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Tegan Jun 2
Summer is soft and sticky.
An ode to the ocean,
Where you drowned at 13
And now I skim the surface
Pretending I'm not treading
Your grave.
Girls & boys play.
I can hear boat engines
Under the water and they're
Humming your name.
I'm glad the salt stings,
I wish the tide could grab,
But the sun,
Oh the villain if there was one,
Warms me too much
To stay long
Welcome back to sad summer poems
War zone in my brain,
Nothins really the same,
Exepct my heart that’s same,
But my brains not the same,
Sufferin depresseion that I cannot tame,
Losing my mind it feels like everyday,
Drowing in thoughts and my hate,
Gonna have to break the gate ,
The gate of gratification and grace ,

Leave my devil to the grave,
But my devils immortal hes lurkin,
Every corner every crack ready to break out,
Sick of bein called a disappointment and a clown,
Bout to rain havic on this little ******  town,
But calmdown and open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
Im my devils,
Forced to do his transactions and his deals,

But its hard to open grace when ur a disgrace,
A outcast from myself and life,
Used to be a angel but now im fallin from  grace,
Fallin from grace from this race of pain and change,
Hasn’t been the same since 6th grade,
Alawys bullied pushed and pulled,
But there so much u can pull a anchor by a rope,
Before the rope breaks and the anchor stops,
Like that anchor and my gratification stopped,
And lost my grace,

Open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
I will never escape this race of anxiety and change…
The grooves of a grave.
The gruesome gurgle of the ground.
Green masks my grotesque face.
Saggy skin, abandoned by life.
A soul's vacant shell,
under newly upturned soil.
Raven Feels May 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, we can feel people without knowing them too:)

angel nested in heaven

made earth feel like hells of seven

marked some scars in place of tears

maybe not in my right to dear

more for the blood is in the own

but swear my love will be tamed on her stone

Grey Rose Apr 8
Strange Skeleton Knight
Why do you fight?

You're so fragile
Yet you take on my burdens without being asked
Why must you be so eager to die on my behalf?

Don't you deserve to live too?

Mr Skeleton Knight
Why don’t you cry?

You never make a sound
Yet your sadness echoes deafeningly
Do your bones not feel cold out in the dark?
Does not being able to shed tears make you unable to release your sadness?

Can I cry on your behalf?

Sir Skeleton Knight
What did you do with your heart?

Did you tear it out to stop yourself from feeling?
Did you give it away along with the rest of yourself?
Even someone without flesh and organs shouldn't look so empty inside
Why can't you get your heart back?

Can I give you mine instead?

Noble Skeleton Knight
Do you like the grave I've dug you?

I'm glad that you haven't buried yourself yet
But I'm sure you don't feel the same way
Then why don’t you let your soul rest?
Wouldn't the warm dirt hug you more than anyone else has?

I don’t think I can help you anymore.

Beloved Skeleton Knight
I’ve killed myself

I hope you don't think that your existence was a tragedy
Though in the end I never managed to make you feel alive even once
I’ve told them to bury me next to your grave
Promise me that you'll stay at my side
Atleast now we can be cold and empty together.

Why do you still look so sad?
Ali Hilout Mar 25
I am veiled. I am an insomniac.
I am a lot of raindrops on window glass.
I am the treasure that is hidden in dunes.
I am the screeching winds on dreary nights.
I am the blossoming trees on a warm spring.
I am your welcoming sight on a starry night.
Do not stand at my final resting place and shed bitter tears.
I am far away. I did not fall asleep.
tia Mar 21
one day ill lay beneath the flowers
my soul blossoming outwards,
only to be compressed by the soil.
once more rejected, failing to love...
poor little me, won't know what else to do..!
but tear into themselves,
crying for all of eternity...
but they say that tragedy is a beauty,
which is why the flowers blossom
over my pitiful grave.
and isn't it funny...?
laughable almost,
to be the source of your own misery
Roman Mar 10
Gathering Gifts
For a Goner's grave
For his parting breath
For his one and only death

Throw them in the pit
Where he is
Where he took his life
Where he jumped right in

And Letters

Everything he owned
Everything he cherished
In that hell hole it shall go
In that fiery pit

"Fire? But it's just dirt in there."
Yes, it is just filth and grime
But not until we commit a crime
Strike a match and make this grave

March, 2021
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