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The stars will not tell you anything,
if you know not how to read them.
Words on a page will say nothing to you,
if you cannot interpret the language.
The same is how life works.
You cannot expect to understand someone,
if you know not their hardship.
You will never be able to love someone,
without first falling for them.
In a world of instant gratification,
these concepts are hard to grasp,
and therefore rejected.
Because it is easier to ignore the truth.
More convenient.
Less effort required.
These things make an idea more appealing.
When all they really do is limit our ability.
Our ability to think,
anything for ourselves.
The things that we believe extend our freedom,
only serve to slowly diminish it.
It's funny how things happen so slowly that we barely even notice them. Until it's already too late, of course
John Bartholomew Feb 2018
If you are not like me then you will never probably see
The million thoughts I dream of being everyday
A sailor, a wrestler, but never a candlestick maker (ambition people, come on!)

We all think outside the box but end up never breaking out
Tesco’s, stuck on the till, idealist conceptions up on a hill but sat here earning nowt

Its human instinct to better yourself
Flunked GCSE’s, a mortgage to pay but still dreaming of better days

Am I the only one who thinks like this
I work to live, not live to work, the optimist in me always wanting his bliss

Life begins to **** this wanting of a concept
Sorry lads, the time is now, be like them and live with the debts

It’s what you do that counts, that journey from start to finish
Live like a king or slide away and diminish,

A million thoughts

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." -- Herman Melville
"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." -- Chris Grosser
"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -- Winston Churchill
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
the darkness in her eyes
not enough to outshine
the lights that diminish the sky
every inch of skin bathes in fire

the shadow of blood lingers on her hands
desperation can never wash away
lines drawn by ages running deep as time
she knows she'll have to leave
but she'll always stay

not broken
nothing spoken
no words can muffle
her beating heart
no measure of emptiness
can fill up her hollowness
suddenly she knows
she has been taken

her face is so clean
but her roots are all muddy
her past has been mean
future is all ******

the darkness in her veins
pulsing loudly, displays
the humanity
that stands in the way
of her destiny
This one is about Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare's Scottish Play. Please Enjoy my children!
Midnight Rain Mar 2016
He was the flicker
In the flaming fire.
The one that ignites
Really quick in a moment,
But diminishes the
Very next.
In a blink of
An eye,
He comes only
To disappear again.

She was a drop
In the ocean,
Her waves
Forever catching onto
The feet of strangers,
Hoping for the one
That would
Be swept into
Her depth.

He loved her,
He did.
In the little blinks
Of life that he was
Alive, he loved her.

The day came
When the fire was
Close to the
He could feel
Her in the water,
Dancing in the waves.

And in
The moment
Of a  
He jumped
Out of the fire.
A spark
On the sand,
And her waves
Encompassed his entire

Consumed he was,
From the very first
His life gave away
Under her waves.
The only trace of
His existence was
The stream of
That lasted
But just a blink
Of an eye.
What is love, if it does not destroy you first?
Arfah Afaqi Zia Sep 2015
He died ages ago,
She was depressed,
Waiting for her body to be taken away,
He left behind only memories,
Every night she sleeps in his bed,
She can smell his scent in his pillow,
The clothes she wears,
All bear his scent,
He may have left nothing but vague memories,
But his scent diminishes his absence.
while i'm excessively giving
but you remain standing
so i'm slowly fading*

All feelings don't last
Poetria Jul 2015
Up above me;
A cloudless sky
In my hand,
Clouded liquor
In my mind
A clouded mess
That's becoming clearer
With each sip I take...

**Who knew clouds could diminish clouds?
Clouds upon clouds upon clouds...
Ella Gwen Jul 2015
I am sandpaper
longing frictions heat.

To grow both fat and
weary, sloughing
away your skin.

See what is strength
suckered and sickly
is set
to diminish.

But paper handholds,
why so dusty?

You aim for ignorance,
blooded hands to tease
simply tremor.

Yes, each whisper
charms so sweetly,

sweetly rough
against your grain.
nia fox Jan 2015
the water fills her lungs
her lips are now blue
her life is slowly coming to an end
the white lights are coming into view
it's hard to hold on
though hard to let go
when the angel will kiss you
soon you will know
tell me if this is real
tell me if this fake
I knew this day would come
surely this was no mistake
never knew my skin could be so pale
never knew a heart could stop
never thought I'd stop breathing
never thought I'd see my carcass from atop
all life must come to an end
nothing lasts forever
this is now, that was then
who knew death could be so clever?
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