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Radio news bulletin in the car
the last item read in those mellifluous tones
is about a seven-year-old boy
struck and killed by a car
in a poor suburb of Wellington.

The protocol around the legal and privacy issues
means it’s “no name, no pack drill”,
but he was someone,
someone’s son, grandson
perhaps even great-grandson.
He had probably had siblings,
definitely friends and playmates.

Somewhere in a house with
inadequate winter heating,
where the household income is
constantly under siege
and life never rises above a struggle,
there is a mother and a father
who bear this greatest grief.

 Andrew M. Bell
The poet acknowledges "The Typewriter", the online literary journal in which this poem was first published.
Sophia May 2
Evening news is where they begin with "Good evening."
And then they proceed to tell you why it isn't.
Daivik Apr 28
So today on news
We have

Inflation something something
Some politician said something political
This celebrities dog is a scorpio
"Will the Ukraine war affect Ukraine ?"
Let's just shout now
Inflation something something

Th­at's all for today
Tune in tomorrow for the same old sh*t
Replace hindu-muslim with left vs right if you are american.
Zywa Apr 15
The news, every day:

fires are burning in the streets --

right out of the hearts.
For Valentina 'Madam' Bruno
Frank Zappa Tribute band "2000 Motels"

Song "Trouble Every Day" (1965, The Mothers of Invention; album "Freak Out!", 1966)

Collection "Low gear"
Nigdaw Mar 22
what is worse
a picture of a *****
or a picture of a gun
for some reason
we have it in our heads
a **** is wrong
but somewhere someone
is thinking how cool
it would be to shoot someone
Censorship wants to protect children on the internet from seeing pornographic images, guns war and death are acceptable though, even on the evening news.
Ylzm Mar 21
A mystery you can read and hear:
reading without understanding
and hearing without seeing

The wicked studied and searched diligently
to be on the right side at the right time
only revealing and judging themselves as evil

For without the Prophet's spirit
your interpretation reveals your spirit
oblivious to its grotesque nakedness

Only in private are mysteries explained
as parables were thousands of years ago
for you don't throw pearls to pigs

Then the mystery is as plain as the news
but not as the world count news
even as time is not as the world count time

Infuriatingly frustrating to speak plainly
it's obvious and inescapable as the sun
then your eyes open and you see the blind

Broken, stumbling, falling and crawling
proud of their wits, strength, and unity
I turn to see and touch the face of the sun
I didn't do anything controversial today
Other than hear the news.
I must be an aberration; in the minority.
I didn't shoot my mouth off;
I didn't shoot anyone,
Or invade my neighbour's space.
If I did, I'd be the news.
All I did was write an inconsequential poem
With a pen moving across straight blue lines.
I'll bet Chris Wallace won't read it on the news.
Katie Feb 17
I had a poem ready, a light-hearted ode
To identities I'd rather have,
And lives I'd like to live.
But in hindsight seems insensitive,
Simple references to machines of war,
Turn from what was implied.
Because the inference is the key
And right now such things are taboo,
Not from some self-important sense of justice,
but because of the nightmares we're about to live through.
I can only pray;
Wishing this isn't what we are.
Northern Poet Jan 20
London is dead
And the streets are on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

He's had one too many chips
And stuck his hands in the fryer
Cheese, wine and BYOB
But a party wasn't his desire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

A Tory boy at heart
Doesn't know the cost of bread
...For a start
Lying has become
His favourite art
Funds his chums with millions
They only eat a le carte
While the working class struggle
On a horse and cart
Outside Downing Street
You can hear the choir
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Full of lies and deceit
Tory voters should have kept a receipt
In the House of Commons
How the **** does this man have a seat?
A once proud nation
Now knocked off our feet
In Trafalgar Square
You can hear the Town Crier
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Higher income tax
No money back
No guarantee
Trying to get rid of the BBC
The Tories even had to apologise
To the ******* Queen
This situation is beyond belief
The screams are getting higher and higher
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

No respect for the NHS
This country's in a ******* mess
Ran by monkeys
Who can't even dress
Led by a *****
Who we all deteste
It's time for this muppet to retire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Brexit was his plan
And Grenfell was neglected  
The pandemic sent this place
******* hectic
Someone please get this clown ejected
London's burning
And the city's on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar
Anais Vionet Jan 4
Lisa and I got our emails the same day.
She read hers first. She made a small
sighing sound, the faintest of protests.
Then broke the news, with a scowl,
“They’re moving classes online “temporarily.”

I don’t want to talk about Corona any more
- I want to scream about it. Maybe we’ll
graduate, in three years, without knowing
what most of our classmates look like -
​​antithetical to university “networking”.

I’m lucky, I know - I’m only inconvenienced.
I roam, safely, indoors, impatiently untouched by
adult, real world concerns, like jobs and money.
So I’ll keep my head up and smile like those
glamorous, happy girls in ****** commercials.
ch#66 BLT word of the day “antithetical”
antithetical: the exact opposite
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