ashattack Apr 25

statue angels and stone cold kings.
mine their hearts and steal their rings.
turn them into crowns for nobles unbound,
sitting with Arthur at a table so round.

ancient martyrs and modern heroes.
tales of rebellion and battles they go.
fighting horned demons and winged serpents,
with blood on their hands they feel the repentance.

they drink their rum and consume the alcohol,
waiting and watching for the hammer to fall.
yet no news came of the hellish flame,
that was said to burn them all.

Mrs Charming Apr 22

Hair of a thousand silver strings. Her beauty forged from fallen stars. A present from the sky, too precious to be held forever.

On the contrary, your soul so tattered and weak, hungry with lust. The teeth of her ghost drag across your feeble bones, tasting the desire you have for her King.

Shame on you for playing with things that aren't yours, silly girl. Her howl shifts ocean tides and scars the moon. No universe can survive her thunder. Worlds have been slain and devoured by her wisdom alone.

Selfish child, did you think it wise to compete with the Queen? She will crucify you with her elegance. Her beauty will rip your heart out from your fickle body and feed it to the sun.

sunprincess Feb 9


Olé, Olé,  June 14th, 1946 the coming
Of a new born baby boy, aka Donald J.

Ah, a sweet baby with a cherubic smile,  
Born underneath a bright shining Star

The star was glittering all night as three kings
smiled and says upon the day of his birth

  "This lad shall someday be a fine President,
And the greatest ever to walk this earth!"

Donald J. Trump the man is a great president
soon pronounced the greatest president

Ever born, and the greatest You've ever seen
Born in the Big Apple, born in Queens


When Dagobert adorned Franco caves,
Clovis iniquity built a realm portentous?
Ate fruit from olden, -licentious ways…

Portentous realm thus be-stow-ed,
No king in truth but a nave?
Nave only to a Catholic po-et.

Hearken crier old kingdom days,

Oh Franco brave!
Oh Franco brave!

Oh Franco brave!
Oh Franco brave!

In regret of Dagobert's disturb-ed grave.

iamtheavatar Nov 2016

This world is but a graveyard
Of kings and kingdoms
Of philosophers and freemen
Of sacrilegious arrogance

For we live in a vast wasteland
Of prospectors and merchants
Only a few steps from oasis
Battling for a distant mirage

Humans are mere beasts
Like hyenas and lionesses
Fighting for supremacy
In this endless ephemerality

iamthe_avatar ©2016

Thoughts about life.
marïama Sep 2016

In this battle for the freedom of our souls some may think
Maybe I should've let go long ago
From being kings and queens, Chiefs and Pharaohs
To Niggers in the cotton fields
To slaves being whipped and forgotten
We were stolen.
Stripped from our homes and looted of our gold.
Fast forward
Now we are doctors, lawyers, professors
But Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our tears
Our sweat seeps deep into the souls of America
So Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our blood.
Fast forward
"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."
They tell us equality is coming.
That it is here.
Then let you wait holding your breath
Black boy shot and killed for walking down the street
Black boy whipped and beaten for looking master in the eye
Tell me are you still holding your breath?
Still suffocating
Still waiting for the keys to our chains
Fast forward
Black lives matter
All roads torn down, we've paved new paths  
Stripped from our houses so we built homes
Lotted for our gold but we are golden
Black is hard to get rid of, that annoying stain that stays to long
Black is rough and tough
Black is solid in luring ways
Black lives won't matter until we love our own people
Black lives won't. matter. to. them. because you've called that girl a "Hoe or Thot"
Black lives won't matter until we stop the black on black blood splatter
For black lives to matter...
We must empower each other
Standing together the ground will break recognizing he whose tears, sweat and blood upon which it was built
So take one look at our past
Because this will be the last

Andrew T Jul 2016

Control the guns. Or unload on one. Under the hopeless sun. Or control the shooters who stole his future.
Patrol in stupor when the gaping hole is super. Rolling in supras.
Holding and maneuver, round the bend. Good lord, glad I found the pen. But white men found the pen. In there, Black men down and spent. And they're wasting away in the pen. Write a letter to their friends. Either their behind the bars, or drinking in bars, or rhyming these bars. Spit it like I got tobacco juice in my mouth. Another shooting in the south, while I watch from the couch.

