Priya 19h
Tired and exhausted, here I sit
Thinking of the things that have changed today.
M Still confused, why it happened to her.
She has lost everything today.  Everything.
Her childish smile, carefree looks, innocent eyes.
It’s lost now.
Her once sparkling eyes are lifeless now,
There she is sitting with a heavy heart,
Like soulless a creature.
Though she has not died physically
But her soul, her purity, her charms, her senses are taken away of her.
She is still pondering what her fault was.
Why that filthy looking creature who she has once considered her uncle
Had touched her.
Why he kissed her like that.
Her once gleaming eyes are now clouded with tears.
Her pride has been shaken.
It seems as if the man’s touch has taken everything that once belonged to her.
She is still wondering why she wasn’t able to react to that man.
Why this was done to her.
She took him to be a father like a figure
And he tried to destroy her pride.
That small girl, who has not turned even sixteen until now
Is surrounded with darkness
Wondering why she was so soft then
Even after knowing whatever is happening is wrong.
She could have called out for help but all she did was,
She sat there mindlessly…….
It wasn’t that she was illiterate a child,
No, she was quite educated a girl.
She had knowledge about the actions that could have been taken.
Yet, she sat there lifelessly….
Angry, no she wasn’t angry
For she knew it was not man’s fault
But it was her fault that she had allowed him so far
She was quite, I guess because she would have been taught to be polite,
To be quite and to behave nicely
For she was born a girl.
She is not suppose to speak out loud
Even if something wrong happens to her
After all she is a girl…..

But yes, indeed some things have changed today
Some emotions took shape in her…some feelings born and some died...
Anger and hate toward men had born
And that small girl of sixteen with gleaming eyes and huge bright smile has died….
She is no more...
The one who replaced her is stronger than ever.
She knows how to speak out loud.
She has learnt that verbally abusing the one
Who is sexually abusing you is better an alternative.
She has learnt to be bold enough to stand against society...
But still emptiness and darkness is there
Somewhere within her
Prevailing continuously
And will keep growing forever…
For her soul has been shattered today……..
I see a creative class...

where there's
no class to teach the past.
No passing kids
for the fact that they remembered all the facts.
No black and white
No stress to fight
the inner bliss of the creative kids.
I wrote this in my college class
Since when was it gross to be verbose
at my high school that was when
verbosity such a monstrosity
when you're not much older than ten

Verbiage in my vernacular was knackering
a total disgrace worth a slap in the face
four letter words a veritable life saver
comprehensively no hiding place

Running the gauntlet of the local ferals
from that other school with a different God
they say we're the weirdos with the statue fixation
transubstantiation's for the odder than odd

I got home at last at least in one piece
but my homework's at the bottom of the canal
with my broken dreams of a literary life
to survive 'til sixteen my only rationale
This relates to the third year of my high school education which was particularly tough.
That's all there is
Life is no more
That This
I'm 51 years old,
But this is still a time in my life
To learn from my Elders.....
Not to teach the Youth.
It's not my time
Be be respected
As an Elder with Wisdom
sans screens Mar 16
In school I was told that I was small,
I was portrayed as a gold fish who lived in a small tank,
Like a small fish who was scared to jump to a larger one,
They failed to notice, fish can’t breath while they jump.

In school I was told that I was lazy,
I was displayed as if I were taking the easier path,
They failed to notice I was an A straight student,
Only I couldn’t be happy in such a squared larger tank.

Two years has passed and I am not lazy, nor small,
The fish has grown, and it is indeed gold,
But it doesn’t jump, it swims and flies,
They failed to notice, we are not made out of a mould.
Innominate Mar 14
Stephen Hawking.

A man who was revered.
A man who was loved.
A man who was looked to for guidance.
All of these things, but most of all,
he showed the youth of the world,
that there is a way.
That you have the ability,
to become whatever you want.

Stephen Hawking had ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease,
for over 55 years.
He died on the same day that I am writing this.
March 14, 2018.

