Recycle could be the Holy Grail!
The importance of a  garage sale
Alter or adapt for new use
Appreciate it....don't abuse
At home or elsewhere
Evolving care
Reduce the pollution caused by waste.
When you see the result you'll be amazed

JAC May 16

It'll be another one of those conversations
where neither of you really say anything
in all the words that spill from your lips.
Half of you wants to cut them off
Press the knife of your lips to their sentence
and tell warm stories until you cease being a storyteller
without even a word

But half of you wants to just scream to them
that all you're screaming
is poisonous nonsense to validate them
To validate yourself
To insist feebly and unconvincingly
That the time you burned together
wasn't a waste
of the only thing more precious than time:

Time I enjoyed
wasting the time
was the only time I enjoyed
Time I used
timing everything
was the time I wasted

If the Devil dwells
Deep in the Bowels of the Earth,
I think that it would be wiser for Humanity
To Worship the Devil
Than God.
After all,
If God is way up in the Stratospheric Heavens,
He's probably given up on Us on by now,
"Those people screwed up"
"That  beautiful Planet Earth that I give them."
"They need to stop beseeching me for Assistance"
"And straighten out their own Mess."

I have spent much of my love
On people who did not matter
I have wasted most of my time
Believing in a forever after
I have made plenty of mistakes
Hurting the people that cared
I tried fixing my heartaches
But instead I created heartbreaks

I was young, naive and stupid
Seth Milliman Apr 17

What wasted energy of today,
Spent hating on tomorrow.
Life's shortness is exasperating,
You'll never live without sorrow.
This maddening madness,
Of screeching ruckus filled despair.
I've lost my edge,
Yet kept my cool.
The thickness of this hot air,
What blinding rage can produce beauty?
What forked nonsense can make rational appeal?
I'm done with this irrational moment,
A needed silence to congeal.

I drank half as much booze
I saw half as many whores
I used half as many drugs
I wasted half as much money,
But I still had
Just as much hate,
And I remained
Just as dumb.

Daisy Rae Apr 14

let me sip this wine
and go back in time
          to when we were young & free.
running wild
          not much on our minds
         where we could get the next dime
         over each other's bodies
         so they wouldn't see the bruises
         there's more on your mind than drugs
what is this side of you?"
         "it's the side that no one knew
cause life is a blessing
         and we're wasting our youth."

Search of day break far gone
The muted lilac sheet
Tucks the rays away
As i feel the time slip with every sip of my afternoon coffee
Keeping me sane

Time to mend the broken clay
Of the beutiful sculpture, once
Now cracking under pressure and heat the rushing time keeps giving in

Layer by layer damp earth clay splattered on the cracks of distress
Will i mend once this comes to an end?

Recovering from the routine of days full of self disappointment
Wejdan Mar 24

What a bundle of blueness
in the bedding time
My thoughts are rushing insane.

Thank you very much Jim Musics for the help :')
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