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Ylzm Apr 2020
When love grows cold, we buy and sell
For we rather ******* than despair
—the fighting spirit empowering the Beast—
But love waits, in pain, crying silently unseen
No exchange without the mark of the Beast
Driving to desperation and worship
Those who live by their wits and arms
COVID19 will expose who these are
Ylzm Feb 2020
     hopelessness' necessary delusion, and
     a fierce front confronting unbearable reality;
Darkness' depths,
     a shield from light's searching searing heat, and
Rather a slave
     to one's own wits and strength, than to truth.
Ylzm May 2019
constantly confessing sins
      never knowing forgiveness
like a man with a book
      but unable to read
or a fool hoarding gold
      and dying from hunger

enslaved to the pride of life
       the measure of men
of winning and success
      compelled to boast
the works of one's arms
      flaunting wit, or foolishness

but oblivious to the exposure
      of their nakedness and vulgarity
of pain and confusion
      of faith in their strength and wit
of the Mark of Man
      on their arms and foreheads

believing by strength of will
      what is given and not by works
the soul betraying the flesh
      in double mindedness and hypocrisy
seduced by free will
      but enslaved to another's will

but the further apart,
      the more fervent
to execute the command
      to impose commands
on their neighbours
       when the only command is love

by the measure they measure
      they are measured
for they have become
      the enemy they condemned
and judgement is just
      for evil judges evil
Tori Sep 2018
Looking at you makes me sick, nay, revolted.
Peering in your eyes, I receive a sharp jolt and
Shivers course through me, my wits are abandoned,
I cringe and I writhe and I don't understand
why my good sense packs up and bids me adieu,

It is to my great horror that I've started to love you.
Amaranthine Jun 2017
Free your art
From the object....
Description will be
The subject.....
Object this subject
Subject will object,
Your art.....

Free your vision
From the limits
Grab your attention
On rare wits.....
Holding this object
Close to your eyes,
You shut out the world
& Creativity dies...
Don't let them limit
Your vision....

Free your vision,
Free your art
Fulfill ambition
By best dart.....
Conquer mission
You are smart
Warm wishes
From my heart....
Nadia DeLevea Jun 2014
All throughout History,
It's always been a mystery.
The most unlucky of days,
On this day we change our ways.
Careful what we do,
Careful when we tie our shoe.
Stay in and lock your door,
Don't get up off the floor.
Black cats and spilled salt,
The broken mirror is not my fault!
Avoiding ladders and a sidewalk crack,
Being on guard we do not lack.
Some say it's a day of fun,
Others shiver, hide, and run.
Some say it's black magic that comes out today,
Some say that it's demons here to stay.
Whatever your superstition on this very day,
Everyone's wits will shred and fray.
The day of bad luck comes only so often,
Let's just pray it doesn't lead to a coffin.
Superstition is a way of life. Either you don't care or Friday the 13th is a terrifying day!
                    Friday The 13th™  By Nadia DeLevea

— The End —