Ever since I was about 12 years old,
I've been more than interested in science.
This got me exposed to Stephen Hawking.

As I got older,
I started to actually understand what he was saying,
rather than just listen to,
pointless words from a pointless device.

The first subject that I could understand well,
was Hawking Radiation.

I won't get into the nitty gritty,
but it has to do with how the energy,
that a black hole absorbs is expelled.

The point in me saying this,
is not because I want you to know about science.
But because I want you to know,
how this singular man,
affected me.


Affects. Me.

I watched the YouTube video that showed me Hawking radiation when I was twelve years old,
I am 16 now and know what it is,
by memory.

I'm not a genius by any means,
but Stephen Hawking,
he gave me the courage to push forward,
to be eager to learn.

You might not know this,
but in the United States,
kids all around the country,
they are discouraged to learn
due to bad grades,
due to bad teachers,
due to bad funding,
they are essentially taught this,
nothing you do will ever be enough.

Stephen Hawking?
He didn't care.

Granted he didn't go to school in the U.S.,
but he was dealing with a different battle.
ALS is a neurodegenerative disease.
This means that even though he is,
one of the smartest people on this planet,
he will be constantly bombarded by a blockade that he can't even see.

This is the same battle in a different form,
that every child in the U.S.,
is facing.


These are all major causes of suicide.

Stephen Hawking gave us the courage to push past our,
to become something better.
Thank you Stephen Hawking for the service you gave to your world. You empower us.
Peter Roads Mar 8
Of higher learning

We place a loose leash of knowing about slender throats
Caught hard in hollows, a not knowing breath
whose taste slipped into my words learned by rote
I wrote them all down then disregarded the terms
to a rattling gasp of old honour under contract
to self interest; a mid-career master of the dead
passing zombie bus stops still chasing the wind
past car parks come too late to a recording of record
bare baited notations pass status updates into the wind
Faith hung from some devils bargain by the late fee
What value has learning when you can’t find a teacher
Willing to work for the purpose of knowledge alone
Better choke it for the economics of high yield returned
To the word caught in this throat, it churns like cinders, last smoking
weft from the building we built just to watch it burn
Jasmine Dec 2017
These low income kids need more motivation
My teachers don’t know the problems we are facing
I am not a rich privledged girl
I am a chicana, raised in the ghetto type of girl

Let me take you inside of my world
Just next to my house is where the gangsters meet
If you say something wrong
They’re quick to leave you dead in the street
Graffiti and gang signs is all you see on the walls
If you take a walk and hear shots
You wouldn’t want to be in deep

Cops can stop you just because they can
People like us, do you really think they give a damn?
My brother is always getting stopped by a white man
They tell him “Put your hands over your head”
Any sudden movement and he is for sure dead

In the night the guns are pulled
Gang enemies coming over
Looking for problems up to no good
The street rules are in place like it would
Gun shots and sirens are playing in the background of my hood

Poverty makes times even more rough
I didn’t get new kicks for Christmas
I guess it’s just my luck
I have faith in God that I will get out of being stuck
I have decided I have had enough...
Mystic Ink Mar 2
Tuition fee: X
Development fee: Y
Security fee: Z

Extra-curricular fee,
probably : V
Fee to kill time,
mandatorily: W

Cost of being good,
“ZERO”, I evaluate.

We pay a handsome waste,
X, Y, Z, V, W
to be nothing.

With a hope,
to be something.
Genre: Beyond Poetry
Theme: Education becoming costlier
Mike M Feb 22
America is great!
So... just to get it straight?
Your right to have and hold a gun.. For fun..
Trumps the rights of all daughters, and sons...
to learn, to play, in a place, that’s safe?

You are not defending freedom,
the only thing that’s freed..
Is Your Greed.

The cash rolls in,
the shooting starts again,
the NRA write... A. Big. Fat. Cheque.
Whilst kids learn to “hit the deck!”?

You want teachers trained as shooters,
Not as tutors.
Inspired by the brave kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. and the inaction of those in power who have the means and responsibility to stop it happening again.
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