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Nyakisa Beth May 10
the fairer *** she is
she is the cradle of humanity
she gives life and its entity
she gives meaning to beauty
graced and enthroned with integrity
she is but nobly planned to comfort
for the very life she gives she is the epitome
nobly planned to command she is "madam"
being a mother has love to the very quantum
she graces us with innocence
she graces us with her benevolence
she cares about our future with prudence
she calmly appreciates our skills with silence
to human life she is the smith
her integrity to the nation is strength
our first days of life in her  warmth
to our gone men and brothers she is seth
agent of national transformation with home setting
all our livelihood in her making
at the mother's knees education is leading
humans to what is good and a good ending
she  gives me command
she is a hero and a legend
Dedication to my mother and  the girls that will be mothers of our nation one day
Thomas Edison once said; "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

When I was younger, my teacher gave an assessment to everyone in the class
It was a simple assessment
But when we turned them in, he gave each and every paper a big red F
And then proceeded to sit down and watch us react as the papers were passed back
He asked us, ‘What do you think F stands for?’
The loudest response was ‘Failure’
And he shook his head hypnotically and told us
‘F does not mean failure like most think, but instead, it means ‘Find Another Way’

Those simple words changed my perspective on the tiny institution known as school
Classrooms have remained the same for decades
But the subjects change, they advance as we make new discoveries
The material we learn today is different from what adults had to learn years ago
I could use a metaphor or personification
Or describe to you the exact chemical formula of KNO3 and what it stands for
I could tell you how biology is important; meiosis and mitosis
I could tell you the first shot of the American Civil War
Or who Alexander the Great and Napoleon were
Sally sells seashells by the seashore
That was an alliteration

Do not let an exam grade or an insignificant letter define your outlook on life
Find another way to earn your A
An A does not stand for awesome or amazing, it instead stands for acceptable
Twain once said; "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
I will not let an exam grade define my future
And you shouldn’t allow it to either
Decide on something that drives you
That motivates and ignites you with passion
Live for being content and happy; instead of successful yet depressed
Because what we take when we leave this world is not our possessions but it is our memories.
This is best as Spoken Word poetry. Enjoy!

Feedback + Comments appreciated!
an owl
with colors
on this
branch with
frequency and
modulus in
bright heights
and a
wingspan in
flight airing
tidal scoop
with nocturne
where in
spring or
fall now
in awe
of love
Words' Worth May 7
His college years were coming to a close
Soon, he became aware of Mrs. Christian
The wife of the headmaster
A German woman with hips luxuriously hanging
Her stomach was slightly loose
But, so were her *******
Yet, she carried them with confidence

He noticed her soon enough
One day, he broke his arm on the field
Mrs. Christian brought to him his meals
Nursed him as she sat on his leg
He could feel his ******* grow
As her *** warmed on the sheets
Yet, such warmth was platonic, still

Sometime later, he stood in the corridor
She asked him to polish his shoes
As he looked down
He caught a glimpse of her cleavage
A pink robe inside, revealing itself
He realized that he had more than a fetish
It was a real fixation
He had become hooked

"You called me, Mrs. Christian."
"Ah. Yes."
"I am aware that the headmaster wished something from me."
"Yes, William."
"Er. You need something."
"Only to inform you, your education is complete."
They turned up the music and waltzed.

Her pink robe, after being removed, was skimpier than he had first thought
Yet, he carefully considered if the tuition included this
He didn't mind her teaching hands too much
As he tried very hard to arouse her purple lips with his hands
Growing impatient, she took her tumescence
And pushed into it, expertly
It was as if the rain had poured for years, unseen by closed eyes

"William. You make me feel."
"Like a woman?"
"No. Just aroused as hell."
"I guess this is ***."
"No. This is art."
"Art is feeling?"
"Touch my heart. You have."
A poem on ****** liberation
Sarah L May 2
You call me bitter.

Yes, I am bitter.

Why wouldn’t I be?

The taste of your

failure on my tongue

burns from how you

taught us that our

creativity tastes of cough

syrup and fear and

that failure tastes of

our very own blood.

You call me restless.

Yes, I am restless.

How couldn’t I be?

