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all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
"It's a hopeless case", the reporter said,
a fuzzy picture of 80, 'dead',
flashes up upon the screen,
enough to make the viewer scream.

"Be careful, take caution, with where you tread"
the panic follows most to bed,
my chest is heavy, my knees are weak,
when it falls apart, what should we seek?

You can't put a mask upon my head,
while sanity's hanging By a Thread,
in the end, when falls apart,
God will alter any heart.
It does not matter how much fear is propagated. We have all been given the chance to follow our spirits, our divinity. I have overcome miles from where my heart was.. always aching, stricken with fear and panic. If I can change it, anybody can. We all can. I've been given that strength from the Source, the Creator, the God we all carry a molecule of within us. I am grateful, and would never forget.
Science and technology are great, but do not let them lead you astray. Life could be the perfect balance between the two. Unfortunately, greed is being worked out of the universal system at this time. It will be trying, and exhausting; say no to vaccines and microchips; say yes to knowledge, conscious thinking, and God.
My heart is heavy and
I can't breath.
Home feels like a prison
Without the bars.
Nine weeks of lockdown
Is finally getting to me.
My mind is fragile.
Walking in dreams.
Escaping this jaded reality.
The news pushes Bill gates
Dangerous vaccine.
Listening to my family agruing
Over 5G and of this virus is real is or not.
While I am just trying to keep my
Head above the water, and keep the wolf away from the door.
Turning off the news because I really
Don't want to hear it anymore.
All I know is this thing is pulling my family apart day by day.
I wrote this because my family are so divided by this virus and this poem came
From an argument between my brother and sister my brother thinks China is innocent and my little sister is against Bill Gates and trump its a mad time within my family.
Did anyone see the weekly
News this morning my Poetry was on it and read out on live air.
David P Carroll
David P Carroll your poem was published in the Herald Paper today thank you very much David P Carroll for your support and love and heart touching poem it touched our hearts especially the child suffering from cancer and Coronavirus and all the dead people from Coronavirus disease in Ireland and UK and the world.
News David P Carroll
I have been able to see first hand,
the ability of distractions.
They have so much power, you think you are alive and yet you realize one day you don't know what happen.
Whether in relationships with false happiness,
where you're feeding off the happiness of attention.
Whether in work, 40 hours a week no time to think,
and the other time is for sleep still not enough time in the week.
To realize that you have let your self die,
and something else take over,
that you haven't been living, just wasting.
Distractions can **** you,
trust me I'm dead on the inside.
I hope there's a way to come back,
I need a way to come back,
slowing down is one,
writing is another.
Distractions can ****,
just like illness,
slow down during this time,
and feel your self and the power of being alive.
Every day I wake to sad news
Some days I just wish I do not!
Kanishka May 8
What if my thoughts are not mine?
What if I do things without insight?
My mind is fractured by the world we live in,
And the breach is used to steal and replace
what lies inside my brain.
No memory is safe, no plan unstained.
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