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Sharkie 5d
Talking to you is like talking to a grave
Part of me thinks it means something
Part of me knows what was there is gone
And that as much as I beg and plead
What I loved
Will not return

But your grave I cannot mourn
For I am the one who killed you
I watched your light leave you
And took it for my own

But you forgave me
I buried you alive
I let you rot
And you forgave me

What am I to say to a grave?
Do I apologize?
Though you’re already gone
I know this is better for you
But I want to keep you as my own

I didn’t have much before
You were my prize
My light
I loved you
And I killed you.
mae Dec 3
Far away from today,
There is something vital I must say
Your life meant ******* dirt to me
6ft under was your destiny.
A dark beauty,
Emerging from the mist,
His eyes like coffee,
His lips yearning for touch,
Behind him,
The cloudy moon glows,
His eyes,
Piercing eyes,
In the cold,
Misty night,
“Dark beauty, dark beauty!” I call.
“what are you searching for?”  
“Love.” He says
His voice smooth and calming.
“Love like no other.”
The grave yard slowly decaying around him,
His ghostly white skin stands out in the cold dark night,
His eyes stare into mine,
Soulful eyes,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night,
He steps towards me,
His smooth motions,
Give me an alluring desire,
His hand holds mine,
Gentle hands,
His eyes calming,
Calming eyes,
And ghostly skin,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night.
for my love,
my sweet
rylander Nov 28
The King is dead,
And a queen holds an odd flower,
Now the game will begin
Within the next hour;
Some spades are played
To dig a grave,
The hearts decide to pretend
To act silly but smart,
All clubs follow behind
While looking quite smug,
And all the diamonds
Sound their sirens.
it's all just a game
Maxim Keyfman Nov 17
autumn rain autumn
somewhere on the streets somewhere
on the pavement somewhere on the arches
both in squares and near monuments
and near the boulevards and near the square

and what is that I see again
and I see the grave fog again
really again again is he
it comes it's about autumn rain again
swims like a fish that was yesterday

A gravekeeper by trade
burying the dead to stay alive
with a green thumb and *****
the unused earth oh how it strives!

Fat tubers and roots
green leaves with red veins
small vines sprouting fruits
even a small section for grains

The gravekeeper never goes hungry
his family never starves
he loves living in the country
and his plot of earth that he carves

One day two fresh dead
and a rat, maybe two scampered by
soon a sickness to be widespread
day by day how that multiplied!

More bodies into the earth
how did his garden shrink
he was crying and crying
this gravekeeper didn't know what to think!

Should he be happy for business
should he be sad for the loss
is he crying for his vegetables
or is he crying for the bodies that are tossed

Little by little did the green become stone
his loved ones feast on a diet of worms
now he, a lonely gardener of bones
sits and watches as his world burns
I sat along the golden leaves of chinars
Autumn working like a zinner....
The nest lay unlatched ,
The stars above uncatched..
The spectre of winter embezzle every Hope of spring...
The snow puffs primed to Hug the buttercups .....
The Heart ablazed with the thoughts of death,
When the spring accompanying Autumn !!!!
When I "ll be laid in the bottom ....
At the end we r going there
Can you sense me dear?

Taste how bitter I’ve become?

Hear our old arguments playing in my head?

See me rolling in my grave with every step you take?

Smell the corpse of our feelings rotting?

Feel my eyes burning the back of your neck?

I truly hope you can.

Feel the pain I’ve become numb to.
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