day or the other
Kings beg, Gods beg, Priests & Politicians beg.
We've all begged for something or someone at one time or the other
Dumpit Trumpit sat on a car
Dumpit Trumpit made a great wall

Dumpit Trumpit planted hate
Clashes became everyone's fate

Dumpit Trumpit divided all
Dumpit Trumpit had a great fall

All the king's donkeys and all the king's men
Couldn't elect Dumpit Trumpit again and again
Let's Cherish Childhood
Jenn May 31
The feeling under

your fingertips

was still true.

From sun up

to sun


just as long.

Normality was

a quiet

that you've never known



manual labor,

the smell,

wood and stone.

They didn't know

that kings were, too,


When you imagine

them, remember:

the world was still

in color.
If life was a career then,
We were at our height
From the hallowed high school hallways
To the Hollywood nights.
Acting like it’s our birthright
Called ourselves “mid flight”.
Destination unknown
It never mattered where we landed
Because Saturday night was our own.

Link up at the skate rink,
I see Teresa, I fake wink
There’s some drama starting in the parking lot
But it’s mostly dudes who just talk a lot.
****, we would show off our fashion,
Posted up on the wall for all the see
They all wanted to show love, stand next to you and me.
But that was never our scene.
Yeah, we had different passions.

Aw yeah, picking up girls to be romantic.
They swore they saw through our antics.
We laughed it off, then trashed the mall,
Then drove to the Atlantic.

Aw, the OC waves.
Those were some good days.
Then it happened in a flash.
Your reign ended in a car crash.
Now I’m smokin’, thinking of the ordeal.
I love you, my soul for real.
Jackie G May 26
All Odds were stacked against you from the time of birth.

You carry a power so strong, that some of mankind fears you.

You are hunted down like an animal.

Most consider you as armed and dangerous.

I know that's not the true you.

  The  world only allows you  to be angry or mediocre.
Any other emotion you are then considered as WEAK

You are forced to suppress, while being oppressed.
They have no idea how hard it is to be you.

Even your own family has let you down.

I pray that you rise up Black Man.
Only if they would help you, they'd see your full potential.

Please end the war within yourself- Mentally.
Release yourself from the ******* that the world has placed upon you.

You are Loved

I know its Hard, but forgive and move forward.
Rise up and bring forth CHANGE
The Dark King hides within shadows and fiends;
Injured in a fight the world has never seen.

The White King stands on a pillar cracked;
Proud but wounded begins his final act.

Neither can live while the other survives;
Both Kings fall as the Final Battle arrives.

New dawn comes as the new Kings rise;
Painted in red by the Old Kings demise.
Cox Apr 14
All yellow. All beautiful. All sprung. Blooming.
Yellow mania.
Fields of Kings.
Sunflowers, let’s let Autumn do it’s thing.
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