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TD Aug 31
“Any news is good news.”
Lies—all lies!

“No news is good news.”
True—all true?
Maaz Aug 31
With the taste of ash on our tongues
and with soot & dust filling our lungs,
We watch on, as we force nature to burn down our Amazon.

With hearts filled with greed & apathy
And with eyes desensitised to the latest catastrophe,
We watch on, nonchalant,
As we burn down our Amazon.

We were told we have years - but in reality we have months.
Months before all hope is gone and we lose our Amazon.
Is it too late?
Ray Dunn Aug 28
facts don’t change
peoples minds.

stories do,
i love writing random poetry fragments during class ****
دema Aug 22
happy news penetrate
through my fading
soul like a wave
washing the
traces off
भेदभाब गर्नेकोपनि
समाचार लेखेर
चेलीबेटी बेच्नेको कथा
समाचार लेखेर
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: जो बोल्छ उही छुच्चो
factual or fake
terse or sensationalist
trying to be as objective as possible
shamelessly partisan and polemic

or simply hate speech
esoteric remedies for all problems
cat videos and personal snapshots
on asocial networks

whether we believe it or not
it is difficult to avoid it
in our great age
of real-time digital information

the abundance of unreliables
is almost legendary    
     like hearsay in the Middle Ages
     when wandering minstrels
     spread the tidings
        more or less

a challenge to all people with brains
not yet oversaturated with daily trivia

to decide what to believe


do follow-ups
Carl D'Souza Aug 10
Do I need wisdom
to understand
how to achieve
my joy and happiness?
Yes I do.

Is my wisdom
my truth
based on the evidence of my experience?
Yes it is.

do I need to discover truth
to achieve wisdom
and joy and happiness?
Yes I do.

Does fake-news
lead me
away from truth,
away from wisdom,
and away from my joy and happiness?
Yes it does!
Headlines filled with heartbreaking news,
Full of fear from seeing all there is to lose.
Innocent people losing their lives every day,
Mind becoming numb, running out of prayers to say.

Leaders of our country not protecting its people,
Stop turning a blind eye to the source of all this evil.
Caring more about guns than the safety of loved ones,
Sick of witnessing what this country has become.

Policies are rejected, the crisis is neglected,
Our right to live remains vastly unprotected.
An issue much bigger than opposing political sides,
The time is now, time to fight for our lives.
Dominique Jul 30
Yank the headlines,
They're just vintage tape disguised;
Force the months to run to you,
Unspool like tired ribbons in your cupped palms.

Be generous with the scissors,
Rip apart the snippets that candy the truth,
Commit glamour-shot genocide to avoid
That little green glint of jealousy in your eye-

It's a useless emotion, and time will fly
Quicker without it nipping your ankles-

But pull them, beat their crawl into a sprint
And if they won't come,
Commission extra strength from the wind

Until you're gurgling ink and it's everywhere,
Political names that mean less to you now
Heaving their last breaths on your fingertips
Like tired wasps drowned in honey.

Pull until Doomsday is splattered across your window
And the fruit is rotting in its bowl
And the frenzied radio is yelling
Like a banshee the slogan
That puts a layer of ice into your liver-

History repeats itself
And the blood runs like a river.
Quinn Adaire Jul 30
Here’s our breaking news:
A church shooting
Bullet holes in pews.

Here it is; news of the day
Down in Texas
A hurricane.

The more I watch
The more my hopes
Like weathered ropes.
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