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Shofi Ahmed Sep 2022
Then the arch painter
up in the blue yonder
stirs the sea of colour
posing in style
and into the magic
shreds some daylight.

Then I don't know
if you were walking
by a brook or a river.
You would just tune in
Perhaps like the sweet
singer Hebrew King David
the water nymph is humming.

Then the narrative resonates
it's never gone with the wind.
The bird tweet and sing
in the grove and everyone's streets.

Then I was watching BBC
a black and white screen
the beloved monarch died
Britain is mourning.

Then amidst the melancholy
I heard chirpings  
Queen Elizabeth's English speaking!
Omarcito Jul 2021
Give someone a joint.
Watch them glow.
Watch the squirrel run down the birch wood tree.

Congruency in lives,
It’s complexity is unmatched like
The Mighty Leaf
The Hungry Giraffe,
Who’s David?

Nikkie Jan 2021
That night was intense
When you kissed me it was on
I felt your love bomb.
Gareth David Dec 2020
For weeks and weeks I've viewed this site
Hoping that some day it might
Produce good verse instead of *****
But now I know this hope is vain
And I'll not pass this way again
and to my mind this site should be
Not 'Hello' but 'Crap' Poetry.
Bolaji Temilola Oct 2020
Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes and now I saw the big surprise
"Cause there was a time
All I did was wish
And now I know it was love

Although it's not the way I hope
Or how I felt,
Somehow it fells lust,
But now we're standing face to face
It's in this world
A crazy place

And when I thought my chance to be loved has passed
You came and save the best of times.
All of the night you sent your words
When depression comes upon me.

I wonder how you know my feeling
Because your words always heal my depression
And build up my hope so high

It's not the way I want it how I felt
Somehow it is love
And now we're standing face to face
Is it in this world, my love, David P Carroll
Because just when I thought my chance has passed
You came and safe the best for the lifetime.
I love you 🌹❤️
Bolaji Temilola Oct 2020

Cocooning away with my
Lover David P Carroll today
Falling in love with him feels so beautiful every day,

It's like climbing a mountain
Once your at the top you truly
See it's beauty between you and me,

Together in love we'll be with the Lord's
Blessings shining upon us
Every day we thank him and
Pray to him for our happiness and joy we share together every night,

So just listen to my heart
Every day it's beating
I love you I could never love Another man darling
As much as I truly love you.
My Name is Shepard: When King David was very old, he could not keep warm

ancient kings grow aged, time offeres no exemptions,
hard life body, worn from glory, battle hoary, many women,
his story was not an allegory, it was allegorical story retold,
a poet loved the lord, sunk to sin, pride, yet, always asking why,
for all kings have boundaries, limits, even offenses unforgivable.

his psalms depleted, his eyes rapid failing, and the warmth
gone missing was not from his body, that but a side casualty,
his eyes were to mountains cast, wondering whence will come.
a warmth needed live forever, knowing full well no such power
exists except his Lord’s lasting embrace, their joint, last verse.


My name is David, born a shepard boy, dying a king, a human saved
by the hand of the Lord from the paw of the lion and jaws of the bear,
gave courageous trust to slay a Philistine giant, the greatest gift?

To pen powerful words that long outlived my actions and misdeeds,
a gift transferred to you and you, a certain knowledge that truthful
writs, will be your everlasting scrip and scripture, a name well recalled, poems of praise, songs of lament and sorrow, lyrics of wisdom, even those of mistakes, errors of sin, asking for wisdom for the greatest bravery, to ask, and greater still, to give forgiveness.

the warmth I seek will arrive at last, as the watchmen recite my poems by candlelight to me, as I ascend to meet my maker, the candle giving both heat and light for this is the dual nature of human life, this balance striven to leave our ledger level, letting our history be an honest reflection of we we were, who we hoped to be, and the record giving the warmth of our human truths long lasting.

When a Jew dies, a watch is kept over the body and tehillim (Psalms) are recited constantly by sun or candlelight, until the burial service. Historically, this watch would be carried out by the immediate family, usually in shifts, or the Burial Society.  When my father passed on the sabbath, in the hospital, my job was to guard, watch over his body, till night fell, and the Sabbath ended, so the body
could be moved.

“When King David was very old, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him. So his attendants said to him, ‘Let us look for a young ****** to serve the king and take care of him. She can lie beside him so that our lord the king may keep warm.’ Then they searched throughout Israel for a beautiful young woman and found Abishag, a Shunammite, and brought her to the king. The woman was very beautiful; she took care of the king and waited on him, but the king had no ****** relations with her” (1 Kings 1:1–4)
Andrew Rueter Jun 2020
You’re a disembodied voice
only appearing in mirrors
like the Candyman.
Sometimes I look into the mirror
and say your name three times
then finish jerking off.
july hearne May 2020
a state of standstill is a state of decline
an excess of sediment, an ineffective wine

i only hear that defining moment of time
in the less and less frequent creaking of the keys
the same old letters sadly clack

but can't ever get it back
heart's not in it
can't stay ******
overreactions come to attack

an embarrassing pervert that you already *****
every hour since a desperate hour
wolf crying wolf every five seconds
where the collective cower

****** is always his death name
dont wear it out
wear it where the collective cower

every hour since a desperate hour
hands in the pockets
of that dress with pockets

calling out his death name
when the coming time comes

wolf hands caught in the pockets
of that dress with the pockets
David P Carroll May 2020
My Poem Will Be In The News In Several Asian Countries Tomorrow.

Thank you all very much God bless stay safe
Peace And Love.
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