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Belle Oct 5
They say looking down their noses.
She used to be so skinny.
Pretty even, all those moons ago.
Fat, lonely, and ashamed of herself.
Her humanity disappearing with every bite.
No one could love her... not a pig like her.
Tristan Reed Sep 23
and waiting
much too long,
my stomach growling
much too loud
for a belly full of something.
I'd tell you what if I knew,
but I don't.
I imagine if I did,
I'd be sitting around
wasting my time
with that,
instead of sitting around
wasting my time
with this.
An evening calcified under the spotlight.
Cyan Sep 22
We live like
Cartons of milk,
Knowing we have an expiration date
Stamped upon our foreheads.

And yet we sit
Upon our shelves
Waiting to be opened.

And yet we cry out in surprise
When we are poured
Down the drain
Because we have gone sour.
Call it a necklace, noose, lead or leash
that we willfully wear
as under the poke and ****
of societies brand we still let it steer.

Living for Friday Saturday and *Sinday
throwing rain at the clouds
while we let time trickle away wastefully
out the hour Glass.

But when going against the grain
is like running into a sand storm,
we would rather let the days die
like they weren't worth remembering

Like a vapour, memories fade away
In a clumping mass of evaporating
                                                     ­      grey


call me a fool for standing in a sand storm
traping trickling time
in the hour glass
faster than it falls as I make
Many more colorful memories.

Gaze as I turn the dam ocean upside down
Repouring the rain I caught into the clouds
As I burn the tie
fray the noose
   loose the lead
leave the leash round societies neck
And I burn it with my own brand.
Time is valuable, so don't let others and their ideas or expectations steal your time, don't live a nine to five life, each day is a colorful memory to be made.
Jeff Lewis Sep 11
I have a universe
in my pocket... and some
lint. The world
at my fingertips,
all knowledge awaits
and forty two cents
in change rattles next to it.
I have a universe
in my pocket and what...? I
use it to watch cat videos
and trade petty barbs
with fellow trolls under a bridge.
Get up
And **** me

Punishment for wasting

Punishment for dulness


I’m blinded by desire

Blinded by lust

Is my Dream

The only way I’ll take it

Is now and neat

Is repulsive

It makes me shake and gag

Wasting time
Relieves me

Oh **** I got a head rush

Falling from the hit

I feel a sense of dread

Void of struggle

Leads to emptiness

And muddle

I fail to employ this knowledge

And smolder in video games

In YouTube

And *******

Do everyone a favor

I’m insipid and useless

Make it slow and forever

Painful and selfless

******* **** me

I’ve neglected the preciousness of time
Michael Hole Aug 23
All our days are numbered,
and no one knows how many.

One day you look and there's a pound,
the next there's just a penny.

So spare a thought for your loose change,
and how much you have left.

Because the way that life eats up our heartbeats,
is nothing short of theft.
Heavy Hearted Aug 21
I would like you to stay.
Stay where you've always been-
Where I once was. I would like you to stay
With me. And I know that it is wrong and
to even express
How still I long for you to stay- but I cannot bare the bruise
Of another milestone
Whipped at my head
though they're not even mine.

I never thought I would become all that I now am. I never thought I was this capable of hurting myself. I never thought I would be this alone surrounded by all the things I love and understand. I never thought this would happen so early on;
The great distance left bearing only heavier weights.

So I'll take whatever milestones I can
And abuse their theoretical beauty

The sleep

and breaking of my bones-

My last and final duty.
To the girl he is in love with,
Don't let your story be a myth.
He deserves a love beyond it,
for he is a man full of wit.
please don’t waste the guy I never had a chance with.
Pilot through my everything
See what envy has taken
Mold closely the wrongs and rights of trying
And say what you see fit to be accomplished
But never stoop below your own silence
And stigmatized failure as a lost in denial
But corner hope and stay strong
For what has been done
Will be done again.
And even though memories carry debts
Pilot on through everything
Make triumph in what society condemns  
And build the future in acceptance
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