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Deanna 2d
i waste my days
lying in bed
thinking of the guy
i've loved for so long
that i no longer
want to open my heart
to anyone else
JJ Inda 3d
Pale light
shines down
reveals the blank page.
Nothingness; an opporunity
- infinite.
the fool rushed in,
fiddled with some words,
adding up to nothing.
That’s the worst of it;
light wasted
and ink
and paper.
Sarah Ann Nov 8
The years were wasted on you.
You looked down your nose
At every chance to grow, to change.
All that precious time
Sliding off your back, untouched.

You looked down your nose at me
When I told you he was no good -
You said you didn’t care.
You said you’d wait for him anyway.
(The flowers on your end table are wilting.)

Every chance you get
To put down the shovel and climb out,
You just keep digging that hole.
Your friends are running out of ropes.
The ladder was sold for scrap last month.

Time is precious, and I wish
You could understand what that means -
That though you blame him
For wasting the “best years of your life,”
You gave them to him, to do as he wished.

Every kindness slides off your back
Like tears off waterproofed lashes.
At night, when the city sleeps,
And you’re alone with yourself,
Do you ever wonder -
Would they be so kind to me
If I weren’t so **** sad?
This is a little vent about a friend of mine who keeps waiting for a guy she's in love with to love her back. She wastes all her time and energy on him, and she takes the people who do love her for granted.
Darnell is
trash compactor
a general  
to fabricate
thrift in
whiff of
blustery air
but doctoring
his hallowed
fornicate only
compressed tires
into rototiller
with compost
to enrich
their denizens
with commercial
paper here
a contractor with heirs
Sam Hammond Oct 21
A rush of satisfaction is
Anticipation dying.
Happiness is merely just
The spaces between crying.
Sober is a waste of time,
And time, a waste of space.
We are people, sick and twisted,
Due to be replaced.
Love exists to make us ****,
The magic is a lie.
Life is less a conquered journey,
More a tired sigh.
Everything we live for is
A system made by man,
Keeping us distracted through
Our lives entire span.
if you’re reading this then
you already know that:

sleep kills boredom
food kills hunger
**** *** kills pregnancy
technology kills freedom
alcohol kills performance
chaos kills order
work kills living
*** kills time
time kills life

and you’ve wasted your time
when you could’ve been doing
something productive

like ******* in a bottle
and making a profit
off of the little sheep

just like Malort
sushii Sep 28
your hand on my waist
i found my place
looking at your nervous face
don't want you to give me space
don't let our love go to waste
i want you to proceed with haste
darling, you have me and my lace
stop letting your thoughts doubt love's taste
spread out under you like a sweet candy paste
wonder who will win the race
i've fallen into your embrace
i won't become Love's Disgrace
so finish me slowly,

but with utmost haste.
Falling softly, ever green
The wind amid the pines does sing
Tell me now, what is your folly?
Do roots suckle poison
While leaves light the sky
In glorious array
Drink from below
Slowly waste away
Sarah Larsen Sep 22
Crying seems like a waste of time to me
yet I cry all the time
because I am a waste of time
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