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Wordsmith Oct 5
Blue ink was no friend
Blue ink was the most boring plan
For the trees and hills Suzy ran
When Mama came with a stick in her hand

For months and years Suzy despaired
This forced acquaintance she wished to be spared
This Hulk of a character Mama'd personify
This waste of time, she knew not why

I just wanna be free, Suzy lamented
An uproarious laughter, with which she was greeted
Why do you act all so tormented, said this voice
Without blue ink, you will be mistreated

How do you carve a path of your own
How do you enforce a right you wouldn't have known
How do you right a wrong you don't condone
How do you condone life when left alone

To the books and pages Suzy ran
Devouring much material in the given span
In a solid colour, she saw a world of wonder
In its simple strokes, there was no more to be coaxed

In happiness and despair, Suzy was elevated
In health and sickness, she knew to be liberated
In company and solitude, Suzy was educated
In wealth and poverty, she knew she had profited

Blue ink had granted her the highest of privileges
For to live well, is to live with choice
A coveted privilege, with which we rejoice
I spent so much time studying to get the right answers when, in fact, I should have been learning to ask the right questions..
Ackerrman Sep 26
It takes a very small man
To “Want to punch that girl in the face”,
Or to compare,
A young student to a “Sewer Rat”.

To bully twelve year olds,
Single out young girls,
Transparent fold in time,
Stunted growth.

It takes a small man
To bully children,
It takes a smaller man
To expect respect this way.

“Do yourself a favour
And just shut up”

“Get your head down-

It is like watching a ******
Order 'sewer rats'
To be clean,
Tell the sea to recede.

Your idea of a model student
Is a student who
Already knows
What you are incapable of teaching.
I work in one of the worst school's in the country. Some of the teachers of cowardly, incompetent bullies. But in England, the worst performing schools are given the least amount of funding. In fact, the tiny salary that teachers and support staff are afforded mostly just attracts half-wits who could never earn 20k any other way, I have seen very few members of staff that care about the kids. What is being invested, does not attract professionals, it attracts phonys.
Di Verce Sep 20
Salom / Pax means the peace that comes with the presence of justice. The rule of law.

Peace without justice is merely indifference. It is no peace at all. As stated by Jeezus and Martin Luther King, "heroes" you worship because you enjoy the passive peace they gave you but which they hated.

Educate yourselves.
Were they passive do-nothings who accept everything and stand for nothing?

If the only thing you stand for is standing for nothing and doing whatever you please, you're on the wrong side of eternity, and that ain't love.
Zywa Sep 18
Sometimes thinking is making difficult
what is simple, but uncomfortable
to admit, yet the children are happy
with what their parents explain

for example that they have to learn
to mistrust Evil, which is talking idly
and giving free tickets
that you will suffer for after your life

You know that it isn't true
It isn't even from hearsay
and far from everyone
is thinking about it that way
so, as long as nobody gets serious
you can just do as you please
the older children have found out

What else does Evil
harm than the tender soul
of the adults and the good
they have devised for you?
To be a victim, or an offender –
it is a devilish dilemma
Collection “Secrets & Believers”
Stephen James Sep 18
There's a difference between essays and poetry. "Prose" is a type of poetry. It is distinctly different from an essay. One who writes essays is an "essayist"...NOT a "poet". The majority of you on this site are essayists and not poets. Which is fine, but defeats the purpose of a poetry website. The problem is...most of you don't know you're not actually poets.
98% of you, on this site, need to learn this.
I bolted
this hanger
though steep
as the
cliff to
fly her
planes to
new heights
her hills
of Charlemagne
was renaissance
with the
reign in
just a
freshwater danced
such music
until dawn
I will find you in the shadow of words,
in the hidden signs of silent moments,
in the eloquence of your eyes,
in a tingling in the spine,
in a trembling in the voice,
in a distant memory
be there....
Satvik gupta Aug 28
Why ,

Only The Truth needs evidences to be certified ?

Only The Thoughts of violence to be victorious over a fight !

Only The Money, to get all things right !

Only The Moon, to perceive that it is night!

Only Books, to make your future bright !

Only Girl/Boy, to describe the  love at first sight !

Caste , creed ,colour , to judge over the white !

I ask you why "_"
#hail #
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