I dance to the

exhaustive rhythm of discovering

that I identify with

test scores and not

by the rhythm that

stirred me from my

forceful and deafening education.
I watched an interesting TED talk about America's education system.
Oka Apr 29
I bathed down my screen rays more than the sun
I'm anxious of forgetting attendance
than not understanding ****
I'm not sick due to covid but I'm sick
of times new roman font size 12
Do you know the importance of teachers
That question is a lesson in itself
How do you learn to achieve wealth
Receive a doctorates or even a black belt

There’s a great teacher around
Great with a ball or maybe a wrench
There’s a great teacher around
Preparing great meals or building a fence

Like super heroes from distant planets
That come and save the day
Our heroes from the world of academia
Come and lead the way

Just for what you stand for alone
You should be forever bestowed in favor
Facing the most daunting task of taming & guiding the beast called human nature

Ode to those undervalued teachers
Who make education allure & dapple
You are revered by me and many others
With much love and many apples
The Teachers Dedication is intended to send cheer and appreciation to you and all the teachers around the world. Share it with someone special..!!
Gorba Apr 14
I don’t believe in color and in the fact that the color of one’s skin defines their identity.
I believe in upbringing and education.
I believe in the fact that people are affected by where they grow up and their family.
Being black doesn’t make me behave in a certain way.
Being black just protects my skin and cells a bit better from UV light.
I never noticed anybody becoming someone else because they became tan.
People wouldn’t assume that somebody with brown eyes would act or think differently solely based on that fact.
What I mean is that people should never stop at the color of one’s skin but rather try to dig a bit more and understand the person,
How they think, what they’re made of.
Some people say that being color blind is not enough, that we need to see color in order to make things right.
I don’t believe so and I can explain.
Not seeing color doesn’t mean being oblivious to people’s problems,
Not seeing color means that the color of one person doesn’t matter,
That it’s not what gives them or cost them value,
That their problems should be tackled with the same strength and endurance, regardless of what they look like,
That the only thing that should matter is the situation that person is in.
Correlations can be found between a lot of different parameters.
Showing a correlation is different from showing a cause-effect link.
We should always try to understand the root of a problem
In order to treat the cause of a disease rather than only the symptoms,
Because treating symptoms will never help us get rid of the illness,
Only make it less painful to live with.
I can be black and like hip hop because I like the rhythm.
I can be black and like hip hop because some lyrics resonate with my experience.
I can be black and like hip hop because I like looking at the girls in the video clips.
In which sentence could I have not substituted black by white, brown, or Asian?
Money can have color but poverty doesn’t.
Countries have colors but values don’t.
People have colors but their identity doesn’t.
I am black, a scientist, curious about the world.
I was born in France, but my parents come from Haiti.
I speak French and English but can only understand creole.
I love Haitian dishes but everything else is far from being dull.
I live in a strange country with a society structure that I like.
There’s no big motto like Freedom, equality and fraternity
But there is “jantelagen”.
I am no better than anyone else.    
There is no reason why my voice should be listened to over another.
I am just sharing my opinion on a matter
That is crucial and that I have thought of.
If you want to know me, don’t just look at me, and think you have it all figured out,
Let’s just have a drink, let’s go out!
This is only my point of view. I am not asserting that I hold the truth but this obviously reflects my truth. As I wrote in the poem opinion, I am open to divergent views on the matter. As John Stuart Mill said in "On liberty", "he who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that". I want to sharpen my opinion. Let's discuss!
Carlo C Gomez May 13
It's a small world
for some girls. They live

in shadow
of the Himalayas,
and other assorted mountainous
peaks. They daydream

of being followed
by the camera eye,
adored for the top heavy
weight they carry with
a grinning bounce. They want

to be a cruise ship,
stacked to the deck.
They want to be
fashioned with torpedoes,
a bombshell to
reckon with. And so they lie

on a table
to become a sculpture in plastic
for a renowned
architect. A mad scientist
in his own right,
experimenting with his creations
on fragile psyches, banking

on insecurities,
giving them a deflated hope
that what God didn't
bless them with,
his derangement will.

It's a mind game.

A mantra to "she who sends up gifts":
if you feel as good as you look,
all is well.

There's no harm in that, right?
Let's ask Pandora...
For individuals considering breast augmentation surgery, take note of the following statement from the FDA:

“Breast implants are not lifetime devices; the longer you have your implants, the more likely it will be for you to have them removed.”

Millions of women worldwide have developed symptoms after implantation in the 50 years they have been on the market.

These symptoms have been coined “breast implant illness.” From minor irritations to greater health challenges, research supports that in some individuals, both saline-filled and silicone-filled breast implants can cause significant adverse health effects, leading us to question if breast implants are safe. In addition, implants have been found to increase the risk of certain types of cancer.
That fat, red "F" marked on my paper
Is the sign of utter failure
My heart drops like a broken elevator
How can I tell her?

My mother is a broken record
Her words pierce my heart like a sword
"Another 'F' for a lousy student!"
If only she knew I was prudent...

And of course, my friends
If only I could see through their lens!
They're the Albert Einsteins, the Stephen Hawkings
They look at me as if I am a crab talking

Even before I pick up a calculator or a pen
I know that I am never going to be those wise men
Changing the world with their immense talent
I know who I am, so I remain absent

In a class where I don't belong.
Everyone feels stupid once in a while. Thoughts?
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