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i know
the raven quoth
and croaked
himself horse
for Lady Macbeth
while the crow
is an omen
of doom
or a messenger
carrying secrets
for the gods
if i saw
one of these
blackened birds
in solitude
i doubt
i could tell
which it was
Zywa May 29
The spinal column

of an extinct animal:

staircase on the beach.
"Groeten van Rottumerplaat" ("Greetings from Rottumerplaat", 1971, Jan Wolkers)

Collection "VacantVoid"
it's been used
quite meaninglessly
       three times
in between that
it is simply
a dust trap
in hindsight
it was
a waste

i must
have known
that it would
     if ever
get used
beyond sense
     and reason;
the novelty
behind the idea
any concept
of logic
     or prudence

being able
to say
i own
the same typewriter
as such
a great mind
must mean

even so
         if not
it shall remain
on display
amidst the pages
of my bookshelf
I S A A C Feb 23
I feel the crack of the dead leaves underneath my feet
reminding me I stay wondering around this dead place
once upon a time this was an oasis, once upon a time it was colourful
now it is all dead, storms more violent than the ones in my head
I guess I feel comfortable here, I imagine there's nothing to fear
make friends with the bloodthirsty, prove to myself I am unworthy
of anything better than this bitter taste
deserve anything better than this polluted waste
I swim in the chaos, I dive into the unhealthy
goodness is too overwhelming
Beau Grey Jan 25
Full glass -
Empty glass.
Another full glass -
Another empty glass.
Wash rinse repeat.
Wash rinse repeat.
Wash rinse repeat.

Promised sobriety -
**** sobriety.
A happy dance -
Thou shall not dance.
Thou shall not dance.
Thou should like to dance -
Glass help me dance.

Waste away -
Waist, away.
No food -
Good food.
Another full glass -
Another empty glass.
Wash rinse repeat -
Wash rinse repeat.
Drink dance repeat.

One shot -
Two shot.
You're alone tonight -
I'm with you tonight.
Three shot -
Four shot -
I'm with you tonight -
I'm with you tonight.
You're alone tonight.

Sober tonight -
**** tonight.
No wash rinse repeat -
No drink dance repeat.
You're alone tonight.
You're alone tonight.
You're alone tonight.
You see the writing, the truth in life,
Behind the painting of joy, none can say.
An empty room, a seat wherefore to write
Things that come to mind in full light
Are burnt by the light of the world's day.

You feel like you're going to pop,
Hold on it's quite the same as when you
Were a kid, you're just watching empty
Drama and behold, after all you're just a 'clay mold,'
This is the rest of  your life. Do as you're...

No going back, you see the clock count
The endless hours of one meaningless
Waste of natural beauty as it will someday decay.
This is all that's too come, soon at least they will
Earn a fortune in time, all that's left of the sun
And the stary night 'Ashen Gray.'
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
a deep slated plume
of hatred for those telling
me what not to do
such a mindful waste
Brett Jun 2021
How do we spend the days of our lives? What slice of the pie do we leave,
for our parents eyes? Add the time spent driving,
going to and from. Divide that up and, you get
about three hours every six months with the ones you love.
Imagine that.
                Life’s a laugh track
Like a re-run sitcom that will never get its air back.
That’s why I spin in circles at the square dance.
If the water is wet,
Then I am diving headfirst and swimming laps.
Rivers turn to roads and,
there ain’t no coming back. I slip out a straw and,
Sip the sun.
Inhale and expand my lungs until I float above,
The streets. Here lies the stoop kid,
Who became a balloon on the breeze.
How much time do you spend with the ones you love. Cut off the fat and truly add it up. How many minutes wasted on the faceless. If like is what you make it, I am building a bridge to ensure I can always get to you.
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