Kendrick said we gon be all right. And I'll believe him, when everyone has the same rights. When the white man know wrong from right. But just because you're light in your skin, it doesn't mean you're gone from light. Let this song break fights. Still though, as long as we're nice, you'll still invite us to smoke bongs and pipes.

But when the summer heat scorches the streets and the Porsches, next to the fortress with the smooth grain porches, you will ignore this. Warning shot coming at you, hot enough to light torches. I wake up every day thinking life is gorgeous, but at night I still walk like the tortoise.

No more of this.

Blood spilling on the pavement, now you wonder why I lounge in the basement. They say practice patience. They say keep waiting. They say there's saving. Pop a pill, forget about life, start raving. Po-po after the po, so send Edgar Allen Poe with a raven. Calling us kings, like this Game of Thrones, but this war is ancient. God vs. Satan. Medusa vs. the Maiden. Neo vs. all the agents.

Take hits before I escape to the matrix. Tired of eating fake shit. Make spliffs, out of makeshift wooden ships, that Cuba Gooding Jr. Gripped. Won't take lip, go and save it. Why are they loved and we hated?

Emotion flowing from the mac and the healing potion flowing from the track. Go in the back. Put the slow motion in the stacks, the records from class, tethered in snacks. America's anger is growing in fact, because every one knowing life's back. Shoot the body and throw it in the back. Fiction, or reality? Turn on the television, that has driven your vision to a complacent state of living. And you wonder why we're so forgiving?

But we're never forgetting. This here is armageddon. This is how life be when karma getting to be like, getting to be like, getting to be like fatal. Like Cain did abel. Death, or disabled. Missed the fable, because I kissed the label. Then the bottle, as I went and risked the stable. Now I'm gathering my crew and we're pissed and a holes.

Hear the shot ring from Baton Rouge to Chicago. Thinking about becoming a florist. Foreigner in this land of tourists. Listening to beats from Morris. Joshua hit me up for the chorus. How many black Americans need to die? If it were white people, would you ignore this?

Yusof Asnan Jun 2016

"The king has fallen"

A majestic castle,
A thousand arsenal,
For he just leaves it,
He leaves them all.

A mourning queen,
A king-to-be prince,
One betrothed princess,
One warrior princess,
One prince in the war front,
One prince in the castle fort,
And one prince in the study.
These are what left of the mighty king.

Tis not a story of war,
Tis not a story of romance,
But tis a story of a battle,
Of the mighty king himself,

The Phyton King,
Or so he was called,
Was no match with the Viper king,
And the Cobra king,
Kings that he called brothers,
Have poisoned him;
Slowly killing him.

His kingdom was never on the top,
But it was the most peacefull,
But his rival kings;
Were always trying to topple him.

They can full charge him from front,
Ambush him from the sides,
Sneak in from the back,
But he has never shaken.

For decades,
He stood strong,
He remain unscathed,
But years of defense has weaken him from inside,
He has only hold them in,
With no effort to call for aid.

And that was his killing,
Being silent,
And never fighting back.


~ The king is my father, and I am the prince out in the front.
    I was not there when he fell.
    And I'll still not be there to take care of what's left
    But I will keep fighting, as the war has not end.
Ellentelligence Jun 2016

Sweet child you are a dime
you were created out of him
for he alone couldn't handle this earth
you make it whole

Woman, you fill the earth with life
without you this earth would be dead
your smile is like the dawn of spring
your heart the melodies of heavenly tunes

You were brought up to be submissive
that's how loyalty is brought up
you were given the gift of forgiveness
that's how great queens rule  

That bite of the apple, let it not haunt you
the snake will remind you everyday
just remember who you are and your worth
you are the light of the world
you are queen
you are the last piece of the puzzle
you complete the world

Imagine a world without women. They sacrifice so much to raise up kings and queens. Respect them.

chemicals releasing in the air
24 hour clock
harmful hazardous is what we call them
it's called pollution of sin.

see everybody wants to win
but nobody wants to put in work.
silly black folks, step up your bars
we've come to far.

no more excuses, no more lack.
its time to take our royalty back.
I shall hear no complaints
Kings & Queens where hear
to REIGN !!!!

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