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Two years ago
I mistook the fresh soil
you poured down my throat
for butterflies.
I happily realized
flowers now infest my lungs,
in the same ****** place
where you carefully dug yourself
a grave.
Lovely Sep 20
My feet are on the ground, I swear.
But I'm not moving anywhere.
My lungs say that I'm breathing.
But when did my heart stop beating?
I don't know who I am.
Or who I used to be before.
I broke me in a thousand pieces.
Now someome tell me, how am I to fix this?
I can't try and help me because I know,
Only time can heal but it's running out.
Tell me how to feel.
How to feel okay.
Someone tell me how
Because I don't know how.
I've been feeling pretty low.
Ever since the day I dug my heart's grave.
I've been feeling pretty low.
My empty heart is bruised.
Broke down my walls for him.
And though I'm six feet under, my anxiety is taking over.
Noone can try and help me because I know.
Only time can heal but it ran out.
Tell me how to feel.
How to feel okay.
Someone tell me how.
Because I don't know how.
I've been feeling pretty low.
Ever since the day I dug my heart's grave.
I've been feeling pretty low.
Although I'm six feet under, my anxiety is taking over.
Kale Sep 16
The sickly taste
Trickles down my raspy
Waiting to burn the thoughts
Of the conscious
And birth the child
Of uncontrollable antics
Wondering where
The people that said
They loved me
Are laid to sleep
In their earthly home
Or if the new ones
Say it so boldly
Would like to join
Them in the holy
Day Sep 16
Let's be buried in our favorite cuddle position,
you can be my little spoon.
We'll find the best spot for our decomposition
with a perfect view of the moon.

Sometimes, I am scared of the close
of this happy life with you.
But, our souls will start again I suppose
a story all anew.
Poetic T Sep 8
Come for me,

          but let it be a mortal wound..

For if I breath a breath...

Know that yours is a hastily
                     kept moment.

And obituarises aren't in
                      the vocabulary


shallow graves.
The Funeral of Daniel Adams

We gather today,
Under granite sky,
To mourn and pray,
To celebrate and cry,

Daniel was a haunted soul,
Who loved his friends and kin,
Weight of the worlds toll,
Who bottled it all within,

An keen eye for art,
For beauty, music and life,
A large, giving heart,
Watercolored with strife,

Last time we spoke,
He promised he was okay,
Even ended on a joke,
Thinking it a good end to the day,

Daniel thought everyone was lying,
Wanted him around to use and pity,
Inside he was crying,
Hours, absently cruising the city,

Always answered his phone,
Any hour of the night,
Forgiving, but not one to condone,
Always had my back in a fight,

In the end,
He never sought care,
Only others he’d defend,
His plain truth, life isn’t fair,

Given this world a lot of good,
Even lost, he was there,
Lost in would’ve and should,
A dreamer, one to dare,

He dreamt of peace,
Of distant shores and bays,
His demons shackled, no cease,
Screaming at them in empty hallways,

I wish he sought someone out,
Reach out, when he was drowning,
Backup in his mental bout,
Before dark thought started crowning,

I would’ve listened,
If you needed aid, or to cry,
Now our eyes glisten,
You didn’t have to die,

You left a hole,
On my phone but not here,
Not just your own time stole,
Leaving us sorrow and a tear,

Celebrate your life, weep your death,
I wish you decided not to leave,
Shaking under my breath,
We love and grieve,

Just another year...
Instead we sing your song,
Thinking you’d always be near,
We’re confused, scared, hurt, we were wrong,

You were a good son,
A good brother,
Quick with a joke or pun,
Preaching peace among one another,

But drowned in his demons screams,
Droning out the song he sung,
Haunted in fever dreams,
When he turned his own gun,

Daniel, you know me,
I don’t easily rattle,
Just can’t believe I didn’t see,
Grieving you lost your battle,

We’ll always have your memory set,
Venting, emotions to release,
Know we’ll never forget,
Wherever you are, find your peace,
I want to be buried
Next to the unmarked grave
In my town's small cemetery
Next to the football stadium
The grave that nobody notices
The grave I sat beside
So many times
The grave I collected flowers for
Not a beautiful bouquet
Bought at a shop
But fallen blossoms
Pale and delicate
That littered the ground
Beneath the flowering trees
I wiped away the moss
And the wind caked dirt
To reveal the slab of stone
The grave that only read
It's an interesting one. I'm still not entirely sure why I do it in the first place.
ghazal Aug 21
It’s that time of the year again-
I feel lost.
With hesitation on my wrists my lips begin to defrost.
July 4th.
The anniversary of when you left me.
Three years later and I still miss you dearly.
Took me too long to realize I was never your love-
It was just my turn.

And just like digging a grave for my favorite tree,
It might’ve been useless but i needed it.
B D Caissie Aug 21
Tiny flower all alone, grows before an unmarked stone. Fallen soldier with no name, because of this no one came.

Tiny flower how you’ve grown, spread before this unmarked stone. Fallen pedals in lieu of tears, each one denotes a passing year.

Tiny flowers surround this stone, the only spot that you have grown. People stop to ponder why, overwhelmed by grief they begin to cry.

Tiny flower thanks to you, this stone is marked with the sight of you. Fallen soldier rest in peace, for your forgotten years have finally ceased.
Ankita Gupta Aug 17
Peeking in, sitting by the half dug hole in the ground
Finding worms in the sand as if a can got open
I stare into the nothingness of this roots like labyrinth
Shovel resting on the side nudges to be put to use
Wait, hold on a little, while I decide to plant a seed or dig a grave
It would be a birth nonetheless, only followed by death
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