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You're named,
And considered,

Your name,
Needs special,
Martin Boško Apr 26
I am done with this life
I am done with this sorrow
Ending the strife
For a better tomorrow
It’s a new day, the one I longed
And as if by a wave of a magic wand
The sorrow is in the past
But I still wonder, how long will it last?
The hurdle was conquered, once and for all
And I can once again be standing tall
Rose glasses are on my eyes
I don’t seem to remember these awful lies
I have whispered to myself at night
For now, I have won the fight
But will I win the war?
I don’t know, let’s see what the future has in store
Written the day I passed my finals and got my degree
Look at us perched again,
anxious dreams set in long gone buildings
where the kids won’t do a thing we ask
and for some reason we’re naked
(except for a mask)

And as my old man says,
the conveyor belt hasn’t so much as slowed
so our wish for a cautious toe to get set
will be whipped from starter to panicked plenary
before we hear the gun crack

Know this, comrades:
the holes in our practice we think show clear
are lost to the fizz and bubble of our charges.
When Monday comes they’ll listen (mostly)
as we carry on regardless.
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!
We’ve all earned our time in the sun
to let tense necks and foreheads unfurl
and remember that even though it’s a bit busted
there is a world

For the love of heck, turn off the laptop
stretch legs and do you
even if it’s tricky to remember
there are plans outside of planning

Your role is essential, even while
fat white men who went to abusive schools
will tell you otherwise

You need your energy to lift the eyes
of those who feel low, forgotten and rotten
so please
Living and experiencing life
depends for a great deal on
where you are born
where you are from
Some people sadly ,
always have
to look at life through
a veil of tears.

Things like poverty, education not only depends on you but also on where you were born!!! So let’s not judge on another
I daily commit to being negatively capable
one might even say it’s the defining spark
of a life spent loving and hating
the art and accountancy
of the modern teacher’s grins and grind

So here’s a mellowly fruitful glass raised
to comrades and fellow sufferers
who dwell in uncertainty and decreasing circles
while those, as sure as idiots
forge ahead
You are a media
A pride of the world
A means to an end
An accurate accessory

The social in the media
It welcomes it's user
An epitome of ideas
Where education takes place

Education is part of socialization
The social media educates it's user
It grants many the ability to know
It serves without delay

The social media is humble
It has accommodated a lot of junks
To produce a Juarez
for jubilance

The social media joins parties together I would have not had poems to gather
Hello poetry has become a father
The social media is indeed the mother

The social media is patient
It has been denied by penitent
But their accusations are pending
Untill they get understanding

Let's develop love for the social media
There is nothing not found in the social media
Reformers need social media
For clarification come to social media
For education come to social media
Education a part of humanity
Graff1980 Jan 11
There is a
hell of a distance,
between acceptance
and resistance
against the persistence
of subliminal criminal messages
with ill intent
to dominate
our unsecured
political establishment.

What a crushing chasm
between thinking
and demanding
results without
any reflection or doubt.

In a world with
**** near unlimited
access to
information we can view
and self-educate,
like most modern
auto didactics do,
expanding our minds
beyond the
romantic renaissance
masters of past times,
it is hard for me
to comprehend
intentional stupidity,
despite the fact
I can plainly see
idiots ruling over
my society.
Maria Mitea Nov 2020
Love your children!
Love your children sincerely
And groom them with Godly love,

Don't punish them
When bread crumbs fall out
Of their mouths
On the polished floor,
Don't put your blame on them,
Do not  use small things
To beat them,
Don't steal their innocence,
And purity of Self,
Don't blame them,

Better pray!
Not for polished floors,
But for their fragile souls,
When they hid and cry
In the upstairs room,
Where the bird stoped
to build its nest,

To find their own  purpose
In the flow of life!
Love your children!

Love sincerely, without disguise
Encourage them with gentle words,
And guide them with good works,
Listen when your children speak!
Then you know what to ask,
Ask, what do they think, what do they want,
Don't impose your adult thoughts on them,
Raise your children in self-respect,
The greatest treasure of life,
Self-respect rests
In listening to your children
Dear Parents,

The child is a human like you

Be a parent with eyes and ears
Don't just think about what
You mean, and judge,
You are not the owner of the child,
You are the guide,

The  children are  humans like you,
They came here not for your will,
Not for you, for them, they know better,
And they feel better than you,
And they see better than you,
And don't laugh and shame them
When they speak the truth
And don't scold them
in front of strangers,
Learn from them too!

Ask them!
Ask them how do they feel,
Be the mirror of clear water,
The water where they can see
The brightness of their faces,
Don't force them to admire you
Only you,
Grow them in a clear light,
Give them love as a parent
And don't look to
See yourself in them,

Do not use the child!
Do not use the child!
To exalt yourself in glory,
Give them love as a parent,

Understand how it feels when you put
Your own expectations in them,
Don't ruin their dreams
With your own desires
Don't ruin their life and search
your dreams to come true,

Understand how do they feel
when you force them to think like you,

Children are the miracle of God,
Pure light in the stream of life,
God entrusted you
Grow them with love,
Let them think for themselves!
Let them be for themselves!
Encourage them to make
small decisions at an early age,
Give them space to practice
Self-being, self-respect,
Life fills them with its calls,
Be present with a hug,
Don't force them  to live your destiny,
As they have their own destiny to fulfill!

Cultivate self-respect!
Let them  fill their own  life
given by the will of God!

Children will lose themselves in us,
Who wants a lost child?
A lost child that will seek
Him/Herself/ Themselves for a lifetime,
No one!
Life doesn't want lost children,
Lost children from their own roots,

The time has come
Be kind to your children!
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