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Whisper Yes Aug 25
Am I where I am supposed to be?
Am I on the right path?
Am I serving those I am meant to serve?
Am I loving who I am meant to love?
You think there is a right and wrong child
There is no right or wrong
There is moment by moment alignment
Moment by moment alignment
Feeling in this moment does it feel true
Not oh is there somewhere else I’m meant to be
Someone else I’m meant to be with
Those thoughts takes you away from NOW
Right here, right now is the place
Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be
Commit to each moment
Commit to this place
Love all in
Show up fully and watch as your life becomes an offering
As it becomes what it is meant to become
Meet each moment
Meet the being who is in front of you
And love and laugh and dance
And do all the things that bring you joy
Let go of worrying if you are where you are meant to be
Let go of worrying about am I reading and writing enough
Truth is you love to read and write
It won’t go, it can’t be lost
Even if it’s clouded over for a bit
It cannot be lost
It’s right there
When you can you’ll come to it
Trust the process
Trust it all
Everything that is happening
Everything that has ever happened
And everything that will ever happen
Is in service of the greatest good
It’s bigger than you can comprehend
Trust in that which you cannot see
Ylzm Jun 29
from old unchanging darkly grasped
in story unfolding and the yet untold
but ear strays and heart schemes
the old unheard and story unchanging
M Vogel Jun 2021

To inhabit the space  within
oneself,  to such a degree
that the skin, thins itself out

    in order to leave  room
    for that which is  to occupy--

An indwelling  
of self,  to such a degree
as to stretch the skin
to full capacity..

    leaving no room  
    for ambiguity--

All cells and atoms, within
now  fully occupied,

   fully inhabited

by the most beautiful  
form of indwelling  of all--

   That,  of the self.

She is ghosting me
I ask her why
She says, "Because you're so big."
I don't know what that means
"Whenever you come in,
you fill the room..
there is nowhere for me to go
no shadows for me to hide in
You walk in and they all go away."

Ok.. so why ghost me?

"My silence is the only thing
I have left  to hide in."

In my love for you, my beautiful
that is the service I provide.

.   .   .  
Access into fullness, comes only
by facing the pain--
it is suffered, into.
Grace   buys us time
for to become  able
to  take  Love  in.
Truth  is the green
umbrella-like canopy-covering
that makes possible, growth..
for  all  jungle inhabitants.
Melody Mann Apr 2021
She carries a past painted with murals of adversity,
She treads towards a future adorned with jewels of potential and prosperity,
She upholds responsibilities with dignified clarity,
A consolidation of the contributions of those transcended,
A goddess embodied; who leaves even broken hearts mended,
Her generosity embarks on a triumph unfolding.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Vicki

Time unfolds ...
Your lips were roses.
... petals open, shyly clustering ...
I had dreams
of other seasons.
... ten thousand colors quiver, blossoming.

Night and day ...
Dreams burned within me.
... flowers part themselves, and then they close ...
You were lovely;
I was lonely.
... a ****** yields herself, but no one knows.

Now time goes on ...
I have not seen you.
... within ringed whorls, secrets are exchanged ...
A fire rages;
no one sees it.
... a blossom spreads its flutes to catch the rain.

Seasons flow ...
A dream is dying.
... within parched clusters, life is taking form ...
You were honest;
I was angry.
... petals fling themselves before the storm.

Time is slowing ...
I am older.
... blossoms wither, closing one last time ...
I'd love to see you
and to touch you.
... a flower crumbles, crinkling, worn and dry.

Time contracts ...
I cannot touch you.
... a solitary flower cries for warmth ...
Life goes on as
dreams lose meaning.
... the seeds are scattered, lost within a storm.

Keywords/Tagss: love, roses, petals, unfolding, lips, spring, ******, dreams, time, seasons, storms, summer, drought
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Love Unfolded Like a Flower
by Michael R. Burch

Love unfolded
like a flower;
Pale petals pinked and blushed to see the sky.
I came to know you
and to trust you
in moments lost to springtime slipping by.

Then love burst outward,
leaping skyward,
and untamed blossoms danced against the wind.
All I wanted
was to hold you;
though passion tempted once, we never sinned.

Now love's gay petals
fade and wither,
and winter beckons, whispering a lie.
We were friends,
but friendships end . . .
yes, friendships end and even roses die.

Keywords/Tags: Love, roses, flower, petals, unfolding, blossoms, spring, passion, desire, lust, sin, winter, fade, wither, wind, gay, pink, pinked, blushed, friendships, die, death
Gray Dawson Mar 2020
Help. I am unfolding.
Becoming the vast ******* bin that is my mind.
U n f o l d i n g.

Chased by thoughts, memories, and obsessions that need to be gone.

G O N E. G O N E. G O N E. My logical side has left with my ability to cope.
They were cheating on my poor little brain with
Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Diet Bipolar, and the rest.

M  y     m  i  n  d     i  s     a     m  e  s  s

Every thought the same. Every idea, a mess.

I    a  m    a    w  r  e  c  k

**** me. The waves of icky thoughts stick to me like wet sand.
I have become a tragedy.   U N F O L D I N G

Spinning in thoughts, dancing with death.
I've started to roll the 6 sided die, to determine my fate.
I'm waltzing with death itself. Don't get jealous. But we've kissed once or twice.
Hundreds of notes, notes that go to the fiery flames, when I don't use them.
Boy the book I could've written, with my U N F O L D I N G notes.
Mnamri Dec 2019
We are all
Intersections in infinity

Meeting at the crossroads
Of each unfolding moment.
Whisper Yes Nov 2019
I don't want to be weak
Don't want to be unfair
Don't want to be confusing
To you or to me
I miss you
I want you in my life
Does it have to be this way
Is there a kinder more compassionate way
To stay open to eachother
To keep loving
To keep being there
Being brave enough to stay
And allow an unfolding
A deepening
To keep learning and growing
Relationships can take many forms
It doesn't have to be black and white
I don't believe it has to be all or nothing
I don't want that
Whisper Yes Oct 2019
He was lying on the floor
She was sat on top of him massaging his back
Giving him what she was able to give
Communicating with him in the way she knew how
Running her hands over his body
Feeling his strength
And how much he'd endured
When her hand found its way to his
He grabbed hold of it
Communicating his love and his pain
Holding on so tight
Her fingers encased in his
She could feel it all
Everything said and unsaid
Baby she silently whispered
Wanting to lay down beside him and never leave
For everything else to melt away
For it just to be simple
For it just to be them
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