This is my youth,
These are the days I am beautiful-
And only for a minute.
What do I do with it?
As most do.
How dreadfully average of me.
Julia Jan 8
why does toothpaste come in tubes?
if you ask me, there are
too many tubes that don’t belong
shall i namE them?
now do You believe mE?
Diana Garcia Jan 5
I’ve been hurt before
1, 2, 3 times maybe more..
Each time a little different,
and more painful than the last.
All caused by the same ghost who
haunts me from my past..
They say the 3rd time is a charm
but I never realized an entity could cause such harm.

As my belly begins to swell
The apparition decided now
is the time to drag me to ****.
My unborn child is innocent, I cried
Spare him and take me
but the man he once was has died
Only his spirit remains
And all the things he eventually became.

What was once warm to the touch
or sweet to the taste.
Is now cold and bitter and wants to lay my soul to waste.
I clench and cry for what grows in my abdomen
as he greets and pays the lonely ferrymen.
I pray to the gods, this can’t be real and if so
Please give me the strength to survive yet another hellish ordeal.
Sarah Dec 2018
It eats me alive to think
i was given this life
and nothing will be made of it

i waste away hating myself
and wait for the day when people say
“What a shame. Think of what could have been...”

The truth is
this world is not made for us all
and some people are destined to be nothing more than background noise
XyL0S Dec 2018
It was so much easier
When I just
wanted it all.
It doesn't seem worth it anymore
Leo Dec 2018
No more screaming, no more voices
In the empty land of wasted stories.
A place of madness and lost faith
But look at it the right way
And it’s astonishingly great.

A null tricky game, planned, well played,
You’d better keep watching before it vanishes anyway.
But perhaps it’s too late, in this blurry night
Maybe too early to see the bright light.

Just a second of hope, a last broken prayer
To remind you in this game, you were a good player.
Cause there are no winners
No losers, no glory
In the not too far land of wasted stories.
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
I poured some time
into a well. just to see
how much the water'd

Another day
Another down
Another pour

But never filled, never flowed.
Why then am I doing this for?
js Nov 2018
I have dreams bigger
than this tired town

A waste of space, and
a waste of

A waste

of dreams to ever
leave it.
Alexis Nov 2018
strolling empty streets
indifferent where they'll lead me
i'll never belong

awake while they sleep
pretend like i don't exist
hidden from drained eyes

small as possible
don't let them catch me breathing
wasting oxygen
i've been feeling like i'm just in the way lately taking up space, even around my friends that say they want me around.
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