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‘Tis a paradox life

One picks up a blade
without yet first conquering oneself

One judges
preceding the revision of oneself

One awaits heaven on earth
without attempting to create serendipity for oneself

One expects love
yet can’t foster the courage
to give it to oneself

The very sword that divides
the world
is the same sword that divides oneself

Earth hath no existence
save the reflection one gives

No isolation to be made of
Heaven, Earth, and ****
since they coexist within

One may not be able to change the world
can’t one change their own?
Trump is more justice than Mohamad
Trump took money from Arab nations
Because they had money they don't deserve

He hated Muslims and released his shout
Islam is responsible for any killing occurred
Mosques is the cells for terrorist

Mohamad is the prophet of Islam
His nation hated the new religion Islam
As it equalized between the slaves and Masters

It equalized between black and colors people
When one of Mohamad' friends swore another one
The first was white one

Another was black one
He swore with the son of the black
Mohamad got angry and talked

He told that one to apologize
The man turned and put his cheek
Under the another foot and swore

He would not get up until he put his foot over his cheek
They got up, hung and cried
Mohamad invited to new religion

His nation hated him
They put a plot
They had gathered and waited
Mohamad was known as the faith and the honest
His enemies of his nations put the valuable things to Mohamad
They put a plot to **** him

They planned and they decided
There is another power who planned
God told him and cared

In spite of taking the valuable things as requital and revenge
He ordered his cousin to sleep at his bed
As a sort of deceive and to have time to get

They were forty of most trained knights
Carrying strong swords
God put sleep over them

Mohamad crossed between them

They invited all Arabs to **** them
When Badr battle ocrred
His enemies were strong

They were also a lot
One their leaders said
We will go as a trip

Sing, dance, eat meat
Then defeat Mohamad
If Arab nations heard that

They fear of us
The winds blew against the desire
They were defeated

After the battle finished
Mohamad had kind heart
Who had money payed for his freedom to be happened

Who had not
He learnt ten of Muslim how to read and write
At this battle one of his friends

Had his sword been pieced
He went to the prophet
Telling him that he had any sword

Mohamad had no sword except his sword
He took a branch of tree lied
He gave it with his bless

The man took without wonder or amaze
He shocked the branch at air in strong
The branch became a strong sword

He still used it
Till his dead
all nations must live ad believe in respect not at killing and terrorist
Maelynn Mar 17
The stars they shine
and heavens glow,
Always for you
my love will show.

You hold me within
an iron grip,
Away from you
I can’t seem to slip.
About how sometimes familial love can be smothering
The different men in different suits,
With different socks and different boots,
Who **** the men of distant roots,
Because of evil institutes.

When evil rises once again,
They’ll call upon the different men,
The sword favored above the pen,
Forever ‘til never,
the prophet after the battle
he had to get a rest
he slept at the shadow of the tree

his citizens distributed at the place of the battle  
they slept as they tired
one of the enemy hide away

he sneaked little, little
he took the sword
which the prophet hanged high

he put the sword toward the leader
he asked the prophet with great confident
who will prevent you, honey?

only one movement, he might **** the messenger
the prophet saw with clear and spirit
"allah" means" God, God" with bravery

the sword was fallen at nearer
the prophet took it and asked,"
who would prevent you? "at true way

the man said,"Oh! Muhammad! be the best taken,dearer"
Muhammad answered," go without wait"
the man returned with interest and busy

they asked," what is the matter?"
he answered," i came from a person, who is the best!
mercy means that do not punish your enemy as they want
blow for blow the lord
persists but the shogun stands
and wont relinquish
a haiku
Bohemian Mar 1
What of the stories,what of you,what of the words or what of my dew
Lies and lies 
Strangled the fliers 
Witnessed it, he has admirers 
Sweetness and tartness ignored 
Mulberry swallowed but in the heart it sored
What would the 'dead lips' pen
When it had not the truth,son
Curses though slip off
Feelings be never any drawf 
For to hate 
Once there should have been love's bait tight
How dangling and dwindling 
No shore was he ever kindling 
Hours and hours 
It takes no par 
Touch not that knight 
He has swords defending with might 
How barren is he and
Knows not any scabbard
Those wands of enigma 
That suits not the noble hands off stigma
Suitors of temper 
Shooters of blood towels much damper 
Is it your blood ? 
Shut-up for god's sake 
Let's arrange him a slumber
Gale L Mccoy Feb 3
the abandoning
it happens by the moon
and the noon
and you'd be a fool to think
it'll spare you

a double-edged sword
a wine glass with 2 different shades
of lipstick on the rim
a single shot glass and three empty bottles
the name of a stranger
drawn in saliva on a piece of leather

all that meets us is silence
a word we repeat on crescendo
Zuzanna Jan 30
She wore her scars
Like badges, they
Gleamed against her
Skin like armor she
Never thought she'll
Need, with a pencil in
Her hand feeling as if
She had been holding a
Sword, scratching against
The surface of each word
Being struck against her
Knowing the battle would
Be won only by her with
Fierce determination and
Fire in her veins creating
Defenses greater than empty
Words that felt like rocks
Being hurled at her.
This one goes out to anyone who needs to hear a good word today or any day. You might be battling something, that's okay because it'll make you stronger. You are a warrior, so fight a good fight and never give up.
Allen James Jan 28
I reduce my pen to a sword,
As I violently
******* the ***** page,

At last, an honest poem.
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