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Phia Oct 2023
Dear fierce,
and little warrior.
The battle you are fighting
will not be won overnight
and your sword is so heavy.
You deserve to put it down;
you deserve to rest.
I wrote this for my friend, but really it's for everyone. It's to people who are fighting their own battles. Who are way harder on themselves than they should be. It's for the people who need to know that it's okay to take some time, it's okay to rest.
leeaaun Dec 2022
she was a princess
who desired for a sword and horse
not a prince
who could fight her battles
when she got the
crown on her head
and same power
Descovia Jul 2022
The time will come
Where my words will
forever remain as unforbidden memories
Left by those that remember
me from our legacy in creation.
Wielding the pen is a concept
a complex human as myself
will never achieve the skill-set to master.
It's a calling for me to wield justice and harmony
My time to equip the sword, will be my destiny soon.
I'm not afraid of the battle ahead.
I have slayed demons stronger than my own
Fought against my alter ego and argued with my conscious for answers
Witnessed guardian angels endure tragic falls.

The pen is mightier than the sword
The sword completes the point and cuts down the objective differently
I am not afraid to die protecting the world I love
It's all a cost for new age peace & awakening on the other side
I will not continue a cycle of hatred!
_ I love every part of you and it's worth fighting for_
I appreciate all of you for pushing me.
Motivating me. Inspiring me. Completing me.
In every imaginable way to be the best of me.
A stronger father. Advanced writer. A healer amongst all souls.
Odd Odyssey Poet Jul 2022
—an echo sword cuts through the sounds,
time is made of glass. Fragile as the brokenness
in pass.

—a dagger tilt into the chest. The very part,
where all sores dawn. Rising until you see
the pain appearing as heavy breathe.

—sheath; putting away sharp ends of past hurt.
Piercing deeply as longing to be free. The battle
is plenty, as the many who feel so alone.
You aren't the first!

In these blade works, working hard to survive,
on the killing of time. To bat an eye; swinging on
the looks of acting out of pride.

—it cuts anyone deeply, fighting to survive,
fighting in the many struggles of this LIFE.

Is it to hold a knife in defence, or attack,
the question of every human being.
Ylzm Mar 2022
in a land where four languages are official
a church was named only in three; for the fourth
is the language of a weak and fragile faith
whose edicts are above the law of the land,
and whereof knowing a church's name is temptation
and the tempter the sinner and the tempted sinless;
a rock is evil for stumbling the weak,
and if truth offends the truthsayer dies,
and the thief blameless for the rich flaunts his gold;
thus protected by an unsheathed ****** sword
a faith strengthened with every tempter's death
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
In a world where power is the ultimate reward, remember: you can be just as effective
with a shield as you can with a sword
I S A A C Jan 2022
I re-read the thoughts that used to plague me inside
it still hurts to see those words strung into those sentences
I can still feel the depression, I can still feel the internal divide
I can still feel like that, time to time
I re-read my trauma in a blackened ink
re-reading it making it sink in deeper, I can see clearer now
I hope that in a year I will feel the same way
about this maze, I'm in
about this cage, I'm in
maybe I will break the door down on my way back in
no longer tethered to the way that it is
instead reimagining what the day could've been
with a little more confidence, a little more trust
with a little more dominance and more sword thrusts
Alicia Moore Nov 2021
I have saved many others from falling at her feet,
a dagger lodged within their rib cage as they gasp.
but the weight of my heart soon became too heavy
to save myself from her already bloodied sword.
crashing to my knees feels heavenly though,
did everyone love her as hard as I do?
Karijinbba Jul 2021
~ lover poet friend~
Do with us as you please
~RD for angel K~
You aligned us but we the lovers turn the keys to accept or decline even our frantic tantric joy where we rhyme.

For too long I shot my doors fearing flinching distance will have the last laugh.
then came my love RD
and I can touch Raj places
no one can and he
Mine that much more.

  I am over being out of time  
Not taking more blows
I exude security confidence power value my yes and nos are good I am myself

If you must to her go who
waits for her younger half
green needing wear, Go.
And you keep your love and Angel K me on hold;?
I rather keep your sword
And Z dagger in hearts orb.
The cosmos needs nothing
Why should I? I showed you how my journey can prosper us both and our family!

not you and ur other Z.
We mirrored each other searching for long lost lovers yet all you see is distance.
And your Z.
There are so many songs to play many lovely little things to live for yours and mine.

Remember make up your mind for our gates to open up your tiny window z must close-respect my freedom of speech.
My love and feelings matter
Yours matter more to me.

We are at crossroads
I've been here before
Dignity whispers
I am disciplined in the art of love and boundaries.
I ain't door mat for lovers rainny days.
By Karijinbba.
nim Jul 2021
i am a sword
that acts as a shield
and, thus, falls apart.
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